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Comment from Prettyko:

Random pics👀🤳😛😗💋💞✌. latepost selfie swipeleft slideleft planetfitness gymlife fitness toningup noexcuses fitnessmom weightlossjourney workinprogress treadmill dedication motivation determination discipline gymlife weightlossjourney fitnessjourney instafit igfitness gymlover fitnessgoals hardworkpaysoff progressnotperfection noh8 snapchatfilters

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Comment from tara97:

Lunch made simple, guilt free and with all the flavor... like me! Lettuce wraps, black beans, avocado, cherry tomatoes and very hot sauce. preptoplatein5 plantbased nocruelty fitfood noexcuses

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Spencer Jay Photo


Comment from Spencer Jay Photo:

We have created a Brand Ambassador program that gives back! . Madera’s officially recruiting Brand Ambassador’s Worldwide!! We’re on the search for passionate individuals that connect with Our hammocks and brand, as well as with the community around them!!! 🤘🏽👊🌅 . Brand Ambassadors help others connect with madera by promoting our product in positive & active posts on the interwebs, or by simply sharing a promo code with others. In return we pay you green money dollar bills for every resulting sale!!!! Apply as soon as possible at or click the link in our bio!!! ❤️ . . . . strength noexcuses hike snow outdoorsy staypositive cardio idaho bouldering TreesfortheFuture blackdiamond naturepic outdoors USA mountain hammocklife youcandoit scenery naturelife lifestylepoints canon sendit backcountry freeskier strong

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Comment from LIFEinBALANCE (Hana):

Life is actually not happening to you, Life is responding to you. finessgirl fitspiration fitfam fitspo shape jestemshape igers fitnessmotivation motywacja workout excercise trening zdrowo healthy getfit getitdone getfit getstrong gym gymmotivation sweat eatclean fitlife noexcuses nopainnogain gymlife fitnessstudio selfie gymselfie nopainnogain

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Comment from luciano:

Stretching my muscles to avoid more injuries💯🤕 gym lunch pool bikini bodybuilding life strong beastmode fitness fit summer beach love stretching muscle animal gopro respect nevergiveup noexcuses model top puertorico

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Alvin Marshall


Comment from Alvin Marshall:

My client DJ is a straight BALLER, you can put him around anybody and he will stand out. TRWF CERTIFIED 🙌🏾 Hit my DM/inbox to book your session. proudtrainer love teach excercise Dedication Motivation Determination Noexcuses NoDaysOff LifeStyle Strong TrainHard GetFit Inspiration workhard hardwork football Focus Goals youthSports trwf_team Practice GoHard nice cleats fast preparation runfaster

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Comment from THE GAINS REPORT:

Bitcoin (Exchange: BTC=-USS) was trading as high as $2,185.89 in the early hours of Monday morning, hitting a fresh record high, after first powering through the $2,000 barrier over the weekend, according to CoinDesk data. the_gains_report 👊🏽💥🚀💥 newera research changelives savelives health fitness CBD cbdoil canabis cannabinoid openyourmind biotech invest 🤑Gains pennystocks fuckfear Alpha Stocks Wallstreet Forbes education Groundbreaking WorldWide GainsonDeck PTSD Veterans noexcuses Biotech

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Nicola Smith


Comment from Nicola Smith:

My first 30+ minute run without stopping (31 minutes to be exact!) All previous runs have been with a short walk and then straight back in to a run, and my best try to date has been 20 mins running, 2 mins walking, 10 mins running, but this I'm super proud about 💪🏼 I just can't believe how quickly you can build your resilience and fitness when you put your mind to it. The body is amazing ❤️couchto5k c25kweek5 pushingmyself run imarunnernow doingmybest mindovermatter almost5k bodymagic weightloss weightlossmotivation extraeasy onplan foodoptimising foodpic determined noexcuses slimmingworld slimmingworldfood slimmingworldmafia slimmingworldmeals slimmingworlduk slimmingworldsupport food eat hungry

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🍀 Life is beautiful 🍀


Comment from 🍀 Life is beautiful 🍀:

A balance diet is a pizza slice in each hand 🍷🍕BalancedLifestyle 🍕 🍕 🍕 pizza dinner Olivia Oslo weekend yummy foodporn instafood helårskroppen fitfam motivation aldrigvila treningsglede inspiration minresaräknas tränahårthållkäft dedication healthy lasvegas treningsforum fitnessbloggen noexcuses workhardplayhard tyngre satselixia flagnorfail icaniwill flagom fitspo

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Jessica Berube


Comment from Jessica Berube:

You know what is crazy!!??? You can get every single freaking program at your fingertips with the all access pass!! Hip problems no worries Knee issues no worries Back problems no worries No problems NO WORRIES There is a program for everyone!! We work together to find a good fit for your first program, then we re-evaluate and choose a second program to continue with, and so on and so forth. Never getting bored. Never loosing momentum. NEVER QUITTING! AND!!! They all come with nutrition plans!!YEAH BUDDY! Motivation is included in the package deal because you get me as your one on one lifetime accountability partner!! Let's do this!! I have 10 more slots open for JUNE and we will be starting right on the 1st so we want to get this going now!! If you are ready to take control of your health and get into the best shape of your life in the most convenient of ways that will stick with you forever, comment "IM IN". Let's chat!!! busylifefitlife thetimeisnow

