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Brittney René


Comment from Brittney René:

The shoulder pump today was reeeaaalll 🙌🏽 I'm just ready to be lean af so my shape comes through more! In my short 6mo off season I was able to put on some significant size. I'm psyched to see the end product! 😆 . ---------------------- 💎 For Competition Prep, Online Training, and Business Inquiries Email: 💎 ---------------------- teamrene teamheugly EatMoreBingeLess FlexibleDieting fitchick bodypositivity loveyourself love lift behappy fitfam fitspo cardio gym fitness girlswholift guyswholift weightlifting npc npcbikini npcfigure npcmensphysique npcwomensphysique bodybuilding ifbbbikini ifbbfigure ifbbmensphysique classicphysique

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Keely Edwards


Comment from Keely Edwards:

When your lifting belt informs you of just how small your waist has become.. But hey, I'll take it 😜 kkf NPC bikinicompetitor prep npcmidwest 10weeksout

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Comment from OJ:

Coming Soon npc

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IFBB PRO Andy Perez🇵🇷


Comment from IFBB PRO Andy Perez🇵🇷:

It's about FAMILY 😜😜😜 LETS TURN UP AND HAVE SOME FUN THIS WEEKEND AT THE citylimitschampionships npc npcnews npcwear npcnewsonline npctexas npctx texasbodybuilding ifbb ifbbpro ifbbproleague ifbbpromensphysique mensphysique mensphysiquepic mensphysiquepro mensphysiquenews mensphysiquecompetitor fitfam fitfamsa getflawlesshair familyfirst citylimits2017 citylimitspro winthekeytothecity

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Pedro Maldonado


Comment from Pedro Maldonado:

We will see where we are going to be in the future! 💪🏻 building muscle now and enjoying the process to see where I'm going to be comparing to this! I'm sure I'll be much better 😁💪🏻👌🏻iifym culturismoportuguês bodybuilding fitnessportugal lift swoldier ifbb npc ifbbpro npcbikini npcfigure wbff wbffpro ifbb ifbbbikini physique ifbbportugal motivation workout alphalete gymshark pardomasathletes bodyengineers fitspiration fitnessinspiration trainhard grindharder teampostiga everforward bulk ripped

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Michael & Natalie 💍Athletes

Comment from Michael & Natalie 💍Athletes:

Try the amazing impact whey isolate from MYPROTEIN. This is what we us and we love it. Tastes great and mixes so easily. All ingredients tried and tested for purity. Go to the link in our bio for a direct link to all MYPROTEINS product line. Amazing prices on every thing you could ever need to start fuelling your ambition today! protein nutrition healthy fitstagram fitstagram bikinicompetitor npc supplements awesome amazing deals myprotein teammyp lift work women girls bodybuilding throwbackthursday thursday gymlife gymmotivation justdoit ontario canada toronto myproteinca myproteinus myproteinuk

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Billy Fidiadis


Comment from Billy Fidiadis:

Getting that 3D look back slowly 👀 physique physiquecompetitor menphysique mensphysique mensphysiquepic fit fitness fitnessmodel fitmenu classicphysique muscle pump aesthetic aesthetics dslsupplements apq cbbf ifbb npc quebecmuscle

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Natalie Carr


Comment from Natalie Carr:

TBT to being a backstage expediter at the inaugural IndianaMuscle 💪🏼 Seriously, working backstage at this show is always one of my favorite times of year. Most of the competitors are competing for the first time and I love being able to help them through the process as calmly as possible. And my girls know I have their back when it comes to checking suits and putting shoes on 💁🏼It's all about the experience and I want people to love this sport as much as I do for all the same reasons. On another note, if anyone needs an extra backstage expediter, gimme a shout! I'm always down to help out with anything! ThrowbackThursday Backstage NPCIndiana ProBikiniGirlWrangler SmallButMighty MuscleBaby PositiveVibesOnly VibeWithMe DonutKillMyVibe

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Comment from GIOVANNA (GiGi):

Tbt Teen,Collegiate and Masters National Championships 2016 Look what came in the Mail today!!! mastersnationalsnpcnewsonline nationals2016npcnpcbikini npcnewsonlinebodybuildingproud motivationfitover45

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Jacob Kekulani Hurst


Comment from Jacob Kekulani Hurst:

Nitrogen ice cream? Yes, please.

