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Crystal Diaz


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Paris France Eiffeltower bonjour pariswhenitsizzles

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Get a garage! citroen streetlife getaroom mustbespring springinparis lavieenrose cars toureiffel paris cute carporn cestlamour night nightlife springtime eiffeltower travelling explore instadaily instalike kiss getagarage pariswhenitsizzles wednesday loveisintheair love streetphotography architecture oldtimer parisienne

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Parvana's Trend Book 👑


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60larda çantalar çiyində yox əldə tutulurdu. Populyar material patent dəri yaxud laklı, popular rəng isə neonlar idi. Soldakı foto pariswhenitsizzles filmindən audreyhepburn 👼 (1964) Parvanafashionhistory

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Comment from Lilli:

Literally my idol :) audreyhepburn breakfastattiffanys romanholiday howtostealamillion sabrina myfairlady funnyface bloodline waituntildark pariswhenitsizzles charade twofortheroad loveintheafternoon having a moviemarathon and this is my luckycharm and keyboard piano 🙃🎹🎶🎬📽 pendant from lana_rose_aus

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Sofia Falchetto


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💐 mood monday audreyhepburn pariswhenitsizzles

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Paul del Giglio


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Ubiquitous Parisian rue shot ruegirl paris marais travel architecture streetphotography france urban aurevoir pariswhenitsizzles

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Cara Ballingall


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Paris when it Sizzles pariswhenitsizzles paris france travel lemarais montmatre sacrecoeur architecture

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Tali Best


Comment from Tali Best:

Recent reads/movies. Highly recommend all of these. 🤓beautiful use of old and new languages

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Angelika Hannich


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Heutiger Klassiker: zusammeninparis 🙃pariswhenitsizzles movienight filmabend audreyhepburn classic klassiker amazon oldie oldiebutgoodie oldiesbutgoldies beautiful paris augsburg studentlife student

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laurence vaissière


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🎬🖋🙄mood writing scriptwriting yeuxdanslevague (Credit : audreyhepurn pariswhenitsizzles deuxtetesfolles )

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laurence vaissière


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A night with audreyhepurn is always a good idea deuxtetesfolles pariswhenitsizzles

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Comment from Emily:

New item to my audreyhepburn movieclassic collection pariswhenitsizzles 🎬🎬🎬

8 Days ago

Emily Vizard 🌼


Comment from Emily Vizard 🌼:

Happy galentinesday! Celebrating with the queen of classic romance 💖pariswhenitsizzles audreyhepburn

8 Days ago

Audrey Hepburn


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Audrey Hepburn photographed by Bob Willoughby during a break in the filming of Paris When It Sizzles, 1962 AudreyHepburn BobWilloughby ParisWhenItSizzles

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Comment from Clarabella:

Natural beauty... isn't she lovely just love this pictureaudreyhepburnhappygirlsaretheprettiestpariswhenitsizzlesbreakfastattiffanyssabrinaromanholidayfunnyfaceclassyladybeautifulnaturallike4likefollowforfollow🕶👛👗

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Comment from Mai:

Domingo na companhia da Audrey ❤🎬 lazysunday audreyhepburn pariswhenitsizzles thatsdarling thefabulousproject

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Emma 💕


Comment from Emma 💕:

• Good Morning! | qotd: What's your favorite Audrey movie?? | audreyhepburn pariswhenitsizzles •

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Eternal Audrey Hepburn


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Cosmopolitan magazine audreyhepburn williamholden pariswhenitsizzles audreyhepburncollection audreyhepburnforever cosmopolitanmagazine

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Emma 💕


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•Audrey and William Holden for Paris When It Sizzles | audreyhepburn oldhollywood williamholden pariswhenitsizzles •

11 Days ago

King Kai


Comment from King Kai:

24 years ago today, Audrey Hepburn passed away. Words can not even say how I feel about Audrey. Without her, I wouldn't be the me I am today. Her movies make me happier than anything. When I have a bad day I can just sit down and watch one of them and my world will light up. She worked so hard to get where she was and made it through so many obstacles. Even though she didn't end up being a dancer like she wanted to, she left a bigger mark on the world than most people can. Most people who knew or know of Audrey can't help but fall in love with her. She was kind, determined, and beautiful. Her humanitarian work has inspired me to help more people. She made kids who otherwise didn't know who she was, happy. All they knew was that she was a kind woman their to help them. Thanks to her, I'm in clubs like Red Cross and donate to charities, because know I see how much I can change and help people. Many people/celebrities try to copy her but fail. I don't blame them, she was the epitome of class and grace. Today, in a world full of generic celebrities and fakes, we really need that. Even though I was not alive until long after she passed, I'm glad to know her and her talent. I miss her so much and I love her more than anything on Earth. She will always be my favorite actress of all time. audreyhepburn unicef inspiration classy sabrina breakfastattiffanys oldhollywood funnyface pariswhenitsizzles thenunsstory thechildrenshour romanholiday dutch

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