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Studio Fitness & Bien Être


Comment from Studio Fitness & Bien Être:

LOLIFIT STUDIO® Une partie du Healthy Corner 🍃 Avec les produits naturels de chez millymenthe et les boissons detox tao 👌🏼 ===> Sinon, n'oubliez pas, événement de Yoga ce mercredi à 16h 🙏🏼 _________________________ Pour plus d'infos : 💻 📧 📞 09-53-36-80-70 _________________________ workout lifestyle fitnessmotivation motivation fitness body training happy healthy fit fitfam lolifitstudio eatclean studio train motivated food fullbodywithloli Yoga sweet eating lounge positivity health healthylife cleanfood

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Comment from IndonesiaHijabFest:

Perasaan jenuh dan malas sering mewarnai aktivitas bekerja Anda di kantor. Hati-hati, semangat kerja yang kendur dapat mengganggu reputasi profesional Anda di kantor. Apalagi Anda menghabiskan lebih banyak waktu Anda di kantor menerima puluhan email dan berhadapan dengan tumpukan pekerjaan. Tentu saja mood Anda tak selamanya baik dan seringkali tersenyum saja menjadi beban berat saat bekerja. Padahal, bersikap ceria dan merasa bahagia dengan pekerjaan Anda dapat membantu membuat karir lebih cemerlang. Berikut empat trik sederhana agar Anda terus bersemangat saat bekerja di kantor seperti mengutip laman Careerealism : 1. Berhenti mengeluh Hati-hati, mengeluh bisa menular. Itu akan membuat kondisi pekerjaan di kantor menjadi semakin buruk. Jika Anda tidak bisa mengungkapkan pernyataan yang konstruktif mengenai sebuah tantangan kerja, maka lebih baik diam. Memasang wajah penuh senyum saat berhadapan dengan berbagai tantangan dapat mendorong karir dan reputasi profesional Anda. 2. Lakukan apapun yang membuat Anda bersemangat Saat mulai merasa lelah dan jenuh di kantor, lakukan apapun yang dapat membuat Anda merasa senang seperti menggunakan pakaian favorit. Anda juga bisa mengenakan aksesoris lucu saat sedang bekerja. 3. Jadilah orang yang senang memuji Ketika rekan kerja Anda mengerjakan tugas dengan baik, pujilah pekerjaannya. Pujian yang tulis dapat menjadi bumerang positif bagi pola kerja Anda di kantor. Tak butuh waktu lama, Anda juga akan semakin bersemangat kerja di kantor. 4. Hibur diri sendiri Tulislah 10 pernyataan yang dapat membuat rekan kerja Anda bersemangat saat tengah jenuh bekerja. Lantas baca kembali tulisan tersebut untuk diri sendiri agar Anda menjadi lebih bersemangat dan yakin dapat menuntaskan berbagai masalah yang terus muncul. motivated motivation marketing marketplace sidejob job business businessonline onlineshop pengusahasukses entrepreneur socialmedia mediasocial bloggers localbrand branding economic

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Blue51 Communications


Comment from Blue51 Communications:

Distracting myself from summer memories with some fabulous action reports for clients. Did you know that my communications advising sessions come with a post-meeting action report? These kickstart your communications activities, and give clarity and practical steps to get your communications moving, and aligned to both your business goals and your ideal client. Best of all, we can do these face to face, or via Zoom for those non-Melbourne peeps. My September bookings are filling in the lead up to the school holidays here in Vic, but give me a buzz or an email and we'll work out something. workwithblue51 commsonpoint

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Gym Monkee ambassdor 💼💪🏽


Comment from Gym Monkee ambassdor 💼💪🏽:

My goal is not to be better than someone else🚫, but to be better than the person I used to be!🙏🏾💯🔥

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Gwen Saalmink 🇬🇧


Comment from Gwen Saalmink 🇬🇧:

Last week's arm definition progress pic. When I started this journey my main concern was getting too bulky like a lot of women. My goals was getting toned and lean with a nice bum. Taking this picture however has made me realise my goal has shifted. I love developing my muscles and moving on to the big boys' weights. It's all become about being strong and healthy and less about the way I look. I want to do what makes me happy and not what my environment says I should do or look like. Like if you agree! . . . transformation transformationtuesday girlswholift muscles fitspiration fitspo fitfam fitness gym gymlife fitchick crossfit fitgirls iifym fitnessgoals powerlifting bodybuilding like4like cleaneating strong motivated getfit exercise girlswithmuscles liftheavy fitnessmotivation instafit shredded photooftheday

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Besoin de changements


Comment from Besoin de changements:

Travaillez plus intelligemment pas plus dur. motivation entrepreneur success keepworking keeepup workhard gains leadership lovelife bebetterthanyou youaretheboss hapiness lifestyle progress dream dreamer inspiration motivated lead love life volonté willpower devotion ambition ambitious objectif nevergiveup neverquit determination

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Princess Bibi


Comment from Princess Bibi:

