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Chandler Bracken


Comment from Chandler Bracken:

Today was my one month mark since I took my last body comp test, and I just have to say, I'm completely shocked at the results. Now I just need to gain ten more pounds and lose another two or so body fat percentage and I'll be at my goal! fitness goals almostthere houseofpain bodycomposition progress marine marines usmc combatready gymislove gymislife secondhome okinawa japan militarymuscle toomanyhashtags

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😍Arthur Saint louis Fs⚽


Comment from 😍Arthur Saint louis Fs⚽:

Why not😏💪

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Sam Schaefer


Comment from Sam Schaefer:

3 weeks out - slrnutrition slrsupplements teamslr slr_nutrition mashmafia mashelite supportmilitarymuscle - 🏋🏽Supplements: SLR Nutrition (SCHAEFER for discount) 🏋🏽Apparel: Military Muscle (xfittersr for discount) - iammilitarymuscle mmfunctionalfitness mmharderthanme militarymuscle weightlifting oly olympiclifting mondaymotivation gametime

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Comment from Flip:

Crushed shoulders this morning. Love the pump I get on Monday mornings after my cheat meal Sunday night 👊🏻💪🏻👍🏻roederrobbinsbig growth swole swoleaf swolearmy swolenation norestdays hardwork fitfam fitlife shredded militarymuscle sleeve tattoos tatted thinblueline backtheblue lawenforcement bluelinebeasts bluelinefit_

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Comment from Haris:

I hear cops like big busts at big parties tb

21 Minutes ago

Griffin, Adam J.


Comment from Griffin, Adam J.:

You don't have to be anyone speacial to inspire people. All you have to be is yourself. gym gymlife gymaddict gymrat fit fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel fitfam fitspo fitlife igfitness igfit instafit instafitness workout bodybuilding bodybuilder gains motivation inspiration America militarymuscle military army mylife muscle

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Aaron Norris


Comment from Aaron Norris:

Feeling pumped! lovingit goodlife militarymuscle

27 Minutes ago

Nicholas Safran


Comment from Nicholas Safran:

Feeling the burn! Today is shoulder day for me. What day is it for you? dailymotivation fitnessmotivation lifemotivation motivation positive 60secondclub fit workoutmotivation work hustle personaltrainers gymlife gains grind results challenge lift business beastmode lifer runner crossfit obstacles action entrepreneurs runnersworld gym strongisbeautiful militarymuscle

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Tj Hardy


Comment from Tj Hardy:

I always post my success, but never when I fail. Went for 475 on dead lift, couldn't get it. If things didn't get hard we wouldn't grow. Failure can be the best motivator, take it and let it drive you. failure soweak deadlift doievenlift swoleteam6 militarymuscle militarystrong andersonstrong andersonmuscle

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Comment from abnerpreis:

Funny stuff polandmilitarymusem militarymuscle iornmaiden nightsinshiningarmor militarymuseum 17thcentury warsaw poland lookwhoslaughingnow

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Caleb Burzăn


Comment from Caleb Burzăn:

It's possible

42 Minutes ago

Mike Hall


Comment from Mike Hall:

This morning was a major struggle! Sometimes I wish I drank coffee.

43 Minutes ago

Muscle Creator


Comment from Muscle Creator:

musclepharm muscleandhealth muscleman musclegay americanmuscle militarymuscle musclemania momswithmuscle Muscles SupportMilitaryMuscle

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Comment from Kelly:

peakweek is heeeerre! I can't believe it's 5 days away now!!!! Let me know if your going to be there!!! And if your going to support me, let me know so you can swap phone numbers with my husband!! npc npctexas npctexas physique bodybuilding militarymuscle supportmilitarymuscle iammilitarymuscle faMMily motivation totalhealthevolution lifestyle fitness winthekeytothecity dredillardifbbpro

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Nicholas Safran


Comment from Nicholas Safran:

It's just monday. No big deal. Treat everyday the same and it won't matter what day it is. Work hard everyday and enjoy what you do! dailymotivation fitnessmotivation lifemotivation motivation positive 60secondclub fit workoutmotivation work hustle personaltrainers gymlife gains grind motomonday challenge lift business beastmode lifer runner crossfit obstacles monday entrepreneurs runnersworld gym strongisbeautiful militarymuscle

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Ikaika aka The Rock Jr. 🇺🇸🇦🇸


Comment from Ikaika aka The Rock Jr. 🇺🇸🇦🇸:

Always, up & early at it.

