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Moreno Bottesin


Comment from Moreno Bottesin:

Castello di Aymavilles Aymavilles Castle Château d'Aymavilles Built as fortress and then made mansion is a masterpiece, with its characteristic battlements of two different orders, which collects itself five centuries of modernization, from the Middle Ages to the late Baroque. At current time is closed for renovations (since 2004) and, hopefully, will be reopened between 2017 and 2018. ValleDAosta AostaValley ValléeDAoste Italia Italy Castelli Castles Dimore Mansions MiddleAges Medioevo Rinascimento Reinnasance Barocco Baroque

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Comment from yulia_tka4enko:

❤ The museum. Westeuropean art of the middle ages and the renaissance. 💎 museumarchitectureartrenaissancemiddleagesbeautifulday

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Crónicas Bohurteras


Comment from Crónicas Bohurteras:

La Copa Grifo nos dejó muchas escenas dignas de recordar, pero definitivamente el momento bohurtero de esta semana tiene un merecido lugar entre las mejores. Vale la pena practicar mil veces una patada si va a ser la herramienta para desterrar épicamente a un oponente de la liza.⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ~ ~ ~⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The latest edition of Copa Grifo left us with so many scenes worth to remember, but this week's 'buhurt moment' definitely deserves a place among the best. Any pain suffered while practicing a thousand times a kick is worthwhile, if it turns out to be the solution to banish an opponent from the list in such an epic way. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ imcf hmb tournament championship warriors buhurt bohurt fighters fighter medievalcombat medievaltimes sport fantastic crossfit armor middleages kick epic

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roman legion viking vikings crusader medieval valhalla reenactment leatherwork history knight warrior fantasy owl theelderscrolls hobbit saxon reenactor english england old skyrim middleages cosplay cosplayer sword axe shield weapon photography

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Carpe Librum DC


Comment from Carpe Librum DC:

"The next time you pick up a book about the Middle Ages, try a little experiment I've been doing for years. Go to the index at the back and run your finger down the names. Find many women's names? If you ran across more than a saint and a queen or two, you're lucky. No wonder that girls and women alike feel left out when it comes to the past. Instead of fearless foremothers and daring daughters, our history books tend to give us monotonous lists of wars and dates, male rulers and rouges." -from the introduction ---- Representation is important! For the last wcw of womenshistorymonth we want to know who your favorite woman from history is! representation history womeninhistory women middleages medievalera womenshistory outrageouswomen book books bookstore

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Book Beat


Comment from Book Beat:

Happy (almost)(Roman calendar) birthday to Maimonides, a medieval scholar, Rabbi, philosopher & scientist born March 30, 1135. . . He encouraged Jews to "accept the truth from whatever source it comes," thus seeking to minimize parochialism in Jewish thought and support scientific and philosophical exploration. . . This illustration of astronomers studying the stars is from his Mishneh Torah - reproduced here in the book "Jews of Europe in the Middle Ages". . . maimonides rambam philosophy astronomy science middleages spain sephardi judaism jews rabbi mishnehtorah happybirthday onthisday metrodetroit bookbeat learning space stars

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Emma Rotondo☽


Comment from Emma Rotondo☽:

Circa l'anno XV 🤚🏽💫🕸 • • • • • • nostalgia travelthroughtime middleages wanderer wanderlust amore beauty crackinthemountain explorer explore freedom gaeta italia italy infinito infinity italiangirl love lazio latin ladolcevita modela mountains mothernature nature notphotoshopped peaceandlove travelgram tranquilità touchinghistory travelthroughtime

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A N U S H A. ❤️L.


