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Даниил Неверов


Comment from Даниил Неверов:

16 км пройдено, легко и не сложно, люблю когда тяжело. Успех требует целеустремленности. crossfitcrossliftpowerliftingpowerliftingmotivationmotivationsportworkoutcrossfitcrossliftingatletfitnessmotivationfitness

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Álvaro Guzman Quesada


Comment from Álvaro Guzman Quesada:

Nunca será el momento perfecto para empezar algo, por eso mismo, cree en ti, trabaja por ello y da el 200%. . Nunca lo saques del punto de mira. Algún día será tuyo y cuando lo sea, ya tendrás el punto de mira en otra cosa mil veces más grande que eso. . Corre, no te lo pienses, porque es tu momento y porque nadie más que tú te va a impedir hacerlo. . Permítete el lujo de dejarlo todo a un lado y centrarte en lo que quieres, en ti. . Hazlo, aquí y ahora. Por ti. Hazlo. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Asesorías y entrenamiento on-line💪💻: . 📧 . powerlifting motivation strong training abs sixpack bodybuilding crossfit running benchpress squat deadlift workout gym gymtime fit food fitness instafit gymmotivation shredded iifym weightloss picoftheday like4like l4l health cardio muscle luli

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🔑⚡🌾🌾Jose Björn🌾🌾⚡🔑Vikings⚡


Comment from 🔑⚡🌾🌾Jose Björn🌾🌾⚡🔑Vikings⚡:

Piscineo !! powerlifting powerlifter powerlifters bodybuilding naturalbodybuilding fitnessbikini workhard gohardorgohome fitgirl gymtime trainhard cleverfit mahlsdorf berlin team social instagram instagrambodybuilding instagood strenght joinus abs shredded power cycling elliptical fitlife fitnessaddict getoutside getstrong

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Adam 'deep' Jones


Comment from Adam 'deep' Jones:

100kg x 3 push Press post 130kg x 3 pause Bench. Could only get a shallow drive due to my lower back tightness and injury. Pretty happy with this though powerlifting squat benchpress DEADLIFT crossfit weightlifting fatloss motivation

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Thickness conning back gettingbiggereveryday grinding nevergiveup bodybuilding powerlifting

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Se®dar iLbay


Comment from Se®dar iLbay:

R.Band.Hang.S.Clean Be Strong Be Powerful Be Human ✌🏃‍♂️🏅pumatraining ▪ ▪ ▪ athletics fitness gym bodybuilding crossfit underarmour wellness cardio powerlifting sport training trainhard workout exercise egzersiz fitnessmotivation workoutday fitnessgirl fitfam mma gymshark performixdriven personaltrainer fitspo squat tennis gymgirl functionaltraining strengthtraining noexcuses

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Matt & Leoni Tatman


Comment from Matt & Leoni Tatman:

Very busy with work at the moment and not following a program but still trying to put in the hard work! work . powerlifting bdfpa ipf powerlifter bench deadlift weightlifting crossfit strong strength strongman fit fitfam squat fitness fitnessaddict squats fitnessmotivation motivation dedication lift liftheavy aesthetic bodybuilding athlete powerliftingmotivation powerbuilding training

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Comment from Jonathan:

😕🍔🍟🍕🌯🍨🍮🍰🍬🍩🍪🍿. . fit fitspo fitness training lifting meme gains gymmemes motivation goals health healthyliving wellness diet nutrition weightloss gym gymlife work workout powerlifting crossfit weightlifting bodybuilding muscle funny food life wednesday instagood

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Comment from rico_1576:

Ahahaha, this is funny in more ways than one. 😂💪. Oh and body weight is 218lbs as of this morning. 6 weeks out from kilowars. . . . realproblems goinghard meetprep powerlifter powerlifting strong

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Евгений Беловал


Comment from Евгений Беловал:

Жим гантелей 50 кг*5, пятый подход. С realsteel_official силы растут в геометрической прогрессии! Кто в теме, тот поймёт, всем phl, пацаны! realsteel живаясталь жимлежа пауэрлифтинг benchpress powerlifting workout персональныйтренер персональныезанятия персональныетренировки тренеронлайн фитнес тренировка Сургут Surgut Surgut86 platinumsurgut Новосибирск

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Comment from tanechka_sorokina21:

🤦🏽‍♀️😅130 😣Когда там уже 180 будет?🤔💁🏽powerlifting powerliftingwomen powerliftinggirl deadlifts пауэрлифтинг пауэрлифтингспортсильных спр wpc krasnoyarsk samsonteam тренировка

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Karolis Aleksandravičius


Comment from Karolis Aleksandravičius:

Vartų sergėtojas! 💂💪 powerlifting frontdoublebicep biceps mcm muslemania strong nature training motivation trainhard workout gym weightlifting strongman muscles gains detication fitness fitnessaddict fitspo fitfam fitspiration fit fitbody sportas fitnessvilnius fitnessaddict instagood fitnessvilnius

