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New recepe alert! Sweet potato, egg, avocado, seseme seeds and chili powder💛 Can snacks get better than this?

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Dance a dance that only you can dance. Be you. Be unique. Celebrate & honor your authentic self #weekend

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Take a moment and subscribe to my mailing list, link in bio. It's funny how they say dogs look like their parents. Haha I think she is mid yawn but we both have our mouth open and tongues out.

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You can gain much perspective from the people with soft voices. * * As someone who has a gentler voice (unless I've had a beer and three tequila shots - then watch out or you'll lose your hearing to a shrill rendition of a Flo Rida song) it's normal to go silent when a person with a louder, deeper voice starts to articulate their thoughts before I've completed mine. I'm certain I'm not the only one that can relate to this. It has become the norm that the one with the louder voice is where we turn our attention to. And when the softer voice competes with the louder voice, we become displeased. "WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO TALK OVER THE LOUDER ONE, THEY'RE SO ANNOYING UGH!" * * We saw this during the Presidential Debates when it was Hilary's turn to speak and he would try to interrupt her. Try. HRC kept going, she raised her voice a bit and continued on with her statement. That was something I found uncomfortable, but empowering. * I vividly remember, I was on a date once and I had completely explained a thought without being interrupted (which rarely happens). I remember thinking once I was done speaking and he had begun to add to the conversation "woah wait whaaaat....I WASN'T INTERRUPTED, TF?!?! *checks for full moon*" I certainly appreciated concluding a statement as well as being listened to, it was refreshing. * * So I'd like to challenge the loud voices out there. When you're having a conversation with someone be mindful and see if you're inclined to start talking before they've completed their statement AND hold back your voice in order to listen until it's your turn. It's possible you want to start talking before your turn out of habit, rather than on purpose. My challenge for the soft voices: keep going. * * I had an awesome time at the Women's March on Portland with all the other people peacefully demonstrating what they stand for, not only in Portland, but around the world too! I went to the march to advocate for everyone's right to be listened to so as to be understood and accepted for who they are. * * #WomensMarch #EqualityForAll #Respect #Mindfulness #JustListen #TakeTurns #GainPerspective #LongPost #ChallengeAccepted?

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