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Rafał Jankiewicz


Comment from Rafał Jankiewicz:

Dzień dobry 🙋 wiooosnaaa! 😍 Jest środa, wiec dzisiaj czas na squasha ;) miłego popołudnia! 💪

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Fundación Arquia


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Our last books... architecture arquitectura book libro mobility courtyard movilid ad desplazamientos Image by dissenyo's

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KC The Sports Chiropractor


Comment from KC The Sports Chiropractor:

BREAKING UP THE BULL | Belief systems should be challenged (respectfully) in order to progress understanding. Complacency inhibits growth and repetition only solidifies it! For the practitioners, therapists and trainers out there - we have a challenge: next time you prescribed mobility whether with a massage ball, foam roller, by instrument or by hand, ask what is it we are trying to achieve? We would love to hear from you.

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Thomas Gorda


Comment from Thomas Gorda:

My strong back 😍😍 Deadlifts, pull ups and barbell rows! calisthenics calisthenicstrenght workout powerlifting mobility motivation gym gymlife bodyweight training fitness streetworkout barbrothers barstarzz gymnastics fitnessmodel aesthetichealth nutritionripped shredded abs muscleback videooftheday videoshot

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Jehad Ibrahim


Comment from Jehad Ibrahim:

6am baby. Moovin and groovin ufcgym DUT mobility stability bulgarianbag kettlebell trx connect

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Alessandro Demaria


Comment from Alessandro Demaria:

(Vuoi diventare Flessibile in 30 giorni?) . Se hai dei limiti articolari che ti impediscono di muoverti liberamente e vuoi migliorare la tua vita quotidiana e le tue performance . Se hai muscoli rigidi e non hai mai sentito parlare di attivazione muscolare . Se vuoi imparare le skills del corpo libero . Allora Prenota un posto al lancio del primo programma Online in Italia per diventare Flessibile e libero di muoverti. . Clicca il link in Bio per assicurarti di essere avvisato il giorno del lancio del programma tra poche settimane. . Prenotando il tuo posto ricevi gratis in meno di 30 secondi direttamente nella tua casella mail 4 sequenze di mobilità e flessibilità che ti permetteranno di: . + sbloccare definitivamente la schiena . + toccare la punta dei piedi anche se sembrava impossibile . +aprire le spalle e migliorare la postura . +imparare l'accosciata perfetta per uno squat efficace. . Clicca il link in Bio o vai su . Segui moveinside_ per conoscere le storie dei ragazzi che stanno testando in anteprima il programma! . forwardfold moveinside flexibility stretching allungamento yoga yogalife yogi manyoga flow movement training workout milano fitness fitnessaddict fitnessmodel instafit strength mobility allenamento personaltrainer vinyasa poweryoga manyoga asthanga flow

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Mel Anderson


Comment from Mel Anderson:

Sometimes, mobility work is as challenging for me as the main workout. After reading a great article from phil.mcdougall from strengthmatters over my morning coffee, I was inspired to do the movements I avoid because I don't feel I have great range and I dislike them. There's a clue in there somewhere about what I should work on more rather than avoid right????? 😉 unique_results movement mobility kettlebells kettlebellswings fitfam

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CrossFit F15


Comment from CrossFit F15:

Our 7.30 am class with the motivated ones 😍💪 Best way to start your day full of energy malta sliema crossfit crossfitgirls crossfitter fitness fit fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl training wod workout workoutmotivation community family love laugh friends fun sport squat muscle muscleup f4f strength mobility running jump body bodygoals

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Fitness | Food | Fashion


Comment from Fitness | Food | Fashion:

Habe das gute Wetter die letzten Tage direkt für ein Spaziergang genutzt😁 Ich finde es tut so gut rauszugehen und sich zu bewegen. Wann immer sich die Möglichkeit bietet solltet ihr sie nutzen! Generell Bewegung, on am Arbeitsplatz mit Bürojob oder auch zu Hause in der Freizeit. Sitzen ist das neue Rauchen😉 Zwischendurch mal aufstehen, sich dehnen oder ähnliches. Bisschen mobility um an Schwachstellen oder Schmerzen zu arbeiten. Mit dem Partner der Parnterin spazieren gehen oder auch alleine mit nem guten Hörspiel. Gleichzeitig den Horizont erweitern und sich was gutes tun. Rentner Mode [ON] 😅 fitmitnils bewegung move gesundabnehmen natürlichfettverbrennen intermittierendesfasten power kraft luft natur lebenimjetzt diekraftdergegenwart fitfam coach trainer mindset achtsamkeit selbstliebe stopbinging recovery fashion garciajeans

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Stephanie Shalit


Comment from Stephanie Shalit:

✌🏼💙strongisthenewsexy • • • • uptownchicago nodaysoff boxlife chicagofitness wednesdaywisdom

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Comment from Mr.Rodion:

Repost rodionova_stretch Ну куда без команды сходим то?⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Давно мечтаете сесть на шпагат? ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Хотите увеличить гибкость в суставах? ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Нужна хорошая растяжка для Вашего вида спорта?⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Скорее приходите к нам! Авторская методика поможет Вам расслабиться и растяжка будет в кайф! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ растяжкастрейчстрейчингфитнеспитаниеппрастяжкамоскварастяжкавмосквестудиярастяжкиsportsportlifeспортstretchingelasticflexibilityволгоградскийпроспектрастяжкаволгоградскийпроспекттанцыпилонpoledanceйогакроссфитcrossfitacrossmobilitycfmobility

