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Comment from LadyS:

Sometimes you gotta Check Your Purpose Priorities Time Boundaries Motivation Motives Inspiration Goals Dreams Progress Drive Momentum EvaluateYourself MattersoftheHeart❤️ LifeChange PurposeDrivenQueen👑👠

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YouTube:DeVoe Fitness & Beauty


Comment from YouTube:DeVoe Fitness & Beauty:

A few clips from a full body workout I did at F.A.S.T NV💪🏽💪🏽 Didnt my training this morning but I can't wait to get back in the gym tomorrow! - - - fastnvfitnessfitnessmotivationworkoutsweightlossworkoutmotivationhealthylifestylestayfitprogresstransformationfitlifesquatbootysquats

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✦ Kiara🌛🐇🌜🌿


Comment from ✦ Kiara🌛🐇🌜🌿:

Curl appreciation post because can we just talk about how dead my hair was before? After years of straightening my hair due to thinking my curls were "ugly" thankfully I decided to throw out my straightener about a year ago ✨ curlyhair curls curlyhairgirls curlappreciation vsco vscocam vscogrid vscogood vscogram throwback picoftheday pictureoftheday progress naturalhair like likes me

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Michał Ptaszyński


Comment from Michał Ptaszyński:

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petr müller


Comment from petr müller:

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Lajixx (LogicallySpeaking)


Comment from Lajixx (LogicallySpeaking):

"Every action have a consequence a price a pay, if the hype a night mi gwaan wait pon a brighter day!" ~ Lajixx StayHumble Subscribe to the YouTube Channel "LAJIXX MUSIC" and don't forget to turn on the notification, bless up! We Vibing ==> V.Y.B.E.N. Visualize Yourself Beyond Everything Negative 👥Facebook FanPage "Lajixx" 🎧Streaming⤵ ⭐ ☁ SoundCloud ~ Lajixxmusic 🐦Di_logical_one (lajixxmusic) 📨 Frauds GiveThanks StayHumble Success LogicallySpeaking MusicDiPassion EmbracePositivity ItsOnlyLogical RTRB Love Reggae Music life progress insta Jamaica Africa bahamas guyana barbados Europe England Canada France Switzerland Germany newyork brooklyn

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Comment from fabfitfemme:

This week is insanely busy. When I ant exercise as much as I usually do, then it's especially important to eat well. Eggs for breakfast, pineapple slices as a snack and a small homemade pho for dinner. Oatmeal in between. And no alcohol till Sunday 😒✊🏻

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Art is All Around Us


Comment from Art is All Around Us:

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Yosh Grey


Comment from Yosh Grey:

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Comment from Rachael:

I have been focusing more on strengthening my back to support the rest of my body. Being a nursing assistant I do a lot of heavy lifting of patients and a lot of pulling and pushing with putting strain on my back. Keeping my back strong helps me from getting an injury and I will keep doing this! progress fitlife fitness fitnessmotivation cnalife CNA nurse nursingstudent backday muscle girlswholift weightlifting weights strong fitspiration instalike instagood instadaily nursingassistant medicine health medicalfield healthcare

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Regina Nohelani


Comment from Regina Nohelani:

We really don't give ourselves enough credit. We work so hard to get to where we are, only to feel like we're not there yet. This is a vicious cycle that can make you get into a chasing of the "next moment" instead of embracing how far you've came. 👣😏 Take credit for trying. Take credit for your progress. The little things matter. We always think that success means the final result or a sudden leap from where you are to where you want to be. However, it's those baby steps, those small accomplishments, and those days where you want to give up, but you try harder that counts. 🙏🏽☀️ This is a sign for you, a sign to not give up on yourself. A sign to have hope and a sign to believe in yourself. Give yourself credit. You are trying and you are a work in progress. Just wanted to say that I am proud of you. Keep going! ✨🦋🌍💘 appreciation youreenough blessings beproud trustyourself selflove selfappreciation gratitude love enlightenment progress

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Silvia Aydillo


Comment from Silvia Aydillo:

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Emily Brierley-Gee


Comment from Emily Brierley-Gee:

Epsom salts bath time 🛀🏻 prepping my aching muscles for another gym sesh tomorrow 💪🏻

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Silvia Santos 👻


Comment from Silvia Santos 👻:

Empresta uma bolachinha aos outros meninos, o ginásio não é todo teu! 😏 110Kg no melhor exercício para 🍑 🙌🙌 beast monstrinha moldadaaferro bumbumnanuca glutesthatsalute gym gymlover gymaddict goals noexcuses workhard progress esmagaquecresce nopainnogain inshape bodybuilding healthylifestyle womenshealthportugal muscle girlswithmuscle fitnessjourney fitnessgirl fitnessmotivation fitnessportugal fitfam

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Michael Vorpahl


Comment from Michael Vorpahl:

Why live in fear when you can live in confidence!? Don't live life by being afraid to take a step in a new direction, look into something you don't know much about, or put faith in yourself to make a choice. You just might come to realize that it was the best choice of your life. Leave your legacy for others to look up to. MinuteMeV truth realtalk motivate inspiration fitness fitnessjourney progress positivevibes marines

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Paula Gross


Comment from Paula Gross:

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Dorota Z....


Comment from Dorota Z....:

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Comment from DTRay:

Don't be greedy be grateful! Be thankful for what you have when what you have could be gone in a heart beat! thankful

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Jennifer Nicely


Comment from Jennifer Nicely:

I have been cleared to hang!!!! And it feels so good! It's been almost eight months since surgery and my shoulders are feeling more stable than ever. But now is when the real work starts. And I'm ready. 💪💖😊 beastfingersclimbing wildwayoflife skratchlabs giddyheals competeeveryday

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Comment from FearNoIron:

Snapbacks are available as we wait for our ordering site to be finished. Message us for details on how you can get your hands on one of these bad boys. Classic Fit. Low profile. And one of our favorite products. Shout out to the team at axelradscreenprinting for hooking these up. $30 or 2 for $50 FNI FearNoIron

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