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Comment from haflinger.jim:

Am Freitag kommt der Tierarzt zu uns. Blut abnehmen, für einen neuen Cushingtest 😵 und noch Herpes impfen...💉 Und dann ist 2 Tage Ruhe angesagt, aber ich muss am Wochenende eh arbeiten 🎥 horse horses horsesofinstagram horsephotography horsepost horseoftheday horselove ilovemyhorse picoftheday photography canon 7D europaspferde instahorse Paddock Offenstall Pferd Pferde pferdeschoenheiten Pony ponypower picoftheday paard equine equestrian haflinger hafi love beautiful

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From the last training in Century Link Center Omaha.

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Pony Angie


Comment from Pony Angie:

Zondag hebben ze weer eens rustig wat geprobeerd te springen. Alleen vergeten dat Ang niet aan rustig doet... ° ° ° °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° pony poniesofinstagram ponyofinstagram horseofinstagram horsesofinstagram horselover horselove paard paarden equestrian eq equine equestrianlife horse horses horsebackriding horseriding paardrijden ponyangie welsh welshcross welsharabian jumping horsejumping horsevideo

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Comment from FriesianDreamTeam:

A new little member came to day to join the pack 😃 Welcome Picasso !!! (More video to come so stay tuned 😉)

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Comment from equidreamz:

Buitenritjes met neckrope zijn het beste😄👌

17 Minutes ago

Rosalie + 8 Horses


Comment from Rosalie + 8 Horses:

Cute snow detail of Istar 💓 I lunged Santini today! He did good and got a little over excited so pulled me along one time when he was galloping 😂 but yeah he did good 👌 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cute sneeuw detail van Istar 💓 Ik heb vandaag Santini gelongeerd! Hij deed het goed en werd een keer een beetje te enthousiast dus trok me een stukje mee toen hij galllopeerde 😂 maarja hij deed het goed 👌

18 Minutes ago

Clarissa van der Poel


Comment from Clarissa van der Poel:

Woohoo!! Having fun with my horse Dodge. - - - - - - animals horse horses schimmel dodge goingfast dressur dressuur dressage dreamhorse pony pferd paard strand cheval caballo sandreo horstagram kwpn

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When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine, you know you are loved. • 📸: loicschenks

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Johnny Korsse-Christensen


Comment from Johnny Korsse-Christensen:

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Veerle & Jelbrich


Comment from Veerle & Jelbrich:

Did a little groundwork today, she was exited and sooooo good😌 Credits to nikky_118 for making the picture😘 kfpsroyalfriesian kfps friesianhorse friesian reiten reiten🐴 horseriding horsesofinstagram horse horses horsey horsestagram paarden paard equestriansofinstagram equestrian pony pferden pferd blackhorses the_friesian_jelly halter love royalfries royalfriesian royalfriesians friesianofinstagram friesian_post

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❤ Dutch girl


Comment from ❤ Dutch girl:

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Janna Kuhlmann


Comment from Janna Kuhlmann:

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Amateur (equine) photographer


Comment from Amateur (equine) photographer:

Jumping de Driehoek 🌟

29 Minutes ago

Julia Aldrin


Comment from Julia Aldrin:

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Annemarie Veldkamp


Comment from Annemarie Veldkamp:

Het eerste begin is gemaakt keramiek Fries paard kleien creatief project zobenieuwdnaarheteindresultaat

32 Minutes ago

tiffany van halle


Comment from tiffany van halle:

Grégory Wathelet & Forlap sont prêts pour leur première Finale de Coupe du Monde à Omaha 💪🏻🇧🇪 gregorywathelet equestrian horse horsesofinstagram equinephotography equestrian horsepower forlap equestrianphotography equestriansofinstagram paard

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Famke Elvira


Comment from Famke Elvira:

She is such a stunner 😍🙌🏻 I'm so happy with a horse like her! 🤗 ———————————————————— famkeelvira horse horses pferd paard cheval caballo fries friesian frison frisona frieser like beautiful stunning instafriesian sunny pictureoftheday instahorse photoshoot kfps love equestrian amazing saddlepad cobalt bandages blue kobaltblauw cobaltblue

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Comment from Ponyzaken:

Qupido trying to dig a hole. Watch till the end, Flame's ear 😂😂. Q: does your horse dig holes in the arena. Tell me about it ⤵️. --- painthorse horselove instapony instahorse instahorses horses horse pony paard paarden pferd pferde cheval ponyofinstagram horseofinstagram horsesofinstagram horsey equine equestrian equestrianlife equus ponies horseriding horsenation twohearts shetlander shetlandpony horsetagram 🐴 horselife

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free riding neckropes


Comment from free riding neckropes:

Look at these two looking stunning in red!❤✨tasteofliberty her order finally arrived!🎉💓

56 Minutes ago

snapchat xxmathanjaxx


Comment from snapchat xxmathanjaxx:

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