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Roberto Dezan


Comment from Roberto Dezan:

Mais do Oba!! 🎉🎉🎊🎊vivamaishistoriasdeverao goatee muscle musclebuilding musclebear beefy stockybears gr8_bear man

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Andrew Fernandez


Comment from Andrew Fernandez:

Rainy day special going on nutrishopmp. Be sure to stop by and say hi to mirandelle and load up on all your favorite products!! lafitnessmontereypark lafitnessmontebello lafitnessrosemead lafitnessalhambra 24hrfitnessmontereypark 24hourfitnessmontereypark 24hourfitnessmpk ufcgymrosemead wolfpackfitness backyardcrossfit planetfitnessalhambra nutrishopmontereypark nutrishopmp nutrishop fitness health nutrition wellness bodybuilding physique transformation transformationchallenge weightloss fatloss fatburning musclebuilding

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Elizabeth Secor - 1st Phorm


Comment from Elizabeth Secor - 1st Phorm:

Meal prep for lunches and snacks COMPLETE! . . Why do I meal prep? Because if I don't and try and wing it, have two tendiencies... either I eat way too much, or I horribly under eat! Both are very bad! Our body needs a certain amount of food! Giving it too much will cause weight gains. Under eating will also cause weight gains! Finding your happy middle will mean fat loss and a healthy body! . . So I take all the guess workout! Since I'm lazy, i take that excuse out too! I keep it simple and easy! Nothing special here! No crazy ingredients or special buy items! How do you prep for your week?? . . neversettle neverquit legionofboom iamphorm iam1stphorm 1stphorm 1stphorm4life phamily phormbuilt venusindex venusfactor mytransphormation

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Justin Pennisi


Comment from Justin Pennisi:

Check the REAR view mirror for those REAR DELTS💪🏼! The shoulder can only grow as big as its limiting component and in most people it's the rear delts (posterior deltoid). Here are 3 go to rear delt exercises to address this imbalance. --- 1️⃣rear delt DB fly 2️⃣batwing 🦇 row - you can play around with various grips (underhand being most challenging) 3️⃣band face pull --- 4️⃣[BONUS] band Y raise - Great for the lower trapezius which is usually underdeveloped too. You want to try to keep your arms straight and lift 45 degrees. This is an area I focusing on. Not the best form right now. . . . . shoulders shoulderworkout muscle reardelts reardeltoids posteriordeltoids arms upperbody musclebuilding fatloss gainz fitness fitfam menshealth womenshealth

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Jason Meng


Comment from Jason Meng:

Trying to get rid of water weight . . . . . fitlifestyle fitlife fitforlife shredded bodybuildingmotivation bodybuildinglifestyle fitnessfreak fitnessaddicted isymfs flagnorfail trainharderthanme doyouevenlift healthylife healthylifestyle healthychoice burnfat fitgoals setgoals dontquit mensphysique eatcleantraindirty absaremadeinthekitchen muscleandhealth musclebuilding exercise

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FIT Chicks Only!


Comment from FIT Chicks Only!:

Ughh 🙊💘

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Comment from drgym2017:

110kg Deadlifts for 12reps. legday deadlifts lifting lift liftweights strength strengthtraining muscle musclebuilding gains goals back fitness fit fitnessmodel exercise myfitnesspal myprotein clacton colchester personaltrainers personaltraining traintowin traintoachieve ,bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation determined determination dream stayfocused

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Dimitri D (#coachdim)


Comment from Dimitri D (#coachdim):

Crosstraining 😁😀 instadaily instacool instagood musclebuilding training ilovesport sport sports practice sportpractice exercise fitness workout workouts health pushup strength wod worldfit instafitness instafit fit fitness crossfit crosstraining tractions crosstrainerinstamuscles instasportmentalstrength sportrainer

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Muscle Gear


Comment from Muscle Gear:

