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Civ Div Apparel


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A picture says a thousand words! But I have no words for this!😂 no disrespect to the pope... but what do you say about the recent bombings?? I would rather have the wall then build bridges.... wakeupamerica civiliandivision civilianlife civilianaf veteran usmc marines marinecorps semperfi semperfidelis usn navy usaf airforce usa army sacrifice kia ptsd disabledveteran liberals combatwounded woundedwarrior libtards militaryhumor america merica antifa fakenews isis brunetteandpolitical too_savage_for_democrats the_typical_liberal

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Rich @ Lejeune Honda

Comment from Rich @ Lejeune Honda:

A MUST SHARE!! 2017 Honda Civic EX Coupe. 1.5L turbocharged engine, 17" alloys, Apple Car Play, Back up camera, remote start, and much, much more! Come out today and let's take it for a spin! Special financing on Civics this month for our Memorial Sales Event! See ya soon!

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Comment from Morgan:

Today is 9 months with the man who irritates the hell out of me and causes my tears 98% of the time. But I can't imagine being without him and maybe I fake being over the moon sometimes, but relationships aren't pretty. Relationships are hard, they're dedication, understanding, patience, yelling, crying. But im grateful for him every single day because if there's one good thing out of all the struggle, its that he taught me not to rely on someone else, you work your ass off for you and the other person is there for support and occasional guidance if you're lost. To my significant other; I love you. Sometimes im going to hate you and youre going to hate me, but at the end of the day I don't want anyone else but you and I always come right back. blessed boyfriend goals pretty beautiful sweetheart thankful handsome army marine marines marinecorps usmc navy navynurse nurse nursing registerednurse cna navynursecorps nnc milso milsos militarymuscle militarywife militarygirlfriend positivity Lord quotes imbeautiful

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Marine Corps Association


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Happy 100th Anniversary to Marine Corps Aviation! USMC Marines USMarines MarineCorps Deployment MarineLife Rah DevilDog Oorah SemperFi MilitaryLife Veteran USMCVet USMilitary America rifleman bootcamp recruits EGA Military freedom combat MCAF infantry semperfidelis climeandplace motopics aviation USMCaviation aviators

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Sergeant Gonzalez


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The FUTURE of the Marine Corps! Oorah! rsswestindy gforce marinecorps futuremarines

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Comment from peretich:

23 May 2017. I'm so incredibly proud of this wonderful lady who was officially commissioned as a Marine Corps Officer! I met O'Kane (and Mathieson) during my first OCS prep weekend (seems like forever ago - enjoy the throwback photos from that weekend) and watched her kick ass last summer at Quantico for the 7 weeks I was there. I have no doubt she will continue to amaze and lead marines for many, many years to come. GIVE HER ONE! aliaokane ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ project365 365project photoaday 525600minutes bemorehappy thisismylife usmc marinecorps commissioning OCSprep baltimoremarines

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That stack tho, my Chesty Puller startup kit carclub chestypuller businesscasual usmc jarheads marines marinecorps thatstacktho

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James Douglas Jewelers


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Honoring all who served! Special sale! One bracelet is $15 but if you buy 2 or more it's $10 each! 🇺🇸 • • • • • Designer: angelicacollection • • • • • memorialday troops honor honoringourheroes honoringallwhoserved honorourtroops army armystrong marines marinecorps airforce navy navyseals banglebracelet bracelet calligraphy angelicabracelets america americanflag

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Brooklyn's Trunk


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Vintage 1983 Special Forces T-shirt • Outrageous vintage condition • Paper thin and EXTREMELY soft • Mess with the best, die like the rest • Fits like a women's M/S • Stop by BrooklynsTrunk on Etsy (link in bio) for more on this ridiculously badass shirt 🙅🏻

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United States Military History


Comment from United States Military History:

