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Μιχαηλ Περισσιος


Comment from Μιχαηλ Περισσιος:

At my favorite bar...🤘🏼 barsworkout progress calisthenics streetworkout calistenia fitness training outdoors

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Sophia Baché


Comment from Sophia Baché:

The shoulder and back gains be real! 👊🏽👊🏽 ✖️ ✖️ • progress gains fit fitmom fitness fitnessjourney inspiration motivation humpday shoulders back muscle progresspic instafit instagood instadaily training girlswholift girlswhosquat blackandwhite health healthylifestyle healthymom picoftheday selflove dedication photooftheday followme followers follow

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Comment from Dan:

Got myself 3 weeks to this as wide as possible for!! ukultimatephysiques on 16th Sept. Let's see what can be done. fitness fit backday lifting staystrong progress instafitness instafit fitnessmotivation fitspo fitnessjourney fitfam gymlife training flex gains hardwork aesthetic competitionprep physique shredded strength getfit bestself

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Robert Sweeney


Comment from Robert Sweeney:

10x4 bench 65kg wednesday wednesdaymotivation bench benchmode benchpress irishfitfam fitfam gym gymlife progress nevergiveup

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Alessia Casta


Comment from Alessia Casta:

Art on 13th August

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Art Competitions & Features💫


Comment from Art Competitions & Features💫:

By: irisillustration RULES: ➡Follow sara.r.elizabeth and us weekly_art_comp ➡Tag 3-5 active acounts below 👉👉OPTIONAL! BUT this will help the page grow so more people will see YOUR art. 👈👈 ➡DM artworks according to this week's theme ⚠MULTIPLE entries are allowed. (WHO DOES THAT!) ALSO multiple entries will be posted! 🙌🙌❤ ➡DMs asking me to post yours will result in getting you ⚠disqualified⚠✔ ➡Digital art is allowed BUT photography is not✔ ➡Self promotion is ALLOWED✔ ➡1like=1vote ✔ ➡Not everyone's entry will be posted due to the volume of entries . . . . . . . {{art mydrawing myart sketch drawing illustration color realism galaxy artist artistic supportart follow4follow f4f awesome toptags love creative colours toptags artgalleryinstaartprogressartistbeautifulcoollikeforlikecompetition fabercastell watercolor }}

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Вчера БАЛ 💃🏽,а сегодня КАЧ💪🏾! Будьте разными,создавайте себе образы!!! Каждый новый день-это маленькая жизнь! 😉🙏🏽 Из мгновений складываются события ! Из событий складывается день! А из каждого дня-наша жизнь! ☺️✌🏽 Всем добра,спорта,красоты и удовольствия от всего,что Вы делаете! 🙌🏽🙃😜 _________________________________pushkinskyclub worldclass mushtanovteam body bodyfitness motivation bodybuilding girl figure ifbbstyle beutiful best fitness sportgirl russia photographer like4like instasport instalike спортивноетело спорт модель фитнес мотивация nnov proleague progress ifbbpro

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Naomi Thake


Comment from Naomi Thake:

squats done for today - I'm so happy with my progress - two weeks ago I was squatting 60kg for 3 reps now it's doubled! Wendler is amazing 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Had a bodybalance class after too so my legs are a bit screwed 😂😂😂 Met a raw foodist at the fruit market and she's been raw for 25 years, still alive and breathing 😂😂😁 she pointed out the Avos to me and said the baby ones are the best! So now for a smoothiebowl for a postworkout gainsmeal 😌😋😋😋 fruitnotfriends fruitthefuckup fruitmuscles savecowseatbananas changingtheworldonebananaatatime vegan vegansoflondon powerlifting veganpowerlifting govegan veganaf veganthefuckup veganfoodie veganforlife veganforeverything vegangirlswholift vegangirlswithtattoos plantbased wholefoodnutrition vegains feedthemuscles carbthefuckup rawfood wendler531

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Comment from melissa:

wip workinprogress progress art drawing carandache pencil

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Comment from DjKillaCam:

Everyday and every moment is a blessing always stay positive and focused! No one wants to hear about problems we all have them, make a list of your motivation daily and focus on your goals. Winners Win! faith focus honesty progress love motivation drive determination life honor inspirationalquotes

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Miles Campbell


Comment from Miles Campbell:

YOU'RE NOT ALONE🚶🏽 . . 🔻TAG A HOMIE WHO NEEDS SOME MOTIVATION AND IS LIMITING THEMSELVES🔻 . . If you read one thing from this post I want you to not give up, because you CAN create change. Don't let someone else define what's possible or impossible, set a goal and figured it out for yourself and learn from the experience. Take an educated risk!! Goals keep us accountable and give us something to work for daily. I look at the lives I have changed in a short amount of time and it's in the high teens! But, I want to make that 100s and even 1000s one day in the future. I want to help people develop confidence, educate those around me and those on this page, then ultimately help improve the physical and mental fitness of the world 🌍 Make a change to create change, it's starts today 👇🏽

