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Comment from Cuba Libre:

I can't believe that people would stoop so low as to start bullying a ten year old boy... Follow my account, @cubanconservative for more conservative memes, posts, etc if you want to join the movement to Make America Great Again. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #DonaldTrump #Trump #TrumpPence2016 #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain #TrumpForPresident #CantStumpTheTrump #NObama #BuildAWall #CrookedHillary #NeverHillary #HillaryForPrison #LockHerUp #Conservative #Republican #Merica #GOP #2ndAmendment Follow my partners⤵️ * @young.american.patriot * @conservativeforthewin * @tristate_conservative * @republican.ig * @political12yearold * @conservativepatriot1776

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Comment from Bailey Snider:

AMERICA GET A LIFE! Stop feeding into the false information that the media is putting out. They are counting on you idiots to believe what they are saying so they can get ratings. If yall spent as much time working making money and minding you own business as you do protesting and complaining there would be no need for #OBAMACARE in the first place. Grow up and shut up or move the hell out of America. #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN

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Comment from Allison Webber:

I loved how many children were proud of their participation, it was a long march and there were no tears of being tired, they were contributing to their future

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