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Les Claypool


Comment from Les Claypool:

Such talented individuals (especially the drum set XD). I feel like I should keep my personal life out of this account but Idk, I've been feeling a lot more isolated lately. I don't want to be deterred from posting here because I love it. We'll see what happens 😔. guitar guitarplayer guitarist primus drums drummer bassplayer bass telecaster personalproblem

27 Minutes ago

300 Days of Australia


Comment from 300 Days of Australia:

Getting the hang of camp cooking; cous cous and pumpkin salad tonight. camping campcooking primus santokuknife couscous pumpkin salad capsicum cucumber currants parsley onion fetta balsamico vanlife doingthething 300days

43 Minutes ago



Comment from @shin:

/PRIMUS P-153 山でカップラーメンを食べてみたい 今年春の軽登山は深入山へ outdoor camp camping primus アウトドア キャンプ プリムス モンベル アルパインケトル16

51 Minutes ago

Pabliten Espinosa


Comment from Pabliten Espinosa:

Amarlas es poco! La adoro primus! domingocumplefelizprimus

1 Hours ago

Alan Brentnall


Comment from Alan Brentnall:

Testing some new Gear on a truly beautifull trail in nasrimont. msr backpacking nisramonttrail viewoftheworld bivak primus sierradesign tent outdoor walkingtheworld winterkamperen naturetrails primus tasmaniantiger salomon belgium deuxourthes

1 Hours ago



Comment from some_different_aspects:

The Smallest Primus Record Ever! No, not really. Not at all, actually. It's a Rockdom I bought at the Primus/Ministry/Melvins show back in '96. Sad, it obviously never got used. I think my photoplay came out cool, regardless! primus ministry Melvins alternative metal industrial decibels turnitup 90s 90smusic notvinyl vinyl vinyl_aspects recordcollector vinycollectionpost rockdoms condoms safeplay concert concertmerch concertmerchandise

2 Hours ago

the spectacular wilderness


Comment from the spectacular wilderness:

A little stone cabin i built many years ago. The walls are intact but the roof caved in trekking freedom nofilter villmarksliv norway viking wilderness trail nature liveterbestute utno bushcraft hiking adventure bergans friluftsmagasinet dovrefjell primus englishsetter jakt campfire survival outdoors nowifi

2 Hours ago

Сергей Кипин


Comment from Сергей Кипин:

За 5 минут до начала рабочего дня drager primus анестезиология

2 Hours ago



Comment from obturadora_travelgirl:

beer primus mexico sanjuandelrio queretaro traveler enjoy mexican

2 Hours ago



Comment from obturadora_travelgirl:

beee cerveza primus mexico sanjuandelrio enjoy travel

2 Hours ago

Les Claypool


Comment from Les Claypool:

My name is Cat. mynameismud primus porksoda lesclaypool

2 Hours ago

Dave Schaefer


Comment from Dave Schaefer:

Riddles are abound tonight... Day 21 sketchbook sketch dailysketch februarysketchathon pen ink primus lesclaypool

2 Hours ago



Comment from callofthenature:

hikingwithkids outdoor getoutstayout explore sea lifeatsea adventure explore primus boatlife forrest wilderness nature camping hike naturelover survival prepper firstaid hammocklife hammocking adventuretime instanature neptunus explore outdoors backpack greatoutdoors lovenature sweden vikings

2 Hours ago

✏🤗🌱🎴MONSIEUR KODAMA🎴🌱🤗🖌 👦🎨氏児玉🎏


Comment from ✏🤗🌱🎴MONSIEUR KODAMA🎴🌱🤗🖌 👦🎨氏児玉🎏:

Scarab trip ✋🤖 primus scarab tattooprimus

3 Hours ago

Follow The White Rabbit...


Comment from Follow The White Rabbit...:

Last week I got together and played guitar with a drummer for the first time in my life. I was a little nervous at first but jamming with my buddy Tony was nothing but a blast, he made it incredibly comfortable and easy for me! You got chops TB! twenty8black drummingvideo drummervideo drumkit primus basementmusic musician mut

4 Hours ago

Danii Padilop


Comment from Danii Padilop:

aprendiendo de cerveza tempus primus sanjuandelrio queretaro visitmexico mexican beer cervezaartesanal

4 Hours ago



Comment from yamarin22:

ソロキャン幕内こんな感じ😊 アラジン&武井バーナーで夜でも最高21℃🔥 めっちゃ快適だった🤤👍 しかし朝方はアラジン&ペトロで27℃になってたな…🤥 武井…🤔 campoutdoorsnordiskutgardkaricolemanyetithermarestpetoromaxhk500helinoxprimussnowpeakpolermlimaradioflyerdiyoutingstylejp キャンプアウトドアノルディスクコールマンイエティペトロマックスヘリノックス武井バーナー jeepjeepcamping frenchbulldog くしはら温泉ささゆりの湯

5 Hours ago



Comment from LACY:

Dándole a la lira🎸🖤southbound_pachyderm primus dormingoderuido

5 Hours ago



Comment from FriggleFraggle:

We all had to go meet buc-ees big brown beaver texas beaver buc-ees primus familyfun thisgasstationhaseverythingincludingabeaver

6 Hours ago

Pasi Pörhölä


Comment from Pasi Pörhölä:

erällä laavulla valkeilla tulilla fiskarsx7 puukko knife ax hattula häme suomi100 finland ulkonaperillä primus wildo

17 Hours ago