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Grow Your Mind


Comment from Grow Your Mind:

Has it ever happened to you that something happens and it disrupts your plans, but eventually that thing you thought was bad at the time becomes a life changer? A positive life changer? And then you remember how angry you were at the moment and laugh at it? I am sure something like that did happen to you. And will continue to. Everything that happens to you happens for some reason. You may not know the reason yet, but one day you will. So don't stress if everything doesn't go as you wished. Maybe something even better is about to happen! 😉 -------------------------------------------- Double tap if something like that happened to you! -------------------------------------------- growyourmindgymsuccess motivation motivationalquotes quotes quotequoteoftheday lifestyle lifeblogbloggerstylepowerprogresshustlegrindgoalsdreamsdedicationbeastbeastmodetransformation journeyentrepreneurentrepreneurshipstartupfinancemoney

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Comment from Okon:

"The mind is a powerful thing. Change your brain, change your life. You just have to believe in yourself and you can achieve anything. Be patient. Be consistent. No excuses. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your goals." -Megan --------------------------------------------- Congratulations to megoon_d - This Queen has finished her 12 week VIP program and set out to transform her physique to her ideal shape...she ended up transforming in more ways then just physical. When you realize that believing in yourself is all it takes to get started, with the champions mindset, there is nothing you can't do. PROUD OF YOU MEGAN shebelievedshecouldandshedid wcw teamokon transformation progress change mindset champion okonfitness goals 12weeks empower backgoals

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the stars


Comment from the stars:

I love this feed about healthy eating clean 💪 health fitness top.tags fit tags fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation progress determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean exercise

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Comment from iris:

Een goede legdag gehad. 🍑 De benen flink vol laten lopen 🔥 • ° De nieuwe sportbroek van Gymshark goed ingewerkt 🤣 • ° • ° • ° fit lifestyle like muscle progress girlpower motivation fitfam healthy dutchie weightloss gym instafit girl photo workout gymlife fitfamnl physique instago body instafollow gymjunkienl fitspo girlswholift fitness gymshark bodybuilding bodygoals squats

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Underclass Hero


Comment from Underclass Hero:

Introducing my sona - Gryffin Wulf. - Gryffin is an adolescent wolfdog (I might give him horns at some point) with a sense of adventure. He is often bored out of his mind but likes to fill his time with comic books and TV shows. The wolfdog has a knack for science, especially physics, and is intrigued by advances in technology across the world. Gryffin is outgoing, brave and positive but can also be lazy and is often self-absorbed. - His best friends are a ratboi named King and a lizard named Marcel.

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💪🏿 Amillio Farrington 🍫


Comment from 💪🏿 Amillio Farrington 🍫:

"It always seems impossible until it is done." - Nelson Mandela . . . . . . . . . workhard fitlife hardwork inspiration chest strong workout motivation exercise fitness swole gymlife gym transformation fitfam selfie dedication beast goals body fit growth bodybuilding gains bulking progress arms beastmode muscles gymflow

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Brute Strength Gym /CF Amalgam


Comment from Brute Strength Gym /CF Amalgam:

Repost jordanroskow (get_repost) ・・・ Hard conditioning after safety squat bar and Viking press work. I am determined to push him to his line, and Rob is always determined to pass it. Great work. 3 Rds: Plate Carry Farmer Carry Chain Drag the.sof.way brutestrengthgym puttingworkin thicc athlete stronger faster better conditioning gaintrain gainz strongman betterbytheday progress strongnotskinny postworkout postworkoutfeels thepain makeitcount humble hungry grind grit chaindrag farmerwalk farmercarry tacticalathlete tacticaltraining mastersathlete bentnotbroken

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Comment from TeewithTips:

Good Morning IG! Here's a little tip on fruits! Why it's important to choose your fruits wisely 😆. Remember just because it's a fruit doesn't mean you should overload on them 💪🏽keep a short and low on sugar list of fruits you would want to intake daily. It will make a difference in your diet 👌 • • • • • • fitness blog womenshealth gyms weight before after fitnessfam fitness teamfit fitnesspost womenswholift strongisbeautiful progress focus beast nike fitaid rogue killcliff crossfit facts fitnessblog womenissues muscles hardwork flex womenbeast crossfitters

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Aysegul Merve Yazici


Comment from Aysegul Merve Yazici:

Seducing the sea 🙄💙 photo progress poledancer love travel fitgirls pilates reformerpilates fitness exercise fit balance strength acrobatics gymnastic gymnastics gym workout cardio flexibility streetworkout fitnessaddict dance acroyoga yoga calisthenics poledance sexy like photography

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