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Marissa Lee


Comment from Marissa Lee:

Day 3️⃣ of shift shop done! So many feelings today and I really had to control the urge to just binge eat and ruin 3 days of dedication. But I stuck to my plan and put all my thoughts and energy into my workout.✨ There's some things that are out of our control, but for 25 mins I was able to not dwell or worry about anything. I chose to focus on challenging my body in my space. 👌🏻 There wasn't no pretty picture I could take of myself after. So this is what you get.Just me, 25 mins worth of hard work, and Learning to channel my energy into more positive areas of my life. Sitting and eating a tray full of Oreos while binge watching Netflix isn't one of them. 🙅🏻 mindovermatter positivevibes positiveenergy momlife livelikeawarrior lasvegasmoms lashextensions workhard loveyourselfenough energy focus

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Motivation Success Rich Quotes


Comment from Motivation Success Rich Quotes:

You were born an original, don't die a copy 🎭 Like - Share - Save Follow us successtrack for more! Cc washbeast

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Onyeka Valentine (Motivator)


Comment from Onyeka Valentine (Motivator):

"PROGRESS"....if it is said that progress is a slow process!." then might agree that " "Progress isn't enhancing what is, rather advancing towards - what will be.. So What is your progress today?... This is mine: P- Perservere ( wait out the pain) R- Relentless ( keep pushing ) O- Observe (learn and get better) G- Grade ( scores your process) R- Ready ( Mind over matter) E- Excel ( Fear is not real) S- Steady ( balance ur thoughts ) S- Solution ( Innovate your plan) fitnessmotivation motivations inspration progressnotperfection production mindset mindovermatter progress stayingonpoint stayfocused motivatewithval

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Tina S


Comment from Tina S:

Make a rainy day better by playing in It! positivethinking mindset mindovermatter seethegoodineverything calvinandhobbes justbreathe livelovelaugh

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Alpha Elite Fitness

Comment from Alpha Elite Fitness:

Surround yourself with like minded individuals. People with drive and passion. People who encourage and build up the ones around them. Honest hardworking individuals with a vision who spread nothing but love, light and positivity! Come check out ALPHA ELITE FITNESS 12week Bootcamp program happening out here at Alakai Crossfit Gym! WhenWeDieWeDieTogether ButAGoodKindOfDie LoveTheBurn MindOverMatter PutYourHeadDownAndGetItDone only110% BeTheExample WeMotivateThePeopleAroundUsByPushingOurselvesToTheLimitsAndBeyond

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Thank you premierdeadseausa for always taking great care of me! Best skincare around! From Israel to LosAngeles rejuvenate antiaging skincareSOS deadsea wondersoftheworld Looking for the fountainofyouth 😋🍎💎🌍✈ travel friends tolife appreciate thankful gifts inspire create bepositive love laugh mindovermatter healthy grateful

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Naomi Salgado


Comment from Naomi Salgado:

For those of you who don't know, I've got a pretty bad case of Pectus Excavatum (sunken in chest), that prevents my lungs from fully expanding, so running is difficult for me. Tonight I am celebrating a personal victory: 8 MILES!!! I've never run this far, and I'm mind-blown that my body did so well. mindovermatter

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Comment from SpartanDETO⚔:

(786)448-7511 CALL/TEXT TO ORDER NOW!! 3 Day Cleanse (DETOX) - delivered daily to your front door all over south Florida - 5 smoothies, vegetables and fruit (All natural) - 1 lime and water for wake up - 1 coco water for mid day -2 teas (for mid day/ 1 for before bed) This is to reboot your life! -loose weight (5-17lbs in 2-3 days) -feeds your body what you need to flush out toxins from your body. -energy boost -clearer mind -beautiful skin, nails and hair (rejuvenating) -metabolism boost -anti aging benefits -clearer thinking -strengthens immune system -lighter feeling -improves sense of well being -remove bad taste buds, Learn to Love nutritional food -great way to start a healthy diet or clean eating P.s I call it the human change of Oil 🦁 cleanbody energy naturalcleanse feelgreat godisgood igotthis miamihealthyfooda 3daydetox byanymeans goals healthylifestyle summerbody summerinmiami southmiami coralgables naturalcleanse mindovermatter fitlifestyle keybiscayne miamibeach mindbodysoul yoga health brickell spartanchick removetoxins detoxlife runner spinnerfitmom

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Comment from Jacquelyne:

It doesn't get easier YOU get stronger! I have an addiction to buying workout clothes. 😬😅💁🏻💪🏼👊🏼🙌🏼👍🏼👌🏼 strongwomen fitness lifting liftheavy bodybuilding gainz strongereveryday strongissexy workout workoutshirt iloveworkoutclothes addiction burnfat exercise mindovermatter gohard believe pushyourself squats deadlift benchpress loveyourselfoverall consistency persistenceiskey keeppushing

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Carissa Loau


Comment from Carissa Loau:

👩🏼‍💻 Passion is what drives me

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Comment from Caroline:

4 tempo miles avg pace 7:45. blessed work workoutwednesday mindovermatter believe goals momlife momof3boys boymom run runday runallthemiles runner runnersofinstagram runlife nuunbassador nuunenergy nuunlife nuunlove nuun brooksendorsed brooks beatyesterday fitmom

