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Ian McCrae


Comment from Ian McCrae:

1st and 5th singles with Colosseum's dastardly 330 stone. Dusty. 73" diameter. Just awful. It occurs to me that the 320 stone at ussnationals might be somewhat challenging. larissamccrae being a trooper and playing catch with me. Such a swell gal 😍 strongman powerlifting weightlifting bodybuilding crossfit bootyfordays uss faba

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Comment from ragnarok_stc_official:

"Odin’s men went armor-less into battle and were as crazed as dogs or wolves and as strong as bears or bulls. They bit their shields and slew men, while they themselves were harmed by neither fire nor iron. This is called “going berserk.” It is with this same mindset that we must approach our training, and the founder and owner of Ragnarok Strength Training Center, einridi_strongman completely embodies this mentality. Battling through everything one can imagine comes with opening a business he continues to grind everyday inside the gym, striving to be 1% better everyday. This has led him to massive strength gains while cutting from 300lbs to 272lbs as of today. If there is anyone looking to improve your strength, physique, weight loss or just general health, there is no more knowledgeable, motivated or driven coach you will find. Come out to ragnarok_stc_official today and develop this training mentality! . . . powerlifting weightlifting bodybuilding crossfit strongman health fitness gym gains weightloss transformationtuesday viking valhalla strong arms einridi_strongman vingth0r jeremiah_knigh slamina91 aem_powerlifter virginiarose33

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Nathan Sanders


Comment from Nathan Sanders:

Needed an extra kick before work because I was exhausted from this mornings training!! Reunited with the classic whitemonster🔥🔥🔥 Switching it up👌 health healthy fitness fitlife fitnessmotivation strength strengthtraining hardwork training bodybuilding gfuel powerlifting powerbuilder gains progress motivation instagood inspiration gymlife follow4follow tagsforlikes clubbarbellwa protein like4like workoutmotivation dreamchaser neverquit dcathletics athlete maxxchewning christianguzmanfitness nickwrightnwb monsterenergy

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Gavin Moss


Comment from Gavin Moss:

Pose from today, looking good accept the abs 😣 ^ ^ ^ ^ phsyique biceps beastmode pumped arms muscles abs shredded sixpack aesthetic armpump health triceps nutrition powerlifting powerlifter benchpress bench fit bodybuilder vascular crossfit gymlife fitnessmodel muscles gainz ripped cardio flex squats bodybuilding

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Noah Rico


Comment from Noah Rico:

So I'm pretty sure it's a fact that after you compete, you PR 🤔 anyways here is 415 for a nice 10lbs grinder ricolifts powerlifting toofocused sumodeadlift deadlift hookgrip powerhousegym

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Corey Mills AKA"The Other Guy"


Comment from Corey Mills AKA"The Other Guy":

ibeflexin ibeflexinapparel deadlift weightlifting powerlifting lifting crossfit lifestyle

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Brandon Morrison


Comment from Brandon Morrison:

(LINK IN BIO) I have room to take on two more online/remote coaching clients. If you want me to help you get stronger while I also rant about Nazis and dream of creme brûlée and champagne, I'm your man.

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Comment from Daniela:

A month ago, I hit 220lbs no problem. Today I missed parallel when doing 210lbs. I'm going to do it. I don't care that I've lost 7lbs since then, I'm gonna do 210 properly and work my way back up to 220 at a lower bodyweight. squat powerlifting thatswhatIgetforcutting

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Nico Siy


Comment from Nico Siy:

Coach richkoly throwin 115 at jdibarbell ✌️dynastystrong

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Zach Bloomer


Comment from Zach Bloomer:

Let's get it 👏 bodybuilding powerlifting fitfam instafit fitspo fitspiration gymmotivation everforward pumpchasers gymshark alphalete apeathletics apearmy teammastodon veromastodon benchpress fitness gymlife squats ironaddict shredz isymfs

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Comment from Mark:

