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Brett Golden


Comment from Brett Golden:

Meanwhile somewhere in Atlanta. .. 23 years ago today jeruthedamaja premo gangstarrfoundation

19 Minutes ago

Will aka Good Enuff Beatz


Comment from Will aka Good Enuff Beatz:

Today 23 years ago Jeru The Damaja released The Sun Rises in the East Definitely his best album🙌🔥 jeruthedamaja djpremier TheSunRisesintheEast hiphop rap realhiphop realrap underground undergroundhiphop undergroundrap 90shiphop 90srap oldschoolhiphop oldschoolrap classic classichiphop classicrap legend eastcoasthiphop eastcoastrap hiphophead raphead nyc premo

38 Minutes ago

Сорокина Ольга мастер глины


Comment from Сорокина Ольга мастер глины:

Впереди выходные,а это значит,что пора писать планы,расписание заказов📝. 📍каждый вечер я стараюсь писать планы на следующий день,чтоб все успеть и знать ,что нужно сделать!😌. 📍завтра буду показывать вам процесс создания бутоньерки!👌🏻🌸🌿🌺🌷🌹. 📍а ещё завтра буду печь торт 🎂 для маленького Луки 😍следите за новостями !!! Всем самых добрых снов,друзья!✨⭐️. украшенияolyasaccessoriesполимернаяглинаполимеркаполимернаяполимерная_глинаpolymerclaypolymerclayjewelryfimopremosonethandmadehandmadeaccessorieshandmadeaccessoriesbyolyasручнаяработаручная_работаукрашенияручнойработыукрашенияцветыглина

1 Hours ago



Comment from Teena:

Made this OC chibi holding a pusheen charm last week 💕 Will be working on some Animal Crossing macarons today! Be sure to check my story! 😃 iisweetcharms polymerclay polymer polymerclaycharms cute kawaii etsy etsyseller handmade clay art anime otaku animelover japan chibi accessory etsyshop charms cosplay keychain chibiart shop fimo premo sculpey figurine nendoroid pusheen

1 Hours ago

K-Dub. GOD music 🎶


Comment from K-Dub. GOD music 🎶:

peace kdub Godmusic777 premo bumpyknuckles boombap boombaphiphop

1 Hours ago

AleShop Artesanía


Comment from AleShop Artesanía:

Creo que alguien nos observa 🤔🤔🤔 ratoncito ratones mouse heart corazon muela estrella aleshop artclay arcillapolimérica arcillapolimerica polymerclay polimerclay fimo sculpey premo kato handmade hechoamano personalizado fetama jocreo

1 Hours ago

nate f


Comment from nate f:

Jamin to hardwell and Hand rolled Table top torpedo marijuana cigar rolled with Cameroon shade leaf🍃 💭💭💭🚬🚬🚬🚬🥃🥃🥃 cigars cigar cigaraficionado cigarlover mmj medicalmarijuana thc cigarsmoker premo smokeweedeveryday smokecigarseveryday

1 Hours ago



Comment from Maya:

Making Moana as a Merunicorn! 🌊 Link to full video on my bio. She'll also be available on Friday . . . crafts cute polymerclay moana disney clay premo sculpey fimo art sculpture miniature etsy etsyfinds etsyseller arcilla disneyprincess fanart mermaid unicorn

1 Hours ago

Vanessa Gifford


Comment from Vanessa Gifford:

Made this pink lucky cat with opal clay wings. 😺💖 Inspired by lemonteacharm ... ..... ... ... .... .pusheen polymerclay cute cutecharms love kawaiicharms kawaiigirl like lucky handmade luckycat jewelrygram anime etsy fanart instaart kawaii magical sculpey premo pretty claycharms

2 Hours ago



Comment from CARCREATURES:

DONUTS!!!!!!! donuts sweet dulces earings pendientes sculpey premo mercantic barcelona handmade miniature gourmande

2 Hours ago

kay williams


Comment from kay williams:

Thanks for all you lovely followers hope to get many more 💖💖💖follow follows followingpolymerclay handmade charm kawaii polymer clay charms handmadebyme fimo fimocreations miniature diy craft create hobby sculpt premo sculpey miniaturefood cute foodart art photooftheday potd kawaiiclaycharms kawaiiclayart

2 Hours ago

Jammie Schlosser


Comment from Jammie Schlosser:

Wanted to put together a little highlight of the star charms I've made ! I didn't really start working with molds until recent and have had so much fun with seeing how creative I can be with the star base! What other characters or ideas would you recommend? Also these cuties are available in my Etsy shop! Link in bio shophandmade handmade star polymerclaycharms polymerclay sculpey fimo premo undertale Napstablook​ rpg pokemon bulbasaur jacksepticeye antisepticeye markiplier youtube youtuber icecream miniature miniaturefood lemon strawberry kawaii kawaiistar kawaiiart instaart

2 Hours ago

Bisuteria diferente, original


Comment from Bisuteria diferente, original:

creacionesmishi polymerclay arcillapolimerica sculpey premo hechoamano handmade hechoenmexico yoconsumolocal diseñadoresindependientesmexicanosconsumelocal diseñoindependientemuymuymexicano ideartemexico hechopormexicanospromuevemexico kawaiicharmmanosmexicanassinmoldes teamomexico toptusapoyartesomoscentralunificandotalentogarfield

2 Hours ago



Comment from IsaArt:

Aretes de Cupcakes, Buhos y gatos hechos con amor para cindymontec handmade hechoenecuador hechoamano guayaquil premo cats owls cupcakes sculpey

2 Hours ago



Comment from IsaArt:

Aretes de Buho / Owl Earrings polymerclay hechoamano hechoenecuador guayaquil premo handmade

2 Hours ago



Comment from TarisCreazioni:

Creando dolciumi😄😋 tariscreazioni fimo fimoart fimocharms premo artifact tortainfimo sweetcharms polimerclay

2 Hours ago

Beth Monk Art


Comment from Beth Monk Art:

Still working on this horse. I'm taking my time to get all the details right. Horse premoclay wip polymerclay sculpty premo slowandsteadywinstherace

2 Hours ago

Rita White


Comment from Rita White:

3 Hours ago

Jessica 👧 Polymer clay dragons


Comment from Jessica 👧 Polymer clay dragons:

It's WIPWednesday! If you've been peaking at my stories, you seen the beginning of an upcoming seasons series. Each dragon will have some animal companions and a themed base.

3 Hours ago



Comment from ᒍᗩY:

remake Here I have a few s from my recent to my very first, I liked it after all jaja the bubbles and the burn suited very well🤗. (Apologies for the late posting...I'm not good with taking pictures🙊, these are oook lol☺️😉)

3 Hours ago