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Endeavour Wellness


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Who you are is okay. Don't worry about what you are not, focus on being happy with who you are. selfworth self selfcare selfimprovement selfbelief personaldevelopment psychology coaching dreams success Happiness winning wellness mindfull mindfullness bebetter inspiration endeavourwellness

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Kim Yirak


Comment from Kim Yirak:

Make the extraordinary your reality! Never loose the desire to reach for what you want 💫🌟✨🌈🌻 motivationmonday stepoutofthebox

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Portugal☀️🌀 Jw Isaías 41:10


Comment from Portugal☀️🌀 Jw Isaías 41:10:

Dance is everything 🔥🎉🎊🚨❤🙌 zumba friends dance despacito zumbawear mindfullness zumbacrew zumbafitness instagood instagram

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A New Beginning


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Matt and I in action! massagetherapy massage reiki reikimaster love light peace happiness psychic intuitive psychicreading longdistancehealing spiritual spirit spirituality chakras healing health awakening lovelife angels meditation mindfullness gratitude fulfillment essentialoils crystals positivevibes goodvibes anewbeginning

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Por Vanessa Ferreira


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E não é?!? mindset mindfullness suaadvogada advogadosempreendedores advocaciadesucesso

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Ricardo A. I. Loureiro


Comment from Ricardo A. I. Loureiro:

"For those determined to fly, having no wings is just a little detail." Jane Lee Logan 🌎🙃🙂🙏🏼 fly flying hotairballoon hotairballoons skylovers adventure adventuretime adventurer adventures flyhigh pilot piloto balloon awake awakening awareness gratidao gratidão grateful thankful mindfullness mindset mindfulness dreams dreambig goodvibes project2017

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Comment from LoveWrites:

✨In honor of our new Etsy shop, we are offering 20% off all orders! Just use code LOVEWRITES20 at checkout! ❤️💛💚💙💜 Tag a friend who loves crystals and starting writing with even more intention behind your words! writewithpurpose

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Pilates Durango


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In 10 sessions you feel a difference, in 20 you'll see the difference and in 20 you'll have a whole new body. // Joseph Pilates . Join us for reformer. Every day this week! Check out the class schedule and sign up through the link in our bio.

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Mother to 2 Kings| Dr Barbie💋|


Comment from Mother to 2 Kings| Dr Barbie💋|:

The true power lies in you. mindfullness power control

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Comment from GodSpeed⚡️✡⚡️:

Repost moods_food True health is about much more than food. You can eat all the leafy greens you want but if don’t like your job, are unfulfilled by your relationships, or are lacking daily movement or other forms of self-care, then you will be undernourished in life. Primary Food is the concept that nutrition, career, relationships, spirituality, fitness, and pursuing your passions play an equal role in creating wellness and should all be addressed when exploring health ☝️ But what is Primary Food?🤔 Please think back to a time when you were passionately in love. Everything was exciting. Colors were vibrant. Intimacy was magical. Your lover’s touch and feelings of exhilaration sustained you. You were floating on air, gazing into each other’s eyes. You forgot about food and were high on life😇 Remember when as a child, you were playing outside, having fun? Suddenly, your mother announced dinner was ready, but you were not hungry at all. The passion of play took all your attention. Sometimes we are fed not by food but by the energy in our lives. These moments and feelings demonstrate that everything is food. Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career and a spiritual practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life 🌠 This concept of Primary Food is similarly important as secondary food. The foods we eat impact our wellbeing, not just on a cellular level, but on a whole life level – how we feel, how much energy we have, how strong we are and how capable we can be. When primary food is balanced and satisfying, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary☯️ balance healthiswealth vegan mindfullness

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Angelé Doyne


Comment from Angelé Doyne:

Day27 of 28daystoharmony: Lifestyle Transformation, Day2. Still soaking up the residual energies of last night's new moon! Letting go of the old, embracing the new...I am thankful for the seasons of life. newbeginnings vibratehigher positivevibes liveinharmony walkinlight belight liveyourpassion divinebeings innerpeace manifest joy gratitude balance mindfullness

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Ramon Lino


Comment from Ramon Lino:

Que o germe da aventura fique coçando o fundo do seu estômago como uma adrenalina mal humorada até vc descobrir que o que faz feliz de verdade é de graça e não se guarda em prateleiras.

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🎀Eileen Peppard🎀


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Waking up to a Sky like this ✨👌🏼😍 How could you not feel good? ☺️ Happy Tuesday ❤️ perthisok

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Jack Gobillot


Comment from Jack Gobillot:

mermaid_avenger finding her center. takeamoment innerpeace mindfullness

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e m i l i e


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Last year I hit bottom, but it's not what you think. I was $15,000 in debt and I was not believing in the true power of my services that I was offering in my business. After getting super REAL with my bank account, I set myself a challenge. In March 2016 I set a goal to be out of this debt by September 2016. I put some practices in place and was able to manifest this all ahead of my goal. By the end of July my debt was completely paid off. How? Hard work + creating a dialogue with the universe + a gift from mother nature her self. All manifested by my intention to be open to abundance. I have put these practices in this course and it even includes a journal for visual planners. Take a look and join us March 6th for a an adventure that will change how you attract more abundance into YOUR life. Because you deserve it sister 💖 Intro price ends March 1st. Link also in profile 😘

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Ente Surrealista.


Comment from Ente Surrealista.:

La Clave de los Sueños. He tenido sueños vívidos, sin limitación del subconsciente. Estoy fuera de lo que siempre fue un sentido y hoy, más que nunca me siento libre, pequeña e invadida por emociones intensas, propias del momento. Tanta persona, tanta vida, tanto...y yo, no debo desistir, tú y yo...vivamos lo que nos traen los sueños estas noches de verano. El mar nos ofrece una nueva vida. Toda imagen encarna un modo de ver. Cuando se nos impide verlo, se nos priva de la historia que nos pertenece. blackandwhite blancoynegro photography fotografía photographie film bnw wild birds beach waves manifestación justelafindumonde mundo planofotográfico soul moody dark exploreyourworld mindfullness guy filmphotography

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Comment from pixiie_star:

Just my lil contribution to this week awarenessweek 2017 ...✨ mindfullnessmentalhealthawareness

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Michelle Carbonneau


Comment from Michelle Carbonneau:

Imagine if you loved yourself as much as the people who loved you the most // 🌸🌼

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Comment from Barons:

Be the reason someone smiles today.

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Bec Lacey


Comment from Bec Lacey:

↠ still my favourite quote ↞ quotes inspirationalquotes inspire flamingo motivationalquotes lifequotes bethebestyou happiness fitgirls mentalhealth fit healthandfitness healthandwellness instahealth instafit instaquotes beaflamingo mindfullness psychology happymindhappylife

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