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Comment from Luckychair:

There you go again. philly pma sky trees prism pinkcloud doomanddispair

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Lady No Brow


Comment from Lady No Brow:

Comment emoji of if you're a dog or cat person below (or other favorite animal for which there's an emoji - unicorns welcome!) ! I don't know if I've made it obvious enough but I'm def a 😽 person. But these PMA pins are for both of our people, and for those who are bilingual. Available together for a special discount or separately, at . . . Pin pins enamelpins pinstagram lapelpins pingame catsofinstagram 🐈 cats catlover kittenlady dog dogsofinstagram weinerdog pma badbrains punkrock punk

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Comment from Dev:

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Keeley Kenzie - Saffron Walden


Comment from Keeley Kenzie - Saffron Walden:

Still think cwp is too expensive? Will the few extra £££ in your pocket next week or next month or even next year make you as happy as shifting the excess lbs will? Invest in yourself and your health... healthnotwealth choosewisely healthmatters cambridgediet cambridgeweightplan fastresults summerbody investinyourself fightingobesity obesitykills bethebestyou powerofyou changeisgood pma loa loveyourself youdeservebetter moneyisnoteverything spenditwisely moneywillnotbuyhappiness poundsnotlbs

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Comment from artiseverywhere:

My little cuddle bug myheart Freak freakshow mylittleman mylove bostonterrier dogsofinstagram instadog lifeismessy loveit pma lifetheuniverseandeverything isolemnlysweariamuptonogood mischiefmanaged

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Buddy N Bettie


Comment from Buddy N Bettie:

Pretty Rad day.... started w/a 1 1/2 hr interview for online magazine Featuring people doing Inspiring things despite disabilities.. my local coffee spot chillin in the 🌞/ even scored a Free latte. 😎●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● Ran into my Fav. LBC bulldog "Bella" & got a paying dog sitting gig for the weekend,watching Her🐶. Now at gym, sweatin off more Fat , gettin stronger. Then writing letters for our dear Russian brothers/ sisters. ____________perfectday pma pmaalltheway interview inspire educate motivate spinabifida adaptive skater jw bulldog dogsitting coffeeshop sun longbeach california monday workout gym gameon letsdothis gettingstronger neverquit nevergiveup keeppushing rollforever rollforever igotthis rehabikitation healing

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Comment from river.raider:

On the way to fish today I got psyched up and kept a positive mind like geraldswindle talks about. Before launching I prayed for safety, positive focus, a good day and good fishing. I ended up catching 41 largemouthbass this afternoon! All little ones but still a ton of fun. All but maybe 4 were on a strikeking lures KVD squarebill...which broke somehow! I casted and the bill broke off. I didn't hit any rocks. Anyone else have this issue before? pma strikekinglures crankbait ohiobassfishing bassfishing positivementalattitude

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Comment from 🖌gregcampbelltattoo🖌:

Lets Go!! gregcampbelldesign gregcampbelltattoo TheTattooMovement GRATEFUL ihavethebestclients pma

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Julian Dario Navarro Marin


Comment from Julian Dario Navarro Marin:

Or The time i almost transform into a super sayajin while playing with my band SickMorgan. PunkRock OnStage PMA BassPlayer Lights Epiphone

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El Arte de Un Caballero


Comment from El Arte de Un Caballero:

Tú tienes muchas virtudes pero tienes un defecto. No me tienes a mí. - You have a lot of virtues but you have one defect. I'm not with you. // ElArteDeUnCaballero PMA LAG LostArtOfTheG LW MiG Romance Love Amor Cariño BnW Gstyle igDC aCreativeDC

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Live Happy Wellness


Comment from Live Happy Wellness:

Sometimes the right question has so much wonderful and healing power behind it, though this doesn't work for everyone. It is only for those ready to heal. relationships hurt forgiveness healing questions life

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Jessica Lyn


Comment from Jessica Lyn:

Just because. selfie brunette feelingood pma mondayselfie glasses choker girlwithglasses

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Demon King


Comment from Demon King:

Did I do something cool..? 😳 When one of your fave people in the world shows you some love. TYSM, Kaitlyn. Made my day! 😍😁💕 Famouranth 4 4 4 4 4 Life! Amouranth Famouranth Cosplay Cosplayer Cosplaying PickMeUp Positive Positivity PositiveVibes PMA Instagood Instalove

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Comment from Nikkinue:

tjhazelwood325 won me an Ice King!! toymachine iceking adventuretime mathmatical sweet pizza yumm loveit truckee tahoe pma positivity positive positivevibes positivelife liveit beit positivementalattitude hashtag sassypants

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The S👽ber Life Clothing®


Comment from The S👽ber Life Clothing®:

We are addicts/alcoholics and sure it sucks sometimes to be one, and it almost killed some of us before recovery, but having that extreme nature has one of the greatest upshots in humanity. We're also overly kind, overly care, and overly love. 🖤👽 thesoberlife sober drugfree sobriety clean soberlife soberaf soberasfuck odaat addiction recovery quotes hope inspiration strength quote alternative music art pma ootd transformation truth spiritual share

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Anthony Dreds 🐙


Comment from Anthony Dreds 🐙:

Need to climb high for those hashtags pma vancouver britishcolumbia tourlife wanderust streetart hashtags wanderingthestreets day18 notaphotographer graffitti canada

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Comment from Dizzysometimes:

Monday, rain, urgent care visit for poison ivy all over his arms, legs and chest and he's still happily delighted to see the trees in bloom! cantgethimdown spingfever facesofautism simplejoys overcomingfears pma

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Adam Rabbit


Comment from Adam Rabbit:

Second giveaway! 🐰💕Wow! Just a few years ago as I was handwriting out each address label and making jewelry from the extra space on my kitchen counter, and today we reached 10,000 retail orders! I've never even dreamed this day would come because it just seemed *too* far out there. THANK YOU x 1,000,000! To show our appreciation we will be giving out $10 gift cards to our Amazing Rabbit Babes over the next few days! 💕🐰 🎈Next up! Tag your best babe and tell her why she rocks (make sure you both are followers) for a chance at winning a $10 gift card each! Winners will be chosen at random tomorrow. 🎈

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Dr. Philip Trigiani


Comment from Dr. Philip Trigiani:

Always teaching, and always learning! As I work with students to crystallize and explain the release patterns that are taking place ,it takes me into a deeper level of a release pattern with a particular patient. In this case a slight shift laterally to the left at the S I joint begins to dissolve and melt literally years of fixed holding patterns based on fear and survival mechanisms DrPhilipTrigiani Enensaauas Acupuncture AlwaysLearning PMA UWS

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Laura Cribbs


Comment from Laura Cribbs:

Thank you to armoured_taint for my new personal mantra PMA AF pma pmaaf tatesismyguru myfriendsrule immaputafaftereverything

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