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Comment from fit2defend:

Saturdays--just another day to take an opportunity to better yourself at an empty gym. livelife fitness gym cardio militarymuscle workout wod caloriecrusher CellucorNation shape athlete fit sweat healthyliving music LedZeppelin lz workoutmusic

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Comment from NPC PHYSIQUE Kevin Webb:

Every morning you have the same 2 choices: ▪Continue dreaming.... or ▪Wake up, Chase those dreams and be a freakin Animal! 🦁 Video Cred: m1ller_time20 npcathlete physique CharlotteCup 2017 fitness bodybuilding aesthetics lifestyle chest cleaneating fitnessaddict worldgym olympia nextlevelshit militarymuscle

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Camron aka "White 🍫"


Comment from Camron aka "White 🍫":

Sometimes we get caught up in all the bullshit that is social media. Took a break for few days to reset and focus on more productive shit. For example work, my marriage, training, friends, and family. I will always be true to myself. What you see is exactly what you get with me. I will never turn to an app or network to find acceptance. IG isn't real life for most people. Put down your phones and computers once in a while and focus on those that truly matter. Build memories not followings. Be yourself always and the rest will fall into place 💯 foodforthought

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Mac Morisset


Comment from Mac Morisset:

🙌🏾 1stphorm veteran phamily wedothework neversettle abovetherest WeAre1stPhorm LegionOfBoom , iam, 4life, nextlevelshit transformforlife motivation militarymuscle armymuscle dedication inspiration progress fitstagram fitnessmotivation bestself bodybuildingcom bodybuilding bodybuilder focus gymlife gymlifestyle

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Dom Shababy


Comment from Dom Shababy:

chaosandpain driving these personal records! Seriously love using their products, there's nothing better out there! Try them out and use GRIPANDRIP for your discount! What's better than that?? savage hooligan asstograss militarymuscle militaryathlete squats deployedlife frontsquats gymrat fitness fitlife pr neverdieeasy crossfit justkidding bonestrength teambone bodybuilding powerlifting tattedmilitary militarymusclefoundation

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Chase Weston Tobin


Comment from Chase Weston Tobin:

Blasting out some shoulders with trpp_35 this morning!!! This lift was sets of 10 with both arms, then 5 isolated. Great way to blast them pumpkins!!! GoPro Fitness Hero3 BeAHero supportmilitarymuscle marines slr_nutrition

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Türk Askeri Havacılığı


Comment from Türk Askeri Havacılığı:

Işıkların oyunu.. turkaskerihavaciligi aviation air aviationphotography pilot pilotlife militarymuscle militaryaircraft military militaryaviation instaaviation instapilot instagramaviation instagram sky fly skyaviation fighterpilot fighterjet avgeeks avgeek avporn flight airshow

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Jake Hudson


Comment from Jake Hudson:

saturday and did legs again. Check out that dynamikmuscle savageroar and creatine mixture! Look at them quadz ! Look at them veins ! deploymentlife quadzilla

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Dedrick J Clark


Comment from Dedrick J Clark:

Back on the grind... You'll never achieve the goals you set without a lot of sweat... STAY BEAST MY FRIENDS... ZoOm- EXCEED LIMITS & ROLL WITH REAL CHAMPIONS! TrainToBeast SuccessByDesign Refuse2BeAverage Sub50

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Comment from Alec:

Flippin' 'em like flapjacks🥞 - - Bodybuilding Weightlifting Fitness Fitspo NPC IFBB Inspiration Motivation Dedication BlueLineFit ThinBlueLine Aesthetics ConqueringTheBarbell LiveLarge BackDay TireFlips Fitspo Cutting Shred MilitaryMuscle arnoldclassic

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🌸Keely Coleman


Comment from 🌸Keely Coleman:

