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⠀codxtrax [ˈko:deksˈtræks]


Comment from ⠀codxtrax [ˈko:deksˈtræks]:

LIVE RECORDING📍snippet from a previous post: 17/07/17 stumbled over this codxtrax instrumental from back then and dropped some vocals on it❗️LIVE recording - NO LIP SYNC & 1take-recording • enjoy 😎✌️• rap/lyrics/music produced by codxtrax | video edit: • rap hiphop codx germanrap classic pioneer underground majordeal independent trueskool rhymes freestyle whogotflow skillz talent legendary attitude lyricsmatter lyricist producer rapper artist feelingblessed realrecognizereal vidoftheday whogotbars onetake

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Out Now LINK IN BIO GO CHECK IT OUT rap hiphop flow lyrics music outnow new newmusic rapper derf nogimmicks lyricist ukrap like comment follow share subscribe

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Comment from Boston:

🎶✍🏻 📙📚 lyricist title letgo getwild theCATalogue songwriter creating content

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Ali Dadgar


Comment from Ali Dadgar:

"شهیار قنبری" تولد عشق مبارک. تولد بهترین ترانه سرای دوران ها (از نظره من) مبارک و خجسته باد. 🌹 شهیارقنبری ترانه ترانه_سرا موسیقی lyrics iran music lyricist

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writer mentor motivation inspiring heartbreak poet poem poetry literature radioshow publishing publicspeaking speaker spokesperson photography fitness lifestyle determination coach lifecoach marketing interview art artist lyricist expression lifequotes

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Kevin Penn


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Been 3 hrs into it & doing research. Got some great ideas, follow kevinpennmusic for music business knowledge & tips.

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Comment from TodaysPoet:

Was bored. boredom words rhymes norhymes poeticsighs poetryisnotdead poetrycommunity poems poemsofinstagram amwriting funnyshit instawriter writersofinstagram writing lyricist spilledink creativewriting

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Big Dubo


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A quick tbt to my fav show as a kid! Like and Comment yours! slangginmusic . . . . . . . undergroundartist lyricist upandcoming freestyle hiphopmusic rapmusic rapartist rappers underground throwbackthursday powerrangers 90scartoons 90srap soundcloud Itunes spotify atl losangeles newsong

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Nino Bless


Comment from Nino Bless:

Sometimes art can make you uncomfortable but it's exactly what you needed. This is my approach but I don't expect all to receive it the same, and I'm okay with that. Nevertheless this girl upfront gave me the biggest hug after the show and said it was amazing and she was "moved" ... that's all I care about. hiphop art lyricist mindaltering keepyoureyesonthescreen blessed live music

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1/2 KD


Comment from 1/2 KD:

Go listen to the homie princetonmarcellis La Familia on Apple Music. This song is 🔥.

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Jayne Owens 🐘


Comment from Jayne Owens 🐘:

Regrann from eoincmacken - It's LIVE! evora_music video which I shot a few days ago for their beautiful song Fall Away on this link Or the link in my bio - regrann evora eoinmacken fallaway jillflint thenightshift nightshift musicvideo music camera video musician vocalist band songwritter lyricist

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Comment from LADLX:

fun with the rolandgaia sh01 roland_uk roland_us and logicpro writing again poetry poems spokenword speakover talkover musicproduction musicproducer ladlx will finish this later. It's dinner time workrate nodaysoff musicgrind electronicrnb electronichiphop ukmusic differentstyle lyrics lyricist lyricism

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Jason M. Gallegos


Comment from Jason M. Gallegos:

I am quite elated to announce trainedbytaylor is the official drummer for HUMANIMALTRIBE. I feel blessed in knowing our band will be built on the finest foundations of light in all. ThunderousThursdays⚡ BrotherlinessandSisterlinessAreTheLightsWhichGuidesUsRight©⚖☮⚓ ArtistryIsOurStrongestArtery©🎼🥁🎸🎙 HUMANIMALTRIBEPhilosophy📖 PuertoRicanTarzan🇵🇷🌴👊 SILVERBACK🦍 JAYBAMBOO☸ TheCleanestMeanestMC🎙 TainoWarrior🇵🇷 Lyricist✒ PoetPhilosopher⚖ SpiritualistDancer🕺🏽 TeacherLeaderMentor⛓ MartialArtistMasterTrainer🥋 Evogen Zrii🏅 OrganicMentality💡 TainoPower🗝 Entrepreneurs⚒

