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Billy Daniel Sample II


Comment from Billy Daniel Sample II:

Time for Overwatch! Piercings Gayboy Nerdy Gay Selfie Nerd Geek Gay Cute BlueEyes Instagay Winter Homo Homoboy Geeky Nerdy NerdyGay NerdyBoy GeekBoy GeekGay Instaboy Single RedHair Gaming Gamer

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Comment from Geek_out:

Pokemon pokemoncards pokemonoriginal eeveelution eevee darkjolteon vaporeon flareon geek nerd collection cards

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Stan Lee 🕶


Comment from Stan Lee 🕶:

superhero superheroes nerd marvel malvelcomics mcu marvellegends mervellous avengers avengersassemble xmen deadpool inuman guardiansofthegalaxy defenders marvelnetflix spiderman captainamerica ironman hulk thor stanlee comics comiccon stanlee

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Queen Quinn


Comment from Queen Quinn:

Me and my sickly self are finally going to leave to run some errands happysaturday goodmorning starwars darthvader darkside cute selfie mirriorselfie nerd geek nerdgirl geekgirl nerdy maytheforcebewithyou

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Adrian Eufracio

Comment from Adrian Eufracio:

Rihanna said it best. Work! We all need one cheat day. Key word … one! coffee nerd react js javascript code webdev es6 frontend hustle mytrap php jiujitsu webcomponents developer node git browserify gulp babel ember angular jekyll rihanna work

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kate Vermeulen


Comment from kate Vermeulen:

Black & White • • • blonde glasses dolcegabbana black white blackandwhite pout selfie workselfie friday saturday dior chanel geek nerd geekgirl specs secretary browneyes urbandecay happy

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Call Me: Brendyn


Comment from Call Me: Brendyn:

🔥 POWERSCALING: LORD FRIEZA/FREEZER/FREEZA 🔥 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Hello and good morning! Today I would like to power scale Freeza, and determine how many Earth-sized planets he could destroy. This scaling shall be done with a lowball power level, and I'll compare it to each form, besides 3. These are all based off of offical power levels listed in the Daizenshuu, Manga, and other Guidebooks. The lowball power level I'll be using for scaling is Saiyan Saga Vegeta's. It was stated that he had a power level of around 18,000 at max, and could have easily destroyed the earth in his clash with Goku. So we'll say, for lowball, that the mac power level you have to have to blow up an earth sized planet is around 18,000. So with this, let's get into it: Freeza 1st Form (Max): PL: 540,000 of planets: 30 Planets Freeza 2nd Form: PL: 1,000,000 of Planets: 56 Planets Freeza Final Form (100%): PL: 120,000,000 of planets: 6,666 Planets ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Disclaimer: these are all earth sized planet calculations which have been stated to be a "small planet" by Freeza and King Cold. If you have any problems with this, let me know 😊 marvel marvelcomics dc dccomics naruto narutoshippuden dragonball dragonballz mortalkombat streetfighter starwars nintendo magicthegathering comics anime videogames nerd nerdnation instagram followme instagood photooftheday

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HannahMade in Scotland


Comment from HannahMade in Scotland:

yarnlovechallenge day 25: routine . I don't have a crafting routine as such, my world revolves around food :) . Image from etsy (couldn't find the original listing/maker - let me know if you do so I can credit them properly!) . hobbit lotr food humanbin nerd geek

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Comment from Eleanor:

Coffee and gaming😌 gaming videogames gamer girlgamer nintendogamer 3ds level5 fantasylife rpg costa coffee relaxing saturday nerd

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Nicole Loe


Comment from Nicole Loe:

"Warum bist du so nerdig?" "Weil ich als Kind in einen Kessel voll Menschenteile gefallen bin." cap newcap deadpool marvel nerd nerdoutfit nerdlife movies filme wham konversationdestages comics homesweethome nutella

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💯❤{Welcome to my account}❤💯


Comment from 💯❤{Welcome to my account}❤💯:

السلام عليكم\n|\n|\nرأيكم يهمني\n|\n|\n★\n→🎌.animenerd 🎌←\n→🎌anime 🎌←\n→🎌animegirl 🎌← →🎌animeboy 🎌←\n→🎌bleach 🎌←\n→🎌naruto 🎌←\n→🎌nerd 🎌←\n→🎌kpop 🎌←\n→🎌attackontitan 🎌←\n→🎌kawaii 🎌←\n→🎌japanese 🎌←\n→🎌otaku 🎌←\n→🎌fairytail 🎌←\n→🎌onepiece 🎌←\n→🎌fanart 🎌←\n→🎌kproject 🎌← →🎌Noragami 🎌←\n→🎌hxh 🎌←\n→🎌hunterxhunter 🎌←\n→🎌shojo 🎌←\n→🎌shounen 🎌←\n→🎌blackbutler 🎌←\n→🎌manga 🎌←\n→🎌otakuforever 🎌←\n→🎌swordartonline 🎌←\n→🎌owarinoserap