Even with Instagram angles there are back rolls 😂 don't believe or compare yourself to anything on instagram. People highlight their bodies with certain angles and filters. On this photo, I am posing in a way to make my waist look the smallest! It looks super tiny ( but you can still see my back fat 😂-not that I care) I am 5'4 and 138 lbs. I have grown a lot of muscle the past few years so 138 lbs looks a lot better now than it did 3 years ago! I am actually quite content with the way I look and feel. Since I "dropped" out of ContestPrep I've been focusing on my job (to make pilot in command), writing my capstone project for my bachelors in aeronautics, and enjoying life with the hubby when we have a little bit of free time. Last weekend we went snowboarding 🏂 and this weekend I'll be going on a TDY trip to NJ to pick up some helicopters and fly them cross country back to Texas! 🚁 I've been extremely busy so prep just hasn't been in my heart lately when I have 1,000 other things to worry about. May be in a few weeks I can start again but I'm not going to beat myself up for it. I'm happy, active, healthy, loved, and focused! I get to spend time with family next weekend and Oh yeah... going on another 🏂 trip in a few weeks 😂WorkHardPlayHard NoFilter RealMe

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SSGT Johnathan Morris


Comment from SSGT Johnathan Morris:

Another Future Marine accepts the challenge. What will you become? starwars leadership marines usmc veteran militarymuscle family fitness motivation success goodvibes marinerecruiter winner nevergiveup honor courage commitment

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Adam Woolford


Comment from Adam Woolford:

Absolutely crushed chest and back ! It was 85% AMRP day for bench press. Ended up doing 4x270lbs, 2x270lbs, then 10x225lbs and 8x225lbs. Needless to say, 4x270 is a HUGE PR for myself. Definitely happy with my progress! Stay hungry !!! Stay motivated !! As always, workouts in comments 💪🏼 . . fitfam fitlife swolfies swolford gains shoulders chest back arms biceps triceps abs progress selfies beastmode beastit beast killit pump flex army armylife militarymuscle motivation swole lift

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DeAndre G.


Comment from DeAndre G.:

I don't really like posting shirtless pictures but I feel it's important to show the bulkingseason results! chestday nevergiveup myninjaway isymfs bulk swolfie fitspiration instafit fitfam physique npc coloradosprings militarymuscle supportmilitarymuscle iammilitarymuscle militarymen jaktathlete jaktmuscle jakt fitnerd gymrat dedicated progress gainz WhereHaveMyAbsGone

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Comment from hotsuperheroguys:

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Michael Pochulsky


Comment from Michael Pochulsky:

Goodtimes army militarymuscle tank mortar infantry 11c 120mmcannon

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Joaquin Thompson


Comment from Joaquin Thompson:

Today's shoulder pump was crazy!!! Considering the fact I came in fasted....that's kinda weird dontcha think??? Well I'm just thinking out loud to myself 😂😂😂 have a blessed morning fitfam!! 💢fikagrandeporra picoftheday instafit motivation transformation TagsForLikes fitness gymlife pushpullgrind ifbb instafitness fitdad militarymuscle bodybuilding dedication strength ripped progress mensphysique muscle shredded squat gainz veteran beachbody lifestyle allkindsofgainz fat2fit swole beardgang

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The Operator's Guide


Comment from The Operator's Guide:

There's no better way to blow off some steam than to shred some paper 💣

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Comment from CJ:

TransformationTuesday People never believe me when I said I was a skinny dude growing up. I made fitness, diet and exercise a big part of my life over the last several years and I haven't looked back. Still a lot of work to do but it's so worth it CollegeDays Fitness Fit Exercise BlackExcellence CalvinKlein abs motivation follow BodyBuilding Transformation BlackIsBeautiful FitLife GymLife Lift MilitaryMuscle aesthetic

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Comment from ARVIN:

💪🏽😉 bulkseason gainzsquad teamswoll lakernation redemption havefaith armgains flexing keeppushing grind aesthetics aestheticarmy teamswoll fitness gainzz armgainz fitlife fitnessinspiration bodybuildinginspiration bodybuildingmotivation bodybuilding beastmode bodytransformation idontevenlift aesthetic aestheticfitness everydayisarmday veterans veteranmuscle militarymuscle

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