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Martina Todorova Asplund


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So it snowed today... again. To warmer times and vibrant patterns! 🌞⛅🌷🍁 . . . illustration illustratör picture drawing lineart instaart artshow artlife teckning markers amazing instagood pencil sketch artpop artist pen art spring draw artstagram crazyhashtaglady flower artgallery paper artsy sketchbook gallery paintings beautiful

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Pasquale Balsamo


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Fabio Fanelli


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Ana Catarina


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Pantalona!!! 👏🏼🔝😍 ⠀ 🍂 Look: Conjunto Pantalona + Cropped R$ 149,90. ⠀ 📷: Samuel Ribeiro - samuelribeirophoto 👸🏻: Riane Monteiro 💄: Tati Macedo - tatimacedomakeup ⠀ 📍Avenida Nelson Cardoso 1.141 sala: 208 Taquara (referência: prédio da Drogasmil espelhado ao lado do prédio da Caixa econômica, entre a estação de brt Taquara e Aracy Cabral). ⠀ ⠀ 🕙Horário de funcionamento: segunda à sexta de 10:00 às 18:30 e aos sábados de 10:00 às 13:00. ⠀ 📞Telefones: 21 3496-9418/ 21 99937-2645 wpp. ⠀ Venha nos visitar! 👗👓👜😘 ⠀ pantalona fashionista euusoanacatarina useanacatarina anacatarinastore bemvestida amoroupas loucaporacessórios tendênciaanacatarina byanacatarina idressanacatarina dujour thelook lookdodia lookoftheday ootd outift lookdujour tumblrgirl fashionbombdaily picture ootn welovefashionbr garotasdegrife

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Aurélie Viel


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Debra Halperin


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official cooicu x photochips 🔰


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of photochips group . tag 1 - 꿋모닝 . - 하나 . 솝&플라워 공방, 모나플로스 monaflos . 두울 . 감성이 필요한 찰나, 얼라우투 allowto_8est . 세엣 . 고양이 전문샵, 옥탑방고양이 . - msorts _ comsac2 photo by _ cooicu ( 쿠이쿠 ) daily cut _ cooicu_pic group _ photochips_group location _ coo_studio - portrait model snap love instagood picoftheday photoshoot photographer snapshot picture daily photogrid photo girl cute beautiful instalike pic 少女 ポートレート 일상 사진 모델 화보 인물 소녀 섹시 노출 세미누드 - 촬영 및 협찬문의는 카톡 및 디엠으로 문의 주세요 . kakao _ cooicu ( 쵸딩쿠법사 ) - 쿠이쿠의 모든 사진은 무단사용을 금합니다 . ⓒ 2009. cooicu all rights reserved . -

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Adan Marklox


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You know that my style is weird. Sometimes I took pictures, sometimes I draw.. But I loved this sky. tumblr sky picture photography pink blue purple leaf yard chilean chileansky clouds

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Isaac Vallorani


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I planted it in a pot now and this tree reminds me of god because there are three of them but only one is growing also it reminds me of me because I'm the middle child and I sprout and grow into gods faith it's about to rain here and I hope this tree rising high is just like my prayers and god sends down blessings with the rain , thankyou god ! god ilovegod godsword christianity christian sprout nature picture

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Comment from さなだりえ:

今日は早起き☀️ 今まで学校の都合とか色々あって 載せてなかったけど事務所にも報告 させてもらったし区切りの年かなっと思ったので載せます☺💭 この人と付き合って3年が経ちます これから少しずつ登場させようと思うので暖かい目で見守ってくれたら嬉しいです。 anniversary threeyears 初登場 couple couplephoto photo picture instagood instagram instahappy instapic instalike gm 今日も1日 頑張ろう

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ᴄᴀɴᴛᴏɴ ɪᴍᴀɢᴇs


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Adriano Alves - Photography 📷


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