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I escaped death twice, been through several back stabbings/deceit in my life and I'm still here. Glory to my lord and savior Jesus Christ for letting me find him. #Amen #only #Jesus #saves

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❤️🦋🌞Later in the day: But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." -2 Corinthians 12:9 Thank you God, I saw you in all my movements today because I wanted you so bad. This dream is okay. #thankfulforyou #only moments in time. ❤️The lessons

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I left my Moms at 14... graduated HS living in a hotel room. Currently OWN 2 homes getting my 3rd built. Couple cars some savings and ability to keep my siblings from ever having to do what I did. I can't see how some ppl don't have faith in a higher power. No way I could be solely responsible for all the fortune in my life. Someone is blessing me! And I'm grateful to the most high 🙏🏽💪🏽 #Watch #the #techno #trap #motivation #streetstyle #college #is #not #the #only #way #training #perseverance #hard #work #pays #off

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Her heart ached unbearably, Her face like a wet weekend Tears rundown, As she howls in grief She squeals in dark, Remembering the past, Staring constantly at the stars, Questioning the mighty lord "Why me" "Why me" She screams but in vain She kept asking if she was a statue of depression and ignorance? Where am I at fault ? The dark is her prison, The walls, her questions Even the walls didn't listen She kept screaming, she kept weeping But even the walls didn't listen. Even the walls didn't listen. Close all the doors, Lock all the windows, Block out all the sounds, She can't hear anything She can't see anything She is in a prison That's all she knows That's all she knows!! #theuncommonbox #instagram #instagrammers #instapeople #instapic #instaday #instapost #picoftheday #insthub #instaday #instadaily #instalook #instalike #instalove #writer #wordmini #words #wordlove #wordporn #wordminimalism #writersofinstagram #wordmix #deep #scared #scars #only #way #of #expressing #wordsmith

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🌞💀This morning when I woke: I've given myself enough time to hurt My heart is still broken Still miss it The imaginary I'm angry at God Because he hasn't taken me back Or let me see him I can't focus because My vision is blurred The tears still roll heavy enough to fill a small bottle My cravings make me hate myself I cringe in my skin I'm grown though and supposed to suprpass these "young" feelings Truth is they so old though To wake up is so slow this morning Maybe if I go on a run I'll smile I'm by myself most the time Finding ways to face my denials But fuck this morning I want to jump back in that dream I was touching things I haven't touched Felt so real and I met him face to face Something I've so longed to taste You were there, really there! I woke and Sank like a thousand bullets Through my chest And water running so hard I almost drowned. These things: the meanings are unsure Certainly in spring ill be almost me But right now I'd rather live in most dreams that i sleep with. At least this morning. No worries E you know this, like you've lived it so come spring you'll be worth it with it and all for what livin is. You know how these things go. Keep your head to the sky #only but a Moment in time

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Thought I'd have some fun in the #sun

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