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Joshua Botello


Comment from Joshua Botello:

louisianacomiccon was hella fun! Our hotel was right next to the Horseshoe casino as well as a nerd bar called The Queue Tavern. Its heading back home time and then gettung ready for Dreamhack Austin this weekend! . . . . . bar nerd zelda legendofzelda gamer nintendo comiccon comics shreveport Louisiana friends grub

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Comment from cocobella:

nerd nerdglasses newglasses👓 me brillenschlange 👓

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❌Stand Still.Stay Silent❌

Comment from ❌Stand Still.Stay Silent❌:

*when ur in french class bored and just start editing pictures* 👌 staypeculiarwiccanfantasycoolemololidyedhairanimeotakupeculiardunnoselfienerdgeekanimewitchkawaiigreencosplayercosplayanimeotakumagickpaganwitchgoddessqueenwigmakeupcostumecuteflowercrownasthetic

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M.o.double z


Comment from M.o.double z:

This is the geek version of self care...artlife inspiration characterdesign conceptart dungeonsanddragons nerd

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Comment from dan_fode:

Dear crack of dawn, I know we don't always get along, but we worked good together today and I think we should do this more often! Haha 😂 morningGrind NeverSettle

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Matt Vines


Comment from Matt Vines:

Ive got quite a bit of time off this week so time binge play game Ive been meaning to play!!! videogames me nerd playstation xbox pc

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Yuri Black


Comment from Yuri Black:

It's more or less like this ;). Photo | paulo_prazeres productions producer produção rap hiphop gravadoraindependente homestudio blackmusic geek geek nerd game mylife

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Comment from zeveelia:

My photo shoot this weekend with lyraleia was no other than my VelmaDinkley cosplay from 2013! Lol I dont have many photos of her so I thought it'd be good to get some more. :) This is just a post-shoot selfie so you'll have to wait for the actual photos! cosplayer nerd nerdy nerdgirl geek geekgirl scoobydoo mystery mysteryvan velma jinkies girlswhocosplay cosplaylove cospositivity plussize plussizecosplay plussizecosplayer girlwithglasses oldglasses sweater orangeyougladididntsayorangeagain crimesolver freckles

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Level 570 Im a Dude


Comment from Level 570 Im a Dude:

Day 6: Favorite Skin- Strike Commander Morrison, I also like Captain Amari, Blackwatch Reyes and the new Lieutenant Willhelm skins mostly because they show the old stories of Overwatch - - - - Partners playboyshimada ow.shimada genji_mada reddeadmcree lovedvaoverwatch meionnaise - - - - - overwatch genji shimada voltron Zarya mei ana mercy tracer competitive lucio blizzard playofthegame meme memes anime videogames hahaha nerd stevenuniverse su paladins tyra viktor blizzardentertainment xboxone soldier76 LegendofZelda

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Comment from Bane:

Wolverine dragon marvelmarveluniversewolverinexmennerdmarvelcomicsgeekdragonloganmarvelfanboymarvelfangirlmarvelfandommarvelnerdmarvelgeekdragonsmutantfanartfanart

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God Chosen us.. 🇭🇹 🇵🇪


Comment from God Chosen us.. 🇭🇹 🇵🇪:

glasses nerd grownnsexy peruvian peru me goodvibes smile l4l f4f instadaily instapic fun picoftheday instagood longhairdontcare lol florida broward 954 libra cute me followme happy sun selfie happy

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Sebastien King


Comment from Sebastien King:

What a colorful day chemistry work nofilter nerd balloons kingsday paris

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Batman & Catwoman


Comment from Batman & Catwoman:

Batman: Gotham Adventures, 33. batman joker catwoman nightwing superman flash wonderwoman aquaman justiceleague dccomics marvel avengers harleyquinn poisonivy batcat captainamerica starwars disney legobatman gamer ironman nerd batmanandcatwoman suicidesquad geek Gotham deadpool like4like comics spiderman

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Logan Toxic


Comment from Logan Toxic:

One last picture from the del Toro exhibit in MSP. This one is obviously from panslabyrinth horror horrorhound horrorfilms horrormovies love instagood good photooftheday instamood moviegeek geek geeky nerd nerdy moviebuff movienight moviereviews picoftheday beautiful

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Ryan Lightbourn


Comment from Ryan Lightbourn:

Asus hits the SBC market with Tinker Board. Same form factor as Raspberry Pi 2/3. Can't wait to bench it against Odroid C2. asus sbc leica sony a7 kodi singleboardcomputer raspberrypi filmmaker 8bit 16bit engineering retrogaming emulator retropie arcade motherboard 3dprinting geek linux android nerd macro macrophotography blackandwhite cinematographer indiefilm filmmaking filmdirector technology

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💖💖emo queen💖💖


Comment from 💖💖emo queen💖💖:

Ugly hospital selfie :'( i will start replying soon!! Sorry for all the delays xxx . . . . . bbw biggirl fat bdsm hot underwear boobplay emo emogirl rockchick metalgirl metalchick emohair musicfreak fangirl bvb blackveilbrides askingalexandria blackhair me tease geek nerd geekygirl nerdgirl emohair emomakeup gamergirl boobs tits hugetits boobplay

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MCubed Cosplay


Comment from MCubed Cosplay:

"Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection" - Simon Pegg 📷: theleilalewis 👗: heruniverse photoshoot mcubed mcubedcosplay jumping r2d2 r2 fun nerd nerdgirl nerdygirl starwars starwarsfan starwarsnerd geek redhair redhead passion white droids

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Couch Gamers


Comment from Couch Gamers:

limitededition sniper sniperghostwarrior3 fan sammlung sammlerstück shirt tasse armband nerd fashion bag game besonders aufgehts

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bio nerd


Comment from bio nerd:

Argh completely forgot to revise poetry this easter which means I am stressing because someone thought it would be a good idea to test us on 15 poems!!! 🙈

3 Minutes ago

Rubi & Friends


Comment from Rubi & Friends:

Today's genius: Steven Spielberg. One of the film school nerds who came to redefine Hollywood starting in the 1970s. Invented the blockbuster & the big summer movie. For a while was the measure for great directing. A few missteps along the way, but over all a very amazing career! What's your favorite Spielberg movie??? 🤔 Happy Monday!

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