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Gabe McMullen


Comment from Gabe McMullen:

Sarah // I am sitting with one of my best friends that I haven’t seen in a while. I’m currently at Millersville. I’m in the processes of figuring out my place there. A lot has changed from my freshman year to my sophomore year. I’m planning our orientation program for the fall. I am taking 18 credits, which is a lot considering what all I’m doing. I’m on the tennis team, and right now is tennis season - so I’m pretty busy! One of my personal goals I have right now for growth this semester is not allowing my situation affect my happiness in life. Even though I’m super busy right now, I’m going through a really stressful period in my life - I’m trying to persevere, not stress and maintain great friendships!

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Comment from letiziaoflove:

algierspoint home historic preservation photojournal

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Comment from Shutter&Words:

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Comment from thelostjournals:

The rains are ere! Embracing this cool change in the weather while it lasts 👌🏼💙 ☔️ thelostjournals timefortea snuggleweather

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Comment from Tincho:

Educación pública siempre! Marcha Federal Educativa, Capital federal, Argentina. 22 de Marzo del 2017. Fotografía para coop.prisma --------------------------------------------------- PeriodismoLibrePeriodismoPopularMarchaFederal  Fotoperiodismophoto photojournal photojournalism photography picoftheday picoftheweek marchafederaleducativa prisma caimos caer educacionpublicasiempre escuelapublica macrigato gopro goproargentina gopro4session caba docentesluchando paronacional paritarias paritarianacional

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Comment from trevor.:

HERE -Day XCV- photojournal day95 Okeechobee SunshineGrove MoonlightBay Jungle51 okeechobeefest omf omf17

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dylan santos green


Comment from dylan santos green:

max is a cantankerous die-hard. he is an innovator. he doesn't see barriers, he see opportunities, and he paints future that he believes in. he will beat an idea past the point of high-holiness just to know whether it's viable or not. his zeal matches that of a titanium alloy bunker, and his hair is (probably) shown in the dictionary next to the word "zounds!". a filmmaker, artist, student, photographer, writer, entrepreneur and leader. if you don't know max romey, you're going to want to meet this guy. • • • tribe photoseries newyearsresolution sony sonyimages sonya7 sonyalpha portaits portaiture instagood photojournal photography passion project friends inspiration collaboration composition thedailybite my365 passionpassport visualsoflife peoplescreatives exploretocreate justgoshoot 2instagoodportraitlove instagoodmyphoto

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Anne Campbell


Comment from Anne Campbell:

This goofy grin brought to you by sccomicon2017 tickets in hand! 😁 😄 😃 😊 learningtable 365homeschool photojournal instachallenge marvel daredevil comicbooks greenvilleblogger comicon borderlandscomics

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Shani Barel


Comment from Shani Barel:

My office for the day musestudiocity - not just a gorgeous place to work and meet people - but the right to do that cost a small donation to meals-on-wheels so it was a double good - AND - I actually got work done because I want to look busy ! 365project gratitude photojournal 365dontsmilenow

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Laura Ramirez


Comment from Laura Ramirez:

For an all white monochromatic look, I'm all about a pop of color- 💥 these tasselearrings are one of my fave options! I got them from a little South American vendor in Soho 👣📸: sofia.sarlat

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Aaron Baggenstos


Comment from Aaron Baggenstos:

A mother hippopotamus keeps a watchful eye on her newborn calf. ⠀ Mothers protect baby hippos from not just crocodiles and lions but also male hippos that do not bother them on land but do attack them in water. ⠀ Be sure to check out our video from the most recent Ultimate Africa Photo Tour:⠀

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Asentamientos irregulares / irregular housing urbanphotography photojournalism journal photojournal igers cdmx photojournalist documentaryphotography photodocumentary

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sooji kimn


Comment from sooji kimn:

humpday is like this photo. it truly is better on the other side of Wednesday... or this cactus... then again... no I don't like the sea so I think I'm fine standing on this cliff. just kidding. bad analogy. 😅

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Comment from keiwanzamani:

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Comment from Annaclarice:

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Comment from DANA AL H:

barbershop |ˈbɑːbəʃɒp/ noun 1.a shop where a barber works. ✂️💈

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Big Ben at sunset 🌅 ❤️🇬🇧 greatbritain london englandtravelphotography travelblogger globetrotter wanderlust wanderer travelbug globetrotter potd igers photodiary photojournal instagood instatravel

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Comment from 📸:

Feeling sad about the news in London today. My trip last year was so amazing. It was wonderful to visit a place with so much culture and diversity, where I met people of all walks of life. ❤️✌️🇬🇧 greatbritain london england travelphotography travelblogger globetrotter wanderlust wanderer travelbug globetrotter potd igers photodiary photojournal instagood instatravel

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Katie Jeffery


Comment from Katie Jeffery:

Inspired by the things around me. I've been revisiting old, incomplete film work. Sometimes putting things away for awhile can be what is needed. I'm okay that it probably won't turn into anything. It's nice to look back (sometimes) and see where you've been.

3 Hours ago