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Jesse Johnson


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Comment from kinachova:

This is what I found on one of the wards. Yes, never give up, no matter how hard life you got, just stand up from knees and do steps ahead! nevergiveup staystrong positivethinking hospital hcalife immigrants nightshift

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Dave McGann


Comment from Dave McGann:

New Collab I put together using the iMovie app and I'm so proud. Starring: yessimtheprincess & raredavon ! 🎥: rarecassie & 🎶: iamfinatic katysupplyvapes hushhemp vape tricklyfe teamcoolsmoketricks spam fatjelly humble practice perseverance nevergiveup determined success vgod

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Dawna Smith


Comment from Dawna Smith:

Yesterday marked 11 months since a bear tried to end my life when it ran in front of my car on the highway ... I was doing 110 km/hr and hitting him was like hitting a wall! I don't remember it and the Cop said I shouldn't have walked away from it and someone had their hands on me to protect me! The impact was so great it broke all the piping off inside of the car, broke the frame, among other damage! My Sonic saved my life! I got Whiplash and Cervical/thoracic/lumbar Facet Joint Sprain (basically sprained my spine)! Trying to come back from this accident has been a challenge but I will never give up!!! "So bring on the fire tryin to burn me out, bring on the wind tryin to knock me down, bring on the rain and all of the pain cause I got faith that will never drown. Just when you think I can't take no more, I come back stronger than I was before cause when I'm down in the dust I know I'm gonna rise up even higher, than I was before cause I was born a survivor, a fighter! Lyrics from anniebosko song Fighter! myownhero_lifestyle tanfitcheapsupps reebokcanada crossfitgames crossfit teamidfa teamallmax bodybuilder figurecompetitor crossfit crossfitgirls crossfitter injuryrecovery nevergiveup fitspiration fromfattofit fighter canadiancrossfit myownhero tanfitchick reebok shutupandtrain athlete girlswholift girlswhosquat girlswithmuscle girlswhodontquit strong fit gym beastmode accidentrecovery stupidbear mycomeback

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Comment from OGGE:

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José Capó


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Comment from Andrea:

Just playing :) ,shoulders, biceps,triceps....,nevergiveup,justdoit :)

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Paris Saint German


Comment from Paris Saint German:

. . . . ‏ابرا : ساذهب وكان لا شيء حدث وساعود اقوى ، منذ مدة طويلة لعبت بقدم واحدة ، اذا ليست مشكلة ابرا : انا زلاتان ... الاستسلام ليست من خياراتي 💙❤الله الله ي ابرا 😍الكبير كبير nevergiveup forzazlatan

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Comment from HIGH BUREAU:

Si, hace subida, pero llegaremos! 👊🐂🍊 Yes, it is steep, but we'll arrive! 👊🐂🍊 📸: jolivaresggpp polyccio 44 cota nevergiveup ktm redbull motogp austin texas usa perseverance keeppushing

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🎥 Mike Hou Entertainment


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Working hard at the booth 😊 What do you think? 🎵 💡 🎬 ✨ theatre stage backstage playproduction theatreproduction rehearsals lightdesign stagelighting stagedesign sounddesign lightboard sound ​music acting actor actress performingarts arts entertainment dream nevergiveup

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Gustavo Santana


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O famoso troféu do Mr. Olympia - Joe Weider arnoldclassic ArnoldConference2017 alwaysinevolution morepower nevergiveup

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A Tri-City Girl's Journey


Comment from A Tri-City Girl's Journey:

NoFilterNoMakeup - look at this bod tho. I still got some back fat and arm fat that i wanna get rid of but I'm looking like a slim thick chick. Hey boo hey!

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Jai Jadore


Comment from Jai Jadore:

I vow to never give up on my dreams... life is too short to live on the sole purpose of pleasing other people... dreamer dreamers lovewhatido happiness dowhatmakesyouhappy dowhatyoulove yassss vow promise fleeky slay newpost nevergiveup dope JaiJadore JaEnvy5 jbabi lit melanin views confident xoxo queen blogger bloglife blackblogger blackyoutuber youtuber browngirlbloggers

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ITS CAKE / Entertainment Page


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Comment from Vzlvet:

Do not succumb to the masses ideas Or the ridicule and the judgement Of those who follow the ideas of the weak Will perish and they did fall of enlightenment Become the vision of the minds eye And carry your flame to the fire Do not wait for the fire to carry the flame to you Build, work, build, work, build, work Fall down, fail, learn, learn, earn, earn and conquer Money is the tool for a creation of the creative space Do not squander the value of a gift from a friend Family, strangers, enemies, Atheists, partisans, peddlers, people People in this ocean of hungry minds Feed, do no starve Start now, wake up now A trillion more lives will live happy before one of those trillion care a lot about your happiness Love yourself and hate only you If you don't... love newreasontosmile fight hater slumerican nevergiveup findyourbalance

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Azniv Kegeyan


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IRecognize 1915...NEVER FORGET 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲 armeniangenocide1915neveragainrecognizethearmeniangenocidemassacre1.5millionmurderstopgenocideproudArmenian1915neveragainIrecognizearmeniangenocidehayastan1915neveragain1915neverforgetnevergiveupneveragainpicofthedayazamaza

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SUFI_WORLD | Official Page ®


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Stephanie Avellino


Comment from Stephanie Avellino:

Running through fields of meadow flowers and in awe of how painful circumstances can heighten our appreciation of what is beautiful. If you are in pain, don't curl in. Open your eyes to beauty. It is there I promise. Maybe it's not a meadow or flower. Maybe it's unexpected kindness from someone or the small hand of a child. Maybe it's that man or woman who doesn't give up even when the obstacles are immense. Maybe it's peaceful solitude and space to breath. Look for beauty and let it bring a smile to your face and for a moment you will remember that there is always beauty in the midst of pain & you will have hope. nevergiveup believe hope faith love thegreatestoftheseislove meadow fieldofflowers treesaremytherapy

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Sony Dermawan


Comment from Sony Dermawan:

Who am i ??

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