YOUR LIFESTYLE On BLAST!!! The MOST AWESOME COLLECTION of "Bad Ass" 2017 Muscle Gear & Gym Gifts on the PLANET! Take a look! workout weightlifting physique powerlifting fitness personaltrainer bikinicompetitor girlswithmuscle trainhard shredded fitspiration gym beastmode biceps bodybuilder ig_fitness_freaks gymrat fitnessaddict muscles exercise fitspo squats musclebuilding protein training girlswholift cardio fitfam bodybuilding

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🖤 Dee 🖤


Comment from 🖤 Dee 🖤:

So far, I have been happy with the results of this product. I just started using this one after a recommendation from a fellow lifter. It manages to keep your pump and I feel great. Great taste also. Looking forward to seeing longer term affects 💪🏻🙏🏻 muscletech muscle gains 💪🏻 proseries aminoacids bcaa fruitpunch musclebuilding recovery delicious gymlife fitnessmotivation leucine gym supplement traps houston strength formula lifting strongnotskinny strongwomen muscletech

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Comment from H U L K:

ghassans bodybuilding health healthy fitnees f thmuscles musclebuilding musclebuildingprogrammes weightgainer w bahrain b writings weightlossjourney fit fitnessaddicts workouts cardioday gymlifestyle gymselfie gymrats

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Yvette Garcia 👙IFBB PRO


Comment from Yvette Garcia 👙IFBB PRO:

Outdoor Glute workouts with my aunts!! 💪🏽 tag someone who needs motivation

25 Minutes ago

Andrew Rodgers PT


Comment from Andrew Rodgers PT:

Rice cake stack filled with musclemoosehq choc mousse mixed with fage_uk yogurt topped with sweetfreedomuk choc shot & waldenfarmsinternational caramel sauce and cheeky French fancy on top 😋 This was from fridays refeed day 💪🏽

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Tereza Hofmanová


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Men Fitness Models

Comment from Men Fitness Models:

Day to day the most desirable gym model physiques on this planet! 😊 Follow my page if you like my content 😊 gymkillerofficial ruthweerheim ruthweerheim ruthweerheim

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Ashley May


Comment from Ashley May:

Pre-workout on top, completed max out power! And then powered through10 xtra minutes of abs! No pain no gain power through it!! 💪🏻🙌 journey fitjourney fitnessgirl fitnessgoal fitness fit workout workforit weightloss weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation iworkout insanity maxout beachbody advocare goforit results healthy healthylife lifestyle strong strength muscle musclebuilding

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Shaun Gudge


Comment from Shaun Gudge:

This okeeffescompany handcream is brilliant for someone like me who works out in the gardengym ... keepontruckin truckerslife aireyysltd alterego ambassador onthegrind tmtransport MotivateMe motivation inspire instafit musclebuilding strengthtraining wintertraining gardengym noexcuses

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Jazzy Keasler


Comment from Jazzy Keasler:

I couldnt ask for a better partner in this journey. Love you nugget 40calbanger cheesy dontcare 10yearsstrong partnersincrime fitness fitbuddies fitfam fitcouple motivation gym gymlife wegotthis transformationjourney youcandoit weightloss weightlossjourney gainz bodybuilding fitfriends lifejourney weightlosstransformation goals couplegoals wepusheachothertobebetter musclebuilding

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Snatch Back


Comment from Snatch Back:

Nearly 3 months post baby and my progress so far has been amazing. Abs are coming through! 👀💪🏾 fitmom fitnessmotivation postpartum healthyeating healthy exercise eatclean gym weightloss muscle musclebuilding sweat squats legday

44 Minutes ago

David Spaltro


Comment from David Spaltro:

And on the Seventh Day, the Lord spake, "Let there be cookie party..." And it was GOOD. eeeeeats gymlife bodybuilding biceps weightlifting massbuilding getfit bodybuilder getstrong bodybuildingmotivation fitness gym carbloading health heavylifting pecanpie protein beastmode powerlifting ripped superset conditioning fitnessjourney physique musclebuilding shoulders donuts bulking wbffpro

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