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Comment from Powerpackcrossfit:

Raise your hand if you liked that workout ✋🏼 17.1 Justplayingitwasawful

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Elena Raco


Comment from Elena Raco:

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Oonagh Mc Polin


Comment from Oonagh Mc Polin:

Flex Friday. Daughter ❤ Stretching is so important before any form of exercise to prevent injuries and give a better range of motion. mobility goals muscles exercise healthy flexible muscles stretching

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Rafael Torres


Comment from Rafael Torres:

Making back pain disappear with Posturology & Auriculotherapy.

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Donovan Stewart


Comment from Donovan Stewart:

flashbackfriday to presidents day presicion running crew at equinox Bryant park! Awesome team playing trivia and getting hot!!! 🔽🔽🔽 If you want to know more about my practice and ask detailed questions about how you can benefit from my post. Shoot me a message on Instagram or E-mail. Don't feel stupid asking, I'm sure there are more people asking the same question as you right now. Take control of what you want and reach out then grab it! fitness runner movement train mvmt fitness fitrun mobility instafit strength instagram personaltrainer newyork commit athlete movement natural precisionrunning

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Dr. Samuel Hodous, PT, DPT


Comment from Dr. Samuel Hodous, PT, DPT:

Sometimes I get in the gym and start doing some of the old faithful isolation exercises such as the straight arm lat pulldown and then think to myself, "how can change this exercise for the better to provide more BANG for the BUCK... hmmmmm..." 🤔 That's when exercises like this come about!!! Like some of my previous posts, I'm attempting to integrate the muscles of the anterior & posterior oblique fascia (aka the function lines of fascia). ❌These are the connections between the back muscle behind one arm to the glute on the opposite side ❌ AND the chest of one side to the hip on the opposite side. ❌AKA THE FRONT AND BACK X's of the body!!!! 🔀 These above stated lines are the connections of our body that transmit energy and force up from the ground through the leg ▶️ across the torso to the arm. Like a quarterback planting his left foot just before throwing with his right arm! If a QB was only using his arm to throw then he'd be as good as the last 30 Cleveland Browns QB's.... 😑 There are many more dynamic and exciting versions of these type of exercises and you can go back on my page to find others, but this is a simple one that anyone can do at the gym! 🤙🏼 You can replace my red band with a cable machine and eliminate the green band if you want! I just have it to strengthen my hip flexors and challenge my core stiffness even more! 🗣FOCUS POINTS🗣 1️⃣Stand up tall with good posture & keep your core tight! 2️⃣ Pull back with one arm, contracting your back while bringing the other arm forward like a runner! 3️⃣While simultaneously lifting that leg up so that your balancing on the opposite leg. 4️⃣STAND TALLLLLLLL! 5️⃣Return to starting position slowly & repeat! __________________________________________ 🆒Do you notice how much this looks like walking?🚶🏻🚶🏽‍♀️ Who woulda thunk?!?! It's not just quarterbacks who use these muscular connection of the body! 🆒 EveryStepYouTake

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Kai Hammerschlag


Comment from Kai Hammerschlag:

Team nocalves gibt wohl wieder alles ✌️ heute u.a. um etwas Überkopfstabilität zu gewährleisten und den Schultergürtel zu stabilisieren ein paar jetzt kommts.... : Kettlebell Bottom Up Overhead Presses! Klingt kompliziert und das ist es auch 😅 _____________________________________ Team nocalves is back again! Today one of my exercises for the overhead stability and to strengthen the shoulder girdle, I am doing some .... : Kettlebell Bottom Up Overhead Press. Sounds complicated and well it is 😅 ________________________________________________ shoulder stability mobility overheadpress kettlebell shouldergirdle streetlifting gym dedication beastmode gainz gains corestrength trainhard fitnessmotivation fitspo fitfamgermany fitness instafitness lifestyle gymlife training strength goals repstilldeath discipline stayfocused passion calisthenics

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TK Stretching


Comment from TK Stretching:

Finally got the opportunity to work on spogue86. 🙌🏻😁 Love what Fascial Stretch Therapy can do. stretchyourlifespan timothy.lucas kimmy_tkstretching onnit onnitacademy innovativeresults

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Jessica Bigio


Comment from Jessica Bigio:

No makeup No filter No music No photoshop, 26.2 miles of Raw effort. This was somewhere around mile 25. After every marathon emerges another layer another growth spurt sometimes physical but mostly mental. The hunger to want more and desire to fight for it becomes crystal clear. The world is a big beautiful place and there are still so many miles to cover. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves gives us the power to impact the world in a way we would not have known if only to stay in the passenger seat. Take the wheel, it's all there for the taking. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• livingoutloud runner marathoner postmarathonthoughts neversettle askquestions stayhungry livemore seemore domore lovemore tryharder twentysixpointtwomiles justtry anythingispossible attitude intentions goals yogi recovery movement mobility irun

