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Twin Tittle


Comment from Twin Tittle:

आरंभ • Begin • Commencer . आरंभ aarambh begin commencer hindi english french typography artistsoninstagram instaart instapost postoftheday handlettering handmadefont handwritten art artist artoftheday pofd doodle doodlesofinstagram delhi india newbeginnings newstarts twintittle

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Comment from Lauren:

My mommy and me 💜 I had to say goodbye today as she headed back to Cape Town, my last piece of home to go and the bit that finally made me cry. It's really going to take some getting used to. The last time I moved I was 13 and it ended up taking years before I actually found myself and my feet. I know this is best for our new little family but leaving my home of 15 years is turning out to be tougher than I thought. Time to start keeping myself busy and building a home here. Change is what we make it. moving family mom mother nana adventures newstarts home capetown newcastlekzn Newcastle kzn momtrepreneur roadtrip momanddaughter movinghouse buildingahome

1 Hours ago

Renee Patricia


Comment from Renee Patricia:

Gonna miss my little friend. She's not very helpful with packing but hey she's cute and is keeping me company!

4 Hours ago

Kat - ibicci NZ


Comment from Kat - ibicci NZ:

Final baby basket after 5+years of supplying a Corporate Client for their staff family additions. I shall miss doing these. ibicci ibiccinz babygiftbasket babycookies coordinatedgifts decoratedcookies sad but newstarts

7 Hours ago

June #일상#기억을 걷는 시간...


Comment from June #일상#기억을 걷는 시간...:

goodmorning am7 newstarts

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Comment from MediumKimWicks&TheBoys:

The last 6 weeks have not gone to my plan but that's okay..Im not giving up.... rest newstarts breath nevergivingup lovethelesson

8 Hours ago

Giwrgos fratarakos


Comment from Giwrgos fratarakos:

I was smiling yesterday,I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow.Simply because life is too short to cry for anything..!! alwayssmile mood thb skiathos summerending newstarts 💪😀🙏

9 Hours ago

Lauren Ayesha Maddison


Comment from Lauren Ayesha Maddison:

Wishing the best of luck to this absolute belter of a couple on their next chapter in their life. Absolutely loved Phil since I first met him from the mental sessions to the deep conversations for hours on end about the universe. The guy even gave me the push I needed to make the steps to finally take the career path I wanted and did wonders for my confidence. Then he met the diamond Holly who I also got on with like a house on fire with straight away and I just love seeing how happy she's made my friend and vice versa. I'm really sorry I couldn't make it tonight but I know you guys are going to smash it and I'm going to come visit as soon as you're settled in you new life in Manchester . Love yous xox friends newstarts couple indep independent coolmothafuckers goingtomissyas

10 Hours ago

🌹Carina A. Gilford 🌹


Comment from 🌹Carina A. Gilford 🌹:

Something like thy KINGDOM come THY will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Something like new beginnings. What better way to endorse God almighty on earth than with dedicating lives back to Him. Today cannot even be described. Thank you God and thank-you to those who served! He shall do a new thing...! 🕊🙌🏾✨MyPastors MyFirstLady SheSlaysToo KingdomBuilders NewBeginnings NewWave baptismsunday NewStarts TPHDIsthePlaceToBe

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Christlike Chris👅


Comment from Christlike Chris👅:

months later after being inactive and I'm back- also officially single. single welcomeback newstarts

10 Hours ago

Coleman Yi


Comment from Coleman Yi:

fallvibes newstarts keeptruckin visionboard

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❤💫ZechrAltan💫🐰altay🐰 ❤


Comment from ❤💫ZechrAltan💫🐰altay🐰 ❤:

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Ben Inmon


Comment from Ben Inmon:

Summer is almost over. Wanted to share one of my favorite views. It's been a hard time just dealing with stress and anxiety in my personal life, mostly trying to figure things out. Can't thank the people that I have by my side that help me get through those stressful times. Everything always works out the way it should in the end. Good things always come after a rough patch. Sometimes you need to really step back and just look out, and take everything in. views viewswithmygal thanks navypier chicago summer readyforfall water sky motivation everythingisfine needmoreofthis newstarts ready

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Just Kim


Comment from Just Kim:

Mood AF❤❤❤ bih dont kill my vibe😍 Unapologetically Kim 😩all the feels NewStarts EclipseSeason LeftSomeStuffBehind namasteॐAF

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Vidarshana C


Comment from Vidarshana C:

mydubai dubai srilankan marriott marriottaljaddaf nightout nightlife newhair newstarts newpost newhaircut metrodubai dubai🇦🇪

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Freya Morris


Comment from Freya Morris:

7 weeks and 14 stories later, and I've finally reached a dream deadline. The collection is in. I can't control success, so I've taken to celebrating progress instead and toasting something I'm proud of. celebrating shortstories flashfiction dreams success progress livingdifferently newstarts

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Comment from 🇨🇦Wandering❤️:

I took this a year ago today. A place I feel safe and at peace. Today I feel nothing like this. Today I will drive away from my little girl who starts vet school and who will live in a different province than I for 4 years. Today my divorce is official..and I'm sensing the loss of a dream. Today....I'm sitting here wondering if what I do is enough or am I way too much as a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend.... relationships are damn hard. They're work, and they're rewarding. They're painful and sweet. They're full of memories and a future. They make my heart ache. And yet without them life is empty, so we all keep going and trying to accept all the bad with all the wonderful good of them. Today is the day where all of it feels it could topple. I want my mountain strength. mountains mybattle notavictimjustsad reminiscing memories memorieshauntme life relationships kids family divorce failures regrets newstarts keeptrying keepgoing toomuch thisview mountains strength ilooktothehills mystrength

16 Hours ago

Cotton Twist


Comment from Cotton Twist:

Back to school is looming.... If there's anyone special you need to buy for this September, then these could be your tins. What would you fill yours with? I was thinking of erasers because you can never have enough.... Any other ideas ✂️📎✏️📏📐 ???

16 Hours ago

Hideki Etchu


Comment from Hideki Etchu:

ヒズコール豊田サービスは、由美先生からのバイブルメッセージを受け取りました。十字架以外に誇りはないです。ライフチェンジは、まず私たちの内側からはじまり、本当の家族、チーム、目的に一致します。十字架だけが誇りです! His Call Toyota service was awesome!! Ps. Yumi shared bible massage!! We are proud of His Cross!! Trunsform from our inside first!! and We can be a family and team for God's kingdom!! hiscalltoyota hiscallchurch cross 十字架が誇り ライフチェンジはまず私たちから newstarts

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🌾 Your Saarthi in Business »


Comment from 🌾 Your Saarthi in Business »:

Good morning and Satsriakal! 🙏 💐 🙏 Be happy, stay blessed and enjoy your Sunday! 'The Divine Light preserves and protects the treasure, and their wealth of love, happiness, care and peace can neither be exhausted nor lost, on whom is bestowed the Glorious Greatness of God forever and ever.' Rattan Singh Shaping Life Shaping Leadership biz entrepreneur business travel leader quotes startups startuplife startupindia businessleaders businessmen businessleader leadershipquotes leadershipconference leadershipcamp leadershipacademy leadershipcoach leadershipdevelopment leadershipsummit leadershiplessons leadershipmatters leadershipprogram smallbusiness smallbiz smallbusinessowner businessopportunity newstart newstarts newstartup startupgrind

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