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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🦄Sarah Marko


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🦄Sarah Marko:

it's okay not to be okay

55 Seconds ago

Cynthia Longo


Comment from Cynthia Longo:

Secretariat great-great granddaughter, Groundshaker! Her barn name is Annie, as her name was almost Annie Get Your Gun. Also, her mother is Cotton Anne. She's 17 hands' worth of gorgeousness! Groundshaker raced a bit but wasn't into it, so now she has a great home in Virginia with her friend Mia, a rescued mini, and is the spokeshorse of Meadow Farm, aka Secretariat's birthplace. secretariat ottb Groundshaker horse horseracing meadowfarm doswell virginia equestrian equestrianphotography thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinstagram virginiahorsefestival

5 Minutes ago

Amanda Curtis


Comment from Amanda Curtis:

It's been 5 days since his last ride and I probably should have considered riding in the arena first to make sure he'd be quiet (he is just 3 months off the track, after all). But I didn't. I went out on the trails alone. He was totally fine. I love my pony. Tybee theforgottenone ottb

8 Minutes ago



Comment from Jennifer:

Wilson makes friends wherever he goes mooo calvingseason2017 ottb ottbsofinstagram

9 Minutes ago

Marquee Cincotta


Comment from Marquee Cincotta:

Love this little man ! category5 ottb pcha

12 Minutes ago



Comment from Mary:

Spring cleaning the ponies today! 🌷🌦️🌷They have decided all the winter hair must go! ottb spring grooming eventer eventersofinstagram

13 Minutes ago



Comment from Ashley:

Cutie pon-pon 😘 ottb cutie studmuffin mymainman homie toomanytags? lol

16 Minutes ago

Three Mares in New Zealand ☄


Comment from Three Mares in New Zealand ☄:

Autumn light 🍁🍂🍁 thoroughbred ottb summerclassic

17 Minutes ago

em/lady speed


Comment from em/lady speed:

Luckers 🍀💕 equestrian thoroughbred stubbensaddles horsebooty exracehorse ottb bayhorses bakerproducts

17 Minutes ago

Jessica & Pascal


Comment from Jessica & Pascal:

Happy little trail ride time. thoroughbred gelding minnesotahorses dapplegrey ottb

17 Minutes ago

teagan conwell


Comment from teagan conwell:

Flynn from our lesson on Saturday. spellitout flynnrider . . . ottb thoroughbred training thoroughbredsofinstagram horses horsesofinstagram eventing jumping progress

18 Minutes ago

Jessica Kogon Weishaar


Comment from Jessica Kogon Weishaar:

Had a great weekend!!!! Can't thank everyone enough for helping us get here... I am truly blessed!!! joeypony joeyjoeyjoey blessed family lovemypony ottb springcreekfarm aecbound brendanweishaar

18 Minutes ago



Comment from Becca:

No caption necessary. He's perfect. ottb amazingbabyhorse

19 Minutes ago



Comment from Somer-Lee:

Sunday Morning Breeze thoroughbred racing gray racehorse racetrack woodbine breeze horse horselove ottb

20 Minutes ago



Comment from True:

Another good weekend for Honey & Angel - Reserve in adult pleasure and third & second in hopeful hunter! ottb

22 Minutes ago



Comment from river_eventing:

He's classy in his M.Toulouse! So in love with this saddle 😍😍😍 • •• •• pesto warmblood equestrian equestriansofinstagram horsephotography equine horse horsepower horsebackriding horseofinstagram eventer eventing jumper mtoulouse saddle love ottb thoroughbred thoroughbredsofinstagram

23 Minutes ago

Amy Walsh


Comment from Amy Walsh:

My horse was such a good boy! Now if only his mom could learn to be a better pilot, lol!ottb futureempire 1star crosscountry

27 Minutes ago



Comment from Enid:

Life is good when you've been accepted by not one, but two German Shepherds. gsd gsdofinstagram germanshepherd friends horse ottb thoroughbred chestnuthorse huntersgrove toomanypets1254

27 Minutes ago

stephanie prince


Comment from stephanie prince:

if anyone is interested, i have a photography account stephanieprincephotography 😏🙈

28 Minutes ago



Comment from Bad_Horsepeople_17:

Posting because the sister apparently doesn't appreciate being "left out" and she told me to. I'm slightly more pleased with the sister because she doesn't ride her mare that much. Some of these photos I had to dig for on her IG account. However, still considering her weight and how obese she is she should NOT be on this horse or be jumping her, even if it's only every now and then! I don't care how strong your "bond" is, you still hurt your horse when you ride this at this weight. George Morris states, “It’s very important for the rider to be on the trim side and fit. It’s a sport, it’s an athletic endeavor, and fitness is very important. I’m quite uneasy when I see people going to jump fences, especially big fences, when they are grossly overweight or when they are out of shape. It’s not fair to the horse. It’s very much a disservice to the horse. I’m not talking about being anorexic, but to be overweight just adds extra poundage, extra pressure, extra burden to a horse. So students have to be fit.” horse horses poorhorse horribleriders animal animalsofinstagram pet pets petstagram petsofinstagram horsesofinstagram horseagram abuse horseabuse animalabuse horriblehorsemanship equestrian equine dressage showjumping barrelracing horseracing horsemanship eq equine horsephoto qh ottb warmblood crueltyfree

31 Minutes ago