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Dis moi que si tu es là Ce n'est pas juste pour mes jolis yeux...👀 . . . . . . . . . vsco vscocam vscogram Burgos CyL skyporn Castilla Castillayleon river bridge puente gate middleages architecture archidaily willow nature sky nofilter España Spain wanderlust travel travelgram summer visitspain çaira joycejonathan beauty beauté

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Forgot to schedule riding lessons offthehorse orunicornrather magicabeastsandwheretofindthem spandrelsarethebest halle hainaut belgium sculpture medieval middleages apocalypse unicorn belgium

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Athur🗡🏰🌳 This book is on my TBR list, like so many other books🙈. I have no idea what this book is about, but I have a little clue😉 (PZ) • Arthur kevincrosslyholland merlin sword in the stone fight middleages midieval nature painting bookstagram bookstagrammer bookaddict bookworm booknerd bookdragon booklove bookcover flower dutch reading

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H O N O R I N E 🌱


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Pierrefonds was built by Louis d'Orléans (1372-1407) in 1397 in order to assert his power and influence. The fortress was then dislocated in 1617 on the order of Louis XIII so that the fortified castle could not harbour dissidents. It was then renovated by Viollet-le-Duc (1814-1879) when Napoleon III (1808-1873) decided to transform the castle into an imperial palace 🏰 | castle stronghold middleages neogothic fortress architecture medievalhistory ruins historicalsite heritage monument patrimoine france picardie hautsdefrance oise jaimeloise igerspicardie château espritdepicardie passionchateau omonchateau visitfrance culture art pierrefonds romanticism cmn

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Clémence Beaucourt des Beylons


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middleages provence france castle medievalcastle archaeology summertime dayoff bluesky

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Olga Simanova


Comment from Olga Simanova:

Толедо - город-музей под открытым небом. Включен во Всемирное наследие ЮНЕСКО. Находясь там, чувствуешь, что ты в не в современном мире, а в средневековом. Я не знаю сколько лет Толедо, известно только, что в 193 году до нашей эры город захватили древние римляне. В средние века в Толедо производили холодное оружие из толедской и дамасской стали. travelphoto travellife traveler travel travelling travelphotography spain españa madrid toledo middleages

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Little foot page middleages watercolor illustratie illustration penandink drawing art artist artwork knight

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Guardiani del cervo


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Practice makes perfect guardianidelcervo .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. reenactment historybuff rievocazionemedievale rievocazione rievocazionestorica practice swordfight duello duel instagram instagood video videooftheday spada allenamento swordtraining training middleages medioevo storia canalemonterano

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Linda Paolini


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pavimento cosmatesco in San Pierino in Vincoli pisa cosmate cosmates cosmatesque church geometricism pattern mosaic stones marble art middleages medioevo moyenage romanesque puzzle inlaid intarsia igerspisa ig_pisa visitpisa tuscany inlay geometry volgopisa volgoitalia mandala

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Olga Fair


Comment from Olga Fair:

In the small cities at the Southern part of Germany you can often see baths standing on the streets. In old times they contained drinking water. Nowadays there is a tradition: to damp the elbows in a bath which is blood circulation enhancing and refreshing as a result. Tried: works 😁 --- Меня всегда удивляли эти ванны, которые повсеместно встречаются НА УЛИЦАХ небольших городков юга Германии. До изобретения водопроводов в них была питьевая вода. А сейчас есть традиция мочить в них локти, это пробуждает и улучшает кровообращение. Проверено, работает 😅 catchmeifucan поймайменяеслисможешь движениежизнь germany architecture middleages sky girl russiangirl summertime summer traveling adventuretime cutie workinghard архитектура путешествия средниевека

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[PL] Tawerna czy sala z trofeami? A może oba? [ENG] Taven of trophy room? Why not both? Premiera Gildii już 29.06! game boardgame gildie guilds tavern artwork cards gamenight middleages hobby familygame relax freetime

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Danny Marçalo


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Unreal gordes provence vivelafrance vacances holiday urlaub wheregodlives middleages paradise ihavenowords surreal france

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André Madruga Coelho


Comment from André Madruga Coelho:

Window to the middle ages janela window ventana catedral cathedral lleida lerida espanha españa spain catalunha catalonia cataluña idademedia edadmedia middleages gótico gothic blackandwhite pretoebranco photo instaphoto

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Valerie "Silver" Segall


Comment from Valerie "Silver" Segall:

Went to visit a vikingtown. Reminds me of hobbithouse photos. There was grass on the roof and from a distance you can barely spot it due to the camouflage. iceland grassontheroof viking coolhouses middleages vikingmovie movieset

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Comment from urimoo777:

海を渡って1日だけヘルシンキからエストニアのタリンへやって来たイサンくん 楽しみにしてた世界遺産なのに残念ながら雨だったT^T このまるまるとした砲塔は太っちょマルガレータさん 監獄だった頃、囚人の食事を作ってた太ったおかみさんの名前 エストニアeestiタリンtallinnバルト三国旧市街oldtown世界遺産worldheritage中世middleages門gate旅行旅travel歴史historysightseeing

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Comment from Keith:

Farewell Siena and this amazing view from our apartment: Torre del Mangia (left), Duomo di Siena (center) and the Basilica Cateriniana San Domenica (right)! Now we know why everyone resoundingly loves this gem of a city. italia siena middleages Italianjourney adventuresoffrothyandtrixie getstoastyupthere

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Kat Epiphany


Comment from Kat Epiphany:

I noticed I rarely (or even never?) shared some impressions of my "work". Last year I worked at an excavation, digging out a Carolingian glass workshop. (estm. 750 a.d.) what you see here is the colour range of medieval glass we found. I find it so breathtaking ❤ archaeology archeological archaeologisttobe medieval glass glassworks excavation Carolingian middleages notjustajob vocation uncoveringhistory archeometry

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Nadja Gerd


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Back to middleages medival ❤ austria starkenberger tirol knigts inlove

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