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I Am on the MountainTop The Very One...That Some "NaySayers" said that I COULD NOT CLIMB.... I Seen the TopOfTheMountain....Because I kept my teary eyes Focused when some tried to "Distract" My DreamFlow........ I HELD the TipOfThePeak...While the scurry windstorms of my life tried and tried AGAIN blow me away back into my Past of "Doubt"& "Discouragement"......But Instead I gained my strength MORE THAN EVER BEFORE..... because I continued to Climb while the unraveling "rocks" fell beneath my feet ....trying to create my "tombstone" labeled... SHE WON'T EVER MAKE IT. .. but I continued to reposition my manuevering my Voice scrambled PRAYERS that ONLY GOD ...would hear.......would answer.....would give me the LIFE OF AIR in order to breath . . NO cheering .... NO Wealth......NO hands lead me the I finally decided to accomplish what has been set before my soul.... what was designed and placed in me while I was in my beautiful mother's womb.....My DESTINY...MY PASSION...MY GOD GIVEN TALENTS.....MY "OLD" ENDING ..... I Am almost there ..I echoed within my spirit....IAm at close MY "NEW" BEGINNING.......I Knew then....that onto this VERY DAY. ...that I made the Peak of my DoorOpener of Success......of Me making it the MountainTop WrittenbyAuthorChrissyBee🐝

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past ❤️

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China Daily Asia Weekly


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Today issue chinadailyasiaweekly chinadaily - treasuring the past , with some of the most significant archaeological sites in the world, china faces major challenges to preserve its valuable heritage For more, please read

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身邊許多人已經走了不少回的過客… 我怎麼依舊😕 沒什麼交集無任何共同目標 身心俱疲💦 sad night past now

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The pharaohs throne


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9 year old Zero! Hes that one kid who loved power rangers and brought his action figures to school and probably had that sweet avengers lunch box 👌🏻 he also had a lisp when he was younger artdrawingartworkillustrationococsartofthedaykidtraditionalarttraditionaldrawingcolorcoloringsketchsketchingsketchesdoodledoodlingpast

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The buddhist monastery since 1934 that also caters the history of the past, a lotus pond garden and different architectural designs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . diamondhill experience hongkong discoverhongkong tochilinnunnery escape park buddha buddhist temple relax vacations international tour travel tour firsttime hill lotus lotuspond tangdynasty architecturaldesigns monastery history past garden

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Jhonatan Suárez


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🐯🐯🐯lion piriapolis piria past

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Helen Doick


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Tomorrow we pay our respect to the soldiers and their families, past and present. anzacday lestweforget tintype Photo: Lieutenant Jack D Gilfedder by adriancookphotography

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🇹 🇷 Tuuba 🇹🇷


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selfie selfienation selfies me love pretty instagood instaselfie selfietime face shamelessselefie life hair portrait igers fun instalove smile igdaily eyes fashion look hairstyle happy cool throw🔙 yesterday past

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past present future imgood 🤗🤗🤗

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Word Back To Happiness Past Turn The Page To Something Better 🤞💪

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poem poetry poet poetsofinstagram smalltownpoem dreams dreamy sayings love quote lovequotes future past feelings heart soul story memories story forever

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De_ La_ Musiq


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It's almost graduation time and the past playing catchup is reading its last lines poetry poets writer blackpoetry blackpoet thepast past reminiscing words thoughts art artist real delamusiq mythoughts realshit lines By delamusiq

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Michael Callejas


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Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him. -------------------------------------------Ni un hombre sabio ni un hombre valiente se acuesta en las huellas de la historia para esperar que el tren del futuro lo atropie. I want to know what this quote means to you. Please comment below. ------------------------------------------ Quiero saber qué significa esta cita para usted. Por favor comente abajo. train yuma quotes quoteoftheday perspective past future growth

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People can hurt you for no reason at all. That's just life. relationships trust memories past future

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The Little Gallery


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My Proof, 1984. . trip tour travel past parents love father mother spring april landscape nature earth duanemichals homage hommage reinterpretation

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Comment from botanicalyogini:

✨My past , present , and future from today's pull.✨ I honestly do feel that the path I'm going down is leading me to somewhere great. Even if it takes me a little while to get there, I know I'm wandering down the right path.✨ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ yoga yogaeverydamnday yogini yogajourney yogisofinstagram tarot tarotcards

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"Nights Like These" -Arigo Dut. When alcohol induces thoughts that are better left forgotten. nights pastrealtionships drunk past reflections exes 11/16 2016

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Katty Obregon Chanbi


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Old friends 📷 photography photo insta friends talk memories oldtimes pic past grandma loveumom afternoon instamoment

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Peace? tbt2013 . . . . . . ... ✨ ... doha qatar alwakrah alwakrabeach peace life past 13reasonswhy

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