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Bastards & Co.


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Sometimes you don't have to say shit. 💀 💀 💀 the_bastard_of_meus_and_udps the_bastard_diaries the_bastard_of_kandahar bastards_and_company the_bastards_back_on_the_block the_bastard_of_the_green_ramp the_bastard_of_kbay the_bastards_of_valhalla the_bastard_of_the_bird the_bastard_of_balad 💀 💀 💀 👍👊✊💪bastards usarmysoldier marines grunt savageasfuck💯 navy airforce donttreadonme 1776 training ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ devildog nco vet ar15 mericafuckyeah zerofucksgiven america nofucksgiven grunt bushlife fuckisis fuckterrorists isishuntingclub pewpewprofessional mericafuckyeah Kill Spartan

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I found you, little cutie Dory! Comel gile ❤️ . . dory findingdory ocean aquaticlife marines marinelife diver scubadiving scubagirl padi

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I am happy about my accomplishments of being a physician and chef but most proud of being a dad especially to a kind and loving son serving our country as a marine! father dad chef physician doctor nashville tennessee musiccity marines semperfi makeityours decadencebydesign usa

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lucas pingley


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Botf this mornin ordnancecorps pushupchallenge frozentshirt marines army💪🇺🇸navy

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Arianne A. Atiyeh


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Too much 'Merica or are we good? 😂😂 Merica USMC Marines MarineCorps OORAH SemperFi semperfidelis militarystyle militarylife militarygirls tatted tattedgirls tattedgirls tattedbabes tattedchicks tattedmilitary tattoo tattoos redwhiteandblue

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Mackenzie Finocchiaro🇺🇸👩‍🚀


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The Mercury 7 astronauts posing together for a picture sometime in 1959. The elite and immortal brotherhood. mercury mercuryseven nasa astronaut space spaceexploration aviation airplane pilot airforce goairforce usaf marines usmc navy fighterpilot testpilot pioneer legend hero adastraperaspera flying science technology engineering development aerospace dream skyisnotthelimit

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Creature comforts and aquatics


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Algae blenny found himself a new home marinetank marines coral coralreef newhome displaytank reeftank ccaquatics creaturecomforts aquaticlife aquaticstore

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Jason Dienner


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semperfi usmc marines fallenheroes fallenwarriors respect

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You guys asked, I complied. Here's part 3! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Let me know if you want PART 4 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Tag some friends! Marines militarylife RED FuckISIS SupportOurTroops US UnitedStates airforce armystrong militarylife TRUMP marinecorps freedom gun veterans guns usmilitary military soldier usmc marines army usa usaf usarmy marine usnavy armedforces Hooah Hoorah noonegetsleftbehind --------------------------------------------Military Crew:___us_armed_forces___ military.daily1776 harden_Up_ max.military Military_comrade modern_combat_history -------------------------- Thanks for following! Stay tuned for more

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Got to hangout with my cousin before he ships off to Paris island Sunday. marines semperfi usa family

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Green side and blue side, at the end of the day we're all fighting for the same side. 💪🏼 ⚔️🛠navymarineshongkongmakinislanddeploymentlifeonashipsailorsseamenusmcairwing

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Great White Buffalo


Comment from Great White Buffalo:

One of my all time favorite pictures of my dad. What an amazing life he led. Here he is with Marilyn Monroe just before he deployed to Korea as a Marine pilot where he would fly 85 combat missions. Marilyn is looking impishly into his eyes and saying "Ed, I'm not wearing anything underneath!" - miss you Dad, you were simply the best. military marines veterans marilynmonroe edmcmahon dad

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Civilian Division Apparel


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Look at what we have here folks.... anyone feel like reporting this? thepastislikeafvneral_ Did you just try to delete your comment?? wakeupamerica civiliandivision civilianlife civilianaf veteran usmc marines marinecorps bluelivesmatter semperfidelis usn navy usaf airforce usa army sacrifice fr🇺🇸dom ptsd disabledveteran freedom libtards woundedwarrior patriotism alllivesmatter america merica murica🇺🇸 conservatives trump toned_and_pantoned brunetteandpolitical tactstactical the_typical_liberal

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Yes, i know someone is out of step. jrotc army marines navy airforce drill drillteam idr

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William Welling


Comment from William Welling:

A British Infinity soldier, stationed in Canada, sent me he Becker for a clean up. Nothing crazy, just a matt finish on the steel and a clear coat. This is the pic he sent me when he got it back. army usmc marines infintry grunt gruntstyle jerzeedevil knives beckerhead

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Tatted Military ™


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Follow Marine jasonfoureau - - Want to be featured? Just DM us a pic showing off your ink and let us know what Branch you are. Please be patient there is up to a two month wait on features. - - military army airforce coastguard navy marines veterans deployment tattoosofinstagram thirstythursday tattedmilitary thirstythursdays thirstday thirsttrap thirsttrapthursday bitcheslovethursday itsatrap favoriteday squadup pose guyswithmuscle girlswholift guyswholift guyswithtattoos freshink supportmilitarymuscle militarymuscle supportourtroops navylife americasnavyglobalforceforgood

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rockphotography marines† My reason nourishes my faith and my faith my reason.😎 Follow love_phoyography_official 🤗

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