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Danie - clay artist


Comment from Danie - clay artist:

Wohoo - I finally finished my water dragon 🎉🎊🎉 She was too long in the oven (I forgot her while watching Blue exorcist 😅) but everything is fine. She is strong. What dragon should I make next? Make some suggestions 😊 ... ... .... ..... ooak geek nerd diy handmade cute kawaiicharms claysculpture fimo premo sculpey critter fantasy fantasycreature polymer_clay clay polymerclay etsy madeingermany dragon whimsical fire drache charm colourblend miniature mystical animalsculpture Juskancreations claycritter

22 Minutes ago

♡ Kawaii Studios ♡


Comment from ♡ Kawaii Studios ♡:

Through back... 🍞🍫

35 Minutes ago



Comment from LUCOPÌ:

Idea nottura con sviluppo diurno. È un workinprogress ! Parola chiave: avvolgimenti ! 😉 Lucopí polymerclay handmadejewelry marbletecnique youclaytodo premo katopolyclay necklace earrings handmade originaldesign naiftemporaryshop viaporto64 polignanoAMARE

51 Minutes ago

PinkMood creation handmade


Comment from PinkMood creation handmade:

Lamù kawaii manga handmade fattoamano pinkmoodaratacreations pinkmood fimocreations premo fimoclay fimo polymerclay

53 Minutes ago

PinkMood creation handmade


Comment from PinkMood creation handmade:

Il cappellaio matto fattoamano handmade fimoclay fimocreations fimo premo pinkmoodaratacreations pinkmood aliceinwonderland alicenelpaesedellemeraviglie

56 Minutes ago

Amy's Claythings


Comment from Amy's Claythings:

Good morning! Looks like a couple cuties stopped by the claystation today. Maybe that means good luck for me?! Happy Friday, everyone. PolymerClay Claystation GingerbreadMen Premo PremoSculpey Joy HappyPlace Friday Instagram Facebook AmysClaythings

57 Minutes ago

Week 82: Summer☀️✨🌤


Comment from Week 82: Summer☀️✨🌤:

Hey guys, it's sleepyhedgehogs here, and for this week, I made Bellossom from Pokemon! ••• ••• I decided to make the most summery Pokemon I could think of, so I made this guy😆 ••• Anyway, I hope you guys like him, and let me know what you think! 🙌 ••• polymer clay polymerclay polymerclaycharm polymerclaycharms polymerclayjewellery claycharm claycharms claycreations polymerclaycreations premo fimo sculpey kawaiicharms cutecharms kawaii fimolovers miniature miniatures pokemon pokemon20 pokemoncompany nintendo gamefreak pokemonart pokemonfan bellossom summer

1 Hours ago


Comment from Rora:

🔥una lunga attesa🔥drogon gameofthrones asongoficeandfire daenerystargaryen daenerys targaryen housetargaryen dragon dragons got fireandblood fimo fimoart sculpey sculpture clay polymerclayartist polymerclay polymer premo arcillapolimerica emiliaclarke clayart supersculpey jonsnow dailyart handmade fimoclay

1 Hours ago

нυииιвєє ∂єѕιgиѕ ℓт∂


Comment from нυииιвєє ∂єѕιgиѕ ℓт∂:

Hello Little one 🌸 Made for the lovely hijabimamatreats 🎀 check out what other amazing gifts they have to offer! Jummah Mubarak 🌸

1 Hours ago



Comment from HopieNoelle:

Cute chibi :) . . . . . kawaii clay art charms chibi anime girl hair dress flowercrown polymerclay handmade diy hippie art sculpt rose love glitter fimo premo sculpey unique gift

2 Hours ago

Nikita Timofeev


Comment from Nikita Timofeev:

Green Lolipop Girl from Adventure Time 🍭 polymerclay fimo clay clayart polymerclaycharms claycharms sculpey premo fimoclay artsandcrafts claysculpture polymerclaycreations figurine polymer handmade diy craft polymerclayart lolipop adventuretime

2 Hours ago



Comment from Artfili:

Ahaan.. Look who's watchin.. 😜😎😍.. I love how these emoji studs have turned out.. Again in sterling silver Base (so that I can wear them.. 😁😁 M allergic to imitation metals) ................................. ... ................ . artfili Vidu handmade love whatsapp art craft fashion handmadejewelry polymerclay polymer clay emoji charms charm cute diy madebyhand handcrafted artist fimo premo sculpey cernit pardo kato welovecollect craftsposure rainbow wip

2 Hours ago



Comment from Cecillia:

Repost from Onecraftypup: have a sudden obsession with Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn. Here is my chibi version 😊

2 Hours ago



Comment from Sara:

Polymer clay embroidery appliques❤🌸 embroidery appliques polymerclay polymer sculpy premo green necklace handmade creations creative like

2 Hours ago

Cecillia Kurniawan


Comment from Cecillia Kurniawan:

Have a sudden obsession with Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn. This is my chibi version 😊

2 Hours ago



Comment from silvia:

fimo polymerclay clay polymer arcilla arcillapolimera argilla art artist premo cernit sculpture ooak miniature miniatures cute sweet like followme sissyscreations etsy facebook instaTags4likes handmade decore disney tamburino

3 Hours ago

Lóci Novits


Comment from Lóci Novits:

endoftheyear truesummer squad daninaknincsinstaja premo portaselfie

3 Hours ago

Week 20: 500 Followers!

Comment from Week 20: 500 Followers!:

Thank you so much for 500 followers! Here's a cupcake to celebrate💛 ~ cuteclaystuff • polymerclay polymerclaycharms claycreation charms clay art diy kawaii kawaiicharms cute food icecream cupcake foodjewelry handmade handgjord miniaturefood fimo premo rainbow rainbowcupcakes rainbowcupcake colors yellow pink craft blue

3 Hours ago



Comment from Vanessa:

Scegliete voi l'immagine per il vostro ciondolo in resina 😍 5€ cad. ❤️ polymerclay polymer clay sculpey fimo premo calcifer fire howl howlsmovingcastle resin resincharms wip workinprogress behindthescenes dacraftylilninja handmade madeinitaly italy diythrowback cute cupcake rose flower craft

4 Hours ago

Amy's Claythings


Comment from Amy's Claythings:

Got the opportunity to do what I love today! Hello, Mr. Gingerbread Man! PolymerClay WorkInProgress Instagram Facebook Premo PremoSculpey AmysClaythings

18 Hours ago