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Rod Dunn


Comment from Rod Dunn:

T-54 came faster than expected. I've truly enjoyed this cycle. Final Drill is almost in the books. Next is Prac and the Crucible. Gonna push until the end. HotelHell HotelCompany SDI MCRDSanDiego FinalDrill 2167 2ndBn

2 Hours ago

CEO/Founder Of Dream Athletix


Comment from CEO/Founder Of Dream Athletix:

Must train yourself to keep up with your athletes, I train to only get them better. Light work tonight in the gym. youngandsuccess dreamathletix 5thquarter blessedstudentofthegame trainerlife basketballneverstops basketballdevelopment work gainzπŸ€ altitudemask mcrdsandiego

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Comment from R.D.:

Aye Sir !!! SemperFicalimarinemcrdsandiego oohrahdressbluespantydroppers

12 Hours ago

Tylor Qualls


Comment from Tylor Qualls:

Get some marinecorps ourhistory mcrdsandiego mcrdparrisisland iwojima motivation messwithebestdieliketherest

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Comment from Kelly:

The Dress Blues picture, a picture of Cody and some of his buddies going through Land Navigation in boot camp, and a picture of his company at the end of the Reaper, Cody completed on his 20th birthday. The Reaper is the last part of the Crucible where recruits become Marines. Bet he won't forget how he spent his 20th birthday πŸŽ‰ proudmarinemomπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ mcrdsandiego Pic creds to MCRD SD FB and photographers.

20 Hours ago

K. Resen 😎🌊


Comment from K. Resen 😎🌊:

Went for a stroll in lajolla with my girl scarlet_resen between storms and found this devildog taking pics with his little family. Only thing I will say is a usmc boot will wear his dressblues for Thursday dinner if he could. mcrdsandiego chasing him cause he left his seabag behind lol SemperFi marinecorps

22 Hours ago

Tomy Foster


Comment from Tomy Foster:

"eMbeLLiShInG+CoNnEcTs ~oUr=sOuLs"..ΒΏ.. LiV+LuV=LiFe2017 tomyfoster26 shouts Corona offdachainz πŸ˜‡ newresident tempe likeithere videooftheday officialkmig orangecounty sobe texas chicago mcrdsandiego 420 blunt weed 64 medicalmarajuanapatient marinecorps 26 combatvets fallen gradutesdegree swing opportunity livetalkradio voiceamerica sponsortheshow

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michayla cassano


Comment from michayla cassano:

82 days till I get to see him again. 83 days till he graduates bootcamp. :) I can hardly wait. Marines Marinegirlfriend recruit mcrdsandiego lovehim misshim

1 Days ago

Jenn CVS Roberson-Sills


Comment from Jenn CVS Roberson-Sills:

12moreweeks mcrdsandiego

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Matt Wheeldon


Comment from Matt Wheeldon:

Well this just arrived in the mail. bootcamp pictures rah devildog infantry 0311 rifleman usmc marines mcrd mcrdsandiego

1 Days ago

Memorial For American Troops


Comment from Memorial For American Troops:

