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Comment from Scott:

When Gunchannels members go to the range to blow through ammo...the struggle is real for out of state shooting buddies....nraam2017 pewpewlife 40life

1 Minutes ago

Junho Kim_slick


Comment from Junho Kim_slick:

OP4 airsoft airsoftteam milsim ar15 pewpewlife PTW tactical softAir bcm jackcarbine lbx ——————————————————————— airsoftworld サバゲー サバイバルゲーム 日本 airsoftobsessed worldairsoft airsoftinternational airsoftnation doairsoft airsofting airsoftphotgraphy airsoftjapan featureairsoft tacticalcarry ———————————————————————

2 Minutes ago

Sheepercenter Threepdog III


Comment from Sheepercenter Threepdog III:

Reposted from sheepercenter my backup/ fuckery/ non gun meme account. Check it out if you feel like it. Needless to say the gun world's newfound thirst to watch Springfield burn has been like sweet, sweet nectar. Repost sheepercenter with repostapp ・・・ The struggle is real. igmilitia springfieldxd springfieldarmory meme memes gunmeme dankmeme dankmemes pew pewpew pewpewlife thepewpewlife

4 Minutes ago



Comment from Dustin:

Much needed therapy session smithandwesson m&p shield fn aeroprecision springfieldarmory 9mm 556 2a pewpewlife aac canlife shootsteel

5 Minutes ago

Hans Mori


Comment from Hans Mori:

I had to take my Spikes Live-Wire AR-10 out for a spin, had to! I've over taken fear with knowledge. Folks out there that misinform others about evil guns are the same folks that have never shot a gun nor own a gun. I was once one of those folks. But after some research, training, and a lot of help from my friends, I no longer fear guns. Because ultimately, the ones that do evil with guns are the ones that are evil.

7 Minutes ago



Comment from _rosey_posey_:

Oneshot claysmasher in slowmotion 12yards and a smile😊😆 saycheese pearlywhites shootingclays sundaygunday pewpew pewpewlife glock glockgirl womenwhoshoot girlswhoshoot burrocanyonshootingpark

7 Minutes ago



Comment from Jasmine:

Just shouldering a Barrett .50 cal. Do you even lift bro...beast mode Jazzy 😂.

8 Minutes ago

Big Stick Defense


Comment from Big Stick Defense:

Our new shop foreman started today. She's big on hearing safety... shoplife process kydex kydexholster holsters glock igmilita mandpshield 2a pewpewlife pew pewpew. dadlife

9 Minutes ago



Comment from RH/KT:

A glock 30 we did for stuey503 with our elephant print stipple, removal of the finger grooves, trigger guard undercut and mag base pad stipple. Thank you.👊 polygunmods polymerguns mods gunmods glocks glock30 stippling elephantprint polymerplasticsurgery livefreeordie 2ndamendment guns pewpew pewpewlife carryeveryday protectyourself comeandtakeit

11 Minutes ago

Luis Martinez


Comment from Luis Martinez:

God family business training faith trust loyalty pray read books wolf alpha dominate no nolimits martialarts fight nevergiveup instagood i goals beastmode trainhard guns pewpew pewpewlife target fun instalike

13 Minutes ago

Luis Martinez


Comment from Luis Martinez:

God family business training faith trust loyalty pray read books wolf alpha dominate no nolimits martialarts fight nevergiveup instagood i goals beastmode trainhard guns pewpew pewpewlife target fun instalike

14 Minutes ago

Shot-Force Pro Targets


Comment from Shot-Force Pro Targets:

Another fantastic young lady everyone should follow stopped by the booth today Vanessa Aguilar ! igmilitia pewpewlife pewpew 2a shooting rangeday gunporn tactical tacticool handgun rifle ar ar15 223 556 9mm training nra gun gunskeepcalmandshootshit

14 Minutes ago

F.A.S.T. Jambi


Comment from F.A.S.T. Jambi:

dukun kami (our doctor) vinalesm airsoftphotography airsofterphoto airsoft airsofterindonesia airsoftworldwide airsoftworld airsofting doairsoft featureairsoft springairsoft tactical tacticool worldairsoft worldairsoftpic fastjambi pewpew pewpewlife gun glock usp 1911 ksg shotgun pdw krissvector kriss glock ronikit hicapa

14 Minutes ago



Comment from mavr_kk:

Setting up for some long range shooting today... 2nd 2ndamendment 223 556 762x39 ar15 ak ak47 pewpew pewpewliferangeday

22 Minutes ago

Airsoft around the World!


Comment from Airsoft around the World!:

The graffiti above my head say what I think it says? 🤔 📸: 86tones by dickbuttairsoft ➖ Airsoft.Worldwide is sponsored by thepatchzone Thank you for: ⏩ Follow us on instagram👍 ⏩ Like us on facebook 👍 ⏩ Tag us on the pic👊 We will post the best pics from you ! ➖ airsoft thisisairsoft airsoftobsessed pewpew pewpewpew milsim bbwarz speedsoft featureairsoft doairsoft airsoftwar airsoftfeatures larperator gunsdaily sickguns airsoftnation milsimjunkie tacticool gunporn airsoftworldwide airsoftoperator worldairsoft airsofter pewpewlife airsofterphoto dickbutt サバイバルゲーム 气枪 страйкбол strikeball

22 Minutes ago



Comment from hn:

. . fitment test on retrofitting SGA stock to this Stoeger M3K . orange.... one of my colors... . 042617 magpul . gunsmith retrofit mods magpulstock magpulsga sga mossberg remington stoegerm3k stoegerusa shotgun outdoorlife shootingseason2017 outdoorfun pewpewlife custom pdx pdxlife portland portlandlife oregon oregonlife 포틀랜드 오레곤

30 Minutes ago



Comment from notoriousmilitary:

Can you spot the difference? 🤔 ... three generations side-by-side. From 1929, 1947, and 1968.. which generation is your favorite? 🤓🙌🏽 1911porn colt 1911 colt1911 38super lasuper caballos 7chinos prewar laprimera lasegunda latercera azulitas purahistoria sipudieranhablar gunporn pewpewlife 2ndamendment pewpew pointblank firearms pistol guns military glock army ar15 kill shotgun weapons

30 Minutes ago



Comment from Zibbalicious:

pro2a gunsarentbad gimmemyguns givememyguns girlswhoshoot girlswithguns badassgirls girlswithknives womanontop military mattis maddogmattis usa patriot ninja pewpewlife americanflag gasmasks

33 Minutes ago

Jesse Csincsak


Comment from Jesse Csincsak:

😁😁🔫🔫😁😁 pewpewlife

1 Hours ago



Comment from Shane_L_P:

Finally made it to the range and I love my new tactical_trigger It's so crisp! The new frank_proctor_wotg sights are great too. 2a shooting glock glock17 glockporn mericapewpewlife pewpew

4 Hours ago