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11Likes 1Dislike 2comments Y'all help me get my likes & comments up on my SCREAM video with MrVicious305 AKA MrVicious. Search MrGrim2daReapa Scream on YouTube. Thanx. Much love!!! - Just switched up my Bio for the FirstTime & added my ZOMBIES video for those of y'all that don't wanna go thru searching for it. Y'all help me blow this one up. We definitely got more 🔥🔥🔥 ass videos on the way. - If y'all haven't yet, check out my New Music Video feat: PoohGator696. Directed by: Slayve_Child for aFlightMilesProduction. LikeCommentAndShare!!! Let's make this GoViral!! Next Step is WorldStarHipHop!!! - MrGrim2daReapa AnarchistsCookbook & MindOverMatter albums both Now Available on GooglePlay, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc., etc. - GoogleSearch Mr. Grim 2 da Reapa Anarchists Cookbook or Mr. Grim 2 da Reapa Mind Over Matter

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Erin Seekins


Comment from Erin Seekins:

When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire 🔥.

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Fine-line jaws by the chum blacktoothcharlay 🦈 amulettattoos mindovermatter

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Comment from Nari🖤:

READ‼️ The issue with society now is that they continue to praise one body part at a time. What used to be "big breasts" is now a "big behind." And it's been taking me a while to say something thoughtful about this and to come to this conclusion butttttt SCREW SOCIETY. I am SO OVER social media and boys and society trying to tell me how I "should" look and instead just BE the girl I WANT to be! Today, I decide that my body's health, wellness and physical functionality is way more important than today's views on what's "hot" and what's not. A lot of you might disagree, a lot will h follow me, and honestly I could careless. This is. MESSAGE to everyone who thinks it's okay to risk your body's wellbeing and your own sanity for Instagram posts. ITS NOT. Take back your body and your life. I am. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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Joy Martin


Comment from Joy Martin:

Happy Wednesday from Mrs. Martin, Jordyn, and the rest of the third grade gang! One more day and testing is over!😀😀😀wednesdaygrind thirdgraderocks drivetosuccess mindovermatter

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Golden Fleece 🐏


Comment from Golden Fleece 🐏:

RepostBy connecting_consciousness: 👤 You will notice that once you start meditating, you generally don't stop, and if you do, you will wish you didn't. 👤 You feel like 💩 going from meditating every day, to not mediating🙅🏾‍♂️. Especially when you find out all the health benefits you're depriving from your body by not sitting quietly for 20+ minutes eyes closed, back straight, and clearing the mind. 👤 Simply YouTube "the no bullshit guide to mediation" to start mediating today. Also it's known, a morning meditation, empty stomach after drinking remineralized pure water💦, is the most powerful. And a 20 minute before bed also puts you into a crazy good state for sleep and dream cultivation." ( meditation peace love tranquility knowyourworth knowledgeispower kundalini chakras chakra astrology consciousawareness consciousness immunesystem wakeup manifestation healthylifestyle monk lawofattraction frequencyvibrations mindovermatter energy bodysoulspirit consciousmind abilities breathe

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Comment from Tee:

No better place to start my birthday off💪😉 GodIsGood 🙏🏽 Big30 tarusseason WishMeBDayLove Tee_FitNow Workout GymRat Health Lifestyle Woman Booty Gains Fit StrongWoman FitChick FitChicks MindOverMatter EatCleanTrainDirty NotADietButALifeStyle NoDaysOff TeamNoExcuses Muscles ChickWithMuscles ChicksWithMuscles FitFreak FitFreaks FitChick FitChicks WomanWithMuscles ChooseYou 💪😅🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

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Comment from Quoteme_kw:

Your mind knows it all ✨PowerOfTheMind MindOverMatter KnowYourWorth Quoted 🖤

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Curve Confidence


Comment from Curve Confidence:

Lift heavy or go home

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Andrea Drudikova


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Matcha and study lunch break 🤓🍵📘matcha matchagreentea matchalatte matchalove matchalover matchapowder lunch lunchtime lunchbreak studying revision aat accounting examsarecoming examstress energy brainpower wednesday letsdoit letsdothis mindset motivation focus mindovermatter cleanenergy healthybody healthymindandbody healthymind saintespresso

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Comment from CP:

Sometimes you just gotta call it like you see it. currentmood realtalk currentsituation mindovermatter adaptandovercome fit fitness fitfam gym girlswholift fitmom refocus stronger lawenforcement bluelinebeast fitcop fitgirlinspire crzyfit igers momswholift igdaily girlswithmuscles fitnessjourney fitmomsofig fitgirls mom fitlife boymom atlfitness

