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Sabine Gati


Comment from Sabine Gati:

Når man har blitt hekta på yoga og meditasjon🐼 buddhapose mindfullness gingerbuddha

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Sofia Habity


Comment from Sofia Habity:

If you fell down yesterday, stand up today! fitness health quotes inspiration fitness mindfullness fitfam coach motivations saying

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Comment from oldschoolcoachsteve:

Old School Coach App Now Available ! Exclusive to iPhone only! Based on Apple's Health App technology. The app does it all. You don't have to enter anything or do any work other than be active! Your iPhone and Old School Coach do all the heavy lifting. How is this app different from other fitness apps? Our app is personality driven with a real life trainer with 40 years of experience training people of all ages and physical level. We don't tell you how to exercise, but try to get you off the couch and into a new walking program. You will get daily motivational and inspirational rants from Old School Coach with lots of love, wisdom, and knowledge ... and you'll laugh, too! From our customer reviews: "Sometimes he yells and screams, but he is so funny and his message is just what we all need! His irreverence will have you laughing out loud." His personality is as big as all outdoors. We are a small company and care about your experience. Contact us at, or go to our website at .org to learn about the app and hear some sound bites of his daily messages and to see some of his videos. What is an Old School Coach? He cares about you. He's not afraid to give you a slap upside the head to get you moving in the right direction. He's the coach that cares about your progress more than sparing your feelings. He's not there to be your friend but he's there to be your coach. Through daily voice mail messages, Old School Coach tracks your daily steps and give you "feedback" on how well you achieve your goals. He will also give you Daily Fitness Tips and Challenges, all with his own unique brand of humor. New messages will be downloaded continuously, so you will likely never hear the same message twice! This is Old School fitness, not rocket science. It's common sense and it's a mindset change. Old School Coach works as a personal trainer. He is a former heavyweight, full-contact, undefeated kick boxer and a 6th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate. He's a 265-pound silverback gorilla, but everyone from young kids to grandmothers love him.

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Sonia Epple - livemindfully


Comment from Sonia Epple - livemindfully:

Mountainlove... mountains mountainlove outdoorfamilies wildernessculture wilderness wildlife handmade artbeforebreakfast morningproject stringart wood nailart livemindfully liveauthentic livefully mindfullness mindfulparenting childrenactivities crafting craftingwithkids motheroffour

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Comment from Marie:

Sol og forår på gitter forhøjningen mmhh 😍 mit nye ynglings sted ☀️☀️ sol altanen lækkerier kanmærkesommer detiksåringeendda fulekvidder sun birds theview manglerbareenis 👅 nice mindfullness newbestspot horsens spring happyness

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Comment from smile_1344:

Лучше плакать у психолога,чем смеяться у психиатра☝️ health mentalhealth mentalhealthawarness mentalhealthmatters mentalhealthday mentalhealthrecovery mentalhealthwarrior mentalgains bewell invisibleillness healthandwellness mentalstrength depression anxiety mindfullness healthymind help mind mindset healthylife stress mentalhealthsupport control recovery overthinking bipolar wellness livingfree follow4follow likeforlike

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Meagan Beach


Comment from Meagan Beach:

Did you know that dryer sheets are one of the most toxic items in people's homes? They contain a slew of chemicals that have been found to contribute to dysfunction and disease of the central nervous system. NO THANK YOU! I threw out the sheets over a year ago and replaced them with wool dryer balls. They are so easy! Just keep them in the dryer, add a few drops of essential oils, and your clothes dry faster, smell great, and aren't covered in chemicals. 💃🏻Young Living is offering this set of 4 balls (lolz), 5ml lavender, and a free 15ml lemongrass for under 25$! If you are ready to jump in with oils, lets get you the Premium Starter Kit & I'll gift you this set to help you get started. This is only while supplies last, so get yours fast!

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jon evans


Comment from jon evans:

Another photo from my time in scotland. It's places like this that always help pull me from the hustle and bustle of my day to day life and bring me back to my center. 👣💆 _ _ _ loveyourself selfdevelopment selflove love faith beauty outdoors walking scotland fitness workout exercise daoism mindfullness mindset Motivation motivation movenat calisthenic calisthenics fitfam fitfamuk fitguy hot positivequotes positivevibes healthyandhappy happy heathly

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Comment from Marian:

friesland fryslân tsjûkemar nofilters mindfullness peaceful horizon

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Steph Shea


Comment from Steph Shea:

🍃🌳🌝🌱 Missing the greenery of home green greenery🌿 vibrant nature home family familytime feelinghomesick yogavibes bestplacetopractice yogaeverywhere balance balancelifestyle peace mindfullness drawstrength strengthen stretching earth

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Jennifer Lynn


Comment from Jennifer Lynn:

Yoga is the ultimate key to cross training and over all heathy movement in life. Receiving hands on assists is just another tool in what makes yoga so unique in our overall approach to healthy living! Meet my girl kirsten_yoga_culture, she is making her way down to Grantspass all the way from Southern Washington as our Guest Teacher, leading our Yoga 101 THIS SATURDAY from 10am-11am. *All yoga classes truejuiceorganics are a suggested donation of$5-$15. Meet Kirsten on the mat Oregonians and welcome this lovely lady to our little mountain town!! . . . Oregon oregonlife guestteacher oregonexplored oregonlife travel community serve give love family support juice juicebar raw organic movement mindfullness

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Comment from Marcella:

Spring is everywhere! flower flowers flowersofig igers casagenovesi castiglionedellestiviere nature ig_lombardia igersoftheday ig_europe ig_mantova igerseurope ig_europe ig_italy castiglionedellestiviere homesweethome mygarden likeforlike like4like follow4follow followforfollow mindfullness

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Higher Self Source


Comment from Higher Self Source: Visit our store for Orgone pyramids and other items. pyramid treeoflife meditation myancalendar egypt hymaliansalt organic sushi teacher yogi yogamindfullness mindup

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God 1st


Comment from God 1st:

• Grateful Mornings • ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖.✨Are You Doubting Your Steps?! "Whenever you have to weigh the pros and cons, and doubt and debate come in, you are bringing in an element that is not of Faith!"-Oswald Chambers How often are you over complicating your life? Today rise in peace and knowing! You deserve all things positive stop questioning it!

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Estúdio Carolina Noval


Comment from Estúdio Carolina Noval:

Nossa querida aluna ursulaestefan arrasando no Gyrotonic®! Quer experimentar uma forma mais completa e dinâmica de se exercitar? Vem fazer aula no nosso Estúdio! estudiocarolinanoval gyrokinesis gyrotonic saude bemestar movimento conexaocorpoemente respiracao reeducacaopostural body healthy mindfullness yoga danca ballet alongamento fortalecimento postura euatleta

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Comment from Lima:

Minfullness... No time for it... fullmind mindfullness notime

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Charlotte Wu


Comment from Charlotte Wu:

Sometimes all you need is that very breath, that mindful, deep and confidence breath. And you go with all you got. Headspace firstcompetition weightlifting journey photography mindfullness reminiscing

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Comment from antoniobillsofficial:

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Kern County Pagan Circle


Comment from Kern County Pagan Circle:

Last night's newmoon metameditation ritual led by Tracy MacLaren, OrderofInterbeing We honoured the plants, animals, and minerals that enrich our lives, as well as the buddhas and bodhisattvas of compassion, gratitude, and understanding buddhism thichnhathanh kwanyin avalokiteshvara community moon meditation mindfullness lovingkindness

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Namas Adventure


Comment from Namas Adventure:

The Mountains are calling and we are here🏔🤗. annapurnacircuittrek nepal mindfullness mountainsarecalling

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