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{ Gucci couple in our area }


Comment from { Gucci couple in our area }:

(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ bts blackpink jennie taehyung taennie liskook couple jin rose jinrose jisoojiseok jhope lisa jungkook yoongi namjoon hoseok followme vnnie greenheartsfortaennie VnnieTheOriginalGucciCouple Guccicouple perfectcouple asiancouple

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Comment from Makenna|Hoseok💕:

Taehyung 🍉 💕🌸 - - - sleca biaswreaker bias kpop jungkook jin namjoon bangtanboys bts bangtansonyeondan jimin suga jhope hobi taehyung jungkookiebts taehyungbts v jiminbts rapmon rapmonster namjoonbts sugabts jhopebts jinbts aesthetic tumblr

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Comment from 自嗨:

又係金daily 男友力係10000%😭❤ 順毛真係冇抵抗力啊日山大佬😣 cr. 20nuna btsbtsrapmonsterrapmonsterkimnamjoonnamjoonkimdaily

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Taengie 💚


Comment from Taengie 💚:

namjoon rapmon tae taetae v kimtaehyung taehyung bts bangtan sleepy

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Comment from thighs:

QOTD: who was your bias when you first saw BTS vs now? I've been pretty loyal and jungkook have been my ult.. But tae and Jimin and trying to ruin it !! - - - bangtansonyeondan bangtan bangtanboys bts seokjin jin namjoon rapmon rapmonster hoseok jhope taehyung v suga minyoongi yoongi jiminnie jimin chimchim parkjimin jungkook jeonjungkook kookie kpop fffkpop f4fkpop exo

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Comment from 캡짱!!!!!:

IM SOFT FUCKCKS kpop bts jhope jungkook jimin v suga rapmonster jin jeonjungkook junghoseok hoseok parkjimin taehyung kimtaehyung yoongi minyoongi kimnamjoon namjoon seokjin kimseokjin bangtan 방탄소년단

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Pretty Bts


Comment from Pretty Bts:

Im just here to tell you how jhope and rapmon looks so extra:) • • • • bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan suga minyoongi jhope hoseok seokjin jin rapmonster namjoon taetae taehyung v jimin parkjimin jeonjungkook jungkook kpop army bighit

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Comment from 캡짱!!!!!:

BOY HOWDY I LOVE THEM kpop bts jhope jungkook jimin v suga rapmonster jin jeonjungkook junghoseok hoseok parkjimin taehyung kimtaehyung yoongi minyoongi kimnamjoon namjoon seokjin kimseokjin bangtan 방탄소년단

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angela & kat


Comment from angela & kat:

Hobi 💕 - - He's so sweet and such a sunshine And gives hope to so many people - - - Kat kpop bts v suga jungkook rapmonster jimin jhope jin bangtanboys taehyung namjoon yoongi hoseok seokjin

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YoonKook ❤️ • • • bts jimin parkjimin jiminie chimchim vmin tae taehyung kookie v jungkook jin jikook namjoon kookie jhope rapmon suga yoongi hoseok army korean kore kpop 防弾少年団방탄소년단 방탄소년단

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💙🔍방탄소년단 BTS🔎💙


Comment from 💙🔍방탄소년단 BTS🔎💙:

[170424] " Lust RMusic " 방탄소년단 랩몬스터 랩몬 김남준 남준 랩몬스터뮤직 뮤직 bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys rapmonster rapmon kimnamjoon namjoon RMusic *nice song😀👍💞

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RealSugar - YoonJin Area


Comment from RealSugar - YoonJin Area:

YoonJin BTS RommateCouple jinsuga YoonjinFamily Jinga JinYoon Jin suga kimseokjin minyoongi Yoongichi Jinnie Bangtanboy DaddySuga MommyJin Never JinGi iloveYoonjin taehyung jungkook namjoon hoseok jimin NamseokFamily

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BTS | V 뷔 ♡ 🍉


Comment from BTS | V 뷔 ♡ 🍉:

student boys😍📚 _ imagine having these boys in your class i would never pay attention ever again *-*

2 Minutes ago

Bts 💕✨


Comment from Bts 💕✨:

He's so cute oml 😭🔥 rapmonster namjoon suga minyoongi bts btsmemes junghoseok jungkook chimchim rainism kpop vkook jikook jhope

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Comment from peachesbangtan07:

That caption for the 2nd pic got me fucken weakkk!!😂😂😂😂😂🖐🖐🖐 . bangtan bts minyoongi parkjimin bangtanboys taehyung namjoon jin suga jhope jimin v kimtaehyung jungkook wings rapmonster kpopf4f kpop got7 exokorean lit Nottoday springday saltbae salt meme kpopmeme gucci

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Comment from GOTHAM:

bts namjoon rapmonster

2 Minutes ago

Kim Taehyung 김태형


Comment from Kim Taehyung 김태형:

[BTS IN THAILAND 🇹🇭] taetae compilation PART 2 🐯💕

2 Minutes ago

Tongue Technology 👅


Comment from Tongue Technology 👅:

-----> Follow firespitter_yoongi • • Jeon Jungkook "Kookie" Blessing your feed with the Golden maknae's golden smile 😄

4 Minutes ago

~ᗰrѕ. Ƙím Tae~ (heheh)


Comment from ~ᗰrѕ. Ƙím Tae~ (heheh):

😎✨💕 Yoongi X Hoseok aka Yoonseok~ ~~~~~~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ~~~~~~ • qotd If you could travel anywhere where would it be? • aotd I would go to Korea and Japan • [Ignore Tags] bts bighit bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan taehyung v hoseok taetae jimin jungkook rapmonster jhope suga btsv btstaehyung yoongi namjoon minyoongi kimtaehyung exo got7 kpop kpopfff kpopf4f

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Dayana Toleubaeva


Comment from Dayana Toleubaeva:

kimnamjoon namjoon mon rapmonster monster rapmon rm weeklyidol runbts bangtanbomb korea kpop iloveyou btsidolshow btsnow bts bangtanboys wearebulletproof bulletproofboyscouts gobts go dope run nottoday fire dan4ik😊

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