TFW when squats feel like garbage, so you do one million dips to make yourself feel better 🙃 I actually hit my target numbers for high-bar squats (460lbsx1, 3x5 at 385lbs), but none of them felt as good as they should have felt, slower and uglier than they should have been. Was in a really good groove before my little vacation, and I'm struggling to get back into it. Oh well, will get there. Deadlifts tomorrow :-) lifting calisthenics dips bodyweight powerlifting StrengthISConditioning

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Kaleb Blair


Comment from Kaleb Blair:

I love when new gym equipment arrives! eleikosport kettlebell powerlifting crossfit bodybuilding npgl eleiko fitness fitnessjourney training kb garagegym

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Djuan Turner


Comment from Djuan Turner:

Joy🎶😊 of a young powerlifter. powerlifter powerlifting usapowerlifting

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Adam Diodato


Comment from Adam Diodato:

Trying to stay strong and not whither away in that dept. 585 here 155. Got something heavy in my hands though nonetheless. Haven't held over 455 in like 7 months. Things i can do better: 1) Stand an inch or so higher from blocks because ROM was a little shorter than I wanted. 2) Not lock my legs out early 3) Stronger knees, here is a tad soft. 4) Maybe not use a deadlift bar and wide plates. Brace feeling tiiiight though 😏 powerlifter bodybuilding powerlifting uspapower uspa rawpowerlifting crossfit weightlifting fitness fitnessmotivation deadlift sumodeadlift

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Matt Vandover


Comment from Matt Vandover:

Repost nick_m_matti ・・・ Post back day ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ . . . . . bodybuilding aesthetics powerlifting backday deadlift lifting workout ET fitness fit ironaddict health flex DM usapl likeforlike picoftheday mindset consistency slightedge gymshark nike usapl lvft jym physique minesota

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Cait Chicoli


Comment from Cait Chicoli:

Getting started for the next one! usapl Glad I'm training again and glad I broke my toe more than 2 weeks before this competition. 🤕Just about 12 weeks out 😉learntofunction lucky whyareallmytoesbreaking brokenbones lifting gwpl powerlifting girlswhopowerlift squat bench deadlift

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Comment from Erica:

Rack pulls 3x7 260 below the knee. Myyy backkk coaacchh. Also, should've strapped up. That strengthshop bastard bar knurling is gnarly!! . . . . . . . . lifting lift liftheavy girlswholift girlsthatlift fitness workhard trainhard fit fitfam fitlife fitgirl fitchick endunamoobarbellclub douendu powerlifter powerlifting gym gymlife gymrat gymtime gymaddict gymflow train deadlifts deadlift girlswhopowerlift powerliftingwomen traininsane training

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ryan kirkpatrick


Comment from ryan kirkpatrick:

I haven't done anything related to Olympic lifting in awhile and decided to do some today. Pr at 187.5 (previous pr 185...i chipped it.) Second video is a fail at around 200ish pounds. The weight felt like nothing but the technique was far too rusty to actually pull off anything that heavy.

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RCF 💚 Best Of WA CrossFit


Comment from RCF 💚 Best Of WA CrossFit:

Trust the process. And practice progressions. S/O to dillard for hitting his goal of getting a strict MU! 💪🏽 iamRCF RCFCrossFit BodyByN8 CrossFit mobiLOEty TEI2Bar Sponsored Athlete Calisthenics ForgingAFitCommunity BestOfWesternWashington BOWW King5 EveningMagazine WestsideBarbell ConjugateStrong USAW Oly USAPL Powerlifting RCFRenton RCFBellevue RCFTacoma strictmuscleup russiandips

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Rodrigo Aguirre - Silverback 🦍


Comment from Rodrigo Aguirre - Silverback 🦍:

D6W5 of hybridperformancemethod 3x4 85% 420lbs back squats 3x3 75% 405lbs sumo deadlifts 5x5 65% 135lbs strict press - 💢 slvrbckfitness 💢 oliviaxmichaud torquebarbell lookliftmove hybridaf squats deadlifts

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