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Comment from healing_whole_foods:

red bell pepper • cucumber • strawberries • mango • cilantro • green onion • lime juice (and a mango-basil smoothie on the side) vegan paleo rawvegan paleovegan simplefood wholefood realfood micronutrients cleansingfoods mswarrior msfighter msdiet gutlove

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Comment from Kikes:

vedieť, koľko má kalórii jedna malá lyžička arašidového masla je smutné. no ešte smutnejšie je vedieť a zapísať si do appky, koľko má kalórii veľké menučko v mcdonalds 😭 s kolou. pýtala som si vodu (fakt). bolo mi to blbé ísť ju vrátiť 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1400 kalórii, priatelia. a ani ma to tak neuspokojilo 😢 (tá divná vec, čo vyzerá jak jazyk je grilované kuracie mäso - healthychoices. srandujem, beef bolo vypredané 😞)

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Comment from E.Excel.ATL:

Free radicals are responsible for myriad problems with our health. Fight them with the powerful properties of natural grape seed extract. With antioxidants, such as the OPCs found in grape seed, the body can neutralize free radicals and defend cells from damage. Vision supplies a variety of antioxidants and their counterparts in their naturally occurring ratios, including vitamins A, C and E. Made using a carefully crafted combination of water-soluble grape seed extract, cassia tora seed, and barley, Vision helps you maintain good eye condition, and protect the Cardiovascular and Nervous Systems from free radicals. It also helps to enhance liver function which cleanses damaging toxins from the liver. Make an investment in your eye health and body with Vision! e.xcl.atl xclatl livewellexcel joinus joinourteam health healthy lifestyle healthylifestyle teambuilding networkmarketing weareexcel livewell buildhealth growwealth nutritionalimmunology wholeplantfoods phytochemicals antioxidants polysaccharides micronutrients wl weightloss metabolism loseweight glucosamine

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Jamie Forward


Comment from Jamie Forward:

Fresh local greens from the farmers market are making this salad divine 😍💯 Getting back to basics after a fun indulging weekend. Local spinach topped with purple cabbage, soft boiled egg, carrots, sweet potato and green peppers. Plus juicepress truffle vinaigrette for the win 💃🏻💚🙌🏼 Fuel your body with food that's grown on a plant, not in a plant. It will help you feel energized, and your immunity high. eat2be eatrealfood eatlocal eatyourgreens eatyourveggies vanvorstpark farmfresh farmersmarket healthnut nutritiontips brainfuel brainhealth jceats healthynyc healthcoachlife mealprepping fuelyourbody eatplants eatcolorfully phytonutrients macronutrients micronutrients fiber ffactorapproved hobokengirl nutritioncoach

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Eva Maria


Comment from Eva Maria:

My family's long weekend of fun is jam packed with excitement, fun, hours of physical activity, and adventure. To support this busy lifestyle we start our mornings fuelling our bodies with a no compromise, top quality nutrition system that incorporates creamy shakes and quality whole foods packed with the ingredients we need and love. With 24 grams of protein, 24 grams of carbs, 6 grams of fat, and 8 grams of fiber along with all the necessary micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) containing no artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners this makes these shakes not only taste good, but support our active lives. By providing a healthy balance nutrition system of quality macronutrients combined with a good dose of fibre our bodies can perform optimally, so we can focus on having fun! 🙌🏼🌿 healthyfood healthylifestyle qualitynutrition qualityoflife happyhealthy quality protein micronutrients balanceandharmony fuelingmybody optimalnutrition optimalhealth livingtothefullest

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Coastal Juices


Comment from Coastal Juices:

CoastalJuices 🎉🌊 CHEERS! 😋💪 HAPPY MONDAY! ✨ Have yourself a JUICING Day.💚💚💚 LetFoodBeThyMedicine Juice Ijuice DrinkYoGreens Fitness Nutrition Micronutrients Organic Whole Produce SmallBusiness StartUp WomenInBusiness Invest Network InvestInYourHealth GreenJuice StraightJuicin BackToBasics MindBodySoul EmeraldJuice KaleIt NewWeek NewGoals Wellness DrinkClean EatClean GetLean

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Manna Bars by Manna Nutrition


Comment from Manna Bars by Manna Nutrition:

Copper, magnesium, and zinc, oh my! Learn more about the energy-boosting superfoods ingredients and nutrients in our Manna Bars at the link in our bio.

