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This made me laugh so FUCKING hard at like 4 am - -- --- ---- --- -- - meme memes lol kek hentai joke president ass feminism cancer shit lmao autism help islam history twerk gay gender trump 2016 triggered gang art anime lol funny edgy emo

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Comment from Teleios17:

Look at our successful president! What would we do without her? She is the one who 'pone a todo el mundo en su puesto'😂 Yosi♡ 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 foodtruck teleios president

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Comment from Marissa:

The kiddos did so well on their Abraham Lincoln directed draw. The colorful background makes him really pop! We used watercolors, markers, crayons, oil pastels and charcoal for a great mix in mediums.🎨 art weloveart presidentsday abrahamlincoln

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Not Throwing Away My Shot!

Comment from Not Throwing Away My Shot!:

HERE COMES THE GENERAL!! . . (Happy late bday again g.w.!) . . A 17- ish minute drawing of good ol' G.W.!! Damn I haven't done realistic anything in literally a year or more like (seriously) do one. Im really rough cus ya know no practice but I kinda like this??? . . . presidentsday president whitehouse gw georgewashington thegreatest general awesome hamilton HERECOMESTHEGENERAL birthday yay oldman drawing art artist pencil portrait traditionaldrawing

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Comment from iamloot:

Growing up is change. It's a choice. We can't act 21 forever. I'ma do it till it feel right ⚡⚡ thursday president cash music lit lyrics Knicks Brooklyn gifted picoftheday oftheday niceweather remix future summer culture rapping fire squad vladtv Kanye freestyle seankingston like dope turnup king migos goals follow theleader

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Yeser Adriel


Comment from Yeser Adriel:

This post is not about politics. It's just fun 🤔 Repost with repostapp ・・・ impeachtrump melaniatrump cnn resist standup tyranny tyrant shannanigans president stop nobannowall alllivesmatter mexicanlivesmatter muslimlivesmatter muslimsarenotterrorists blacklivesmatter mexicansarenotrapists america realdonaldtrump

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Jamie Donington


Comment from Jamie Donington:

Just some of my finest work 😂 photoshop funny donaldputin president running blu dog puppy staffy donaldtrump putin

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Beep Boop Bip Beep

Comment from Beep Boop Bip Beep:

Lul we wuz Aliens and shit xd billclinton clinton hillary election president maga donaldtrump buildthewall obama america

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Администрация Президента


Comment from Администрация Президента:

Пресс-секретарь президента России Дмитрий Песков надеется, что Владимир Путин примет участие в выборах 2018 года. Об этом он заявил в интервью.Путин Россия РФ ВВП ПутинЛучший ВладимирПутин Президент Москва ВладимирВладимирович President Russia Kremlin VVP VladimirPutin Putin News КраснаяПлощадь ЕдинаяРоссия Госдума

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Party of Class


Comment from Party of Class:

Don't think this is what the snowflakes meant when they called for a 'blizzard' 😎😂😂 . . . conservative america supportourtroops american gun constitution politics trumptrain president capitalism military mikepence teaparty republican guns americafirst usa political donaldtrump freedomliberty patriot prolife government election congress liberal war equality partyofclass

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Comment from Pepepolitics-ENTJ:

Wow, I guess i'll keep drinking water. Follow my FAMILY Daughter: conservativeflowercrown Daughter: jolly.amelia Son: tbt_politics Twin: pepe.did.nothing.wrong Sister: Fascthetics Son: gobekli_pepe Son: savagerepublican Son: _identifies_as_is2_heavy.v4 Brother: conservativepublic Brother: ajrocketman Son: the_neoreactionary
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Chukwu Manem Kelvin


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Please go and tell our president that gods are very angry 😡😨 with him ooo manem_cut workhard nigeria president breakfree likeforlike like like4like followforfollow like4follow follow4follow faith dream africancomedy africa mass action act intagram success people decision late buhari forever joke just politics 🙏🙏

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Comment from FotoFilmic:

