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Comment from Salty Vets:

Badass night shoot. 💥 Double tap the pic. 💥 Tag your friends!

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Comment from Ty Rushing:

Got to check out this new podcast. You want to learn how to be unbreakable? This is the guy who can help you learn! Former Navy Seal & Adventure Racer! Thom Shea! Unbreakable Podcast with Thom Shea #unbreakable #navyseals #motivation #neverquit

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Comment from Ryan Williams:

Some #truth right here. I remember thinking the same thing when I bought my Lamborghini. - When it went from being something "other people" had, to something that "I HAVE". - Like many things in life, there are no magic pills, no shortcuts, no "easy" way. - It's simply putting in hard work, consistently. 👊🏼🔥 - - #Repost @andyfrisella ・・・ I used to wonder if all this work would be worth it? - I used to wonder what would happen if I did all this work and still didn't make it? - Was I wasting my time? - Was all the struggle for nothing? - Was all the anxiety for nothing? - Was all the fear for nothing? - Would it all pay off? - Would the "magical success fairy" and "the powers that be" grant me the life I desired? - Would I be one of the "lucky" ones? - I used to think like most people do when they think about doing "all this work" for a result that isnt guaranteed. - And then "it" happened....and it clicked for me after 12 years of being in business when I bought my first Lamborghini...may not be your goal...but it was a huge one for me. - Its not magical. - Success is not a "lottery" you win. - There is no "chance" and there sure as fuck isnt a "success fairy" or "powers that be" that grant you ANYTHING. - I remember thinking: "I did all this work for all this time...and now Im here and this is MY car?" "WTF? Thats all it is?" I was honestly kind of confused it was that simple. - Thats when it hit me: I AM IN CONTROL - My goals ARE GUARANTEED - IF IM WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE. - Now I stand on the other side of all the worrying & "what ifs" and Im here to tell you - YOU ARE IN CONTROL TOO! - Most people let the this single thought stop them: "What if I do ALL this work and sacrifice all this time and it doesnt work out?" they dont do anything and accept society's plan for them called AVERAGE. - They justify their AVERAGE with comments like "it wasnt meant to be" or "They got lucky" while they sit on a barstool on Tuesday afternoon with their "real" friends talking about how they got screwed. - What very few come to realize is putting in "all that work" and not reaching your goals IS IMPOSSIBLE. - Form a solid plan. - Execute that plan. - Learn how to impro

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