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Comment from Jenna Fitzpatrick:

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So its just a Mind over Matter scenario Nalyn? Feeling may sakit pistiii🙈🙈🙈 HA HA HA Gusto mo lang talaga kumain ng Mushroom Steak ehh dimo pa sinabe agad nag pa dala kapa sa ER! 😂😱🙈 Love you pagaling ka kahit wala ka naman talagang sakit HA HA HA😂 #MindOverMatter #SakitNgMayaman #LMAO

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Comment from Sandy Di Savino:

YOU ARE ENOUGH! -- It saddens me to see women so judging of themselves. Actually, it drives me downright crazy!! We are so hard on ourselves. We never think we are enough emotionally, physically and mentally. -- This is my mantra today because I AM enough. Find some of your own words, take a look in a mirror and give yourself some love. -- Today and everyday, despite what you feel, despite what you are told, YOU ARE ENOUGH!!

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Comment from Tera Davis:

"At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets". ― Steve Maraboli

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Comment from Emily Grow:

I wanted to hit snooze so bad this morning. I told myself I was going to workout tonight. I then told myself it was ok to just close my eyes for 10 more minutes...... it was at that point I said NO just get up. I am the only person who knows if I did or didn't do this this morning, and the truth is, I don't want to disappoint myself. I love my workouts, I really do, but I also know I struggle with early mornings. I have to lay my clothes out, set several alarms, and go through a pep talk to get up, every morning. Some mornings I win others I don't. How do you manage early morning workouts when you aren't an early morning person? #earlymornings #thestruggleisreal #selfimprovement #progress #alarmclock #getup #notanearlybird #mindovermatter

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Comment from Melissa Chambers:

I really like this picture. It really defines a lot of what you shouldn't eat and what you should. I ate CRAP on Sunday and man did I feel it yesterday, during my workout and all day. I stayed on track with my FOOD and today I was able to kick it up a notch and it felt great. #workouts4anyone #eatlesscrap #iwanttofeelgood #mindovermatter

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Comment from blackgods:

Part one 📣 Mayor Jim Fouts of Warren, Michigan came under fire on Monday after audio surfaced of him allegedly using disparaging remarks against African-Americans and women. In recordings obtained by Motor City Muckraker, Fouts reportedly uses the N-word and refers to older women as “dried-up c*nts.” “Blacks do look like chimpanzees,” the voice says in one recording. “I was watching this black woman with her daughter and they looked like two chimps.” #realposts #tagyafriends #foodforthought #knowledge #understanding #wisdom #truthseeker #instaquotes #truthistruth #blackunity #blackgods #blackpower #blackgoddess #darothirdeye #thirdeyegang #mindisall #mindovermatter #spiritualbeings #originalbeings #naturalbeings #melanin #godparticle #knowthyself #whiteamerikkka #whitepeoplebelike #savages #dt

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