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Richie Norton


Comment from Richie Norton:

S k i n t h a t C a t | proving that it pays off to have a educated and passionate coach in your corner... plus being able to push your body to new limits if you dedicate the time to prepare your joints and muscles with strict mobility drills 👊🏽. Made a huge step forward towards mastering my skinthecat challenge this morning, (check out my Insta stories for the 5 mobility warm ups that got me here) Big thanks to elliot_themovement for showing me the way. 👊🏽 Always be learning! ✌🏽gymboxofficial. gymnastics callisthenics mobility Wearing newbalanceuk 👟

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Martina & Philip Chubb


Comment from Martina & Philip Chubb:

The Head-To-Toe Stretch. Everyone wants to achieve it. And for good reason at that. That amount of mobility it provides is likely more than you'll ever need. It provides more accessible ranges of motion, more movement options, prehab for entering a range of motion that would tear most people apart, and let's be honest, it makes for a great picture 😂. With all these benefits, it's no wonder people want to achieve it and gain what it has to offer. Where we differed is that we don't circle-jerk or glitter-dick about how hard we work to achieve it and accomplish it. In fact, we take more pride in working less and getting MORE gains. That's working smarter and not harder. That's the method me and Martina are into. More gains, less required time. More time for you to actually ENJOY your gains. In this video, what you see is Martina starting off with touching her elbow to her toe but finishing up being able to touch her head to her fist. Not bad at all! But what makes this more awesome is there was no actual stretching work done in between. No bounces were done, no loaded stretches were needed. Just know how to use fascial lines to make more gains with an easier time. (Thank you Jess Banda!) This means Martina saves some energy, time, and recovery resources. She will wake up tomorrow not feeling like crap or being injured because we use the best tools. Free GAINZ! This is why our online trainees make the gains they do in the small amount of work they need to put in. Because we are dedicated to the best tools for the job. 💪

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Christopher Commodari


Comment from Christopher Commodari:

"Portrait of a DED man walking" 17.1 in the books. Twice. xendurance AF niketraining nike foxhounddevelopments trainharder recoverharder xendurance ExtremeEndurance creatineJB clinicallyproven brandambassador 1ap crossfit 17.1 openseason2017 coaches athletes fitness motivation rentisdue paytheman bettereveryday movement mobility thesweatlife lululemon hardtokill

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Comment from Flo:

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paulo frleta


Comment from paulo frleta:

... I grinded every day and now I can show you my first time I hit 20 DU in a row.. 😁😁🤘🤘🐒 freeletics freeathlete noexuses movement mobility motivation core shredded shoulders practice progress fitspiration hardwork bodyweight backwork longevity fitfam fitfriends gains muscles fun bearded tattoo beardandtattoos beard viking justdoit crossfit

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Fabrice Chavinier


Comment from Fabrice Chavinier:

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Comment from Harriet:

Part of tonight's mobility warm up drills 🔥 I keep most of my weight in my front foot and focus on the range of motion for hips which means I can squat at least a little 🏋🏼‍♀️ I'll be honest and say I felt like crap tonight 😬 my body confidence was really low, and I didn't pack a top for the gym, so I had my reflection staring at me the whole session 👀 I was really in my head and mentally a bit of a mess of doubt and disappointment which didn't make for the best session 🙅🏼this morning I woke up feeling pretty bloated and I think a whole host of factors has lead to this, I'm just praying it will ease for the very busy weekend ahead ✌🏼 kept my session short and to the point, getting it done so that I didn't feel shit about that too 🙈 here's to a nice evening with friends and an even better weekend 🌟 GirlGains

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Evolve Performance Healthcare


Comment from Evolve Performance Healthcare:

Functional Friday! Our weekly reminder that the things we train in the clinic are designed to translate into real world goals. We teach the KB swing because it requires you to generate power from your hips. The same power you need to improve your vertical jump in order to unleash a powerful dunk of some an unsuspecting onlooker like yourboybigkat Keeping the big picture in mind. (I swear this hoop is regulation height)

13 Minutes ago

Movement ♡ Wellness ♡ Yoga


Comment from Movement ♡ Wellness ♡ Yoga:

Backday play on the yogatrapeze ♡ Really squeezing the shoulder blades together for full backactivation. Goal to improve posture, correcting rounded shoulders. antigravity Strength moves can be done on trx if no yogaswing Just a few stretch & inversion ideas tossed in the mix when wrists fatigue, many options for aerialyoga =) Hope everyone had a great week, Happy Fridayy!

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Lucia Lövig


Comment from Lucia Lövig:

School ended early today, it's friday and the best part➡️ sun was shining the whole day!!☀️ Took a rest from the gym today and went for a long walk instead, so lovely!! For me this is a realy good way to take a break from work/studies, clear my mind & get some fresh air ❄️✨

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