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Birthdaydinner. ⚔️🍷Pelgrom middleages loveit antwerp bday 24yearsold wine beer candlelightdinner

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Select Bricks Lego Store


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Lego Lion and Dragon Knights ready for battle! Castle Kingdoms Collection. Link in BIO. legoknights lionknights dragonknights medievaltimes lego knights middleages legominifigures legophotography legofan legoland ilovelego ebaylego legoauction ebaylegoauction toys toycollector legocollector legomania legocastle castles

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🌲 Bikepacking Family 🌲


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91/365 The bikepacking family progetto365 365project una fontana a castellarquato mtb fatbike fatbiker middleages italy salsamukluk adventurebybike missgrapepeople microquattroterzi microfourthirds olympusomdem5 olympus well trailfamily daddylife bike bikelife

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Alicia Gibson


Comment from Alicia Gibson:

Today 2: The Cluny Museum of the Middle Ages. Crazy fascinating building that was first a Roman bath house, then a wealthy home in the Middle Ages, and now a museum. Is that a unicorn? Yes. Yes, it is. middleages unicornsandvirgins

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Dierk Mutzmann


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Beeindruckende Deckengemälde . heiligengeistkirche balkendecke renaissance holyghost wismar putten woodenceiling coverpainting middleages church

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Balázs B.


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Esti kollázs vajdahunyad historical classicalart middleages budapestatnight latenightwalk

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Carlo Natali


Comment from Carlo Natali:

L'antica chiesa di Santa Maria in muris a Belmonte Piceno (Fermo, Marche), austero e affascinante gioiello marchigiano del decimo secolo. belmontepiceno fermo regionemarche provinciadifermo fai primavera giornatefai giornatefaidiprimavera italia medioevo architettura middleages architecture architecturelovers spring italy volgoitalia volgomarche volgofermo ig_italia ig_marche igmarche ig_fermo igersmarche igersfermo whatitalyis

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Ekaterina Chernova


Comment from Ekaterina Chernova:

Ещё немного средневековья в ленту. strasbourg alsace sunset river architecture history middleages

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Астахова Анна


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🍂Tout est bien qui finit bien 🌱 . . . vscogram vscocool vscomania vscostyle vscorussia relax swiss gruyere gruyères castle vsco chateau art middleages culture middleageart travel travelling rest aphorismoftheday aphorism amazing nature artwork

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Daphnya Kobain 🐈 Pella


Comment from Daphnya Kobain 🐈 Pella:

And then I realised, adventures are the best way to learn 🛳⚓️❄️💙 NEW blog post up on my blog - link is in my bio! Tallinn left a mark of delight in my heart, hope the bits I share on the blog is just as enjoyable ❤️ love you all! 😘 travel estonia tallinn traveling travelling neitsitorn oldtown medieval middleages history tourism instatravel wanderlust instagood instadaily instalike instafollow follow followme blog blogging blogger lifestyle squarespace vsco vscocam ~ the page design is new with a new template, but still a bit under construction - I can't wait to get it finished though ❣️back into blogging now that everything regarding school is under control! 💃🏻

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Kathassia da Florentia


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CUCINA MEDIEVALE: Ova sperdute nella braxa accesa. Martino de Rubeis, Riva del Garda, fine sec XV. eggs embers medieval cooking food reenactment medievalreenactment cucina cuisine CompagniadelDoppioSoldo Verona Firenze medioevo cookingbooks middleages ricette Italianfood history Italy mittelalter Kochrezepte mittelalterliche medievalrecreación recetasdecocina

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M. Moleiro Editor


Comment from M. Moleiro Editor:

La Bible moralisée de Naples nous fait parcourir plus d’un siècle d’histoire dynastique entre la France et l’ Italie  libro  Book  Treasures  luxury  rare  art  manuscript  medieval  culture  history  bookdesign  illuminated  illustration  bookhistory  rarebooks  library  illuminatedmanuscript  bookarts  bookstagram  instabooks  MiddleAges  painting  specialcollectionsspecialcollectionbookofhoursapocalypse

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Comment from À N И Á:

⌚🔭medievaltimes medievalarchitecture medievalage middleages vanatallinn vanhatallinna oldtown старыйгород tallinn tallinna таллин старыйталлин oldtowntallinn крепость fortress eesti viro estonia эстония tallinngram instatallinn ig_europe traveleurope instatravel baltics gradskeulice instastreet streetstagram

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