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Meryl Streep💖😘


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Beautiful😍💖😩🙌merylstreep marylouisestreep merylfuckingstreep streeper4life queenofhollywood

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Pround Streeper❤


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Silkwood, 1983❤ merylstreep karensilkwood silkwood beautiful pinterest 1983 queenofhollywood streeperforever queenofmyheart

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😍😍💎 merylstreep

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Streep is my love.❤


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Simply, I can't from this beauty.. 😭😍❤ merylstreep flawless iloveyou beauty meryl streeperforlife streeper icon

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So sweet! Meryl with baby Henry!❤ MerylStreepgummerfamilyHenryGummermother andson!💙

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M u l t i f a n d o m


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Incredibly love this musical _ mammamiamammamiamerylstreep

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Day 55 | Manhattan 1979 | Directed by Woody Allen It's a beautifully shot film. It is probably Woody's most famous film. The bridge is iconic. The dialog is signature neurotic. New York is just dreamy. But I really hate the characters. Like all of them. There is no redeeming quality to anyone. By the end everyone is the same twat they were in the beginning. Maybe worse. Watch it? If you are to watch either this or Annie Hall. Watch Annie Hall. 7/10 (it just... It annoyed me that movie) movies amovieaday amad cinema film 70s 1970s nyc ny newyork newyorkcity manhattan usa queensboro queensborobridge blackandwhite classic woodyallen dianekeaton merylstreep neurotic assholes skypemovies

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Meryl Streep ❤️


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She looks amazing with brown hair ❤ "The Bridges of Madison County", 1995 MerylStreep loveofmylife beauty baby DonGummer thebridgesofmadisoncounty

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Lovely Donna❤ (My edit)😋 merylstreep merylgummer mammamia donnasheridan bestactressever queenofhollywood merylmylove red

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Meryl Streep ❤️


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Angel ❤ "The House of the Spirits" press conference, 1993 MerylStreep beauty loveofmylife angel

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Sam Carmichael


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She's my dancing queen 😉😍💃🏻! merylstreep streeper dancing queen dancingqueen queenofhollywood mammamia donnasheridan theloveofmylife loveher abba donna.edrp

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Meryl and Vanessa Redgrave ♡♡ merylstreep vanessaredgrave 1993

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meryl streep


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She's pure art, let me tell you. ❤️ • merylstreep streeperforlife

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Marilia Cruz™


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♀‍🚶.... jessicalange merylstreep FashionBlog fashionblogger Blogger Blog fashion instafashion model nyc yogapilatesgoodvibesfloripa fitness fit fitgirls like4like likes4likes audreyhepburn likesphotographrocknrollgothicgirlpositivemindfollowmecocochanelpicphotograhpictureoftheday

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Entertaining People since 1878


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▪The Deer Hunter (1978) ▪Directed by Michael Cimino ▪The scene where Steven is yelling, "Michael, there's rats in here, Michael" as he is stuck in the river is actually John Savage yelling at the director Michael Cimino because of his fear of rats which were infesting the river area. He was yelling for the director to pull him out of the water because of the rats. ▪The slapping in the Russian roulette scenes were 100% authentic. The actors grew very agitated by the constant slapping, which naturally added to the realism of the scenes.

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Meryl Streep


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Hello world 🗺 this is a new account about Meryl Streep. I'm 19, I'm italian and I love Meryl, she's my queen 👑 Hope to find people that love Meryl like I do 💌 • • • • • merylstreep love TagsForLikes TagsForLikesApp TFLers tweegram photooftheday losangeles amazing smile follow4follow like4like look instalike igers picoftheday food instadaily instafollow followme girl instagood bestoftheday instacool instago hollywood follow colorful style

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Sweet Queens♡


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Meryl as Donna 💓 mammamia 2008 . merylstreep blackandwhite dacingqueen merylmovie streeper Donna queen streep merylstreeppage merylstreepmovie merylsayshi

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I soooo am! 😍❤️🙏 Peryl MammaMia MerylStreep PierceBrosnan

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Such a wonderful woman // I'm going to post some pictures about the actresses who changed my life and my point of view. One of them is her merylstreep beauty love admiration queen

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Oliver Newton John


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This is my Sophie's Choice! whattochoose asseenincolumbus dogsofcolumbus dogsofinstagram mutt toys merylstreep cute 61fur puppiesofcolumbus pupsofinstagram dumplings

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