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MICKEY I LOST 70lbs Ask Me How


Comment from MICKEY I LOST 70lbs Ask Me How:

Please help me celebrate My client Tiff for committing to her Herbalife Nutrition plan! This beauty dropped 6.8lbs in 1 week. Now the average person loses a half a pound to a pound per week but Tiffany is showing you guys whats simply possible. She a wife, mom of 2 and is making time for her!! She in the 5AMCLUB gym getting her 20% and the rest of the day she's committed. Let's help support and encourage her on her journey!! Btw Tiff says "I feel great"! ❤️ ➡️Ask about my 3 day Challenge OR if you feel like going all in let's get on this 30 day plan TODAY ⬅️ 📲 (631)796-7649 📧 subject "30 Day Plan" or "3 Day Journey" ⭕️SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY⭕️ _ _ _ workout insanity cardio myjourney melting weightloss fatbegone mindovermatter lifestyle underconstruction noexcuses motivated curvyandfit fckbeingfat bgwt bodytransformation ny longisland fatloss 90daychallenge thickfit hempstead

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Comment from ConBody:

Besides offering the best workouts, Conbody trainers also share their stories of successful life transformations and second chances. Repost sultanphyzique ・・・ mindovermatter! An amazing time speaking the students at Regis H.S for conbody conbodynyc conbodynyc ‼️‼️‼️ conbody dothetime

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Comment from Meg:

My grandad wants me to run without headphones- he says running is about listening to your own body, and understanding your strength. I now run my long distances in silence. What are your thoughts on music while running? fitspiration motivation quotes instaquote inspire run runner igrunners womensrunning runnergirl runnersofinstagram runforfun runhappy running instarun instarunners runitfast runnerscommunity mindovermatter throwback active train irun runfree runitfast runners runforlife

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Kristin Shaw


Comment from Kristin Shaw:

"It's a small journey to a new direction." // Working on my new direction. Life has been hard for me lately. I've been struggling with quite a bit. I've stayed tired, no motivation and just general sadness. Nothing I haven't dealt with before and all things I know how to over come but that doesn't mean it's easy. But, this is my journey. My journey to my new, scary, hard and most fulfilling direction. I'm still working on me everyday, pushing through the mess and will be in a place soon where I can share more. If you're struggling right now, know you are not alone and have faith that this small journey is exactly where you're supposed to be. You're strong enough and I love you ❤ trust depressionawareness iloveyou

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Sacharissa 💋🎬


Comment from Sacharissa 💋🎬:

Get right with your mind 🙏🏽

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Megan Berry


Comment from Megan Berry:

Nuff said soulmate positivevibes mindovermatter loveyourself pureromancebymeganberry bossbabe ToTheTop lincoln nebraska seethebeauty underyourskin heart soul

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GG Carma


Comment from GG Carma:

Don't be a prisoner ;) embrace change inevitable transform develop maintain mindfulness awareness useyourenergy wise brave patient motivationalquotes mindovermatter

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Comment from shannonlarese:

It's so refreshing to know there are people out there with the same gift.... Kindness Fire in their belly Hardworking Passion for life, family and TIME Health ...who want to share it and give it away! This is US! This is who we are and we are looking for others who are willing to put themselves out in the world to make a difference..... We know you are out there because there are 7,000 here this week PUNTA Cana is great, this part is Better! Find your tribe, love them hard! sweatyselfie livelovelaugh girlbosses

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Sara Johnson


Comment from Sara Johnson:

Sometimes this happens...and today is one of those days for me. The answer for surviving a day like today is Yoga Nidra! Oh man do I need sleep! My little boy is having recurring nightmares / night terrors every night bless him. He's in a complete state some nights and we are now incredibly sleep deprived. And on the night before I teach my first class of the course he has one of his worst nights, ever! I am completely zombified today. But, I have just shared such a beautiful class this morning with lovely ladies that has soothed my soul and I have now come home to take my own medicine of my own Yoga Nidra practice. Feeling refreshed and restored, ready to tackle this afternoons planning of a Relax Kids session with my local Guides group. 🙏🏻 . Yoga Nidra is really quite magical medicine for the sleep deprived! 💜💚💙 . . . . positivity positivemindset mindovermatter motivation thoughts words motivate mindset selfcare health metime wellbeing parent

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