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👐🏼 H I P - H O P H O N E Y 🍯


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Two of the dopest 🙏🏼❤️ throwback Nas NasirJones NastyNas Escobar nastradamus Godsson Nasislike RipProdigy 🙏🏼 Mobbdeep theinfamousmobbdeep TheInfamous prodigy AlbertJohnson Queens goat 90shiphop 90s hiphophead hiphopartist lyricist hiphoplife hiphopjunkie hiphop101 hiphopculture classic oldschool realhiphop legends hiphopnation ✊🏼

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Comment from Lovee:

Do you agree or disagree? Let's Talk 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 _ I personally feel like the music industry has changed a lot, but I also believe history repeats itself. Similar to fashion, Im sure it's going to change again when my daughter gets older. I want to be apart of that change tho. People still ask me where's my music and if I let it go and that's far from the case. _ Royal Empyr Records is not only a legitimate independent label, but now I've gotten all my paper work together to be able to sign my first talent. 🤗 I've been with my head down, working so hard on my label and my studio and it's all finally coming together. I still want to release my music because I love it, but not because I'm trying to make money. _ But after years and years of being apart of this industry, I've learned a whole lot about it. Gaining a whole lot of connections along the way. So now it's time. I'm looking for a singer, rapper, model, or performing artist that I truly believe in. If that's you or you know someone that's amazing, tag them or hit my DM. _ The goal is to bring back soul, but in a new school way. I'm not totally against most of the music that's out today. Everything serves a purpose at times. But, I'm also not a fan of the way things are panning out with the music industry. It's about doing what sells, and what's selling ain't really all that to me right now. _ Old school lyricist can't get with the new school flow because they feel like their lyrics are dumb and that these new cats aren't really rappers. New school rappers can't get with the old school lyricist because they can't dance to their music, and can't vibe to their flow. I'm trying to make music from all genres that meet in the middle. I miss the old r&b jams that made you feel good, but I know to connect with the audience today it still needs some new school flavor. Just like with hip hop, I love real music that inspired changed, got you thinking, and touched you in your soul but I know it needs a new school flavor and delivery. So I'm going to bring a new wave. Just gotta find the right people. Where y'all at?

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀📍North Philly 👑 LChapo 🐐


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀📍North Philly 👑 LChapo 🐐:

My XXLFreshman freestyle would definitely go a lil some like this 🔥 Never Forget- my rawest 😎🔥 Let Me Tell You 'Bout Me Thank You God 👑✈️ NorthPhilly Shit 🤘🏼 InFamous L in case you ain't kno who I am 💥 rap freestyle video emcee flow talent skills lyrics bars follow hiphopmusic femalerapper worldstar wshh northphilly lit money rapgame dyke hiphop soundcloud producer phillysupportphilly infamous lyricist lgbt music

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Jalil Z. Ahad


Comment from Jalil Z. Ahad:

📸 by takeiiteasye

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Life As A Christian Youth


Comment from Life As A Christian Youth:

New post on LAACY "Why I Sometimes Get 'Sad'" link in bio! depression recovery blogger christianblogger christianyouth God

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Arin Turo 🇳🇬


Comment from Arin Turo 🇳🇬:

New post on LAACY laacyblog "Why I Sometimes Get 'Sad'" link in bio! ............................depression recovery blogger christianblogger christianyouth God

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Comment from maiaaleldul:

(Part 1/2- NET.TV) SANI (Anti-Narcotics Indonesian Celebrities) joined by MAIA ESTIANTY and few artists... . . . . . Repost from YT Entertainment NET News netmediatama maiaestiantyreal maiaestianty INFOBNN fadelchristopol . saynotodrugs drugkills lyricist musician songwriter composer singer genre musicianfamily musicianslife instamusic

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