Quite an achievement since 2004: big congrats to FOTOFILMIC17 Juror & van_biennale President barriemowatt and his relentless team for transforming Vancouver into one of the hottest contemporaryart scene today! Photo © osgemeos, Giants, Vancouver, 3rd 2014-2016 Vancouver Biennale Exhibition art canada westcoast contemporaryphotography biennale britishcolumbia publicart sculptures installations city urban legacy openairmuseum museum worldclass vancouverisawesome

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W. Smith


Comment from W. Smith:

/edited STEAL THIS MEME. • SHOUT ME OUT. DANGEROUS.AMERICAN • BACK UP. THE.MOST.DANGEROUS.AMERICAN • twitter/AWSm43 instagram/dangerous.american snapchat/dangerous.w facebook/w.smith43 tumblr/lucidviolence • dangerousamerican american democrat republican youngrepublican gop TRUMP MAGA 45 WAR laissezfaire righttolife economicrights freedomofspeech fairnessdoctrine fakenews socialism capitalism gunrights prolife president usa politics debate propaganda 2020 altright republicanartist republicanmedia conservativemovement

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Beverly Shaddox Photography


Comment from Beverly Shaddox Photography:

Fellow military families, here's a company worth checking out! Great patriotic gear! armystrong armyfamilystrong military ilovemysoldier Repost whiskeyriverdrygoodscompany with repostapp ・・・ Stand Up For The Flag on President's Day and EVERY day! Get your Patriotic Apparel at Whiskey River. standupfortheflag whiskeyriverdrygoodscompany madeinamerica usa patriot americanmade godblesstheusa starsandstripes landofthefree patriotic kenneathiawilliams ericasunshinelee angelsofamericasfallen flag president eagle independent america democracy independenceday republican boutique clothing shopping

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Jorge Campozano Cruz


Comment from Jorge Campozano Cruz:

Cuando te quieren hacer fraude electoral y te confundes. 🇦🇨🇦🇩🇦🇪🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇮🇦🇲🇦🇱🇦🇴🇦🇺🇦🇼🇦🇸🇧🇪🇦🇼🇧🇩🇦🇿🇧🇧🇦🇽🇧🇯🇦🇼🇧🇲 Feat: scarlettortiz7 andres_moran politic eleccionespresidenciales2017 president boys girls friends funnyvideos love great

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Администрация Президента


Comment from Администрация Президента:

Новосибирские депутаты вручили первокласснику гимназии №2 Диме Куранчеву подарок, который он перед Новым годом попросил у премьер-министра Дмитрия Медведева, сообщает пресс-служба заксобрания Новосибирской области. Воспитанники Сибирского кадетского корпуса (Новосибирск)Кадет из Сибири получил в подарок от президента хоккейную форму.Мальчик написал письмо в центральную приемную председателя партии "Единая Россия" с просьбой прислать ему конструктор Lego, и на днях подарок из Москвы прибыл в региональную приемную. Вручили конструктор ребенку прямо в классе областные депутаты Александр Кулинич и Виктор Кушнир.Как рассказал Кулинич, Дима уже три года ждал конструктор от Деда Мороза, но родители сказали, что это очень дорогой подарок, да и Дед Мороз никак не успевает выполнить это желание. Тогда Дима решил написать письмо Медведеву, чтобы тот попросил Деда Мороза подарить ему конструктор.Мальчик сказал, что написал письмо втайне от родителей. После получения подарка он собирается написать премьеру еще одно письмо, с благодарностью. В пресс-службе отметили, что другие ученики класса получили в подарок сладости.Путин Россия РФ ВВП ПутинЛучший ВладимирПутин Президент Москва ВладимирВладимирович President Russia Kremlin VVP VladimirPutin Putin News КраснаяПлощадь ЕдинаяРоссия Госдума

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Giovanni Tajana


Comment from Giovanni Tajana:

inter internazionale moratti presidente president selfie nerazzurri Milano milan inter 8andrefin Un presidente... c'è solo un presidente!!

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Jacob Carr


Comment from Jacob Carr:

458🐎 entrepreneur stocks stocktrader business owner smallbusiness success selfmade founder president ceo investor motivation luxury ownboss workhard

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Лена Ибрагимова


Comment from Лена Ибрагимова:

My best friend - it's President Putin😂😂😂🖖russia putin zelenograd moscow president bf bff

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