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Comment from Lloyd Batungbakal:

No Carb Thursday . Grilled chicken, Roasted Brussels sprouts & Boiled eggs . I need some New Recipe. Slide it on the DM . #mealprep #nocarbs

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Comment from Sean:

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Comment from Michelle Lynn Smith:

Dinner was on Point! As I did on Monday, tonight's dinner featured romaine lettuce. Why? Because I still have a bunch left from Monday. 👍 . . Turkey Burger Lettuce Wraps! Served with Butternut Squash Seasoned Fries. Yum! 🍔🍟

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Comment from marti:

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and go for it! . Thinking about trying a box of wraps? Retail price, $99. Thinking about getting a second job? Wish you could work from home? Sick of making payment arrangements on bills? . Join my adventure today for $99 AND you get those four wraps included. I will teach you how to run w it from there. . Worse case scenario?? You paid full retail for a box of wraps. . I only have three more spots open in January! Message me if you want one and let's get running! 💖

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Comment from marti:

😱HOLY HECK! I've got to get back to wrapping weekly!. 🙈 . "I don't even know what to say, my wrap results are insane!! LIKE OH MY GOSH!!!!!! 😭 27 days postpartum c-section. This is 4 wraps in 12 days 😳🙌🏽"

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Comment from marti:

😂😂Just kidding!! . But...If there was a 💊 pill made from natural ingredients that would absorb 70% CARBS 🍝 and 30% of FATS from your meals 🍰🍕🌭, and only cost $25 for a month's supply... would you take it?!? . . PS! I'm down 25 lbs w these and changing my diet and working out (since mid-Oct)!

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