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Brave Woman


Comment from Brave Woman:

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Diego Cajueiro (D&L Joias)


Comment from Diego Cajueiro (D&L Joias):

Treinão da Sexta-feira foi pra conta!👊😚 Heeey🇧🇷🇹🇭 muaythay muaythainaveia muaythaidorn muaythaitraining muaythaitradicional muaythailife muaythailifestyle nakmuay martialarts meciathai teambotelho equipejc sawadee heeyy

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Francesco D


Comment from Francesco D:

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🐉🐲 Echartea_Bjj 🐲🐉


Comment from 🐉🐲 Echartea_Bjj 🐲🐉:

"Es la propia mente del hombre, no su enemigo, la que lo atrae a malos caminos". buda samurai discipline bushido integrity respect courage honor compassion honesty loyalty meditation strongmind yoga bjj bujutsutv jiujitsulifestyle strongspirit lionheart martialarts 👊 relax chill peaceforeveryone ✌

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Comment from JIU JITSU PARA MULHERES 🙅💪💄💅💋:

Repost analauragb with repostapp ・・・ Ready for one more week!🇧🇷 Pronta pra mais uma semana! uplandbjj brazilianjiujitsu wayoflife ranchocucamonga bjjl gb graciebarra blackbelt lovemyjob❤️ kids martialarts selfdefense

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Oscar Persson


Comment from Oscar Persson:

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Comment from Wlady:

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Gus Iglesias


Comment from Gus Iglesias:

Running across Highland hills + Japanese & Medieval martialarts: 1hourlater 50 soremuscles, but still had cold water, honeywater, plus a yoghourt as reward. Well deserved smile time 😂 Similarly energy intensive as fitness, swimming, yoga and running all together. WellDeserved smile on the grass in Zen Galifornia Highlands. Looking handsome and heading to dancing tonight, with energy up 😃. Thankyou Japan 😅

1 Minutes ago

Masafumi Nakanishi


Comment from Masafumi Nakanishi:

The story of fighters. . July 2,2017: 誠至会主催 NJKF 2017 west 3rd at アプラたかいし大ホール . Please check the same series!>>>20170702NJKFbyMasafumi . njkf 誠至会 kickboxing boxing box muaythai fight fighter fighterslife kickboxer kickboxerlife sport martialarts story toughness workout Struggle strike sportsphotography japanese victory knockdown キックボクシング 撮影依頼受付中

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Sifu Alan Mynett


Comment from Sifu Alan Mynett:

Grandmaster Ip Ching and Grandmaster Ip Man. ipman ipching hongkong history lineage wingchun vingtsun martialarts ipchinglineage ipchingwingchun sifu kungfu familytree sigung grandmaster wingchunkungfu ipchingvingtsun

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Comment from P A T R I C K:

"Dreams don't work unless you do!" venum venumteam kickboxing muaythai thaiboxing boxing mma workout sports fit gains training martialarts strong motivation fighter boxfabrikstade

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Norbert Mahl


Comment from Norbert Mahl:

... The shortest leg is longe than the longest arm ... ... ninja ninjutsu shinobi martialarts actor fun action stunts me selfie fight weapon dojo summer 武術 忍者 lifestyle photography vienna wien austria photooftheday picoftheday gainwithus gaintrick nofilter followtrain

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Comment from Muaythaigp:

WHAT A FIGHT! Couldn't blink without missing an elbow 🥊 - shaneonei vs Alex Singh hellbow knockout - How many can you count in the FULL FIGHT on our Muay Thai Grand Prix facebook page?

3 Minutes ago

Little Brown Raoh


Comment from Little Brown Raoh:

I miss these guys... imazakidojo danessawithad it was kinda nice watching them surpass me, look at em now. I regret nothing I'm just an artist after all. tbt flashbackfriday dojo karate martialarts kyokushinkaikan oyama

3 Minutes ago

Nikolay Hromov


Comment from Nikolay Hromov:

8 дней до старта sftcamp maximum challenge в Подмосковье! Успей записаться! 📲89636056177 🇧🇷🤙bjjkids капоэйра тренировки зож игры лагерь соревнования fit martialarts capoeira4all milagrecapoeira bjj sport capoeira_rus capoeirakidsdance детскиетренировки capoeiraarte Москва capoeiramovies детскийспорт лагерьдлядетей SFT wmaclub soforca кроссфит сборы движение capoeira спорт

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Alotta Market


Comment from Alotta Market:

Mayweather VS McGregor Punch Out! /red/ tee 30% off with promo code: GRANDOPENING >>> ONLY until July 28, 2017 💥💥💥linkinbio Who's gonna win????

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Comment from TAI EMERY - LFL ALL STAR:

I live by this quote: "But a true champion, face to face with his darkest hour, will do whatever it takes to rise above. A man fights, and fights, and then fights some more. Because surrender is death, and death is for pussies." kennymotherfuckingpowers -- Enter TAIM2017 at nutrafx checkout for 20% OFF!

6 Minutes ago

Little Brown Raoh


Comment from Little Brown Raoh:

Kihon (Basic Drills) started playing with some while on post at the casino. All of my aged and unused muscles started popping and creaking 😂 2008. dojo karate martialarts kyokushinkaikan oyama

9 Minutes ago

Little Brown Raoh


Comment from Little Brown Raoh:

More flashbackfriday with my past life. 😂🤜🏾 a laughing moment with the Sensei. dojo karate martialarts kyokushinkaikan oyama

12 Minutes ago

Little Brown Raoh


Comment from Little Brown Raoh:

Flashback. It's already been 9 years already. imazakidojo danessawithad dojo karate martialarts kyokushinkaikan oyama

20 Minutes ago