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The Dankest Memes


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*Dramatic Pause*

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Comment from Brelee:

There are many moments where yoga has been straight up magic to my bones. As if the practice was this elixir, exorcising the ghosts inside that came to feast on my light. But there are also moments where I feel so utterly consumed by these ghosts that all I can do is make the motions and hope that they will pass. There is this image of the yoga teacher who is always happy, peaceful and has some uplifting thing to pull out of their ass which is of course shooting out rainbows. I am a yoga teacher, and today I feel so fucking sad. There are no ass rainbows. There is just me, and how I feel. yoga yogateacher forrestyoga thoughts feelings sad no rainbows janusirsasana hold bind holdme ghosts goaway hongkong

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Suci prihatini


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Guy Boss en Eagle


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Comment from shuckin_anime_lover:

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Comment from Bagas_Putra:

No Koar. 👊

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Keyiah Merritt


Comment from Keyiah Merritt:

There are no walls here, only a grand expansiveness that is beyond what the eyes can physically see. 💙🌌 Drop into the stillness that is and has always been there... . . . ultimatetruthuniversallovenowallssacredlifeheavenlyhumanexperience

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Pατει Dαrshαη


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Bruno Gomes dos Santos


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I am who I am.


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♡Earl Piko Phantomhive♡ ._.


Comment from ♡Earl Piko Phantomhive♡ ._.:

Soo.....h-here my n-new OC Manuel Kojiro~ XD Informations about h-him: -he's 16 -bisexual -brother: Azuko { vocaloid_maj_chan } -hates people -slave from: {He hasn't a master yet...who will? Chu or ur oc's can have him as their slave. XD } -hasn't a senpai..yet.. -has white shiny eyes -loves pastel goth and Galaxy clothes -and yes this should be a Galaxy Pullover, but I can't draw Galaxy so.. >-<' meh. -pets: 2 white rats -he's a lil psycho -sometimes he doesn't answer -loves music -loves boats -likes Pockey { mitsuru_pusheen_chan } -hates Magin { mitsuru_pusheen_chan again x'3 } ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Friendship to my Oc's: Alice - 🔪 hate Mary - 🔪 hate Jeffrey - 😒nah, he's okky.. Jakob - 🍭 I wanna hug him! >~< Kanato - 🔪 hate Lemy - 🌱 Damn! I luv chu. Dark - 💜 Ur awesome! Useless - 😷 Idk.. Victor - 💙 Give me a hug -3- Aki - 🌸 Your so cute! ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ So...~ x'3 .. Opinion? Critiscm a-are welcome! \^^/ [Hashtags] alice_senpais_oc alice_senpais_oc_manuel manuel manu creepy boi creatur galaxy cat neko tentacle no pastelgoth shinyeyes whiteeyes shutupsenpai

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Yokendry D Finition


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Yeymineli Hernandez


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Phillip Lobban


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Victor Bryan Alrcon


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🎗陳陳璿合🎗Coco Shen 💅🏻 合 🐒 CIO 💋


Comment from 🎗陳陳璿合🎗Coco Shen 💅🏻 合 🐒 CIO 💋:

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Marlon Rodrigues


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