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Angela Loaiza


Comment from Angela Loaiza:

onephotoadayonthebay is actually on the gulfofmexico Dinner tonight with great company at jimmysonthepier Day 118 August 24 2017 photojournal galveston galvestonrocks

27 Minutes ago

Marjorie Snyder


Comment from Marjorie Snyder:

5minutesofmyday moving the plants that we have overwintered outside to harden and seeing the first green leaves on our fig 🌱photoofday photography photojournal

29 Minutes ago

Trinity O'Neill Photography


Comment from Trinity O'Neill Photography:

I love this bad ass so much. I aspire to be as cool as your leather jacket, Doc Marten wearing self. ❤ • • • • 📸 photography rawphotography canonphotography canoneost6 ilovephotography photojournal capturingthemoment catchingup frans

31 Minutes ago

Sarah Berry


Comment from Sarah Berry:

One more👌🏻lovetheseguys prom tux photojournal chatbook seniors westnation promweekend friendships theseguys 2017graduation senseofstyle adventureawaits

33 Minutes ago

Gabe McMullen


Comment from Gabe McMullen:

Amberly // I’m the store owner for East Ridge Outfitters with my husband. Our mission is to help people connect with nature, we do that by providing really quality goods and services in activities that we enjoy the most - rock climbing, hiking and we’re about to open up a mountain biking department. We’ve been open since 2010, so this is our seventh year. We try to get really involved in the communities and other gyms. I think that’s the best way to make an impression in our communities - to help out with sponsorship opportunities, different events, sponsoring races and other community events. One thing that really jumps to my mind about our impact is how Governor Mifflin Middle School approached us right after we opened, about creating a rock climbing course as part of their curriculum for gym class. So what we did, was order the holds we thought we needed. Then my husband and I did, and another employee was spend a weekend at the middle school assembling this rock wall for their gym class. And they now have this rock climbing course as part of their curriculum!

41 Minutes ago

Mambo Ferido


Comment from Mambo Ferido:

Seoul Subway, Korea. 2017 korea seoul streetphotographer streetleaks streetphotography photojournal everybodystreet everdayasia peoplefeed apfmagazine wearethestreet intothestreets ourstreets filmshooters filmstreet staybrokeshootfilm believeinfilm superia800 fujifilm cinematic analogfeed analogvibes analogfeatures 35mm subway filmgrain backtofilm

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Katie Jeffery


Comment from Katie Jeffery:

Imprint. Word Origin late Middle English (originally as emprint): from Old French empreinter, based on Latin imprimere, from in- ‘into’ + premere ‘to press.’ - I cleaned out my studio recently and I'm scanning in my black and white film that I've shot over the last couple years. Seeing old prints in new light.

50 Minutes ago

Ahh, Made You Look!


Comment from Ahh, Made You Look!:

Shootn Vancouver. Image via nickthiessen. theyshootn

1 Hours ago

Are you lost..? 👽


Comment from Are you lost..? 👽:

The ocean is calling

1 Hours ago

Sigrid Vasquez 🙊


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Comment from armando_geneyro:

How long do you think you could survive on just piña coladas? ts🇨🇺 theyshootn

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Sigrid Vasquez 🙊


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Sigrid Vasquez 🙊


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Vernon Farris


Comment from Vernon Farris:

"Palm City" originalart instaartist photojournal palmsprings palmtrees🌴

1 Hours ago

Jamie P


Comment from Jamie P:

Pumpkins and Harry Potter. I agree this is beyond magical ✨

1 Hours ago

Oscar Cortez


Comment from Oscar Cortez:

Life's hard. So enjoy this picture 🙌🏻 . . . . . . Denver Colorado view photography theyshootn view hypebeast denverphotography photojournal outside photo edit night nikon lightroom whileback culture clean pictureoftheday D3400 onlycolorado highsociety coner art visual worldwide nissan 303 simple basic

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The Athletic Aesthetic


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🏀 🎨: nicologentile SporArts . . . . sportsbasketballartsculpturecontemporarycontemporaryartcontemporaryartistartistjuxtapozhighfructoseonbooooooomphroommagazineitsnicethatinstagoodnbanbaplayoffssportsartsportsphotographyexploreeverythingcreateexploretakeoverphotojournalphotostory

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Comment from Vijayan:

There's an aura around her which makes me fall in love over and over again. His most beautiful and dangerous creation here or is it on every unknown planet out there. What a plain and boring world it would be without women... . . . . . herstyle herlook herlookshavegotnoparallel hereyes hereyes😍 herlips shegotstyle lookingsexy loveherstyle shecanpose sexy sexystyle sassy sassylady closeupshot closeupphoto modellook photomodel ladystyle ladyfashion ladyhair sheshot sherocks sherocksmyworld inlovewithher shemakesmyday herfashion hermakeup hotshot hotlady

2 Hours ago

Jamie P


Comment from Jamie P:

Well spoken 🍦 ❤️

3 Hours ago

Chrisman Lim


Comment from Chrisman Lim:

Hey It's Sunday. Go out and live a moment chrislimphotography sundaypost

1 Days ago