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Terimakasih banyak kamu priaku{}Terimakasih masih tetap disini temani hariku,terimakasih sampai detik ini masih jadi yang terbaik,terimakasih buat ketulusan dalam menyayangiku,membimbingku kearah yang lebih baik. Maaf jika selama ini aku sering mengecewakanmu,maaf sering buat kamu marah:*. Aku cuma pengen kamu tau. Aku tetap disini untuk Setia. #ltpost #Like4like #Mybeloved #Farid

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Semandiri apapun seorang wanita, ia tetaplah membutuhkan seorang pria untuk melindunginya.. #mybeloved

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'Oh my beloved England, How I miss thee. 🌾 The way the weeping willows hung low, yet lifted my spirits high, laying under them or enjoying their weeping beauty, with such joy. 🌾 The way the river was perfectly still, when I walked along it or sat beside it, yet moved me inside like flowing waters. 🌾 The way the buildings, the buildings I would stand in awe of, hundreds of years old, spoke to me, without of course, saying a word. 🌾 The way the ivy creeped up, and hung tight on the walls of those well-spoken old buildings, while it also crept, tightly into me, gently tearing down walls I had build up . 🌾 The way the streets and bridges of cobblestone helped me feel the marvellous , deep history, while, also, feeling the marvellous, deep present moments as I walked upon them. 🌾 The way the sky would often stay a dense blend of grey and blue, a colour not really defined, but always, always appear so clear to me. 🌾 The way the sun rarely came out to shine, maybe, because, England, it felt you had tucked it inside the very soul of me, as I shined from within, for the love of spending my days with you. 🌾 The way I had to wrap up, bundle up, coats and scarves and hats to keep out the cold, but I only ever felt the warmth of you. 🌾 On my return to you, dearest England, you lit me up like nowhere else, moved me, spoke to me, kept me warm. Oh my beloved England, How I miss thee 🌾' #England #mybeloved #nature #soul #love #joy

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from #Chile🇨🇱 good morning to all we send you good energies and a lot of sunlight , we love to all ours followers the image is from Marie Claire Magazine , my Sunshine #FiratÇelik🌞 as always fills my heart of tenderness ©Julieta🐰 ************************************************** ************************************************** #FiratÇelikFans #FiratCelik #Loveyou #BunnyLove #MyBunny🐰 #MyFavoritePerson #MyOnlyOne #a #MyPlatonicLove #MyAngel #MyIdol #MyHero #MySunshine #MiAmor #Mustafá #MustafaLovers #ReySol #MyKing #Sun #MySweetheart #MyBeloved #Firatcito #FiratAşkim #Chile 🐰

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Kita yang saling menguatkan 💕💕

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We are far from perfect, but we are my perfectly imperfect. I am learning that life is more than just a journey with a heavenly destination. My Papa invites me on an adventure. I would fight against that adventure because of the lie of the enemy that I wasn't good enough and it wasn't fair when others weren't taking on that same adventure. But Jesus invites us all on our unique adventure full of abundant life and full of the beautiful, messy people He loves. Let's quit looking at others adventures with envy and jealousy and let's see with Papa's eyes the beautiful adventure He has for us. #2017stgermainadventures #mybeautifulmess #mybeloved #blainekade #paytonjade #mysweetmess #mylilbit #kadenjosiah #myhearthero #myred

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Tak terasa dia sudah mulai dewasa :) , semoga ia bisa jadi wanita yang baik #amin #mybeloved

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