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Comment from Endia:

Positivethought mindovermatter goodvibbesendiaxo happy viewsfromabovetheclouds

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Comment from nomeaningthecollective:

it's not too late to still have a happy day 😇🌱 mindovermatter

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Charleen Troskie


Comment from Charleen Troskie:

thesecret lawofattraction mindovermatter mindfullliving mindfulness mindfulnessquotes quotestoliveby lifequotes wisdom insight askandyouwillreceive youarewhatyouthink mindovermatter beherenow enlightenment spiritualquotes spiritualityawake meditation meditationquotes spiritualjunkie selfrealization soulfood intuition energydoesntlie

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Jodi K.🌿💪🏼green&fitmama


Comment from Jodi K.🌿💪🏼green&fitmama:

Focus. Energy. Determination. Desire. Mind. Strength. Perseverance. Let's do this! Trying to get in "workout mode" train mindovermatter focus strength determined health workout greensndfitmama passion love fit

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Comment from Olasowo:

The heart of the wise man lies quiet like limpid water. ~ Cameroon proverb malemodel motivated modelmode menwithlocs locs cultureking culturelifestyle alphamale urbanfashion style menfashion melanin naturallocs naturalhair tribalmarks africa classic actor wisdom wiseman Yoruba streetstyle africanmalemodel water nature balance mindovermatter peace cascadereserve 📸: heatherlashunphotography

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Brooke Bacon


Comment from Brooke Bacon:

🙈 this girl. Just woke up from her nap and noticed the coffee table was moved away from the couch (so I could vacuum ha), and the first thing she does is jump up onto the coffee table and attempt to make the jump while mumbling to herself "ugh, scouch faaaaaar way, mom - try again!" I didn't think she would *actually* jump (hard to tell, but it's FAR), but I stood there to spot her just in case... and she indeed did jump 🙄 (notice how she prepares for her jump 😂😂😂) littlemonkey daredevil futureathlete mindovermatter

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Comment from #Followmylips💋:

Never give up! 💪👊 mindovermatter fittnessamen bodybuilding gym god transformation goals union bodyinstagram bodygoals morning motivation god blessed lovequotes powerful relationshipquotes healthyfood helifts shelifts weightloss weightlossjourney followmylips💋

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Maliha Minh-Jee


Comment from Maliha Minh-Jee:

My companies client: Maureen Pisani is facilitating a training TOMORROW, Saturday, February 26, 2017. You cannot miss this!!!! Learn how to close more clients, increase income in your business, and reach the rankings and recognition you have been striving for through NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). Maureen Pisani, C. HT., NLP trainer, has over a decade of experience helping people achieve both their personal and professional goals. The focus of this training is to help small business owners learn daily skills and techniques that will help with closing new customers and clients. We look forward to an awesome training! Buy your ticket today!! FB: Superliving360 (Look up events to purchase tickets on FB) Instagram: Superliving360 Twitter: MaureenPisani Tickets on sale now on EventBrite: sd sandiego southerncal seasons selfimprovement personaldevelopment grow growth selfesteemselflove mindovermatter nlp sandiegonlp training seminar sdseminar sandiegoseminar entrepreneur smallbusiness business attorney attorneys salesman salesmen networkmarketing mlm marketing sales

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Samantha 💕👑✨


Comment from Samantha 💕👑✨:

Amen 🙏🏽 instaquote positivevibes motivation fridayfeels workflow positivethoughts positivemindset youarewhatyouthink mindovermatter yougotthis dailyreminder peaceofmind love

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Fit Georgia Peach🍑

Comment from Fit Georgia Peach🍑:

Meal 2 ~ had this lunch right before 736372 spoonfuls of peanut butter🙄 awesome lunch turkey turkeysandwich cucumber sandwich salad greens zucchini zucchininoodles zoodles tomatoes fruit berries iifym intuitiveeating balanceddiet balancednotclean mindful mindfuleating edrecovery edwarrior edsoldier bedfamily bedrecovery bodypositive bodypositivity selflove loveyourself loveyourbody mindovermatter

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Jamey Davis


Comment from Jamey Davis:

One of my favorites and so true!

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Ixchelle Lowell


Comment from Ixchelle Lowell:

PROGRESS PIC The last time I wore this swimsuit I was 7 months pregnant and wassss a HEAVY LOAD (July 2016) ! Haha! I am so happy with my progress! I am so glad I chose to stick with it ALL THE WAY. I have really been sticking to a strict diet as of recent and I can see the results every day. I am just so excited. AND THE BEST PART IS... I have the opportunity to help so many people today

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Comment from amyanci:

Don't ever let fear stop you from doing something you want to achieve! ropescourse chelseapiers thisisten mindovermatter strongmindstrongbody proudmomma

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Comment from Jaela.Maddux:

GOT IT DONE!!!! A lot of breaks but i did it and i feel amazing. Its all about your mindset!!! Change those negative thoughts into positive ones. ❤️💪🏼🙌🏼 happy FRIDAY!!! Now its time to shower and wipe up my shakeo to recover! insanitymax beachbody coach athomeworkout 30mins lifechanging mindovermatter mindset workout feelgood

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Amanda Simmers


Comment from Amanda Simmers:

theydidntthinktheycoulddoahandstand inspirefitnessandnutritionmn mindovermatter

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Comment from _Gegzs654_157:

Realtalk instagood me rt photooftheday instamood iphonesia picoftheday facts rp tweegram instadaily mustfollow instagramhub rns iphoneonly realshit bestoftheday wordup truth MindOverMatter motivation Determination Woodside business boss HigherAwakening HigherConsciousness _gegzs654_157

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Ann Brebner


Comment from Ann Brebner:

Feeling holier than thou! Superfood salad on a Friday night..... when what I really wanted was chips!!! mindovermatter momentonthelips

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Human Noise Reduction


Comment from Human Noise Reduction:

courage May you do what you want, not because it's good, not because it's bad but because you love doing it! Singing in public has been one of my greatest fears. The result of confronting my fear? My singing isn't good or bad. But, it doesn't matter because I'm having a blast!!! May you do what you want, not because it's good, not because it's bad, but because you love doing it! Go be you!!! Link to the full demo in my bio. livelife humannoisereduction yogaoffthemat inspiration dowhatyoulove dowhatyouwant music mindovermatter

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Comment from caseymawn:

first pt class went well. if meps goes well i leave for boot camp april 3rd mindovermatter semperfi

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Nicole :: Sullivan


Comment from Nicole :: Sullivan:

A little friendly reminder, whatever it may be gottastaypositive chinupbuttercup youcandoit yougotthis youcan believe dailymotivation dailyinspiration momlife momgrind mamabear toddlerlife toddlermom momof2 sahm fit fitish squatlife cardiotime goodadvice believeinyourself unstoppable motivation mindovermatter positivevibes

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