American Main Battle Tanks Part Part 5: M1 Abrams The Abrams was born during the height of the Cold War. Its designers wanted to build a vehicle that would be fit to fight on a battlefield swarming with scores of Communist tanks. American tank designers knew that they would never be able to match the sheer numbers of the Soviet bloc countries so they sought to create a vehicle that would technologically superior to anything the Soviets had. The tank they were creating would make use of better armor protection, superior armament and a far advanced electronic suite that would enable its crew to fight effectively in any battlefield conditions. This tank would be designated the XM1 Abrams and in 1976, the first prototypes were delivered by Chrysler Defense and GM. The XM1 was driven by a revolutionary new power plant, a Lycoming designed, 1,500 horsepower gas turbine. The gas turbine, known as the AGT-1500, had higher fuel consumption, but was lighter and smaller than diesel engines of similar horsepower. It also starts better in cold weather than Diesel engines and has better acceleration. While it was intended to burn JP-8 jet fuel, the AGT-1500 could also run on diesel or gas. After a test period, the XM1 was accepted into service as the M1 Abrams in 1980. The M1 was armed with a license produced version of the Royal Ordnance L7 105mm gun, the M68A1. A total of 3,273 M1 Abrams were produced between 1979 and 1985. An upgraded version of the M1, known as the M1IP, was produced briefly in 1984. It added new turret armor, a storage rack to the rear of the turret, a reinforced suspension and a retainer was deleted. Neither the M1 or M1IP would see combat with the US Army. The first Abrams to see combat would be the M1A1 variant. Seen above is one of the XM1 pilot vehicles, below is an M1IP. mbt mainbattletank m1 abrams m1abrams army usmc tank armor military american america marinecorps historynerd historygeek historybuff UnitedStatesMilitary History

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Comment from T*S*P*T*R:

Based on 1950's US Military Physical Training sneakers, our Cadet Sneakers are fully hand-made in Japan at one of the nations oldest and last remaining Vulcanised factories - Made from heavyweight 100% cotton woven in Japan. It's only when you pick them up, or more importantly put them on your feet, that you'll find what truly sets them apart. Feel that extra heft, that extra cushion. Double soles, a feature rarely seen on sneakers now, make these some of the most comfortable available. And the bar keeps rising...taped seams, nickel eyelets and vents, double stitched stress points, full sponge insoles, reinforced heel and toe cups - The cloth is an exact reproduction 1940s US Marine Corps Herringbone Twill or HBT used for combat fatigues in the correct OG 107 shade - tsptr cadetsneakers usmc hbt marinecorps johnlofgren sneakers madeinjapan

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Brandon Turman


Comment from Brandon Turman:

Always knew there was something up with the Corps... marines marinecorps semperfi funny military

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Thomas lytle


Comment from Thomas lytle:

Who will stand with us to defend this great nation? If you're graduating and looking to make a difference, I challenge you to contact me to hear about our exciting opportunities. futuremarine marinecorps marinerecruiting

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Comment from THE ROOSEVELTS:

As we celebrate "All-American Week," lets look back at the 82ndAirborne Division which celebrates it's 100th birthday this year.

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Dustin Conklin


Comment from Dustin Conklin:

After seven years of being out of the marinecorps I'm back in the military army this time infantry again usmc usa grunt 0311 11b ny iraq combat veteran oif oef goarmy

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Damon Rowan


Comment from Damon Rowan:

To become a Marine, you must earn the title! Not everyone has what it takes. Not everyone has the dedication. Not everyone has the confidence. Do you have what it takes? Contact your local Marine Recruiter Sgt Damon Rowan marinecorps rsssoutheastindy eagleglobeanchor

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🇺🇸Photos Of US SOF🇺🇸


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US Navy Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC) during training ussocom socom marsoc usmarinecorps marinecorps usmarine marine semperfi msoc msob msot mrr marineraider marsocraider navysarc sarc spiritusinvictus neveraboveyou neverbelowyou alwaysbesideyou directaction assaulter breacher marksman combatmedic counterterrorism combatoperations combatops maritimecommando gwot cromedicine

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Tristan Park


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Morning world ☀️ music musicislife poppunk postcore metalcore indiemusic punkmusic punk punkrock military militaryman militarymen usmc marinecorps like4like like4follow followforfollow follow4follow skate skater skateforlife snapchat snowboarding tattoo tattoos tattoosleeve tatted tattooedmen

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Tuba Ozel


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Blue Star Memorial ussroosevelt navy armedforces usa F14 airforce marinecorps cityofkenner kenner kennercity memorialdayceremony veteranspark

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Jared Zarogoza


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