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Truth. I'll always win with God on my team... Letting go of a lot of people. I've allowed certain people to be apart of my team and serve no good purpose. No real plans or future ideas. Just Wasted time! Wasted mine and there time. Honestly slowing me down. It's time to let go and move on. I can't do anymore and won't. This is my dream and I'm going to make it everything and more with God on my side. lettinggo bye newadventures newteam newmanagement new 1stladyofthewestcoast

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Angeline Santos


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Sold our first home newadventures

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Comment from izzy_grawrr:

Good morning humans ✨ Let's start the morning with a wakeandbake This red_dragon_extracts420 and slumpwax got me feeling some type of way πŸ˜‹ Thank you thcutie420 for giving me some of your red_dragon_extracts420 You are such a sweetheart. Hanging with you abra_ca_dabs with the nurses was a blast πŸŽ‰ I'm excited for this weekend πŸ‘… Ft. New Piece what should I call it? I was thinking of naming it after something from an anime πŸ€”πŸ˜œ For those of you who attended, what was your favorite part of abra_ca_dabs What did you like most about it? ilove420nurses 420nurseintern 420nurses abracadabs reddragonextracts slumpwax cannabiscommunity glob medicate newpiece wakeandbake thcutie420 goodvibes funfunfun opportunities newadventures highventures mmj glass rig 710community 420 stopdropandglob girlswhodab girlswhoglob girlswhosmoke girlswhomedicate girlswhosmokeweed ganjagirl

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Jurriaan Huting


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Ready for some new adventures! Where're you heading to? newadventures goexplore

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Comment from JCβ€’G6543:

You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens. --- Smile often Think positive Give thanks Laugh loudly Love others Dream big --- quotes goodmorning changetheworld herpnwlife herphotography pnw pnwcast pnwlife pnwliving pnwlove pnwlovin upperleftusa pacificnorthwest outdoors outdoorlife explore dream discover beautifulplace capturethemoment newdreams newadventures takingontheworld weekdays pnwcast adventureisoutthere adventureawaits exploretocreate exploremore northwestnature moresunshineplease

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Comment from Ash:

This post is strictly to document that if I begin to fly through the clouds, leap from rooftops or swim to the depths of the ocean...I overdosed on spirulina and I love all y'all. 😐 yuck superfoodsuperwoman

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Nissa Villeneuve


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This is happening. newbooks newadventures agameofthrones aclashofkings astormofswords afeastforcrows adancewithdragons georgerrmartin

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JENNI 🌸✌🏼️


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Say Yes To New AdventuresπŸ’₯ sayyesnewadventuresjustdoit newlovenewwaysenjoylifeloveeverydamndaybrighteyesshinebeyoudeepblueeyescolorfulcolorphotographylipstickjunkielovephotographyblonde

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Carlota Enseñat


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Candy Baby πŸ­πŸ­πŸ­πŸ­β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘… contadoraisland

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Comment from Jenny:

New job alert! πŸ™Œβš πŸ˜Š 3 more days at the embassy, then I begin my new adventures as the new sales coordinator for Danone's Swedish head office here in Stockholm. All I know is that hard work always pays off and Imma keep climbing til I reach where I want to me πŸ’ͺ☺ newadventures ambitious challengeyourself neversettle newjob paperssigned excited πŸŽ‰

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James Baxter


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🚐 At home. westfalia freshwesty puremichigan vwvan vanlife adventure newadventures

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Sarah De Marco


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newadventures plΓ€neschmieden summer vorfreude holidaysinitaly neapel almalficoast πŸ‹πŸ¦€πŸŸ pompeii vesuvio πŸŒ‹ ontour contuttalafamiglia mamahatdasfotogemacht

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Michelle Lees


Comment from Michelle Lees:

Enjoying our first Spring in Korea. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 lifeabroad expatlife teachers marriedlife mrsandmrs lgbtpride femmetribe loveher wifelife instagood happytogether fairytalelove soulmate bestfriend exploringtheglobe newadventures korea jeonju springtime cherryblossom smiles memories

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Comment from Tiia:

When there's no reason to stay it's better to go for new adventures movingon newadventures newcity

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Tina Howard


Comment from Tina Howard:

I love this picture so much, I want to post it here too...even if you have already seen it. sorrynotsorry newadventures πŸ“·: roll_anda

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Kim Roberts

Comment from Kim Roberts:

To old friends & new adventures 🍻 UndefinedRadio LoveStinks mustseemovie ImNotAshamed bigfilmfactory friends windycitygrille como newadventures talkradio podcast love

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Virginia Ritter


Comment from Virginia Ritter:

So as I sit here reflecting over the past 10 months in preparation of the big move on Friday, all of the sweet memories we've made within this 400 square foot garage apartment are flooding my mind. (I wish I could bottle up this house's smell and it's beautiful light.) So I've decided to take you all on a tour of our space. Share some of our memories with you. And most importantly, create a time capsule of images so that when I'm missing Pittsboro, I can come back to them and relish in our time here. So here's the first image: our gray sofa and one of my favorite windows. We weren't sure originally if we'd even be able to fit a couch in here. I moved our bed and desk a hundred times (still an ongoing joke around here) in attempts to make room for one. I searched craigslist day and night for just the right one. Something smaller, something plain, something comfy. And lo and behold this cute thing popped up for just the right price. After we picked it up, Matt and I shared its weight as we toted it up our stairs. It's so heavy. It's been here under this window ever since. Partially because it makes for the best reading spot and partially because who wants to move it again? One of my favorite things to do is open the window on a breezy day and read a book on this sofa. Our window looks over the wooded yard and driveway. I can always hear the crunching of the gravel as Matts comes home from work. And I've watched these trees flourish over the summer and bare their trunks this winter. Now I sit hear looking at all green starting to peak out once again. Such beauty. 🌿🌱 simpleliving tinygarageapartment minimalism intentionalliving zerowaste newadventures

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Comment from kingsuponthemain:

Being able to create the bridge from past and present is a tricky act to impress. Sometimes fortune blesses the bold to attempt burned bridges..and sometimes the axe and hood create malice with such a risky move. Eyes forward..strength of will is tested. To know where we will be is based on the aquisition of grace from past fires. Majesty is yours..manifest destiny forseen in a controlled conference of emotion. poem poetry poetryofig poetrycommunity poetryisnotdead poet word wordporn wordsofig slampoetry wordsmith soul ascending submission anchor sinners repent movingforward love lust relationships relationshits newloves newadventures justate full

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Comment from ny.adventure:

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Mattie Sherratt


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She's so pretty 😍 onelife liveit yachtlife newadventures spinnaker travel

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