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Lou /|\/💀\/|\


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1. Hi! Ahhhh thank you *hugs tight* awe never be scared to message me. I'm always down to talk 2. I like you too! ~ 🌸Pretty Boy🌸 • • Go compliment a stranger! • • <><><><><><><><><><><><><> aro ace mtf ftm genderfluid genderqueer agender abro lgbtq lithro lgbtqia lgbtpride nonbinary pan poly hotlines ace asexual aro aromantic pansexual demisexual bisexual cupiosexual lithsexual lithro recipsexual androsexual gynesexual poly asexualagenda complimentastranger larainbowlocator ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hotlines! Suicide: 1-800-784-8433 Bullying: 1-800-420-1479 Self Harm: 1-800-336-288 1-800-334-4357 Eating Disorders: 1-847-831-3438 Rape/Sexual Assault: 1-800-656-4673 Life Line: 1-800-273-8255 Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386 Grief Support: 1-650-321-3438 Runaway: 1-800-843-5200 1-800-843-5678 Police: 911(us)(999 uk) Depression: 1-630-482-9696 Samaritans(UK): 08457-90-90-90 National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Domestic Violence:1-800-799-7233 1-800-787-3224 Trans Lifeline: (US) 877-565-8860 (Canada) 877-330-6366 Texting Line: 741741 Addiction: 1-800-839-6129 TeenLine: 1-310-855-4673

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| Sie verehren | - - Remember to take your medications To eat some food and drink Get a good night rest! I love you all💋 . . ~💀Schatten Prinz👑 Personal: Blume.konig tumblrboy aromantic asexual grunge blackandwhite ftm gay genderqueer lgbt shadowprince love transboys aesthetic nonbinary pansexual polyamorous tumblrboypride tumblr transgender

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allofus apparel


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lepagestewart representing allofus ❤️ . . . inclusive local yxe nonbinary twospirit transgender lgbt lgbtq lgbtpride gay straight allies womeninbusiness feminism

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| Dich zu lieben | - - Remember to take your medications To eat some food and drink Get a good night rest! I love you all💋 . . ~💀Schatten Prinz👑 Personal: Blume.konig tumblrboy aromantic asexual grunge blackandwhite ftm gay genderqueer lgbt shadowprince love loveislove aesthetic nonbinary pansexual polyamorous tumblrboypride tumblr transgender

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Alfie Krissy Scott


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I don't care about what a person looks like or what they can give me. I care about whether or not they're a twat 👍🏻 transgender selfie queer ftm gay tomboy trans lgbt androgynousbeast outfit instagay lesbian picoftheday androgynous pride instaselfie nonbinary instagood style ootd instalike photooftheday genderqueer thisiswhattranslookslike styles

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| Mein Fehler | - - Remember to take your medications To eat some food and drink Get a good night rest! I love you all💋 . . ~💀Schatten Prinz👑 Personal: Blume.konig tumblrboy aromantic asexual grunge blackandwhite ftm gay genderqueer lgbt shadowprince love transboys aesthetic nonbinary pansexual polyamorous tumblrboypride tumblr transgender

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Comment from Anna:

Vi har det rätt bra vi 😻😽 minaprinsar brödernagrus söndagsfeeling catsareforever catsareawesome LillaTrassel StoraTusse littlefamily instacat räddningskatter homesweethome instagay beyourself nonbinary

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♥️ 🏳️‍🌈


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It's your turn aces ! Here's a few people who are asexual, just like you. - Elise 1. David Jay : he founded the Asexual Visibility and Education network (also known as AVEN) in 2002, and is an activist. Amazing guy. 2. Janeane Garofalo : actress, stand up comedian, feminist. You might have seen her on the show Wet Hot American Summer. 3. Steven Patrick Morrissey : singer from the former band The Smiths. I'm pretty sure you heard his beautiful voice, as the song How Soon Is Now ? was the one in the credits of Charmed. Yup, that one song that gets stuck in your brain every time you hear it. 4. Paula Poundstone : stand up comedian, and she is hilarious, seriously. . . . lgbt love gay gayisokay gaypride gayrights lesbian lesbianpride bisexual bipride genderfluid trangender transpride questioning queer equality pansexual asexual asexualpride marriageequality noh8 ace aromantic nonbinary demisexual homosexual homo loveislove

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A Safe Space For Everyone


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Damn right! ~Alex . . gay pronounsmatter binder lgbt lgbtq lesbian lgbtposts lgbtpride gaypride gayteens cisgender cis pansexual pan bi bisexual lovewins queer trans transgender lgbtqiap lgbtqiapride asexual genderfluid nonbinary

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Anna Jakobsson Lund


Comment from Anna Jakobsson Lund:

Mat är det perfekta sättet att skapa stämning i en historia. Ofta överanvänder jag det, och får höra att det låter som "Fem letar en skatt och äter en smörgås"-böckerna. Då brukar jag sudda lite. Den här scenen tänker jag dock inte ta bort, när Ari och hens vän Jenna äter våfflor. Jag menar, världen behöver fler våfflor, inte färre, eller hur?

