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MacKenzie Love Kyker


Comment from MacKenzie Love Kyker:

Congrats to our friends, Jimmy and Earlana, who were married yesterday! We had so much fun spending time with them over the last few days and are so happy we got to be a part of their special day! wedding weddingfun goodtimes friends marinesforlife marinebrothers

2 Days ago

DjMystical Q Krishnapol


Comment from DjMystical Q Krishnapol:

Once they said... if u want to fight, join the Marines! 👊🏼🇹🇭⚔️💣💙😎thuglife thaimarines firsttofight marinesforlife ชาติ เกียรติ วินัย กล้าหาญ เหยี่ยวเล 🌊🦅

9 Days ago

Jason Delgado


Comment from Jason Delgado:

Wow! Had the coolest night ever hangin out with my "brother for life" tellezfamily in bham! We met as young Marines in 1994 and instantly became best friends...and we had the opportunity to serve together all 4 years of my Marine Corps tour. Coast to coast and around the world, we made too many memories to count in a 4 year span! After my tour, I went on to college and ministry...Orlando stayed in and had a stellar 20 year Marine Corps career, retiring in 2014. Crazy thing is...we've kept in touch all these years...but we haven't seen each other in almost 20 years...until tonight! Wow I can't believe this night actually happened. So much fun reconnecting. There are few people in life that you feel so connected too that they are truly your brother. He is definitely one to me. Man thank you so much for an amazing night of laughs and memories! Love you brother! Until next time killa! Brotherhood MarinesForLife SemperFi DevilDogs GetSome ItWasAllADream !!! 😂😎

15 Days ago

Dead Center Precision


Comment from Dead Center Precision:

We never forget those who have served before us. marinesforlife

18 Days ago

💚Melissa Silva💚


Comment from 💚Melissa Silva💚:

Catilin's pulley function!! marinelife marines marinegirl marinesforlife

23 Days ago

Reese Davis


Comment from Reese Davis:

At the marines truck with myson pennrelays guns america fatherandsontime relays marinesforlife nextgeneration fatherandson philly myguy maurice_005 💯comedianreesedavis realtalk realshit dads ilovemykids ilovemyson likeaboss likefatherlikeson

25 Days ago

John Seno


Comment from John Seno:

Did some exploring in Kansas. kcco m1a1abrams militarystuff kansas marinesforlife veteran

33 Days ago

AJ O'Neel


Comment from AJ O'Neel:

🇺🇸Bravery Doesn't Mean You're Scared, It Means You Go Anyway 🇺🇸 --- marines strong themarines thefew theproud marinesforlife bravery brave nofear

46 Days ago



Comment from roseaggie05:

True Aggie Pride! marinesforlife pensacola pensacolabeachflorida tamu oldags

73 Days ago

Sarah Coker


Comment from Sarah Coker:

Look at all these handsome men! The marine corp made them brothers for life! bornetobeapowers 1920swedding marinesforlife

79 Days ago

Newport News Marines


Comment from Newport News Marines:

Just two brothers, both known as SSGT Dewyea, both Marine Corps Recruiters 🇺🇸 NewportNewsMarines DewyeaBrothers fellowmarines marinesforlife

83 Days ago

Bridget Metz


Comment from Bridget Metz:

Means more to us than you know! How lucky we were for you to be able to come home alive after fighting on Iwo Jima, or else where would be?! grandpa proudgranddaughters thefewtheproudthemarines marinesforlife iwojima dc 2017

127 Days ago

Bridget Metz


Comment from Bridget Metz:

Proud granddaughters of a marine who fought on Iwo Jima! Miss you everyday grandpa Nuesmeyer but so proud of you! proudgranddaughters forgrandpa iwojima marinesforlife thefewtheproudthemarines dc 2017

127 Days ago

O.J. (Juice) Tobin


Comment from O.J. (Juice) Tobin:

Getting some legs in! militarymuscle muscle gymrat legday healthyliving healthylifrstyle killit lafitness supportmilitarymuscle usmc marinesforlife push squats gym motivation fitnessmotivation fitnessaddict sweat sets sweaty

127 Days ago

O.J. (Juice) Tobin


Comment from O.J. (Juice) Tobin:

Thanks for the love from Military Muscle supportmilitarymuscle making me the fan of the day. Keeping me motivated! Thank you to my supporters and men/ women and those families that make up the United States Military. Semper Fields! militarymuscle muscle gymrat healthyliving healthylifrstyle militarymuscle push usmc marines marinesforlife yutt motivation fitnessmotivation motivating

128 Days ago

O.J. (Juice) Tobin


Comment from O.J. (Juice) Tobin:

RED Friday! Remember Everyone! militarymuscle muscle gymrat healthyliving healthylifrstyle killit gym motivation fitnessmotivation fitnessaddict push usmc marinesforlife mm lifestyle fit focus sets redfriday

130 Days ago

🇺🇸David Wayne Powell


Comment from 🇺🇸David Wayne Powell:

Marine brother in the blind! marinesforlife greenheads barlow

131 Days ago

O.J. (Juice) Tobin


Comment from O.J. (Juice) Tobin:

Good seeing my friend now Sergeant Major Turner at his change of command ceremony. SgtMag usmc marines sandiego mcrdsandiego marinesforlife yutt kill iraqveteran devils devildogs semperfi semperfidelis

132 Days ago

Mr. Greys The Name😏😏


Comment from Mr. Greys The Name😏😏:

I wanna take a minute of everyone's day and just recognize all the Men and Women that aren't gonna be sitting in front of the Christmas tree tomorrow!!! If you are Deployed Over Seas, Patrolling our Borders to keep us Safe, Patrolling on our highways, Fighting a Fire, Trying to Save Someone's Life at 90mph or Keeping the Gates Secured on the Yard THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO SO THAT CIVILIANS CAN ENJOY THE DAY/SEASON/HOLIDAY BACKTHEBLUE POLICELIVESMATTER THETHINGREYLINE ARMYSTRONG MARINESFORLIFE NAVYSTRONG AIRFORCEPRIDE EMSDOESITBETTER FIREFIGHTERLOVE THANKYOU FORALLYOUDO POLICE CORRECTIONS EMS FIREFIGHTERS ARMY MARINES NAVY AIRFORCE BORDERPATROL

150 Days ago

Roshay Potter


Comment from Roshay Potter:

Somebody got ocsprayed marinestrong mp marinesforlife militarylifestyle facebookvideoedme poornephew ouch hehandeleditlikeaboss wetalkedcasually whilehisfacewasonfire whatabadass okinawajapan shawndillon20

161 Days ago