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Hard Body Fitness PTG


Comment from Hard Body Fitness PTG:

CHECK OUT this nice piece of hardware to go with all the hard work that Cathy Cranford cathylcran put in this weekend! Cathy we hope you find a nice place at home to show that off. You did great this weekend completing 7 out of 9 of your attempts. We can't wait to see you get ready for your next show in October! teamhardbodyfitnessptg powerlifting squats deadlift chestpress charlottebodybuilding 365powerlifting europagamescharlotte weightlifting womanpowerlifter fitfam gains

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Comment from AnimalBarbellGym:

day5 of deadlifteveryday πŸ‘Š deadlifttillimdead powerlifting deadliftaholic crazydeadliftmaniac fuckrules fuckovertraining

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Aaron Arana


Comment from Aaron Arana:

Easy sunday! Squat work with the bros powerliftingdan and his homie. 315lb 8 sets of 2. Pausing, keeping tight, and exploding up. Everyday getting STrong. Also, notice them quad gains had to take a selfie πŸ˜‡ powerlifter powerlifting lift lifting weightlifting liftheavy weights sunday sundayfunday bodybuilding gains legs squats health fit fitness fitfam instafit exercise workout training strength strengthtraining selfie gym

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Zackary Thavisack


Comment from Zackary Thavisack:

335 top set of 5 and 275+4idkchains for triples _daniel_ishii anthonyvu_b mikethebum allenguevarra deadweightstrength jo0oyyyx3 melissademesa haayitsjae jack_the_deadlift_ripper stephspiridakis11 sperdoni5 alpha_kevin14 kevislegend deadlift uspa uspapower deadweightstrength powerlifting 67kg sandiego fitness

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Ryan Munsey


Comment from Ryan Munsey:

Our pursuits don't give. They give back. And the amount they give back is in direct proportion to what we put into them. You want more? Give more. liveoptimal strength health fitness stronger antifragile better benchpress power powerlifting crossfit growth progress pursuit give

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Comment from boys_ofiicial:

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Nicolas Bracq


Comment from Nicolas Bracq:

5*5 à 130 kgs Très à l'aise à cette charge sachant c'était mon PR en janvier ! friendsmusculationbodybuildingpowerliftingforceforceathletiquesquatdetermineobjectifEDNHetudiantdietetiquenutritionnutritionsportive

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Kevin Persaud


Comment from Kevin Persaud:

Regrann from aboutgains - . . . gains bodybuilding fitness weightlifting weighttraining powerlifting life gym gymlife kickboxing boxing mma bjj martialarts muaythai uk supplements vitamins minerals nutrition muaythailife thaiboxing kickboxer k1 judo taekwondo karate mma

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Them Gainz🍍


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Gotta show them you're alpha as fuck🦁

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Gym Rat Memes


Comment from Gym Rat Memes:

Bros who lift together, stay together πŸ‘Š shredded.mafia

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Lanette Garris


Comment from Lanette Garris:

For the past two years the only constant I've had in my life was the gym. I have had so much change in such a short period of time. Life doesn't always go the way you plan it but everything always happens for a reason. I never take for granted the fact that I get to exercise and lift weights. Some look at it as just exercise but for me it is so much more. It's therapy, it's overcoming your doubts, it's believing in yourself, its consistency and discipline. Without weight lifting I really don't know where I would be today. I find peace behind a barbell. I find joy in exhausting myself. This is still just the beginning though πŸ’ͺ🏼 powerlifting weighttraining girlswholift badass therapy lifting liftheavy mindovermatter justdoit gym gymrat protein heavyweights girlslifttoo

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Jake Halverson


Comment from Jake Halverson:

Ran into my boy jpal502 hitting some arms so had to grab a pic since his arms looked insane with that pump πŸ’ͺ🏻 real boring doing legs without squatting, my main leg accessory exercise is leg press, I never go below 20 reps on it, and I don't lock out I go super slow and focus on the stretch and squeeze which gives me an insane quad pump, did 6 X 20 today πŸ’€and each set took about a minute and a half, any dumbass can load up a million plates on the leg press and move it a couple inches, but simply moving the weight isn't gonna do all that much for you, leave your ego at the door and focus on feeling the muscle work and quality of reps πŸ’ unless it's deadlift then YOLO and go as heavy as you can 😏 powerlifting bodybuilding naturalbodybuilding legs legday pump fit fitness fitfam gymrat iifym aesthetic aesthetics tattoo tattoos tattoosleeve guyswithtattoos manbun

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Tarek Ahern


Comment from Tarek Ahern:

Building that bench press and my triceps back up! 185 lbs close grip for six reps. strongman powerlifting benchpress close grip recovery garagegymlife

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Comment from C H R I S:

Another Sunday with a view & as always, we found a way to get some fitness in πŸ˜…βœŒ _______________________________ irishfitfam πŸ€ workout gymtime dedicated love fitness holiday fitfam iifym bodybuilding powerlifting crossfit healthychoices health happy ukfitfam calisthenics squat gym travel healthy fitnessaddict instadaily gymrat fitfam fitspo f4f fit athlete shredded

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Jeremy wehr


Comment from Jeremy wehr:

Couple sets of rows last night to seperate my two bench blocks. Did 6x4 135 powerlifting rows fitness gym

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Amie Ruhl


Comment from Amie Ruhl:

Lots of speed doubles with the SSB bar and chains followed by some paused squats with the duffalo bar. powerlifting squats girlswhopowerlift squatlife

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Cross Training Videos πŸ†“


Comment from Cross Training Videos πŸ†“:

Tag your friend πŸ‘‡πŸ»Repost coldcutz20 ・・・ If you ever get bored of your regular style of box jumps, here are a few different styles. Which is your favorite?

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Mercedes Alana


Comment from Mercedes Alana:

Wobbly AF πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

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Comment from πŸ‘€:

Me the big bro jja.woods and Tom deadlifts today. Tom stepped in and showed us how it's done he pulled 585 for a easy 3. πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‹πŸΎ

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Kevin Wong - Limitless Fitness


Comment from Kevin Wong - Limitless Fitness:

Sunday fun day. Trained back today after deadlifting yesterday. Clip of seated rows followed by sled pulls/rows to finish off.

8 Minutes ago