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Carrie De Silva


Comment from Carrie De Silva:

🔹BALANCE IS KEY🔹 - 🍕So many IIFYM'ers fill your newsfeed with photos of pizzas, donuts and ice cream (I know because I've done it!). What you DON'T see are the meals they have to eat to FIT in these high calorie foods. No one wants to post photos of their egg whites and broccoli! - 🍪YES you can fit in the foods you love BUT flexible dieting teaches you whether or not those 2 glasses of wine or fries on the side are really worth it! - 🥒It's all about balance, and to be honest it FEELS really damn good fueling my body with nutrient dense foods, and I find (aside from my halotopcreamery pint daily) that my body functions it's best when I treat it right! - Thank you cartergood for the graphic 🙏🏻 . . . . nutritioncoach weightlosshelp weightlosstips macronutrients macros iifym iifymgirls iifymwomen diet weightlossfood fatloss fatlossmotivation flexiblediet flexibleeating flexibledieting nutrition bodytransformation balance fitness fitspo instafit micronutrients nutrients

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Shannon Wooton


Comment from Shannon Wooton:

Micro Nutrients..To fill in the gaps that food misses. 💚🙌🏼 check back later for a fun new product spot light that can help reduce your visceral fat! ❓want more info on these products? Check out my link in bio 🌐 micronutrients healthylife fuelyourbody progress fitspo fitmom healthjourney weightloss goals

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Sara Bradley


Comment from Sara Bradley:

Reflecting on the delicious sushi I got last night! The top roll is a Tuna Roll (a California roll topped with raw tuna) and the bottom roll is a Rainbow Roll (a California roll topped with assorted raw fish)! This is definitely a delicious that is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and micronutrients. If you are looking for healthier sushi options as for no tempura and ask for no sauce. This is where some sneaky calories can be, but if you are craving that delicious roll (me 🙋🏻) then get that roll! Everything is fine in moderation! 😊🍣 moderation fitnesslifestyle iffym fitnessmotivation sushi motivationmonday motivation fitnessjourney pushyourself gains health macronutrients micronutrients healthylifestyle

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Legacy Fitness SD


Comment from Legacy Fitness SD:

Need help figuring out what foods fit into your macronutrients? That's one of many perks from my meal planning. With an easy to follow macronutrient food guide you won't have to second guess whether to eat something or not. • • • • LegacyFitnessSD fitness active lift dowork gym gymiseverywhere motivation workout nutrition meal mealplans custommealplans macros macronutrients micronutrients breakfast fitnessnutritionspecialist

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Comment from Michele:

The start of Balsamic Chicken Salad. 💪🏽😋👌🏽 dayoff mealprep eatcolorful weightloss goals vegetables spinach pecans cranberries redonion peppers mealprepmonday determined eatclean fresh raw micronutrients fitfam fitness motivation determination nodaysoff

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Tracy Lindstrom


Comment from Tracy Lindstrom:

