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David Guibert Montaña


Comment from David Guibert Montaña:

La imagen del trabajo y la constancia 🔝🔝 ✨Combat Sports✨defencelab combatsports thaiboxing muaythai muaythaigirls k1 kickboxing boxing mma mixmartialarts artesmarciales martialarts sport sports fitness training trainhard gym girlpower spain uk españa madrid alcaladehenares mo.cuishle.b

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Eugene Polevov


Comment from Eugene Polevov:

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Academia Ph.D - Sede Reboucas


Comment from Academia Ph.D - Sede Reboucas:

Aulas de Funcional Fight, todas as 2as, 4as e 6as às 12:15 e também nas 3as e 5as às 18:30! Venha fazer uma aula experimental, mais informações: (41) 3023-1015 phdsports academiaphd workout fight luta mma funcional muaythai bellator ufc mixmartialarts vempraPHD

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Comment from Frank:

1st one for the gram. belikewater brucelee emptyyourmind bewatermyfriend mma mixmartialarts jeetkunedo wingchun kungfu ipman

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Comment from Saadi:

You should surround yourself with people you can look up to and who give you daily inspiration. This guy is a mentor not only as a training coach but also how you should look at life with right mind and perspective. pt.friberg used to service as a UN and NATO solider today he's retired and work to coach and motivate us to believe in ourself to healthier lifestyle. Today he deadlift 280kg and made it look easy! A total beast! Thank you for pushing me to take my training to next level. Every personal trainer need a personal trainer, right? beast beastmode gym weightlifting heavylifter olympicweightlifting personaltrainer personaltraining motivation mentor fitness fitnessmotivation fitnesslifestyle training mma mixmartialarts canggu canggulife cangguvibes bali bali🌴 balilife balivibes wanderlust soldier un nato

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Jake ferris 🤘🏽


Comment from Jake ferris 🤘🏽:

Keeps me cool calm and collected! I remain humble through victory and defeat. Thank you coach for being by my side. Got the win on Saturday 30-27 all across the boards. God is good All the Time . . . . . Pinoy pinoymade filipino phillipines mma mixmartialarts islandmade borntofight readytoscrap 3-0-1 sun and stars phillipinesislands pinas🇵🇭 southsoundmma synergy meditate

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The McGregor Show 🇮🇪


Comment from The McGregor Show 🇮🇪:

Anytime. Anywhere. Any weight. Boxing or MMA. I am the king. _______________________________________________________ conormcgregor mcgregor mma mixmartialarts ufc ireland irish fightingirish boxing moneyfight kickboxing karate muaythai jiujitsu wrestling judo samo boxing doublechamp notorious natediaz floydmayweather mayweather

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Candeman's Show


Comment from Candeman's Show:

We are happy to announce our first guests for this Wednesday night! We have model, brand ambassador, actress, world traveler/travel agent, certified tech farm girl, lyricist Joanna Gamboa in studio. We also have Pro MMA Fighter and bowfisherman Stephan "The Fear" Banaszack with us as well! So be sure to log onto Click the grey stream, "JUMP IN" and listen! gorgeous777boss thefearbanaszak fishbowlradio piearcedesignstudio ishootfights thelodgedallas CandemansShow IShootFights FishBowlRadio SportsAndEntertainment TheLodgeDallas OfficialSponsor PearceDesigns Fighters Fights MMA MixMartialArts Fishing Fisherman Bowfishing Model Actress Traveler SupportYourLocalBuisnesses SupportTheArts SupportYourLocalArtists SupportYourLocalAthletes SupportYourLocalGyms SupportYourLocalPromoters Arlington FtWorth Dallas Texas WeTakingOver

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The McGregor Show 🇮🇪


Comment from The McGregor Show 🇮🇪:

My fists are bigger than his head. _____________________________________________________ conormcgregor mcgregor ufc irish fightingirish maclife ireland mma mixmartialarts notorious boxing kickboxing karate judo samo wrestling jiujitsu muaythai doublechamp floydmayweather mayweather floyd moneyfight fight