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Eric Ryan


Comment from Eric Ryan:

Reposted vitasphysio how to shoulder press correctly. Many people when they get heavy tend to bend their back to give them more of a push/drive... ❌ Read what vitasphysio has to say about the issue・・・ THE SHOULDER PRESS MAY BE STRESSING YOUR BACK! . [vertical pressing advice] . The shoulder press is a staple in the exercise regimens of most people who take part in resistance training💪 . It is a great exercise but it is crucial to each individual to keep in mind that there are prerequisites 📝 in terms of mobility and stability . Some pre-requisites are: -good thoracic extension -good external rotation -good general shoulder and scapular stability . One of the most common errors with a seated military press is overextension/overarching in the low back . This is not ideal as when the low back is in end range plus under vertical🏋🏻 load it can irritate facet joints in the low back and can lead to mechanical low back pain. The more extreme the arch gets, the more shear force their would be through the low back . Also when arching and tilting the upper torso back it changes the line of push. The more tilting the more it becomes a inefficient incline bench press . The next post I'll cover a modification for those that have shoulder mobility issues to get the most out of their presses

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Sara-Clare Lajeunesse


Comment from Sara-Clare Lajeunesse:

Mace Eclipse. Thank you so much 5ftoffury1 of Evil Monkey for sponsoring the agatsufitness Masters of Movement Training Week in Los Angeles. The mace is an incredible tool that can help you develop insane rotational power & stability. 💪❤ For more info on how to 'Revolve to Evolve' check out Agatsu's next Indian Club & Mace Course in Montreal this may. Link in bio. california move trainforlife agatsu mace strength beachlife beach movement mobility strongwomen fitness fitnessmotivation instafit instafitness

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Dr. James B. Heck, D.C.


Comment from Dr. James B. Heck, D.C.:

...Go together like bacon 🥓 and, well, anything! 😀 The goal of the CrossFit athlete is continued improvement while minimizing injuries, Dr. Heck can help athletes achieve this goal. At NFCA, we provide chiropractic adjustments to correct subluxations as well as provide soft tissue treatment and rehabilitative exercises as part of your treatment plan. Once we correct the restriction, your mobility work will be more effective and you can continue performing at your full capacity. 🏋🏼‍♀️

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Bárbara M., CPT


Comment from Bárbara M., CPT:

jojotadz making deadlifts look pretty 👌 Here are my three main cues I use with my clients to take their sumo deadlifts from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans: 1. Lats, lats, lats. I always start with a "top to bottom" setup. Imagine you got a pair of oranges under your arms and you've gotta hold them in place. Yup, now squeeze those oranges and don't let them fall! 🍊🍊🍊 This will automatically force you to engage your lats by retracting your scapula and keeping your chest out. 2. Hips back, not down. The deadlift involves a strong hip hinge, which means shifting your hips towards the back wall instead of down as in a squat. 3. Visualize a crack on the floor in between your legs. Now spread the floor apart with your feet. You should be pushing down with the outer part of your feet while simultaneously pulling the bar up and backwards. Have a strong Wednesday! 💯👊

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Stephanie Shalit


Comment from Stephanie Shalit:

✌🏼💙wod • • • • uptownchicago crossfit crossfitlife GSD nodaysoff meetmeatthebox

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Comment from Schweinehundbezwinger:

NUTZE JEDE GELEGENHEIT! Warum? WEIL DU ES KANNST! 😤💪schweinehundbezwinger Morgen ist sie vielleicht nicht mehr da oder du bist nicht mehr in der Lage dazu. dranbleiben Und sei es, wenn du den Müll rausbringst und die Nachbarkids haben dir was zum Spielen dagelassen.😋play oldschool agilityladder move pushharder stärkermitjedemwiderstand conqueryourself exercise gym wod athletic explosive

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Lea Chiu


Comment from Lea Chiu:

SEATED BOX JUMP. Morning Play!!!! ✌🏼💜 Lea x . . boxjump jump explosivepower power gym mobility gymlove calisthenics bodyweight fitnessmodel girlswhotrain bodybuilding girlswholift girlswhosquat legday crossfit strongissexy beachbabe barbrothers shredded fitchick foundationmovementsystem wod weighttraining strongwomen gymnastics nikewomen strength calisthenicsgirls personaltrainer

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Lea Chiu


Comment from Lea Chiu:

UPSIDE DOWN AT BONDI! 🙃 THE WORLD'S YOUR OYSTER! 😉 . ✌🏼💜 Lea x . With rodjcooper and vik_hawksley . freedom bodyweight handstand handstandlove bodyweight play gym gymlove calisthenics fitnessmodel fitnesswomen fitnessmotivation fitfam bodybuilding mobility fitnesswomen fitnessaddict squadgoals girlswholift shredded girlswhosquat strongwomen barbrothers fitchicks wod fitfam gymnasticbodies calisthenicsgirls shredded beachlife movement sydneyfitness personaltrainersydney bondi

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Jenny Akuffo


Comment from Jenny Akuffo:

Arbeit & Kaffee mobility routine allesfürdiefirma

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