Sergeant George Sankey was born on November 7, 1917 in Oconto, Wisconsin. He is the son of Eri and Ethel Sankey. George was raised on a dairy farm and probably spent his upbringing working on the farm. Like many in his Generation, George was affected by the Great Depression and it believed that in the 1930s George joined the Civilian Conservation Corps, a government program to put young men to work. George enlisted in the Marine Corps on January 13, 1940 and attended boot camp in MCRD San Diego. George was assigned to the Marine detachment stationed in Olongapo, Philippines. By 1941, George had reached rank of Sergeant. Due to the Japanese threat in the Pacific, the 4th Marine Regiment was sent to the Philippines, where they absorbed the Marine detachment. The Japanese assault began on December 8, 1941. The Americans were in a tough position as they were outnumbered and low on supplies. George and his fellow Marines withdrew to Corregidor, where they continued to live under harsh conditions. Enduring heavy Japanese shelling, having little or no food to eat, being low on water, and no reinforcements. Despite the grim situation, the Marines and others fought with unflinching determination and inflicted heavy casualties on the Japanese. On May 6th, 1942 Sergeant George Sankey was killed in action as the Japanese overwhelmed the defenders of Corregidor. The circumstances of his death are not known and his remains have never been recovered. George was 24 years old and is considered the first man of Oconto Falls to be killed during the Second World War. The survivors of the battle become Prisoners of War and had to endure brutal treatment from the Japanese. Those that survived captivity would not see freedom until 1945 when the Japanese surrendered. marinecorps devildog tillvalhalla missinginaction pow laststand Sergeant corregidor oconto thegreatestgeneration worldwar2 secondworldwar ww2 usmc olongapo combat 1940s missing terminallance pacifictheater philippines 1940s worldwarii 24yearsold eagleglobeandanchor 4thmarines usmarines mcrdsandiego neverforget history

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Comment from Nametapes/bootbands:

Join my Facebook group to see everything for this sale! Order the sale items by messaging me through my Etsy shop. love mcrdsandiego militarylove military shellyscreations11 shellyscreations creationsbyshelly sale marinecorps marines army usarmy usaf airforce supportourtroops parrisisland nametapekeychains bootbandbracelets bootbandbracelet windowlockets floatingcharms

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Aarin David Williams


Comment from Aarin David Williams:

When you didn't give the proper greeting of the day: marinecorps mcrdsandiego westcoastbestcoast foxcompany 2ndbattalion platoon2135

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Lion Lindwedel


Comment from Lion Lindwedel:

As a sandiego native (ramona gobulldogs) I hope all my friendsandfamily are staying safe and dry. peace storms rain deluge poway lajolla escondido ranchobernardo santee lakeside elcajon imperialbeach oceanside mcrdsandiego usmc

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Mark Salazar


Comment from Mark Salazar:

Letter from MCRD!!! Let see what Recruit Lamb has to say!! Someone might wanna call his Hats and let them know to slay himπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Marines mcrdsandiego mcrdparrisisland bootcamp devildogs heisgoinginfantry rah planoeast allen murphy wylie fitness cliffbar threehotsandacot paradise toomuchfun getemsandfleas screamlouderayesir okgood emptyyourpockets sandangels challengeaccepted narcedout droppingdimes

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Antonio Milord


Comment from Antonio Milord:

It's too late now! 😈 Embrace the pain. hisfacetho hegonecryinthecar usmc marinecorps bootcamp mcrdsandiego drillinstructor embracethepain hefuckedup gonnalearntoday

2 Days ago

Rochelle McGinty


Comment from Rochelle McGinty:

Clearly, I'm THAT mom. showmeyourwarface ChestyPuller yesthatismydogsname hesabadass and fatass chestymurica1904 chesticles myboyblue mamasboy mommyslittlemonster staffy amstaff americanstaffordshire DI 2ndBN mcrdsandiego dontbullymybreed adoptdontshop showusyourpits mcgintypack1904

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Comment from Coco:

Cali livin!! california sandiego mcrdsandiego marines farmington rssfarmington killinit sunnycali cadillac ctsv

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Donald Bohanner


Comment from Donald Bohanner:

The disrespect of my Marines! Cpl Smedley get off my desk! mood style instam goodtimes picoftheday instagood sandiego marine smedley veteran followforfollow followme follow4follow mcrdsandiego photographer realestateagent

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TEXAS POOLEE: Introducing Poolee Leon Guadarrama who represents RSS Dallas South, state of Texas. Poolee Leon Guadarrana will be shipping to MCRD San Diego this July and if all goes as planned, he will be working in the Aviation Mechanic MOS field. Picture submitted by, 1mmortal__ --- KILL!!! --- usmc marines marinecorps parrisisland mcrdsandiego poolees poolee army futuremarines bootcamp semperfidelis futuremarine navy jrotc mcjrotc military rotc semperfi

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