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Comment from julius_jules:

Saved History 125x175cm, Acrylic and oil on Canvas, 2010. With different approach and finishing, I moved my painting style from vector art (2009) into the basic of painting itself, it's realistic painting/ photo realistic (with duotone, tritone, broken effect of water; 2010). It has been collected by my friend. And the theme that I choose also change, I was interesting to learn about the first President of Indonesia. throwbackartwork paintings contemporarypainting contemporarypaintings soekarno president politics politica soeharto presidentbyjulius oilpainting tritone Link:

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Последние Новости Из Кремля 🇷🇺


Comment from Последние Новости Из Кремля 🇷🇺:

Путин посетит Землю Франца-Иосифа вместе с Медведевым. Президент России Владимир Путин вместе с премьер-министром Дмитрием Медведевым в ходе поездки главы государства в Архангельскую область посетят остров Земля Александры архипелага Земля Франца-Иосифа. Об этом сообщат РИА «Новости» со ссылкой на пресс-службу российского правительства. «Председатель правительства России Медведев примет участие в поездке главы государства в Архангельскую область, где посетит остров Земля Александры архипелага Земля Франца-Иосифа», — говорится в сообщении. Отмечается, что Медведев и Путин ознакомятся с результатами ликвидации экологического ущерба арктической зоны России и пообщаются с сотрудниками полевой базы «Омега» национального парка «Русская Арктика». Помимо этого в поездке примет участие министр природных ресурсов и экологии Сергей Донской. Архангельск Медведев Путин Россия РФ ВВП ПутинЛучший ВладимирПутин Президент Москва ВладимирВладимирович President Russia Kremlin VVP VladimirPutin Putin News КраснаяПлощадь ЕдинаяРоссия

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Comment from 1900shistory:

Albert Einstein (1979 - 1955) was a German physicist who developed the relativity theory, which is a pillar of modern day physics. When Einstein was in the US in 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. Einstein, being Jewish, decided not to go back the Germany but stayed in the US and became an American citizen in 1940. When the Second World War started off Einstein wrote a letter to president F D Roosevelt, stating that there was a chance that the development of an all destroying bomb was potential. The US then started doing similar research, thus leading to the manhattan project. history historical historygeek einstein science physics germany us usa atombomb university newjersey ulm jewish relativitytheory 1879 1955 manhattan manhattanproject emc2 hitler fdr franklindroosevelt roosevelt potus president

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Comment from xiangli1688:

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J.R. Holbrook


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Katie Knight


Comment from Katie Knight:

When the Snapchat filter makes everyone's face different but you wanted a selfie with Lincoln • • • • Lincoln LincolnMemorial selfie family Washington WashingtonDC EastCoast USA travel traveller BritAbroad Snapchat president POTUS AbrahamLincoln

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shiv kant


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Robb Zander


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Ivanov Alexandr


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Good evening, mr. president. hotel lady goodevening president evening hat prettywoman woman

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Tim Chivers


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Light up the Lane on Friday hobart digital art acoustic music sad president rump local

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Comment from Mélanie:

It's never to late to collect like J.F.K - morning read johnfkennedy jfk president weltkunst magazin reading morning americanhistory legend style archive zeit weltkunstmagazin

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Comment from HitSongz:

realafricanchina is out with another banger and according to him "this time dem must hear word"...cop it here fast

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A Solicitous Citizen


Comment from A Solicitous Citizen:

I'll pass on that Trump sandwich (new letter in bio) trump stupid Donald President POTUS politics Media news government sandwich russia russiandressing salad saladdressing WhiteHouse TrumpAdministration dear1600pennave DearDonald

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Comment from Antonio:

The Jefferson collection at the Library of Congress Jefferson building. libraryofcongress washingtondc jefferson thomasjefferson jeffersonbuilding icannotlivewithoutbooks president books library marble antique

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Fuhrhair - Follow Us!


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Alex Davies


Comment from Alex Davies:

"If your position on a committee caused your grades to drop dramatically, raise your hand!"

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Swiss Collector LLC


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