These 6 things are all important when getting results your looking for! A great way to know where your at is to look at these and see where you can improve. And start with that: 1:Energy balance- this is where you need to see how your body is responding to workouts. Are you tired all the time, are you killing your workouts, are you resting enough, are you having energy during the day? 2: macronutrients- one of the most important, are you getting enough carbs, fats and protien to hit your goals. I would say 75% of women I work with don't get enough protein. 3: micronutrients: this is your vitamins and minerals, I feel like this really comes down to fiber. I give my clients a certain amount they should get. Which ends up forcing them to eat high volume foods like veggies! 4:nutritional timing: this is sticky everyone has a different opinion on this. I believe getting good carbs and protein before and after a workout are super important. Besides that time your protein throughout the day. 5: supplements: this is also a big debate, I believe you can get most everything through food. I personally have a few vitamins, protandom, probiotic, whey protein and BCAAS. that I take. purposedriven flexibledieting iifym macronutrients micronutrients supplements sleep exercise body iifymwomen foodpyramid macros macrocoach iifymwomen countcalories hiit workouts fats carbs protien buildmuscle womenwholift stronglifts instaworkouts

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Adriana Mihalaros💕


Comment from Adriana Mihalaros💕:

My first Smoothie Bowl😍😍 OMG healthyheaven soogood healthinabowl delicious filling protein micronutrients betteroption

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Allie Gualco


Comment from Allie Gualco:

This Monday I promise to be my brightest, shiniest, gleamiest self. Yes I made that word up. No I do not give a damn🦄🖤🔮 . P.s Shakeo tastes best when drank out of pretty lil jars 💜💜💜 . . . . shakeology shakeo adaptogens morningdose nutrients micronutrients macronutrients purplemood beyourbestself personaldevelopment

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Jayne Michelle Hart


Comment from Jayne Michelle Hart:

Don't just focus on calories alone. There's more value to food than the energy they provide. Fuel up on foods packed with vitamins, antioxidants & phytonutrients. These are all essential to our health and bodily functions. Fill your plate with a rainbow 🌈 of colourful produce. Choose organic, where possible. nutrition eatwell healthiswealth healthy fitness fitover40 lifestyle notonadiet strongnotskinny girlswithmuscles girlswholift leanbodies tasty food foodporn wellness wellbeing leanbodies herbaliferesults herbababe consistencyiskey fitnessgirlsmotivation fuel lookgood feelgood muscle wholefoods natural organic micronutrients GiTrain

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Jan Theimer


Comment from Jan Theimer:

Micronutrients. ☺️💊 micronutrients tablets czechvirus myprotein suplements

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Comment from Natasha:

Our bodies rely on us to provide proper fuel. Otherwise, our bodies can not function and preform optimally. Whole food aversions are taking their toll on my diet. I do my best to eat what I can when I can and get the nourishment in. . . . . fuel feedthegains micronutrients health loveyourself takecareofyourself vitamins mineral supplement diet macros iifym takecareofyourbody legionofboom 1stphorm iam1stphorm mealplan fitpregnancy fitness Foodie ilovefood gaygirlsofinstagram lesbian

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Be You Be Wholesome || Lauren


Comment from Be You Be Wholesome || Lauren:

Almond Butter 🍫Smoothie Bowls make Monday's a heck of a lot sweeter 😋 This is one of my favorite Smoothie Bowl recipes of all times 👍🏼 Take 1 cup of califiafarms toasted coconut milk, 1 large handful of ice, 1 tbsp. maranathafoods almond butter, 1 tbsp. designsforhealth chocolate protein powder, 1 tsp. navitasorganics cacao powder, vitalproteins collagen peptides and cinnamon and blend together. 🖤 Top with 1/2 a perfectbar (I used almond coconut 🌴 ), 🐝 pollen and navitasorganics cacao nibs. Try adding cacao powder to your smoothies. Cacao 🍫 powder is a antioxidant rich superfood. Raw cacao powder contains four times the antioxidant content of regular processed dark chocolate 🍫 Its the highest plant based source of iron, it's full of magnesium for a healthy ❤️ & brain and can act as a mood elevator and anti-depressant. 👏🏼 I hope everyone had a great weekend! beyoubewholesome mealsbylauren

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Comment from christina_curtin:

Sometimes its best to Double up! Building my Immune System from the inside! 💚❤💚❤

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