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Rae Stacy 馃拲


Comment from Rae Stacy 馃拲:

Spill the beans sarahah makethemgood

13 Days ago

Tiara Sedgwick


Comment from Tiara Sedgwick:

Thoughts can drive us all a little mad. thoughts makethemgood

36 Days ago



Comment from Atuwie:

"At night I pray that your face will fade away" 馃幎馃幎 videoke 馃嵒馃嵒sessions withfriends aftereview theface escapeafterreview chillafterreview fromserioustochill withfriends background backgroundphoto makethemgood vsco vsco馃摲 vscophoto vscogrid vscoshare vscoimport vscocolors vscogood vscofilters vscoedit vscoexplore vscophile vscohub vscolocal vscoph vscoasia

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Comment from MollyThree:

Throw Back Friday. This Is Really A Reflection Of Images From The Past ReflectionsOfImagesFromThePast 50thmemories wayback. Sifting Through Many Photos I Came Upon This Image. Grandma Spencer had Let Me Copy, On The Left Aunt Norma Lee Spencer-Cooper Was Not Only My Aunt, But A Good Friend. Not A Day Goes By I Don't Think About Her. On The Right Burnice Gneal Spencer-Tompkins. She Would Have Been My Mother-In-Law. As My Path Crossed This Families Path She Had Already Gone To Be With The Lord. 1922-1959. At A Very Young Age. Many Memories I Will Never Have. I Did Not Have That Privilege. justathought A Word Of Encouragement, Have Some Compassion On Your Mother-In-Law. "Even If" You Don't Agree With Her youwillberewarded thoughtsandmemories makethemgood GodsPlanForYou ShowSomeKindness A Frozen Moment In Time Is What Photographs Are. A moment In Time To Remember A Reflection In Time sisters AlwaysRemember

54 Days ago

Steve Savides


Comment from Steve Savides:

I've had time to myself today to reflect on the power of the last words we leave people with. . . In the light of events in London over the last month, it is difficult to ignore all the heartbreaking stories; my mind and heart can wander all around the world absorbing millions of stories of grief, trauma, pain and loss. . . What I reflected on was how the last things spoken are left with those we speak them to, or how they can stay with ourselves. . . It's easy to see the pain left or carried in some words and forget the good. Another very human habit. . Sometimes we just focus on the really big events and forget the hundreds or thousands of tiny little things that pass us by each day. . . . . So here on Father's Day today I'm reminded of all the good in my life; both current and what has come and gone, and what will yet be; and I consider the way I want to be; how I want to remember those I love, and to be remembered by them. . . I don't always get it right, that's true, so I just need to keep coming back to being kind. Because at the end of the day, that seems to me to be the most powerful strength of all: that despite all the grief there is in the world, there is the hope and light in each one of us, and the power, to simply be kind. . . words kindness lastwords makethemgood makecompassioncool . . yoga ahimsa compassion mercy judgement power strength . . yogaoflife yogaoffthemat

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Comment from Michelle:

watchit eyeopener whatthehealth

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Comment from Kayleigh:

They say you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you're surrounded by negative, angry people that's what you will become. Surround yourself with positive, ambitious people and watch yourself grow exponentially 馃檶馃徏 lifeisshort goodvibesonly nonegativity positivity average 5people makethemgood growth personaldevelopment personalgrowth younique youniquemakeup makeup skincare bossbabe upliftempowervalidate

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Comment from beachcitysports:

Who do you rally around yourself when you need to get through a long week?? 馃挱馃懎>>Tag Them Here<< 馃懍馃摬 Humpday Average5 MakeThemGood SummerComingSoon

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Comment from CheerQueen:

Thought for the day...tryouts cheerqueen tryouts allstarcheer ukcheer energy firstimpressions makethemgood positive maketheteam

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Comment from mer·cu·ri·al:

age aging story stories experience adventures activities experiences years wisdom wise journey makethemgood storytelling momblogger mercurialmama

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Chilaunda Johnson


Comment from Chilaunda Johnson:

When you are finally going to take a much needed kid free vacation, and it's all because of him..... mcm michaelcrushmonday anniversarytime canyousay20years lol createyourownhappiness memoriesareforever makethemgood lifelessons lifequotes happymondaypeople

114 Days ago

Chilaunda Johnson


Comment from Chilaunda Johnson:

Keep your money, wrap your arms around me... lifelessons lifequotes createyourownhappiness memoriesareforever makethemgood

115 Days ago

Julieanne Webster


Comment from Julieanne Webster:

Choose wisely! regram emaroutian choices makethemgood love happy spiritual quote reikimaster cronulla

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Comment from Jimmy:

"Every tidal wave begins with a ripple...make certain the ripples you create in your life are what you want coming back to you; because eventually...they will!" weekendvibes creategoodripples whatgoesaroundcomesaround itallstartswithyou youareresponsibleforyouractions makethemgood givegoodgetgood bekind beagoodperson dontbeadick fridayfeels dream makeripples beyou beardedlifestyle beardspiration fullbeardfriday shortbeard lookingoutlookingin fridayedit beardedman enjoytheweekend friyay startsomethinggood createwaves

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Comment from DanelleDawe:

I choose hope 馃巰 hope love life lifequotes motivation choices makethemgood

134 Days ago

Brandy Smart


Comment from Brandy Smart:

Thoughts become things ..... manifest thoughts makethemgood

139 Days ago



Comment from Fiona:

Bailey supervising Grandma making her breakfast!!! 馃槀馃惗馃懙馃徏 everymorningjustthesame potbellypig makethemgood breakfast grandma pup bae relationshipgoals bully onlyshortoftalkingtoyou shitzu

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Braydon Wallace


Comment from Braydon Wallace:

Disney releasing a new Star Wars every year... StarWars Disney TakeTime MakeThemGood

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Comment from #MarketingGenius4SmallBusiness:

How do you think people perceive your business when they first come across it? Is your Insta bio looking tip top?聽 Is your website instantly telling people what you do/offer/sell?聽 Is Facebook a mecca of goodies for them to devour?聽 Is your shop front eye catching and encouraging people to come inside? Unfortunately people are damned quick to judge, so give them reason to judge and realise quickly that you are the BOMB!!!! And that you have a business they should stick around and get to know What can you do to maximise the positive impression people have of your biz? FirstImpressionsCount MakeThemGood ShowPeopleYouRock

162 Days ago

| Jessica | Denise | Lacayo |


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Well I'm not the one missing out on beautiful moments... 馃懎馃挆 UnbreakableBond LifeChoices MakeThemGood YouNeverFailToDisappointHer

166 Days ago