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Tony Mejia


Comment from Tony Mejia:

You cannot be great all the time, but, you have to be great when it’s time! Back at the gym prepping for that TIME 🏆Title defense. Can't get the payoff if you take the day off. titledefense andstill defendthearena nodaysoff alwaystraining alwayslearning familyteam warrior humble honor beautifuldestruction gloriouspandemonium allforthewin trainhardfighteasy thehurtbusiness martialarts muaythai thaiboxing dutchstylekickboxing dutchkickboxing kickboxing stylebending stylebender artofeightlimbs traintowin dropbombs bombsaway throwinggrenades throwingheaters chingasos 🇺🇸🇹🇭🇳🇱🇲🇽🥊

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matt albritton


Comment from matt albritton:

bjjlifestyle bjj oss jiujitsu rolljiujitsu wrestling grappling martialarts

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Comment from eterna_hl:

315 not bad, first week back gym martialarts bodybuilding closerange workout selfdefense fitness health combat military law brotherhood

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Comment from ironmma_zurich:

Climb YOUR mountain and stay true to YOURSELF! mma ufc bjj muaythai boxing jiujitsu kickboxing fitness fight wrestling fighter training martialarts grappling judo gym mixedmartialarts workout karate fighting boxe fightnight champion brazilianjiujitsu crossfit oss rondarousey k1 wmma motivation

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Comment from utahjiujitsummakids:

Throw back tbt and nationalpuppyday biggie_smalls_the_14th scorpion2k3 baby_panda_bear_ nationalpuppyday tbt bjj bjjfighter jiujitsu jiujitsukids brazilianjiujitsu oss jiujitsu4life bjj muaythai muaythaifighter boxing kickboxing grappling takedowns wrestling mma mixedmartialarts martialarts futuregeneration

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Gerardo Rivas


Comment from Gerardo Rivas:

The muaythaifamily muaythai martialarts fitness motivation motivation

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Julian Braka Burns-Brenssell


Comment from Julian Braka Burns-Brenssell:

Flash kick at Sandfly beach flashkick brakakicking martialarts guile dunedinnz sandflybay tricking freerunning movementculture flips gymnastics circus yoga movement beach newzealand

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Blades of Hope


Comment from Blades of Hope:

Lunch...Not with Alex. WildWings lunch Spring Patty Springhassprung bjjgirls jiujitsu tkd tkdgirls taekwondo muaythai kickboxing kickboxinggirl martialartsgirls martialarts mma oss feminism graphicnovel yabooks ya capoeira comicbook womenincomics diversityincomics weneeddiversebooks bjj strongfemalecharacters paigehartman bladesofhope

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This is Martial Arts


Comment from This is Martial Arts:

Crazy Capoeira knockout 👊 capoeira capoeiraarte capoeiralife capoeirabrasil

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Alfredo Esing


Comment from Alfredo Esing:

The Sensei showing us the beginning of something horrible. bjj bjjlifestyle brazillianjiujitsu jiujitsu jiujitsulife choke backcontrol bowandarrow gi martialartslife martialarts roll openmat teamnemesis nemesismma

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Force Fitness


Comment from Force Fitness:

There is no mystery to my cadence. Been reflecting on how unstoppable we are right now. The way I've experienced most people train; it always seems to be a short burst. They hit a hot spot, gain a bunch of speed and then they cool off for a bit before hitting another hot spot. But I feel like despite starting with twoadays, threeadays, everydays, from the beginning; for myself, it's been an exponential climb -I see this in Angel too. Where instead of catching one wave, and then another, we're riding a tsunami that ha continuously builds and builds and nothing can slow us down. I will pick up every drop of water and bring the entire ocean down upon the earth. forcefitness fitness forcefitnessmma obsessed motivated hardtraining martialarts fightcamp grind boxing kickboxing mma nonstop discipline teamwork selfimprovement alwaysbetter

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ChangMooKwan/Traditional Tkd


Comment from ChangMooKwan/Traditional Tkd:

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Antonio Guillen


Comment from Antonio Guillen:

Some politicians pray to a very different God..fotoperiodista periodista photojournalist politics politicians republicans aca obamacare democrats trumpcare trumppolitics senators unitedstates medicaid medicare newsanchor newsreporter muaythai brucelee martialarts tactical tacticalgear militarytraining

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Johan Andrés Quintero Pineda


Comment from Johan Andrés Quintero Pineda:

tbt Lucha sin temor por lo que quieres. Cada golpe y caída es una lección que se debe aprender cuantas veces sea necesario. El ninja.personaltrainer entrenamientodiferente. En greenfit poblado Colega donnykfigueroa. luchar combatir trabajoduro recompensa entrenadorpersonal picoftheday artesmarciales martialarts taekwondo karate workout colombia medellin

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Real World M.M.A. Training


Comment from Real World M.M.A. Training:

Always Creating! Always Evolving!! Always Grinding!!! Real World M.M.A. Training Center (Real American Warriors) I.K.O.N. MMA and Fitness... Hardest Working Teams in the World💥💥💥Striking Kicking MartialArts Foundation Tradition CreativeKicking NextLevel KickBoxing mma UFC

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Taylor Guido

Comment from Taylor Guido:

When you are TOO HYPE to be upside down 🙃😂💁🏻 first time doing aerialyoga at spaceyogastudio and it was AWESOME! Definitely worth trying 👌🏼🔥

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ZenQuest Martial Arts Club


Comment from ZenQuest Martial Arts Club:

The FIT MUAY THAI CLASS was crazyyyyyy tonight!!!! The energy was AMAZING!!!!!! Our members are so awesome!!!! ☺️☺️zenquest muaythai thaiboxing richmondhill sweating fitness exercise healthyliving training kicking boxing kickboxing mma martialarts results nopainnogain workhard trainhard gta5 toronto messybun letsdoit herewego picoftheday stronger smiles yyz friendshipgoals proudcoach

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Sam Stein


Comment from Sam Stein:

Cheesin 😁 . . . cheesin girlswithmuscle girlswholift instafit fitfam martialarts martialartist gym bossgirls college collegebabes babe photooftheday igdaily

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Henry Hartford


Comment from Henry Hartford:

Just signed up for ibjjf worlds! bjj bjjlife train gotrain bluebelt jiujitsu worlds compete neverquit gym gymlife martialarts rooster

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Jacob Brown


Comment from Jacob Brown:

Getting my custom mouthguard impression done . smilenowdental thanks to my sponsors shurfit shurfitmouthguards since 2013 the only guys who get it perfect with braces 😆 jiujitsu oss boxing mma dentist dental dr office teeth protection fighter life martialarts mouthpiece

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