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Comment from O S K A R:

🎃⭐ trans nonbinary glitter PWRBTTM queer newwave goth avantgarde

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Love Equality 📎


Comment from Love Equality 📎:

Sorry I've been inactive I'll try post more ❤️💛💚💙💜 - lgbt lesbian gay bi pansexual asexual panromantic biromantic omniromantic bisexual omnisexual transgender genderfluid nonbinary genderflux demiboy demigirl lgbtqappdi lovewind loveislove equality

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Comment from _we_will_get_equality:

took this from lgbt.heroes.- lily🖤 Hotlines : Childline: 0800 1111 Samaritans: 08457 909090 Abuse Not: 0808 8005015 Brook Young People's Information Service: 0800 0185023 Eating Disorder Support: 01494 793223 Anxiety UK: 0844 477 5774 Depression Alliance: 0845 123 23 20 Rape Crisis Centre: 01708 765200 Rape/sexual assault: 0808 8000 123 (female) or 0808 8000122 (male) • • • • • humanrights equity equality selfconfidence q qia positive believeinurself support gaypride transsupport equalityaccount burself beyourself youbeyou ubeu youbyou humans weareallhuman respect helpeachother berespectful nonbinary agenderpride genderfluidpride genderequality pansexuality bisexuality gay

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I fixed it because not just 'girls and ladies' are targeted. But spread this as much as possible, and apologies for the horrible editing. I did it quick ~ Mikey pansexual panromantic panpride lgbt lgbtq saga loveislove stophate lesbian gay bisexual transgender mtf ftm demigirl demiboy genderfluid agender queer nonbinary asexual aromantic polysexual demisexual genderqueer omnisexual lgbtrights equallove intersectionalfeminism blm My accounts candyflossdragon idolyouu

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ascend to the queers' call


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~Oliver. . . . . . Crisis Text Line (Text "Connect" to "741741" to talk to a trained professional) American based service for anything on your mind that may cause you pain. Lgbt Lgbtq Lgbtqia Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Transexual Queer Intersex Genderqueer Demiboy Demigirl Nonbinary Agender Bigender Genderfluid Transboy Transgirl Saga Pansexual Asexual Demisexual Pride Gayrights Lgbtpride

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Spreadin Gay As We Walk Ur Way


Comment from Spreadin Gay As We Walk Ur Way:

😂😂😂😂~ Tal • • • lgbt lgbtq pride gaymarriage gay gayboy gaygirl lesbian bisexual bi pansexual asexual nonbinary trans transgender transsexual ftm mtf queer loveislove alllivematter meme memes emo

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Owner: Tay☆


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-Alice lgbt lgbtq queer genderqueer gay lesbian lgbtqa asexual demisexual pansexual polysexual pride queerpride 🏳️‍🌈 bisexual homosexual aromantic biromantic panromantic transgender trans nonbinary demigirl demiboy demigender

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❤ Safe place for everyone ❤


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I forgot to tell yall that I got a new haircut a few days ago 😅😆👌 ~🍌 :: tags :: gay lesbian bisexual demisexual polysexual pansexual asexual fraysexual transsexual transgender genderqueer genderfluid nonbinary agender aromantic demiromantic panromantic biromantic polyromantic frayromantic transromantic youarevalid lgbt lgbtq lgbtqa transgirl transboy greysexual

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🌸Safe Space


Comment from 🌸Safe Space:

Yay! I'm so happy for her. I love when celebrities come out because it give young lgbtq+ children someone to look up to an connect to! 🌈tags: { lgbtq lgbt gay bisexual pride pansexual asexual genderexpression asexual aromantic sexuality gender lgbt lgbtq safespace gsa lesbian nonbinary trans transgender theythem pronuons }

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Accepting admins!


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My right eye is rlly weird and i have glasses for it ~Tea gay loveislove nonbinary lesbian

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