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Comment from Jason:

2 weeks till I see u big-brother. It's been 8 months since u are going to be home for 1-2 weeks and not just 3 days... I know we had our ups and downs and shit but no matter what or how far apart we are we always and will be little brother and big brother...semperfi devildogs thefewtheproud marines alwaysfaithful

3 Days ago

O.J. (Juice) Tobin


Comment from O.J. (Juice) Tobin:

It's always good to see old Marine brother's, Tony Pastura. marines marinesforlife supportmilitarymuscle militarymuscle healthyliving healthylifrstyle ohio ohioboys 325 lima tony_pastura

18 Days ago

Juicy J


Comment from Juicy J:

Not a day goes by that I don't think about the great times we had as kids. I'll never forget the Summer of 08. Best time of my life brother. Happy birthday and until we meet again in the great heavens above. semperfi marinesforlife rip

24 Days ago

Logan Lo


Comment from Logan Lo:

Semper Fi marinesforlife

32 Days ago

Airsoft Tactical


Comment from Airsoft Tactical:

Remembering the fallen 16 Our hearts go out to the friends and families of those who have passed May their legacy never be forgotten simperfi simperfidelis fallen16 marinecorp marinecorp brotherhood usmc marinecorps marinesforlife

33 Days ago

Airsoft Tactical


Comment from Airsoft Tactical:

Levitating a solid gold pistol airsoftnational merica airsoftgun airsofter pistol pistolsquat glock glock19 america airsoftforlife firearm firarms usa usmc marines milatary usmarines marinecorp marinecorps marinesforlife simperfidelis simperfi marinesforever

33 Days ago

Adolfo Lopez


Comment from Adolfo Lopez:

North or south? Don't you really thinks it matters when you got a mother fucker that would kill a mother fucker l in your name? who's your brother????i whatcolor? brotherhoodisallthatmatters marinesforlife

34 Days ago



Comment from -battlefield-:

Pluma corporal 😂😭💀like And comment please military airforce marinesforlife usmarines

38 Days ago

Lianessa Delgado


Comment from Lianessa Delgado:

Love my new shirt thanks to graphics_unlimited98 usmarines usmc unitedstatesofamerica unicorn marinescorps parishisland parishislandhereicome MoM marineinthemaking marinemom marinesniper infantry

44 Days ago

Ka'Merial Kelley


Comment from Ka'Merial Kelley:

Lost files I love him so much fuckitupbestfriend imu guyfriendsarethebest marines marinesforlife

61 Days ago

Victoria Webb


Comment from Victoria Webb:

Well it's here and I thought I was ready but I guess you can't ever actually be ready to let go of your loved ones. This boy soon to be man has had a huge impact on my life since he was brought into this world. Gavin, I have always been in your corner and tried to help you and support you with any and everything you ever wanted. I have stood by your side, been your shoulder, your punching bag, your ears, and your body guard even when you didn't want or "need" me to do so. Now you're going to learn to take care of me. I don't like letting you go but I will continue to stand in your corner until my last breath. I love you more than words can describe!! I'm so proud of the man you've become and of the man I know you'll be on September 8th. So this is not goodbye forever but just goodbye to my little brother and a hello to my "little" man. I promise not to mourn too much these next few months. I promise to bow my head and pray in time of weakness. I promise to always love you. I promise to always be a home for you when you need it. Always remember your silence was never taken as ignorance. Your calmness was never taken for acceptance. Your kindness was never taken as weakness. You can do this so hurry up and do it so I can see you sooner! SemperFi MarinesForLife MyJarHead BoyToMan

68 Days ago

Bruce Spencer


Comment from Bruce Spencer:


71 Days ago



Comment from michelle:

This happens when everyone is busy with their phones with social media!😂😁❤ . . lazydays😉theteam🚢🐬marinesforlife❤💕offduty

72 Days ago

Jeanne Johnson


Comment from Jeanne Johnson:

"The more you hate me the more you will learn" damn straight! Best movie ever made. FullMetalJacket BestMovieEverMade FinallyFiguredOutTheReasonIParentTheWayIDo ThisIsTheWayIWasRaised MarinesDaughter MarinesForLife

77 Days ago

MacKenzie Love Kyker


Comment from MacKenzie Love Kyker:

Congrats to our friends, Jimmy and Earlana, who were married yesterday! We had so much fun spending time with them over the last few days and are so happy we got to be a part of their special day! wedding weddingfun goodtimes friends marinesforlife marinebrothers

89 Days ago

DjMystical Q Krishnapol


Comment from DjMystical Q Krishnapol:

Once they said... if u want to fight, join the Marines! 👊🏼🇹🇭⚔️💣💙😎thuglife thaimarines firsttofight marinesforlife ชาติ เกียรติ วินัย กล้าหาญ เหยี่ยวเล 🌊🦅

96 Days ago

Jason Delgado


Comment from Jason Delgado:

Wow! Had the coolest night ever hangin out with my "brother for life" tellezfamily in bham! We met as young Marines in 1994 and instantly became best friends...and we had the opportunity to serve together all 4 years of my Marine Corps tour. Coast to coast and around the world, we made too many memories to count in a 4 year span! After my tour, I went on to college and ministry...Orlando stayed in and had a stellar 20 year Marine Corps career, retiring in 2014. Crazy thing is...we've kept in touch all these years...but we haven't seen each other in almost 20 years...until tonight! Wow I can't believe this night actually happened. So much fun reconnecting. There are few people in life that you feel so connected too that they are truly your brother. He is definitely one to me. Man thank you so much for an amazing night of laughs and memories! Love you brother! Until next time killa! Brotherhood MarinesForLife SemperFi DevilDogs GetSome ItWasAllADream !!! 😂😎

102 Days ago

Dead Center Precision


Comment from Dead Center Precision:

We never forget those who have served before us. marinesforlife

105 Days ago

💚Melissa Silva💚


Comment from 💚Melissa Silva💚:

Catilin's pulley function!! marinelife marines marinegirl marinesforlife

110 Days ago

Reese Davis


Comment from Reese Davis:

At the marines truck with myson pennrelays guns america fatherandsontime relays marinesforlife nextgeneration fatherandson philly myguy maurice_005 💯comedianreesedavis realtalk realshit dads ilovemykids ilovemyson likeaboss likefatherlikeson nra nrashow

112 Days ago