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The McGregor Show 🇮🇪


Comment from The McGregor Show 🇮🇪:

Iron fist _______________________________________________________ KO doublechamp fightingirish ireland maclife mma mixmartialarts muaythai jiujitsu judo samo boxing kickboxing wrestling karate conormcgregor mcgregor natediaz ufc notorious 209 marvel ironfist irish

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The McGregor Show 🇮🇪


Comment from The McGregor Show 🇮🇪:

They not on my level. ____________________________________________________ floydmayweather floyd mayweather conormcgregor mcgregor mma mixmartialarts cagewarriors ufc boxing kickboxing karate judo samo jiujitsu muaythai wrestling maclife ireland fightingirish doublechamp KO

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💃Sanlee Oliveira💃


Comment from 💃Sanlee Oliveira💃:

WOCS 45➡ VICTOR DIAS×RODRIGO ROLDAN .CATEGORIA 57KG. VICTOR DIAS VENCEU POR FINALIZAÇÃO NO PRIMEIRO ROUND COM TRIÂNGULO. mma mmabrasil wocs45 jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu fight mixmartialarts champion tftmma artesmarciais oss training

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Paul "Tierno" Marquez


Comment from Paul "Tierno" Marquez:

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Comment from ivan:

Part 2 . . . . action actionacademy actor stuntacademy stuntactor stuntfightercommunity therealactionteam mixmartialarts martialarts fighter streetfighter actionmovies choreography fightclub mma ufc bjj karate silat taekwondo muwaythai traininghard enjoyfight

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Geovane Francisco 👊💪


Comment from Geovane Francisco 👊💪:

Saudade em breve eu volto Se Deus quiser 🔫👊💣 mma boxe muaythai jiujitsu mixmartialarts

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Comment from KI HOUSE ACADEMY:

Ya es lunes y la semana comienza con TODO 💣🔥 MMA hoy 20:30hrs 💥 primera clase de prueba GRATIS ✊🏼 vengan a conocer esta arte marcial que se enfoca en aprender múltiples técnicas y disciplinas en una sola clase 🥊 LOS ESPERAMOS! . kihouse kihouseacademy chile instachile santiago santiagocentro metroñuble mma fight mixmartialarts artesmarcialesmixtas

4 Hours ago

Спортивный клуб "Гермес". КИЕВ


Comment from Спортивный клуб "Гермес". КИЕВ:

Тренировка закончилась, всем машем и говорим "до свидания"🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼 скГермес clubGermes combatsambo рукопашныйбой боевоесамбо ufc crossfit mma knockout mmafighter mmatraining boxer boxing sport mixmartialarts kickboxer mmagirls muaithai gym healthybody bjj fitness kidstraining fitnessmotivation boxinglife taekwondo judo wrestling kiev ukraine

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Juan Consuegra 時地


Comment from Juan Consuegra 時地:

Did a little bit of light shadow fighting still needs a bit more work though, happy Monday everybody. actor martialartist avataraang karate boxing mixmartialarts traininghard

5 Hours ago

Петр "No Mercy" Ян


Comment from Петр "No Mercy" Ян:

Отличное видио tamiiirlan 👍👍👍acb57moscow nomercy mma моякоманда petryanmma петрянмма mixfight mixmartialarts омск petryan acb acb57 ещебудетнашевремя собакилаюткараванидет vityzfight tigermyaithai

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EmR@n m@lik


Comment from EmR@n m@lik:

Thank U God, U have blessed me, After an Long time This is my try out Boxing 👊🏼 My mom took this picture 😂😂😂😂😂 She is my Coach 😭☺ I love Mix Martial Arts, Others From nothing to Something, Me myself From nothing to be someone Than I land up in the place where I Can never ever imagine I would land up, But with God's Grace & Blessing I Never Give Up I always believe That God is always with me & He understand me he loves me God knows what I love & what I love to do, & to become someone God knows it Everything.....I love u God without u I am nothing...... U save me u rise me up & blessed me maygodblessme godbless martialarts mixmartialarts boxing Mimma MMA UFC boxer instagram instagramers

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