Was feiern wir heute? Richtig, Dienstag! ronbielecki 😂 Danke für dieses Geschenk 🎁 Den Rest der Woche hab ich wieder Urlaub 👍😍🙌 Ob das ein Grund zum Feiern ist?!?! Heute Mittag steht zuerst ein Sushi-Date mit meiner Wifey marty_na_lubi an ❤🍱🍣 schnabulationtotal Danach beginnt mein Training für den Halbmarathon am 06.10. in Dortmund 🏃‍♀️ Have a nice Tuesday😉 tuesday party feiern vacation august summer jacuzzi skylounge tb mallorca españa fontdesacala rochotels roccarolina sushi date wifey friendshipgoals gönnung happy healthyliving fitfood sushilove yummy training halbmarathon meinherzläuftmarathon motivated yeah

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Motivating You


Comment from Motivating You:

Very serious game ! . . . . Inspiration Motivated SuccessQuotes MotivationalQuotes Millionaire Learn Network AlwaysLearning Grind Dedication Ambition Money Hustle BuildYourEmpire Leadership SelfMade DreamBig MillionaireLifestyle GoodLife Mindset KeepGoing DailyGrind NeverGiveUp Entrepreneur LifeQuotes StartUpLife Marketing Motivation Business

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Comment from Rebecca:

How beautiful is our pink travel much 📷 princess__anastasia_rose . . . glitterglasses businessmum successquotes australiabusiness glittergaloreperth art love businessowners beautiful nevergiveupwesternaustralia successmindset businessman businesswoman smallbizmummas tbt photooftheday goodlife entrepreneur motivated like4like motivation businesslife perth motivational quoteoftheday happiness inspiration rockingham motivationalquotes

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James Hussey


Comment from James Hussey:

Always nice to come across your name when you least expect it. Thank you Romilla honestygroup for the mention and support of ProudofWestBerkshire westberksbrew janestaunton1 tillystreatschocolate merrykitchenjo blackberrycottage mrsbkitchen therealmacaronco californiataco rockingoodsaltco cookandbutcher suprised motivated supportlocal Shoplocal getinvolved

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Comment from 🎀Dile🎀:

Chi si ferma d' perduto💪💪💪goodmorningsummercardiotimewalkpanoramapanoramicsunlike4likefollowforfollowbikinipreppingbikinibikiniprepworkoutwalkingrunningrunpreparationbodybuildinglifestylebodybodyfitfitsportinstafitnessinstagraminstafitinstamomentinstalikeinstamotivatedbestmoments

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Louis Beaumont


Comment from Louis Beaumont:

4plates feeling light this was final warm before my last working set. And upper body is still not feeling fully recovered because of hitting 4 push sessions last week. teammuscleunit lv2lft powerlifting britishpowerliftingunion powerliftingmeet squat benchpress deadlift total bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation strongman strongmanmotivation fitspo fittnessmotivation strength power rawpowerlifting challengeyourself motivated workout workoutmotivation girlswholift ipf gbpf glutes

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Comment from nicholasjamesa:

Frodsham caves were the setting for Cardio this morning gym nofilter noexcuses abs fitfam foodporn love foodselfie cheshire foodphotography fblog fblogger fitnessmodel fitfamuk ukfitfam selfie motivated motivation igdaily iifym igaddict iifymgirls muscle fit selfies mirrorshot caves

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Francis Mimpala


Comment from Francis Mimpala:

Un día más, un día menos para llegar a los nuevos objetivos 💪 francismimpala MimpalaWellness coaching fitness fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation bodybuilder training trainhard gymtime gym musclehardbody ilovefitness motivated fitnessaddict inspired fitnessfreak competition hardwork workout mcfit ifbb noexcuses dreamfitvalencia dreamfit likeforlike

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Comment from Alberto:

Weekend. Relax. pooltime relax sunday refresh fitnnes cardio swiming doctor darkskin fitnnes motivated Hermosillo male

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Comment from SKY:

Follow SKY Clothing Brand coming Soon on Kickstarter this Saturday! Strive to Know Yourself.Bringing a Motivated Group of Goal Achieving and Dream Chasers Together as a Family 💯👌🙌❤️hustlehard motivation houstontx hustler motivated progress kickstarter goal grind hustle hardwork team entrepreneur success dreamer dreamers family dreams clothingbrand clothingline strive people yourself sky art color garyvee newclothes achive goals

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Comment from CSW.Marketing:

Good morning 😘 Just wanted to apologise for not posting another blog in such a long while! We have been working closely on several exciting projects with current clients.. so we've missed a few weeks. But we will be posting more blogs again shortly, and back with a bang 💥 I've realised that I've missed blogging for both personal and business pleasure.. so this will definitely not be something I put on hold again... great way of expressing and sharing ones thoughts with others... in the meantime have a look on the blogging site and let me know your thoughts on the previous blogs. Hope your all doing good and have the best day! CSW Marketing Team 🍡

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Comment from L U C Y J O Y W I L M A N:

Anyone else?! 🐦 😂 I guess I'm more of a night owl than an early bird...but I have some questions... Who is an early bird? Do you set an alarm or do you just naturally wake with the sun? What about in winter, when it's dark and your duvet needs you still get up at sparrows-fart? Do you go to bed really early? How early do you get up? Do you sleep in on weekends? Do you find you need a second breakfast at 10am? Thanks.

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Wille for President


Comment from Wille for President:

Think about your goal and stay focused no matter if your goal is to steal a meatball or conquer a mountain. dedication 👊🏻

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Pamela Musiimenta


Comment from Pamela Musiimenta:

BeingPamela FEAR KILLS 99 % OF DREAMS, DON'T LET IT KILL YOURS SilentDreamer fear motivated

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