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Steve Griffin


Comment from Steve Griffin:

Getting that meal prep done for the rest of the week 💪💪. Got to love chicken breast!!. . . chicken kumara pumpkin 84dazefaze mealprep onthegrind health weightloss gains fitness gym food tasty l4l f4f instagood

3 Minutes ago

Stephanie Jacques


Comment from Stephanie Jacques:

Here's to a much needed girls night after a very busy weekend with Jacqued Up Productions and Cam Sale Film Dept. Nothing beats live music and the sick bass at red rocks. Nights like this make me really excited for the future in video production. I'm gonna miss working for Red Rocks as I enter my temporary hiatus. samhuntmusic made it feel like a party! samhunt redrocks girlsnight 15ina30 bass futurestagehand videoproduction livemusic bts behindthescenes lastdayofworktomorrow thankyousamhunt thankyouredrocks onthegrind colorado colorfulcolorado morrison

13 Minutes ago

king of diamonds EMPIRE


Comment from king of diamonds EMPIRE:

Stevie J appearing k.o.d.dallas! thekingofdiamondsdallas steviej onthegrind kingofdiamondsdallas👑💎 kingofdiamondsempire koddallas kodtakeover kodfamily kodempire thekodway hustle stripclubtrapping ass boobs nudity pullup

52 Minutes ago

Melanie Marie 3


Comment from Melanie Marie 3:

Nothing worth having comes easy 😏😏 slay onthegrind bossbabe

57 Minutes ago

John W. Mwanza


Comment from John W. Mwanza:

Sunrise in Dar onthegrind flames iam_mojo hustle

1 Hours ago

Christian Voudantas


Comment from Christian Voudantas:

All I want for Christmas is bigger delts 🙏🎁 shoulders delts onthegrind babysteps

1 Hours ago

Tima aka Sep


Comment from Tima aka Sep:

1st day back since my comp keeping it light warming into it lightweight gettingbackintoit powerlifting ipf onthegrind saftysquatbar trainhard

1 Hours ago



Comment from katie:

workcrew onthegrind 16daysleft

1 Hours ago

Cody Hunt


Comment from Cody Hunt:

Bout to miss my A1- DAY1 kon.... aka my blood brotha! But he goin to grind that yarn ball D1 bloodbrothers childhoodmemories missyou baseballplayer onthegrind probound lefty

2 Hours ago

Ralphy Ralph


Comment from Ralphy Ralph:

Love this just got done doing a show in manhattan beach with Ahmed Ahmed. He is so funny and so humble. Thanks for all the words of advise .. comedian tropicalnegro keepitfunny goodlife comedylife panchoscomedy manhattanbeach playadelrey playavista onthegrind

2 Hours ago

Jamie Campbell


Comment from Jamie Campbell:

Jonty sharing the love with strongman/yoga enthusiast lee grant, after his induction into the 200kg club. One day....... jonty_anderson7 gym life deadlift motivation proud onthegrind

2 Hours ago



Comment from SHAYKH👑:

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2 Hours ago



Comment from MEMNON:

Always on the grind no matter the outcome ! Real General u heard SRMG⚒ Solid Foundation

2 Hours ago

Javi Rivera


Comment from Javi Rivera:

Little single neddle action tonight on a new client thanks for coming thru, sorry for the bad picture tat2javi wildomar artist shoplife onthegrind grinding grind grindhard chaseyourdreams hustle hustlehard hustling letsgetit gohard calredatattoos calredafamily calredafam calreda cts ctsfam cantstopwontstop

2 Hours ago

Optimal Optmism Motivation


Comment from Optimal Optmism Motivation:

Embrace adversity and make the best out of your situation. You will overcome that obstacle and be successful but you have to believe in yourself and have vision!💯💰🔑⠀ .⠀ .⠀ DOUBLE TAP IF YOU HAVE VISION!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Follow OptimalOptimism_Motivation for more⠀ .⠀ .⠀ optimaloptimism optimal optimism youngentrepreneur hardworkpaysoff quoteoftheday positivequotes⠀ motivation success motivate business entrepreneur entrepreneurs entrepreneurship goals lifestyle successful motivationalquotes quote motivationmonday achieve dream beyourownboss dailymotivation motivationalquote inspiredaily thinkandgrowrich thetimeisnow onthegrind successtips

2 Hours ago

king of diamonds EMPIRE


Comment from king of diamonds EMPIRE:

truethat onthegrind kingofdiamondsempire kodempire kodfamily kodtakeover thekodway hustle stripclubtrapping ass boobs nudity pullup stripclubs

3 Hours ago

Sandra Dita


Comment from Sandra Dita:

My post-workout meal...yum yums! onthegrind healthydinner weightlossjourney fitnessjourney healthierchoices spinach carrots alvacado grilledchicken greekyogurtdressing motivated gettingfit

3 Hours ago

Rick T


Comment from Rick T:

On the grind non stop! 💣💥💣 onthegrind nonstop gettingit gettingitdone weerrkk bodybuilding fitness physique classicphysique npc ifbb fitnessfashion beats beatsbydre jordan fitnessdesign aesthetics badboy muscle musclenation

3 Hours ago

Steve Nguyen


Comment from Steve Nguyen:

mondaymotivation Solar eclipse was today and I brought my awesome cereal box viewer to work lol! Check my previous post for a pic of it. It worked really well I had to make a couple more for my coworkers. Pretty awesome seeing it. So besides that it's back on the weekly grind in the gym with a shoulder workout tonight. Motivation and drive can play a huge role in the longevity and consistency with working out, gettin in shape, or being on a diet. I see a lot of times ppl go to the gym wanting results for the short term or for the wrong reasons and they end up stop goin after couple weeks or months. Unfortunately we live in a society where a lot of ppl judge a person on their looks or outward appearance before gettin to know a person. And ppl will want to go to get fit, lose weight, or put on muscle for others to impress or get their "approval". Problem with that is it can be very short lived and that acceptance of others as motivation won't last in the long term and you end up falling short of reaching your goals or you end up overworking/burning yourself out to gain that "approval". Motivation has to come from within and be all about you. This motivation and drive to wanting to better yourself from within and out will help keep that motivation alive a lot longer. Bc with enough time and patiences, your goals you set yourself WILL be reached and when you do it's that much more rewarding. You can truly hold your head held high knowing what you have accomplished for yourself. fitfam fitlife gymlife healthylifestyle healthyeating cleaneating fitnessjourney fitnessblogger fitnessmotivation motivationmonday motivation dedication puttinginwork nguyening gainz pump saiyanarmy saiyanaesthetics asianswholift sriracha srirachaoneverything nevergiveup headdowneyesforward stayingmotivated timeandpatience believeinyourself fitfoodie onthegrind mindset

3 Hours ago

US World Class TKD Bethany


Comment from US World Class TKD Bethany:

Prepared👈 . PC: uswctigard . gymmotivationgymlifemartialartsmartialartsathletesfightinkingkickpicsllckickboxingonthegrindtrainingforlifegymtimetkdgirlkaratekaportlandoregonmotivationallifestylehealthylivinghealthylifestylekaratekidsdojomaster_shotsmuaythaijujitsutaekwondogirlhypermartialartsmartialartistsbewatermyfriendworldtaekwondofederationmartialartsgirlblackbeltchaserall4tkd

3 Hours ago