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Legacy 🤜🏻🤛🏿


Comment from Legacy 🤜🏻🤛🏿:

Happy birthday to the greatest ever floyd 'money' mayweather, wish him many more blessed years. Don't spend too much tonight champ😉 tmt mayweather money thegreatest legacy sweetscience like4like follow4follow boxingworld boxingfans likearmy

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Comment from THE FIGHT CITY:

Happy 40th floydmayweather "The cross-face involves controlling a point of your opponent's anatomy that is inherently weak and well above his center of gravity." - Dan Gable Tricks of the Masters: FloydMayweather : Cross-Face Forearm boxing boxeo MoneyMayweather Mayweather HappyBirthday 40 sweetscience boxingvideos

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Barak Bess


Comment from Barak Bess:

Young Champ out of Baltimore. gervontaa mayweatherpromotions tbe tmt Mayweather tank bmore boxing boxingbully undefeated speed power.

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Levi || Keto Boxer🇬🇧


Comment from Levi || Keto Boxer🇬🇧:

1 year ago... over-loading on pasta 3 times a day always felt bloated, zoned out & got tired easily after running out of glucose ... Now I've switched to running off FATS when I train... I'm sharper, faster, calmer, improved stamina & confident in the ring... (and I get paid for changing people's lives) this shit is life changing once your in full KETOSIS... If you know then you know, if not you need to try this shit 😜👌🏻👊🏻 boxing keto ketoboxer lchf athlete unlimited energy focus fatloss gamechanger paleo work passion workout boxingpads padwork boxingbag health fitness active lifestyle life mayweather fight night manchester uk boxersofinstagram

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Jenn Lerista


Comment from Jenn Lerista:

Happy Birthday floydmayweather 🎂🎁 have a wonderful day!!!! TBE TeamGrant TMT mayweather themoneyteam

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• Happy 40th Birthday • TBE TMT 49-0 mayweather thebestever boxing ring passion love sweat blood

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Let You Be The Judge


Comment from Let You Be The Judge:

Happy Birthday to the champ floydmayweather mayweather mayweathermcgregor

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James Smith


Comment from James Smith:

Happy 40th Floyd Mayweather. boxing happybirthday mayweather

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Alpo Martinez H.


Comment from Alpo Martinez H.:

HaPpY G- DaY To Ones Of The🐐's floydmayweather floydmoneymayweather mayweather bday GOAT

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SparkLife Collective


Comment from SparkLife Collective:

HappyBirthday FloydMayweather tmt mayweather mayweatherpromotions boxing fight legend undisputed conormcgregor king businessman entrepreneur millions 💪🏿 🏆 💰

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Tomasz Lach - LightsOutBoxing


Comment from Tomasz Lach - LightsOutBoxing:

Happy 40th Birthday to floydmayweather happybirthdaychampfloydmoneymayweatherprettyboythemoneyteamtmtthebestevertbemoneytalksrichasfuckthechamplegendp4pthekingusawbcwbaibfinspirationdreamsallbeltsimcomingboxingdayboxingfamilyiloveboxingboxingiseverythingwatchmenow 🇺🇸👑💰💸💵

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Recep Ok


Comment from Recep Ok:

Repost boxing__memes with repostapp ・・・ MoneyMayweather 💥🥊 Happy 40th | Mayweather boxing boks southpaw fighter enfusion glory kickboks kickboxing muaythai thaiboxing fitness bodybuilding istanbul levent kadikoy ortaköy bjj jiujitsu myfixyapikimyasallari 🤙🏼w5 crossfit crossfight mma ufc

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Comment from Boxmediatv:

Happy 40th birthday to floydmayweather hollywoodunlocked 🍔🔼 mayweatherpromotions adrienbroner gervontaa harlemhotboy tmt mayweather boxersofinstagram tbe happybirthday vegas mgmgrand tracy burgerking boxingmemes boxmediatv interviews mayweathermcgregor halloffamer

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Comment from ing.journalist:

Сегодня легендарному, непобежденному Флойду Мэйвезеру исполнилось 40 летбоксmayweather

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Comment from Eurosport:

Happy birthday to one of the greatest boxers ever: Floyd Mayweather! 👊💪🎉 Eurosport Happy Birthday HappyBirthday Boxing Box Fight Fighter Money Floyd Mayweather FloydMayweather Boxer Boxers WorldTitles World Title Champion Legend Greatest GOAT WorldChampion UnitedStates American America USA

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Comment from RE💤:

Repost boxing__memes with repostapp ・・・ MoneyMayweather 💥🥊 Happy 40th | Mayweather boxing fight boxingday

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FC Meridian 🏆


Comment from FC Meridian 🏆:

Ευτυχισμένα 40α γενέθλια σε έναν από τους πιο επιτυχημένους boxer της ιστορίας.. Χρόνια Πολλά στον Floyd Mayweather 💰 . . fcmeridian 🏆 Boxer HBD bonus Floyd Mayweather moneyteam Boxing Bet Champion history legend McGregor Bettingsports Friyay UFC stoixima kouponi Cyprus Wolfsburg werderbremen

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Boxing For Dummies


Comment from Boxing For Dummies:

Better listen to Mama Side Note: Can't wait to see keithonetimethurman Whoop on dannyswiftgarcia next week 📷 Prime360Photography Boxing Box Boxeo BoxingForDummies BoxingHype KeithThurman OneTime KeithOneTimeThurman PBC AlHaymon PBConCBS DannyGarcia DSG TeamDSG TeamThurman GGG Golovkin Welterweight WBC Canelo TMT Mayweather FloydMayweather

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Comment from mavzyutov_official:

Сегодня исполняется 40 лет одному из величайших боксёров,олимпийскому бронзовому чемпиону 1996,самому кассовому боксёру,непобедимому чемпиону по всем версиям.Флойду"Money"Мэйвезеру.Happy Birthday 🎉 Floyd!!! tmt floydmayweather mayweather box boxer likeme followme follow like happybirthday

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Connie Paz


Comment from Connie Paz:

HappyBirthday to the Champ! A very gracious gentleman floydmayweather floydmayweatherjr floyd floydmayweatherpromotions floydmoneymayweather Mayweatherthemoneyteam

3 Hours ago