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Kelly Marie Warnell


Comment from Kelly Marie Warnell:

DAY 204 = WAR ON EVERYONE. Wanted to see this in the cinema, but didn't get chance, so looking forward to watching it today.------------------------------------------ I am watching a film every day in cinema for 365 days (when there's no more films on in cinema I will do a DVD, Netflix, Sky Cinema or retro movie night) to raise awareness for the film charity MediCinema that puts cinemas in hospitals for poorly children and wounded soldiers... And also to try to encourage more of you folks back in to the cinema and talking about film. Please follow and share my challenge and adventures through a year in film. THANKS ------------------------------------------------- filmreview film afilmaday365 movies geek nerd instafollow instafilm charity challenge medicinema 365project cinema review joinin share adventuresinfilm ------------------------------------------ waroneveryone alexanderskarsgard michaelpena action comedy

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Flávio Henrique


Comment from Flávio Henrique:

Só pra manter o espírito de carnaval 🎉 mario mariobros nerd carnaval blocoficaemcasa

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Comment from BanzaiDrops:

Isso, senhoras e senhores, é uma obra de arte. Deadpool, Cable e de Volta para o Futuro na mesma imagem! Alguém traga um mito para esse prêmio 🎖🏆 Tags: deadpool cable backtothefuture ryanreynolds nostalgia cinema marvel comics xforce logan summers mutants xmen movies gamer geek nerd game delorian

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Comment from Geektak:

meggomadecosplay - Happy Humpday from Velma Dinkley! Sporting her favorite orange sweater and frilly red panties, I think she's ready to find her next clue ;) . Photo by lisstophotography / lis_sto_mcmahon . . . scoobydoo mystery jinkies geekgasm GeekStuff nerdist Gamenerd nerdgirls Gamerbabe NerdHumor ComicFan otakulove otakugamer geekedout nerdcave Geek Nerd Comics cosplay tweet

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Comment from Lena:

Lazy Saturday 🎮🤓👾 nintendo gameboy gba gameboyadvance pokemon gbapokemon sapphire lazyday saturday nerd sapphireversion

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Marnie Taylor


Comment from Marnie Taylor:

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Matheus Maciel


Comment from Matheus Maciel:

Que jogo, se soubesse que era tão bom já o teria jogado antes!!💪👊💀boatarde,gamerboy,gamer,games,gameplay ,estadoplay,playstation,xbox,ps3,xbox360,asuraswrath,asura,jogador,jogando,jogos,luta,nerds,nerd,youtube,augus,gameover,ps4,xboxone,vamosjogar,fimdetarde.

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Comment from Krieger:

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the battlefield at the start of my turn 2. This was my draw. At first I cried. There was an Imperial Knight sat on top of one objective, a Landspeeder sat on top of an objective in the dark angels deployment zone. But then I thought about it. I have the fire power and the maneuverability to pull it off. I had to bring the Knight down, so I managed to get lance shots on the side armour and 5 Haywire shots on the front. With my Warlord charging forward to finish it in combat if the shooting failed. A squad of embraces pushed forward using the Masque Detachments special rule for being able to run and charge, to attempt to bring down the land speeder and secure the far objective. Could I pull it off? eldar harlequins eldarharlequins warhammer gamesworkshop 40k paintingwarhammer darkangels deathwing ravenwing belial imperialknight tabletop tabletopgaming gaming hobby nerd geek wargame boardgame thelegionofpeterborough gamingclub the30kchannel

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🌫The Fog of War🌫


Comment from 🌫The Fog of War🌫:

💥Bronze V ADC Champion💥 . ⚠️Join me at⚠️ . Nothing feels better after a game knowing that you completely destroyed not only your lane but everyone else's as well 😂. I dislike so much being in Bronze V but moments like this make me feel a little better! If you guys play league on US add me! . [LoL] TaJaMaRu [us] [BATTLE TAG] t3ddyfluff1402 [us] . geeky nerdy geek nerd pc gaming pcgaming videogames picoftheday instagrammer instagram instagood like4like friends selfie screenshot adc saturday twitch riotgames streamer leagueoflegends lol mobas twitchtv weather war

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