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Comment from DreyLifts:

Shit just got real beyondalphanutrition militarymuscle morior_invictusmm supportmilitarymuscle teamrpts preworkout

1 Hours ago

IFBB PRO Charles Barney


Comment from IFBB PRO Charles Barney:

There is no deadline for improvements or getting better. It's on you always has been. Full guest posing routine is up on my YouTube. Link in bio. Food by cleaneatzcharleston powered by chikpro classic shorts by broactivewear aesthetics bodybuilding classicphysique mensclassicphysique winthecrowd thinblueline militarymuscle roadtoolympia stomachvacuum symmetry goldenerabodybuilding ifbb npc borderklash npc

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Dr. Alyx Ulbrich N.D. ⚕


Comment from Dr. Alyx Ulbrich N.D. ⚕:

Monday Vibes. ✌🏼 Yesterday I had dinner with a former heroin addict and an almost another veteran suicide story. Both of these amazing people are healthy(ish) and whole and yes fighting demons(like bosses), but finding themselves and their future thru sweat in the gym. 🖤 I don't need to tell my story, for you to know it was once dark; I'm sure it's painfully clear in my eyes, my solitude, my ink, and my choices... 💔 However, I didn't like who I was at one point and I was able to change that story. 🖤 Was it easy? Fuck no. 💔 Was it always a straight line of accomplishments? Not even close. It was a laundry list of mistakes and failures with a hazy vision of the goal. 🚼 Life secret- when you see someone doing badass epic hard shit... they're usually a little bit broken - it's that familiarity with pain and their acceptance of struggle and risks that makes them great. 👌🏼 Here's reality. I'm flawed and so are you. But God made us in his image with the ability to tap into that righteous holy stuff. 🙏🏻 Every day, beat yesterday. Try your damn best to be the most helpful and most gracious person in the room. Never let anyone out work you. Take some freaking pride in your achievements and enjoy them, but don't stop your actions that created them to celebrate or it will be the last time. And for fucks sake, don't you dare believe you are "limited" ... the very fact that you're not sperm 🐋 on the floor or somewhere in a wastebin tells me you were meant for this. 👌🏼🤣 So pick yourself the fuck up. It's Monday, and get your shit together. Don't like something about your life well grab yourself by the genitalia if you must and change some shit. 💩 Take accountability, right now. Consistent actions will breed progress and change, its 110% up to you. Tag someone for a 4 letter filled mondaymotivation 😘😂 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 yougotthis mondaymotivation mondaymorning change changeisgood changeiscoming changeyourlife fitspo militarymuscle veteransuicide veteransupport militarymuscle supportmilitarymuscle firepowerfit drugaddiction addictionrecovery addiction recovery recoveryisworthit believeinyourself moveyourass getyourshittogether

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📺YOUTUBE: Tone Chat📺


Comment from 📺YOUTUBE: Tone Chat📺:

Day trip to the DMZ. - Only way to know your history besides reading about it, is to explore it. - Photo 1: the Peace 🔔 - Photo 2: a sign of the city "Imjingak" where the peace bell is located. - Photo 3: Robbons to remember lost ones of the Korea War and a train that was destroyed by a N. Korean bomb. - Photo 4: A piece of the "Berlin wall" located Gyeongui Train station. This rail line connect to the rest of Euroasia but is no long in use due to the fact that it has to go the N. Korea. - Photo 5: the train for the previous photo: - Photos 6-10: are at the actual border of north and South Korea aka the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

13 Hours ago