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Anna Kubek


Comment from Anna Kubek:

This feels like yesterday, missing shooting and training camps right now... not necessarily the road rash biathlon pewpew

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Comment from JDAM:

The EMG M4 JailBreaker milsim airsoftinternational worldairsoft airsoftobsessed bbwarz airsoftgun airsoftnation pewpew featureairsoft airsoftworld tactical multicam guns airsofter softair tacticool gun airsoftextreme airsoft_community airsofting bbwars m4 airsoftxtreme kingsairsoft evike planetairsoft airsoftphotography airsplat operator pp_airsoft

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Comment from Panda_Airsoft:

Well this coming out soon look out for it...pewpew airsoft speedsoft dyeairsoft milsim airsoft gunporn guns like4like airsoftgun

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Iro and Jeffrey


Comment from Iro and Jeffrey:

A day out with daddy!! 🐹👦 iro irothehamster roborovski roborovskihamster robohammies dwarfhamster instacute instahammies instahamster hamstagram hamstersofinstagram adorable pewpew hashtag sundayfunday sunday fatherandson bonding goingouttogetfood cutestthingever father yay havingfun chauzies muah babyboy loml cutenessoverload

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Matador Arms


Comment from Matador Arms:

IDPA has officially kicked off for the season. Had more fun than success at this match, but all in all it was a great day. Followed it up with some Steel Challenge today! sundaygunday matadorarms idpa steelchallenge rangeday targetshooting gunrange pewpew igmilitia athl btsa alberta

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Comment from infantry110:

عقاب های آسمان تیپ ۶٥ نیروهای ویژه هوابرد Islamic republic of Iran army, Brigade 65 spacial forces airborne, hostage rescue unit ارتش_جمهوری_اسلامی_ایراننوهدولایت ir_iran_armyshooterairborne1911mp5gunchanelspistolrevolvergungundailygunchanelgunlifegunlifestylepewpewinfantryfirearmshandgunmilitarymilitaryacademygunofinstagramarmyigmilitiagunsdailygunschanelgunslifeweaponsoldier

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Joe calderon


Comment from Joe calderon:

Shooting the beast. shootingrange shooting shooter shoot gunrange guns gunsofinstagram gunsofig gun shotgun 12gauge bangbangbang bangbang pewpew pew pewpewlife pewpewpew targetpractice instaguns

3 Minutes ago

Menace member of (R.e.a.c.t.)


Comment from Menace member of (R.e.a.c.t.):

Had a blast at 34, even in the cold ass rain we went and wrecked it , Now it's on to broken home! Let's get it! airsoft airsoftillinois airsoftusa americanmilsim op34.2 gearup getsome bbwarz milsim itsmilsimbro midwestairsoft airsoftevent pewpew tactical reactmilsim multicam reactmilsimsavage ufswarmachine

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Tony D Stix


Comment from Tony D Stix:

What a beauty. savage boltaction firearms sexy secondamendment nra 2ndamendment merica freedom rifle 556nato usa gunsdaıly gunday pewpew thepewpewlife

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Comment from CRAFM_CTM:

KNIGHT ARMAMENT - COLLECTIBLE ITEM - STONER SR-25 MARK 11 MOD 0 U.S ARMY SNIPER RIFLE THIS RIFLE IS A REAL - KNIGHT ARMAMENT STONER SR-25 MARK 11 MOD 0 U.S ARMY SNIPER RIFLE - (N°20 OF 50 MADE AVAILABLE). FOR ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS SR-25 AND PRICE - PLEASE CALL US AT 514.635.4867. crafm ctm stoner ar15 sr25 montreal mtl realdeal pewpewlife pewpewpew pewpew lawenforcement sniper army tactical tacops specialforces swat 308 repost knightarmco

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Comment from thebeardedshooter:

Regrann from theciviliangunfighter - Getting those reps in with the mk18. Threw in an empty mag as an added surprise. • • • • • gun guns gunporn gunsdaily glock pistol igmilitia 2a weapon rifle sickguns tactical pewpew ar15 2ndamendment firearms military merica 9mm gunchannels molonlabe weaponsdaily gunfanatics concealedcarry suppressedforsupressing weapons gunsofinstagram gunlife handgun mk18

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Comment from Scooter:

Low profile G26 Sunday. 👀

5 Minutes ago



Comment from g19:

“From the mouth of the righteous comes the fruit of wisdom, but a perverse tongue will be silenced.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭10:31‬ ‭ - - - rangeday suppressor fightthenoise goodweekend glock ruger tailgate pewpew gunshinestate stopthenoise keepcalmandreturnfire Godfirst carryeverywhere stayvigilant

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Comment from ...:

load the choppa, let it rain on you 2ndamendment pro2ndamendment 308 m1a socom16 boomstick righttobeararms fueledbyliberaltears pewpew shallnotbeinfringed gunsofinstagram gunlife pewlife gunsdaily sundayfunday

7 Minutes ago

Josh DeSpain


Comment from Josh DeSpain:

Dinner time in merica. Pork belly and jalapeno sausage, melted onions and peppers, mash and tarragon mustard sauce. Quentin AR, M&P Shield. quentin_defense foodporn food gunsofinstagram pewpew 2a ar15 igmilitia guns pistol

8 Minutes ago

Michael Pasqualini


Comment from Michael Pasqualini:

37 millimeter! nofucksgiven guns greenswamp gunaddict boom launcher srtsupply pewpew pewpewlife weaponsdaily weapons poorboyhogdogs

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Comment from #GunsAndButter:

Got up close and personal with the new springfieldarmoryinc XDe double/single action hammer fired single stack 9mm. nraconvention2017 blackgunsmatter armedblackmovement ccw edc pewpewlife gunsandbutter pewpew dailycarry TacticalQues TQSC

8 Minutes ago

Ancel Robinson


Comment from Ancel Robinson:

This story is starting to get out covered more and more. Repost militaryarms ・・・ springfieldarmoryinc is dead to me. If you make a deal with the devil, you go down in flames. Springfield backed a bill that would limit private transfers of firearms to 9 a year and would exempt them from heavy regulations that mom and pop guns stores will suffer under. springfieldarmorysucks coppercustom triggerpuller pewpew guns 2amendment 2a molonlabe tactical firearms merica murica freedom gunlife shooting militaryarms military gunporn nra weaponsdaily gunwebsites gunchannels_ brownellsinc brownells sam.cummins

8 Minutes ago

Lidia Porter


Comment from Lidia Porter:

Not afraid of the dark W/ usnightvision trijicon_eo IR Hunter thermal weapon sight

12 Minutes ago

It's Chrisssssssss


Comment from It's Chrisssssssss:

Visiting My Abandoned School Grounds After 14 Years! Part 5

15 Minutes ago