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Claire Martin


Comment from Claire Martin:

I NEED this in my life 😍😍😍 amberleysachel mulberry mulberrybag need inlove nextpurchase havetohave

1 Minutes ago

Ahmed Essam Selim


Comment from Ahmed Essam Selim:

insta instafit instagood instalove instahappy selfie my work pic sunglasses style my self smile emotion nice fun time with friends awesome handsome man piclap sun hot weather need water fitness

3 Minutes ago

Khetan Writings


Comment from Khetan Writings:

❤❤ Always think Positive !! . . motivation friend ship support win loose postivevibes pic peoples touch lines true said thoughts best quotes need trust love success instagram world khetanwritings untold sayings follow me . By📝 - khetan_vikash ✍

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Comment from hands-intertwined:

my birthday is coming... and I request this 😋 spotted in newideamagazine food 👌🏽 cake goals 🍰 love need goals cake birthday blogger

4 Minutes ago

Ahmed Essam Selim


Comment from Ahmed Essam Selim:

insta instafit instagood instalove instahappy selfie my work pic sunglasses style my self smile emotion nice fun time with friends awesome handsome man piclap sun hot weather need water fitness

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Comment from 💓:

휴가 스타트😆 휴가 여름 여름휴가중 가평 남이섬 닭갈비 휴식 카페 need some rest

7 Minutes ago

Accessories With A Cali Feel


Comment from Accessories With A Cali Feel:

Check out my friends feed bayarea_jams for some inspiration on how to do your nails easily from the comfort of your own house! Your nails will be ready for that Cali beach vacation 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 nail art ❤️❤️❤️ • • • • • shoutout womeninbiz girlboss womanentrepreneur sheworks beachaccessories caligirl need summerfun want jewelry beachbabe beachglam coolaf beachfashion fashiongirl coolforthesummer californiagirl californialiving beachstyle bohochic bohostyle boholuxe santamonica gypsystyle la beachbunny beachvibes californiastyle

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Comment from @angeliakusuma19:

Sorry if I always make mistakes that make you disappointed with me. Honestly until now I am always happy to have your figure that always make me happier than others 😔 11 ImSorry ImNotLiar Always Need You

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Comment from Dora:

Say word ✌🏼 ... Nothing is more boring than a deadend conversation, my brain needs to be stimulated ♊️ ... sometimes I may be quiet but those are the times I'm usually listening to someone's problems or lifestories and don't bother with telling mine because I don't feel they want or need to hear it. You want to get me talking, talk about something that's got depth or something I can learn from. geminiproblems gemini geminiboredom

9 Minutes ago

Lívia Cunha


Comment from Lívia Cunha:

😂😄Bem assim!!!! Não vai ao nutricionista, mas compra suplementos e usa do jeito que acha que está certo!!! Depois que é acometido por alguma patologia clínica, em especial, relacionada ao pâncreas ou figado ou rim ... devido ao uso indiscriminado/exacerbado/errado... de suplementos porque acha que "tal quantidade" é o correto... Humm, aí ja era! 😕 Não viva de "achismos", ou seja, achando que tal suplemento, tal marca, tal quantidade deve ser usada, mas viva de certezas, sabendo o que deve usar, tipo, marcas, quantidades que seu nutricionista prescrever conforme a sua individualidade! liviacunhanutricionista esporteevida lifestyle need performance força dietas people dietasemsofrer importante essential medidacerta nutrition alemdopeso instagram nutricionista saudeebemestar amominhaprofissao qualidadedevida nutricaoesportiva nutricaoclinica nutricaoeficiente fitnessmodeljudô jiujitsu capoeira bodybuildingmotivation coaching

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LilPump Official ℹ️


Comment from LilPump Official ℹ️:

I'm in canada shoutout to all my canadian fans need meet new chicks here 🤘

10 Minutes ago

Candace Larned 🌸


Comment from Candace Larned 🌸: gofundme please consider donating. My sister is in need of help with legalcost to relocate to Washington to be with family. She has ms multiplesclerosis and is unable to work. With a pending divorce there is just no more funds. This money will only be used for the attorney for the relocation hearing. Please share❤️❤️❤️ thankyou

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Comment from Shelby♡:

Missing my man tonight while I'm visiting my newest nephew in Arizona. Can't wait to see you tomorrow my love. I love you.😍😘 matt_brown113 iloveyou sexy boyfriend mylove mybestfriend selfieswithme contributes to my makeup addiction maclipslipslips maccosmetics missingmyman cantwaittoseeyou i need cuddles

13 Minutes ago

Matthew Jochmann


Comment from Matthew Jochmann:

ass builtnotbought forklifttires burnout silverado need finish my tailgate

13 Minutes ago

Luboš Hlava


Comment from Luboš Hlava:

endofwork and said i need bannanas

13 Minutes ago



Comment from ηικσζαƨ:

coffe need addicted late morning

15 Minutes ago



Comment from lifepluse2017:

زندگی عشق راز ناز نیاز عشوه محبت نگاه بوسه life live secret need love_airs coquetry kindness look kiss

16 Minutes ago

💗باحیوانات مهربان باشیم💗


Comment from 💗باحیوانات مهربان باشیم💗:

. . All you need is love... And dog . . 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 . . مامانم که اینطوریه شما چطور؟؟؟؟ . . .😉😉😉 lucy_joon loveneeddog عشقسگسگ_پاک_ترین_مخلوق_خداوند_است احتیاجزندگیماشما

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Comment from Lipens:

This backpack looks amazing and has so many features to it! - Follow for more awesome products! - backtoschool backpack bag feature school backpacks bags great awesome loveit wantit amazing amazon need

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Bee Hien


Comment from Bee Hien:

My sister...👻👻👻 welcome workflow travel happy water cleaneating sky touch red vietnam trip sun hot rain sister family friends top party afternoon home comeback 👻 need rainbow daddy mom baby jump

18 Minutes ago