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Comment from Sean Kirk:

Working on building a bridge. I can hold it for 10 seconds or so but it feels a bit weird that my shoulders don't want to open all the way. Any suggestions?

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Comment from Nikki Jay:

✖️Practice makes Progress✖️ (thanks @geenapannett #practicemakesprogress) ✌🏼 I'm not a flexible person, but a goal of mine is to feel the fibres of my body lengthen and strengthen. To prevent injury, improve stability, mobility and balance. It's a challenge, but it's the challenge and the results (no matter how small) that makes it all the more rewarding. 👑 #goharder #goals Strive for your Goals! Ps. New SS17 REEBOK threads are 🔥🔥 @reeboknz

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Comment from Onelife Studio™:

Let your goals fuel your actions. Here's @gojackiego working on a stronger, flatter tummy with the pike exercise on the reformer. 💪🏻 #PilatesWorks

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Never again will I take my body for granted. Pregnancy definitely teaches you to appreciate your body & how amazing it actually is. With just 8 days to go before my due date my whole body is stiff as hell, trying to move as much as possible but sometimes it can be tough. Going through a mobility session to help relieve sciatic pain & try and help me move better, but try carrying an extra 30lb pregnancy weight & trying to foam roll, the struggle is real!! 🙈😂When I lose my pregnancy weight I'll be forever grateful for however I manage to look, my body is amazing for what it's achieved 💪🏻👶🏻 #Pregnancy #DueDate #BabyBoy #Mobility #FoamRoll #Gym

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Comment from Dustin Egelstad:

SKWAATS!! This has been a project and a half for me but it's starting to come along. Form was feeling solid yesterday and I'm starting to stay tighter and more upright in the hole. #mobility work has been making a huge difference for me, I'm making it a staple after every workout to keep healthy. To anyone struggling with pain or discomfort while training... Look at taking a step back to work on and flexibility, ultimately, the longer you can lift and stay healthy the further you're going to make it #staystrong _____ #powerlifting #bodybuilding #aesthetics #blmbarbell #skwaats #form #vanfitfam #lifting #powerbuilding #perservere #motivation #squats #liftheavy #trainsmart #igdaily

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