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Leah Birker


Comment from Leah Birker:

Quick fix? NOT a chance! Hard work? Level 10 every single day! Determination? 6 days a week NO excuses! lifelongjourney hardwork level10 noexcuses determinedtorise fitnessjourney ichoosehealth ican iwill eatclean traindirty eatyourveggies

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Diana Briceño


Comment from Diana Briceño:

It's "easy" to do things when things are going smoothly in life. The real challenge begins when you feel the challenge from the different obstacles thrown at you. It's fight or flight. You fear the unknown. You fear failure. You fear having a lack of expertise. You let this fear derail you and you concoct an excuse as to why you will not attempt to try and get yourself to rise above the turmoil. Our brains sometimes enjoy formulating these excuses, it becomes a pattern, a vicious cycle where unpredictability reigns and consumes you. Don't accept the crap your mind feeds you. Maybe you don't feel strong but you are. It's up to you to try and change things to work in your favor. When life gets tough, act tougher, show it who's the boss! When I started I had a "fake it till you make it" attitude. I wasn't confident but I made sure my actions were those of someone who is in control. Eventually I was no longer faking my determination and my desire to succeed. I evolved into someone who chooses to believe in herself even when the odds are not in my favor. Do I still battle the thoughts? ALWAYS! But I choose to not accept them as a fact, I make myself always give myself an opportunity until I get it right. Don't give up on yourself. Just because you're in a sticky situation it doesn't mean you're destined for failure. Wipe those tears and let's get to work!

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Robert Schleifer


Comment from Robert Schleifer:

postworkout plantbased protein berries pineapple chiaseeds hempseed flaxseed banana delicious noexcuses

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The League Fitness

Comment from The League Fitness:

Day 1 of 365 today I embark on my journey to compete in my first Show ever! I will track my whole process on here and my YouTube page as well! Wish me luck! My coach will be purep0wer theleague darkspartan roadtopro

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Comment from 🌴🇩🇴🇨🇺🇺🇸:

"Victory belongs to Jesus, victory belongs to him.." 🙏🏽🕊🏙 Faith Model TLC

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Olena Danylchuk


Comment from Olena Danylchuk:

Great inspiraton from super flexy Martha! Did u do your stretching already? polefitness pole poleart poleartist polesport polefit poledancersofinstagram powerpole polepassion poleaddict poleaddiction mcm wcw fitfam fitness transformationtuesday quotes inspiring motivation youcandoit justbringit dreambig success staypositive noexcuses socialenvy active focus dedication

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Comment from favorito_kokito:

💏Because with u i Feel home

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Jon Rogers


Comment from Jon Rogers:

Getting my cardio done at home today! Grandma got me working on everything haha

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Comment from R O B Y N B U Z Z I:

CAN WE TALK??::::::: I’ve been chatting with a few that tell me they would love to be in my challenge group but “I am not a shake drinker, I like real food and SHAKEOLGOY is way too expensive. " -- Hey, I know where you’re coming from. I actually refused to give into the whole “SHAKEOLOGY” thing. (I lied to my coach and said I had ordered it.) They Said “ Let me check my computer and see if it went through! BUSTED. I didn't understand the value. I didn't know the difference between shakeology and the others! I went to Costco and bought a giant bag of Protein Powder! Do you know what’s in those?? A lot of ARTIFICIAL ingredients, SOY and HIGH FRUCTOSE to name a few… What they don’t have are real whole food ingredients -- So what exactly is the deal with shakeology? It’s nutrients, including carbs and fiber, probiotics, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This is a healthy, complete meal that helps me fill in the nutritional gaps where needed. I’m kind of on the picky side as well so this gives me what I need. I also get busy and forget to eat! Yes, I do that sometimes as well and this is my go to! -- This is absolutely NOT a diet thing, a fad or some kinda magical weight loss drink. It’s NOT a QUICK FIX! (Those don’t work). -- Shakeology in a nutshell: FILLS the nutritional gaps Provides energy Cuts the cravings Keeps me full up to 3 hours Promotes HEALTHY weight loss Lowers blood sugar and cholestrol- naturally. -- YES! It does ALL those things without fillers, artificial flavors, colors and ingredients. And DID you KNOW::::: it even has a shelf life- because real food does. -- So I will tell you what you can expect:: You’ll lose weight. YES!! You’ll see and feel a difference in the first week. YES!! -- Here’s the thing, I am definitely not a nutritionist, a weight loss expert, or a trainer. I’m sharing with you my tools to help you meet your goals- Shakeology is one of them. -- If you want to join my Fit for Summer Group, shakeology is part of that. You’ll see me in there Everyday, SUPPORTING YOU! The meal plans, recipes are part of that. The community is part of that. The accountability is part of that.

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Comment from Marco:

Beast mode activated 🦍 if you don't do it no one else will do it for you. Stay positive be humble and always give your best dont let small setbacks kill your vibe, laugh at your mistakes and learn from them, you don't know everything, we still have much to learn and when you realize you still have a lot to learn you will see major changes in your life. 💪🏽 gym gymrat gymshark fit fitspo fitness fitnessmotivation bodybuilder bodybuilding cleaneating healthyfood inspire inspired instagood instagram instadaily zyzz food goodvibes goodmorning positivevibes like4like sunny summertime gains train training trainhard tattoo noexcuses

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