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Comment from Dave:

By no means am I an expert, but I have learned quickly that if you're not eating right all those efforts in the gym are really pointless. If you want to get big, or shred fat you need to get yourself on a good, clean diet and be dedicated to it. Is it easy? Fuck no. Do I want to demolish a large meat lovers pizza? Fuck yea! But I know that to get to my goals I need to stay on track. For those that say mealprep is hard, are just lazy. Take one day out of your week, spend a few hours prepping and be set for the week. I'm a single dad with 2 teens working 40hrs a week, preparing for a npc physiqueshow No excuses, do you want it? teamallen teamwarfit iamwarfit tuffwraps biker gymtime lifegoal colorado 40andfit beardedandmuscles gymlife goldsgym veteran ironaddict fattofit fattofitjourney trusttheprocess shredded

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Comment from 🚨BIG DOG SUPS ATHLETE🚨:

Chest day with the best robson_s_a bigdogsupps motivation abs gains gymlife fitness fitnessfreak npc tattoos bodybuilding muscles fitnessmotivation trainhard doyouevenlift swolelifeornolife beast physic like4like instafit fit swolemates flex love family dedication strength ripped shredded squats lifestyle beach

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Mark Hummel


Comment from Mark Hummel:

teamhammerfit Athlete hannahnicholefit debuting our first version Team Hammer Fit ladies cover up. Watch for these coming soon to a show near you! ⚒💪🏻😊 bikini npc npcbikini physique flex beautiful workout gear girlswithmuscle bodybuilding bodybuilder fitfreak fitfam neversettle noexcuses motivation beastmode contestprep fitlife gymrat gains fitness grow gainpost fitnessaddict fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation hammerfit aesthetic teamhammerfit

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Taylor Martinez


Comment from Taylor Martinez:

Fitness is not about being better than someone. Fitness is about being better than the person you were yesterday. You can only fail if you quit. Constantly pushing myself harder, and harder in the gym! Getting ready for Cali 💪🏽😊💯🏋🏽squat pushpress gains lightweight muscle fitfam ifbb ifbbbikini ifbbpro npc npcbikini npcfigure bodybuilding instalike like4like crossfit legday tattoo gym instafollow instafit instahealth eatclean like4like gymmotivation fitspiration fitnessmotivation gymshark fitnessmodel fitnessinspiration swolefie

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Anthony Carlsen


Comment from Anthony Carlsen:

9 days out. Much leanz💪🏾.Many focusez.🤔 Lotta fish. 🐠 . . bodybuilding aesthetics fitfam fitness health bulkingseason ifbb npc shredz shredzarmy gym workout calisthenics chestday armday

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Chance Causey


Comment from Chance Causey:

SHOP DANNYMIAMI NOW .com dannymiami_ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥HOT MENS FASHIONS. UNDERWEAR ALWAYS FIT GOOD AND FEEL GOOD✔️ . . . Fitness Ripped instafit guyswholift physique npc trainhard crossfit fitspo fitfam bodybuilding beastmode abs Mensunderwear shredded motivation fashion sexymen Happy fitnessmotivation malemodel sandiegofitness fitnessfollowers mensfashion abs ifbb fitnesssponsor biceps model

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Ryan Mandis


Comment from Ryan Mandis:

You can always add veggies to a prepped4successtf meal if you want to! Don't let that stop you from trying these out. For 100 bucks a week you have 3 meals a day for your whole week! Most people spend a lot more on eating out for lunch and regular groceries. Let them help you save time and money! prepped4success npcsouthernidahoshowdown fitfood twinfallsidaho mealprepservice novicemensphysique npc npccompetitor feedthemuscles teambelleforce

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Comment from thefitpremed:

** sorry how weird my hands look here😂** Daily vitamins! Vitamins are an essential part of your day as they provide a lot of nutritional benefits to your system. These are also known as micronutrients(zinc, magnesium, essential vitamins such as A, B, C , D, etc.) and should be taken in tiny amounts. Most people will take any type of Vitamin because they are likely not getting enough from the foods they eat. It is important to remember that to much of one can cause deficiencies. Here I have some of my essentials that I take for numerous reasons. 1. Fish Oil: this provides you with omega-3 fatty acids, including the most common DHA and EPA. Also good for healthy cholesterol levels and a positive mood. 2. Probiotic: live bacteria and yeats that are good for your health, especially your digestive track. When good bacteria is lost, probiotics replace them, as well as balance both good and bad to keep your bkdy running like it should. 3. Multivitamin: The grand daddy of them all!!! this is not to be looked at as a replacement in your diet, but as a back up if you are lacking essential vitamins. Most people take this if they have a dietary imbalance or are not eating enough foods that have those vitamins. 4.St. Johns Wort: A mood enhancer. Also great for those who have depression. Some others I take are TruZMA and colon cleanser. The colon cleanser basically just helps keep your track clear. TruZMA is by my favorite brand, PEScience, is for both male and female. It Supports strength & power, Supports sleep quality, and Supports testosterone. It contains trufulvic, which is quality purified shilajit ( Google: an ancient herbal substance containing over 85 minerals and trace elements the human body needs to function optimally and fulvic acid which helps the body absorb these minerals at a cellular level. ).

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Cindy McDonald


Comment from Cindy McDonald:


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