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Comment from Crystal:

SWIPE ➡️➡️➡️➡️ ☆------One year!!------☆ In July/2016 I started prep for my very first show, on a bet with a friend. This weekend, almost a year to the day of that prep, I will be stepping on the CBBF National stage with some of the best athletes in Canada (after deciding on a whim to do provincials 15 weeks out). What a year it's been!! As I pack for my trip, I am reminded that anything is possible. More than any trophy, I've gained personal growth that is immeasurable. Anything is possible. The world belongs to each of us, our oyster for the picking ⭕💖 preplife bcabba teambc bcabbaathlete ash2nutrition figurecompetitors gymselfie cbbf cbbfathlete vanproshow mindovermatter consistency hardwork bodybuilding motivation muscle fitfam grind gymmotivation fit flex abs selfie gymlife believeinyourself anythingispossible love nutrabolicsolympiamodel

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Mariza Silva💚


Comment from Mariza Silva💚:

Yessss me right now!!! Halfway threw the week, I will not give in to temptation!!! I need to bring my my butt to sleep 😴 😂willandpower mindovermatter healthylivinggoals premierfitgoals

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Devan Flynn


Comment from Devan Flynn:

I started this today, I am severely limiting artificial sweeteners. By that, I mean I'm cutting out anything with artificial sweeteners except for the occasional Lilly's chocolate. The last couple weeks I have been eating a ton of AS's and it took it's toll. I had massive sugar cravings that resulted in a 2 day ice cream binge. I am also going to limit my veggies to lettuce (and small amounts of salsa verde when Chipotle or Qdoba is involved). I am cutting back on my almond products as well. I need a reset!! intermittentfasting fasting keto4life bodybybacon ketolife ketosis keto ketogenic lowcarblifestyle lowcarblife lowcarb fatloss fatlossjourney cleaneating eatgoodfeelgood eatcleangetlean weightloss weightlossjourney onedayatatime mindovermatter gettinghealthy gettingfit gettingthere gettingserious itsnotadietitsalifestyle ivegotgoals ivegotthis

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Spiritual Gangster • Healer


Comment from Spiritual Gangster • Healer:

Some people say they want to change but don't actually want to do the work it takes to create the transformation they desire and so remain stuck. My grandmother's favorite saying is "when there's a will there is always a way" (my granny is a full on warrior ☺️ she's almost 80 and still works and goes after her dreams) and it's true. I have found that in my own life and with clients. It's truly your intention and your deep desire to change that will keep you going and make you do all the work no matter what it takes otherwise you will be full of excuses and reasons why you can't or why it's not possible or why it's not the right time. If you deeply desire something you will do whatever it takes. So if you've been saying you want to change this or that for years and not getting anywhere, ask yourself "do I really want to change?". If not "what are the excuses I am using to keep myself stuck?" And lastly "what am I afraid of?" You can start with acknowledging where you are not in integrity with what you say you want and take it from there 😉 willpower . . . . . mindset successmindset positivethinking thinkbig dreambig motivateyourself betteryourself consciousness perception visionary thoughts quoteoftheday motivation meditation mindfulness selfhelp consciousliving awakened spiritualgrowth higherconsciousness namaste beherenow knowthyself humanity freeyourmind soul truth spiritualevolution mindovermatter

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NeeCee LaVon


Comment from NeeCee LaVon:

On the left (in the yellow top) is when I started my 30 day challenge and the gray top is today. Couldn't fit into those same jeans before. I'm so happy with my progress! myweightlossjourney gettingfit 30daychallenge gettinghealthy eatingright losingweight onedayatatime mindovermatter thesnatch

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Dr.Indrani Ghosh Bijlani


Comment from Dr.Indrani Ghosh Bijlani:

😇 fitness fitmindfitbody mindbodysoul mindovermatter happinessisahabit

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🇵🇷 Mari


Comment from 🇵🇷 Mari:

There is already sooo much selfishness and negativity in our world. Don't add to it! Don't let the darkness someone has brought in your life cause you to bring darkness to someone else🤗 Be a light that shines in the dark. live love laugh forgive ... just don't forget. plurbunny ✌🤗✊ Shared from moonstonemagic

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Katie Roberts 🇬🇧


Comment from Katie Roberts 🇬🇧:

I'd always had the desire to travel and dreamt about it endlessly for years whilst stuck working multiple jobs and studying, however there was always a reason or should I say excuse not to go and explore the world. But 18 months ago I realised that there was actually nothing stopping me apart from my mind. It's not been an easy journey and I've had to work whilst traveling as well as budget but I've made it happen. Ten months in and I get to explore views like this. - Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and just go for it. If it doesn't work out it's a lesson learnt and some life experience. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone ✌🏽 - - - travel wanderlust newcastle nsw australia traveling life travelfit fitnessaddict mindovermatter walking anzacmemorialwalk beach wintersun explore adventure nevergiveup dreambig fitness fit fitfam

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Throwback to 2012 shoot with chrisparkerphotography just after "An Officer And A Gentleman"... hence the buzz cut. I worked my butt off with that role. It's good to look back sometimes and remember where you've been and remind yourself what you can achieve physically when you put your mind to it. . . tbt actor fitness new goals justdoit mindovermatter

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