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Torrey Penn


Comment from Torrey Penn:

Princess meow meow is ready to tackle the day! Are you?? humpday midweek goals workhard . . . . . crossfit health fit fitness powerlifting bodybuilding success shepsky workout cardio gym training germanshepherd husky instahealth active strong motivation healthy getfit exercise fitfam athlete focused bodybuilding life pfdcrossfit

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Eian Birtcher


Comment from Eian Birtcher:

Squat continues to climb, but I'm always looking for ways I can improve it. Reevaluating my setup, taking a new approach, hoping to find better balance, depth, and drive out of the hole. Big squats coming allintraining wetrainhere squats fitness powerlifting

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Kriss Cee


Comment from Kriss Cee:

So kriss is ill and that means no gym and carb killa with super noodles for breakfast 😂 . . . . . . . . . . grenadeofficial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . healthyfood healthy eating fitness diet cutting summer shredz nutrition gains lifestyle foodie naturalbodybuilding bodybuilding mealprep protein picoftheday instadaily instamood instagramdaily insta fitfam transformation power powerlifting physique shredz shredded bulk throwback foodporn

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Comment from Gerard:

Hurt my wrist last week 😑 My workout on Monday already went so-so and the one this morning sucked big time. Pain was getting worse and couldn't even perform one hammer curl rep with a light dumbbell at the end. Frustrating! - - - - gym fitness training weightlifting workout powerlifting instafit fitdutchies fitdutchie dutchfitness fitfam fitfamnl fitanddutch gymrat fitdad beard beardgang metallica

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twentyone × sweden


Comment from twentyone × sweden:

Blonde mudcake with raspberries tho! 👌 😍 My bestest homie is finally home and I'm ridiculously happy!! Haven't seen him all summer (well, honestly, before that we've met like 4 times but even tho he's totally one of my best friends!!). So we got drunk af yesterday even tho I should've been studying and I totally enjoy hanging out with him!! It's kind of weird cus even though we've known each other for a very short while - he's one of few people I can relax and be myself with. I can talk so freely with him and that's so rare (well, it might partially be thanks to the vodka lol). You know, I talk so much more with him than with my bf... . . . . . edrecoveryedwarriorednososfedhealthyeatinghealthydietiifymfitnessweightliftingstrengthtrainingpowerliftingbodybuildinggirlswholiftgirlswithmusclesstrongnotskinnynursingstudentbipolarbipolardisorderanxietyanxietyrecoverysocialanxietydepressiondepressionrecoveryhypomaniaselfharmrecoverymentalhealthmentalillnessbodypositiveselflove

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Comment from Harry:

Finally! I cut 2 stone..... didn't't lose as much mass as i thought, so that's a bonus. Now time to bulk up 💪 myproteinpowerlifterpowerliftingstrengthclothesgymselfieinstalikeinstagymfitnessbulkmassswolegettingtherebeardgangbeardlifeinklifebeardsandtattoosfreshinkbodyartinkeduparmsdayintenseworkoutinkedmagstrongmanchangesprogressshouldersworkoutshoulderdayoptimumnutritiongym

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Liverpool Barbell Club


Comment from Liverpool Barbell Club:

TONY CLIFFE SEMINAR 4/11/2017: CLIFFE AGAINST CANCER 💪 All the money for this will be going to CHICS Liverpool, a charity that helps support children with cancer! 👏 The seminar will cost £10 each and be limited to 30 people max 👏. . To secure your place at this first ever, and no doubt one time exclusive seminar, you have to do the following ✔ Share this post and make sure you're following the account (Instagram or Facebook). ✔ Participants will then be selected (randomly if demand necessitates) and be messaged the link to the justgiving page 💪 Later on, the page will be opened up to anyone else who fancies donating to this cause 👊. . This seminar from the European 120kg champion and total record holder, will have plenty on offer! Tony will share with you his experiences (and funny stories 😂) of competing in Powerlifting since the dawn of man. He will give his theories on training, and how he developed himself into a successful international lifter - both classic and equipped! There will be also a demonstration of strength, with Tony planning on pulling a huge weight 💪. . liverpoolbarbell cliffeagainstcancer britishpowerlifting ipf powerlifting powerlifter usapl cpu squat benchpress deadlift gym likeforlike training exercise strongman crossfit weightlifting styrklyft styrkløft bodybuilder instadaily bodybuilding ukbff ifbb npc wbff physique

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Jordan Vatcher


Comment from Jordan Vatcher:

love your gains and supplements💪🏼 50% off on my protein, go wild🤤 - - - - myprotein supplements protein gym stockup fitness gains lifestyle fitnesslife motivation fuelyourambition gymmotivation gymgoers gymbros health healthylifestyle vitaminsandminerals bodybuilding powerlifting fitnessmodel fitfam

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