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Comment from Amy:

Current ab situation after 4 meals and training back and shoulders. Slightly bloating they were a lot more defined this morning. Meals 5 will be cottage pie and 6 Greek yoghurt and protein shake. Killed today's workout, feeling it in the rear delts and back so definitely need to roll my back out again tonight. No failed reps today either. Think it's safe to say my arm is healing nicely. fitness fit fitspo fitchick fitgirl girlswholift fitnesslifestyle gym gymfreak gymrat progress fitnessmotivation fitnessfreak fitnessaddict gymlife gains bodybuilding bodybuilder fitfam irishfitfam fitfamily physique instafit fitwoman getfit exercise bodygoals fitbody nutrition diet

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Gogoboys do Brasil - Oficial ™


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🔥 JEBERSON MOREIRA 🔥 . 📷 jebersonmoreira 📷 . .

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Simon Edwards


Comment from Simon Edwards:

Goofball Vicci macrogeek89 short and cute but a beast and lifts like a man hahahahahaha gym buddy and number 1 in my life 🌹❤️📸 👍🏻 airmax squats selfie mass gainz nike weights workout training ukbff ukfitfam ukbffbikini igers iifym instafit instagrammers physique picoftheday athlete selfie Shredz fit fitfam fitness fitfamuk flexibledieting gym girlswholift girlswithmuscles bikinigirl bodybuilding

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Heartthrob Hero


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MCM 🙌 tannerchidesterfitness by davidvancephoto heartthrobhero instagram model body abs diet physique hot fitness training fit healthy love instagood beautiful health malemodel fashion follow exercise art muscle aesthetics followme bodybuilding photography photooftheday potd cute like4like

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League of Lifters


Comment from League of Lifters:

lslandrum_fitinathletics rocking our Green Liftin Ranger hoodie! Also available in a tee, tank & baseball tee! Get yours at (link is in our profile) 🌎✈️Worldwide Shipping!✈️🌎

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Gary Mcseveney


Comment from Gary Mcseveney:

*BRIAN PROGRESS * Brian has just finished his 6 week challenge. The goal for Brian was to lose some body fat. The weight came off at a nice steady pace all the way through the 6 week challenge , which was pleasing because his weight hadn't moved a lot previously. Looking forward to see where we can go after this , great change during the 6 weeks , well done Brian 💪. fatloss gym training physique mensphysique bodybuilding fitness instafit muscle aesthetics gymlife instadaily motivation dedication discipline hardwork consistency goals success progress nutrition results 6weekchallenge 6weeks newyear results

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Jenkins Peformance


Comment from Jenkins Peformance:

Narrow stance leg press to hit the outer sweep of the quadzillas. Slow and controlled and squeeze the hell out of the quads throughout the movement. Don't ever lock out and prevent hyperextension 👊🏼. High sets high reps, good range of motion. Myprotein discount code, Jenkins performance. jenkinsperformance strengthandconditioning personaltrainer bournemouth gym physiqueenhancingscience performancetraining sportspecifictraining basketball nba sports sportsscientist fatburner fatloss fitness boxing lean physique functionaltraining nutritionist amateurboxer nfl freeagent hypertrophy bodybuilding mobility physiqueenhancementspecialist quadzilla

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John Boyette III


Comment from John Boyette III:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Scripture of the day for anyone who reads: 1 Corinthians 15:58. Everyone have a good day. Video coming this weekend, so be on the lookout 🙄☻🙊👀 mcm FitnessMotivation Fitspo GetFit Goals gymrat Fitness TrainHard NoExcuses Cardio Cycling Fitnessmodel FitFam FitLife Girlswholift FitnessAddict bodybuilding Strong fitgirl GymLife GymTime PersonalTrainer abs legs motivation crossfit Workout physique shredded wcw

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Comment from Reeq:

Did a solid back routine today while working on some grip strength for pull ups and deadlifts. Once I cut down to 200lbs at 5% body fat I want to be one of the few people pulling 7 plates. No goal is too far to reach its mind over matter this thing is 85% mental which is why so many ppl quit. Stay consistent and you can't lose. ripped gym gains bodybuilding flex tattoos exercise physique npc ifbb aesthetic pump healthy fitfam igmodel weightlifting muscle goldsgym healthiswealth fitnessmotivation fitfreak

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Korey Austin


Comment from Korey Austin:

☄️"Get on with it: don't dwell on it. Be a big person; be generous of spirit; be the person you'd admire." 👌🏼mondaymotivation ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ SHOULDERS💪🏼 - Single arm cable side lateral raise 20,20,20,20 - Standing DB Press 8,8,8,8 - Seated bent over BB Front raise 12,10,8,8 Drop 12 - DB side lateral raise/Read Delt (pec deck) 20/20,20/20,20/20

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Pshysique, Music & Lifestyle


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• MINDSET • 👑 work . . workoutempire physique hustle

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Nesa Rassouli


Comment from Nesa Rassouli:

HI FRIENDS!!!🙋🏻 Due to popular demand, we've decided to add a MORNING calisthenics class at 9am as of next TUESDAY! We've also tweaked our schedule to squeeze in a few more classes like PARKOUR and STRETCHING and a few more for you guys! Keep your eyes peeled for our new March schedule, I'll be posting it tomorrow! letstrain 🌸wearing blsportswear from fitplum 🌸

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Joseph Perseus Smith


Comment from Joseph Perseus Smith:

After struggle bussing some front squat doubles with 285lbs I worked on some belted triples with 245lbs for 5 sets. Going to work more on depth, positioning, speed, and hitting heavier belt less sets

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Comment from TheUnit:

Exercise tip: Our Trainer Stephen showing us how to execute a cable row. Lean over as you keep the natural alignment of your back and grab the V-bar handles. With your arms extended pull back until your torso is at a 90-degree angle from your legs. Your back should be slightly arched and your chest should be sticking out. You should be feeling a nice stretch on your lats as you hold the bar in front of you. This is the starting position of the exercise. Keeping the torso stationary, pull the handles back towards your torso while keeping the arms close to it until you touch the abdominals. Breathe out as you perform that movement. At that point you should be squeezing your back muscles hard. Hold that contraction for a second and slowly go back to the original position while breathing in. This is why it's worth investing in a personal trainer for tips like these. We have very competitive rates and if personal training interests you, call 0871618880 for more information and to book your consultation with either of our trainers, Stephen or Aga. They will provide you with a tailored training programme and diet plan specifically to suit your goals.

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Tanner Hennen

Comment from Tanner Hennen:

I cannot step into my future while stuck thinking in my past. newthinking betterresults notleggings

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Bully's With Muscle definition


Comment from Bully's With Muscle definition:

Repost via tp2bullys - w/ repostwhiz app: Tamba Video Credit: bodyguardbullycamp Welcome to the Exotic Bully World Like, comment & show love & support to our muscle dogs Hashtag💥 ExoticBullyWorld or send n Email to

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